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16 Jul 2019

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Comentários 3 038
starfruit_69 2
starfruit_69 2 14 horas atrás
I live on the vancouver island aswell just came from the travel video
Geo Beach
Geo Beach 19 horas atrás
Where did your videos go?
Eugenijus S.
Eugenijus S. 3 dias atrás
so starcraft needs more scrubs, ha? more of that cannon fodder :D
ACElicious 4 dias atrás
Man .. that is really harsh.. Playing so many hours just to be mediocre and when you are the top you dont even get noticed.. Aweful..
Ryam Lee
Ryam Lee 6 dias atrás
Black pink!!!
Ethan Baby
Ethan Baby 6 dias atrás
What happened to your pizzagate video?
Siev 8 dias atrás
"Incontrol and Artosis are still hosting a talk show" :'( RIP
Jesus The Astronaut
Jesus The Astronaut 9 dias atrás
Hey man, thanks for bringing more attention to this great game, the community needs more people like you with the influence and the capacity to make a positive difference.
Eddie Rodriguez
Eddie Rodriguez 9 dias atrás
This man is the best😂😂😂💀
doct0rnic0 10 dias atrás
Nope, I did not expect that one! :D
Robert Mohammed
Robert Mohammed 10 dias atrás
Gunold Dump
Gunold Dump 10 dias atrás
2:03 Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan.
Gunold Dump
Gunold Dump 10 dias atrás
Online games? *Laughs in introvert*
Hariyama 12 dias atrás
wheres the vod?
king ken
king ken 13 dias atrás
This is so fucking impressive that it blew my mind, AND you didn't lose (or just fail to gain) all social skills because of it, you're a legend man.
Remy Y
Remy Y 14 dias atrás
shocked he didn't mention Husky
t905im 14 dias atrás
#Jaboodydubs mountain monster's
TeboeCubes 14 dias atrás
2:41 TIL Casually Explained was a cuber
Doy Doy
Doy Doy 15 dias atrás
Can someone tell me what his outro sound effect is called? I can't seem to find it.
Wendin 16 dias atrás
my last match of starcraft was the match i got diamond v. Good enough for me
liquid trash
liquid trash 16 dias atrás
gg skid
Kade Bass
Kade Bass 17 dias atrás
Casually Explained is basically Charlie Brown of youtube
Julia Parpala
Julia Parpala 17 dias atrás
Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan
dariusdareme 17 dias atrás
If you come to see the real Dracula's Castle, I have an empty room here for you.
Collin Allsop
Collin Allsop 18 dias atrás
Casually Explained: Parkour
Michael Wagner
Michael Wagner 19 dias atrás
You should casual explain runescape
adam lndgren
adam lndgren 19 dias atrás
I once got in a 1v1 against WhiteRa. Proudest moment of my life
Cilroc 19 dias atrás
"Watching 3rd or 4th place WCG runner-ups stream the beta" Haha nice nod to iNcontrol (and a jab at Artosis).
punkbish85 20 dias atrás
he's a gamer.. 😍
william badovinac
william badovinac 20 dias atrás
Casually Explained guy is clever but has no interesting visuals or focus. Thus I ended the monotonous drone after 30 seconds. The Casually Explained guy fails.
xErue 20 dias atrás
I wanna retire to my hot tub with blackpink
weylin6 20 dias atrás
Have you played Supreme Commander FAF or Zero-K? They're the best strategy games I've played in part due to the zoomable camera and UI for effectively managing fights on a large scale
Lance Ellis
Lance Ellis 20 dias atrás
Everytime he mentions incontrol
Asanda Ndimande
Asanda Ndimande 20 dias atrás
Moral of the story is this was all for them Kpop stars
Per Erlandsson
Per Erlandsson 20 dias atrás
Casually Exlained would like the old Settlers 1 and 2! Focus on production and the military strength is a consequence of the productivity of the society, and you don't micro the military.
Michael Polvay
Michael Polvay 21 dia atrás
"Didn't expect that one did you." Immediately liked.
John Biboudis
John Biboudis 21 dia atrás
😄😄😄😄 Love it, great video
Janneman96 21 dia atrás
Good to see you're doing a sponsored video =) and the video actually does a good job at getting me interested in starcraft!
Brinderzon 21 dia atrás
Hahahaha never played Starcraft loved your vid bro.
Explained by a Brit
Explained by a Brit 21 dia atrás
Sell out. *Downloads Starcraft anyway*
Dank Memes
Dank Memes 22 dias atrás
What do you think casually explained thinks of fortnite
Dave Chippy
Dave Chippy 22 dias atrás
Red alert!
Happy Polar Bear
Happy Polar Bear 22 dias atrás
This is one of my favorite videos!
Deity of Automation
Deity of Automation 22 dias atrás
I just realised that that mug requires the user to drink from your hair. Why though?
JusticeSoulTuna 22 dias atrás
Ranked struggle is real
doge 23 dias atrás
RIP iNcontroL
Ram PP
Ram PP 23 dias atrás
I came.for blackpink
Eric Ngai
Eric Ngai 23 dias atrás
You play Starcraft 2 :') me too
Forrest Sun
Forrest Sun 23 dias atrás
Am I the only one who thinks Casually Explained literally needs to make a collab with Oversimplified
Kittie Grant
Kittie Grant 23 dias atrás
rip incontrol
Dat Bingo
Dat Bingo 24 dias atrás
This video smells like McDonald's
Limitless Beast
Limitless Beast 24 dias atrás
I didn't know that such a nobody could end up being an even bigger no body...
Valentín R
Valentín R 24 dias atrás
Feels good to be younger than this dude
Anime Master
Anime Master 24 dias atrás
Anyone know what program he uses to make these videos?
Iskharia Games
Iskharia Games 24 dias atrás
Isn’t this you suck ar cooking
Ehrenfried 25 dias atrás
:'( I miss iNcontroL already
demilishing 25 dias atrás
RIP Geoff
Luke 25 dias atrás
"Incontrol is still hosting talkshows" OOF
Big Shout
Big Shout 25 dias atrás
rip incontrol.
Mark-Anthony J
Mark-Anthony J 25 dias atrás
HAHAHA. "How are you liking the game so far???" Zerling rush ahahah. Love it.
Rahul Devanarayanan
Rahul Devanarayanan 25 dias atrás
Rip iNcontrol :'(
inthelandofnumbnuts 25 dias atrás
At you like working people like slaves. Who would have known, you're a supervisor material.
Silvya Wambui
Silvya Wambui 25 dias atrás
Wolf Daniel
Wolf Daniel 26 dias atrás
Casually explain modern slavery 😛😛
de132 26 dias atrás
RIP iNcontroL
Joe Byrne
Joe Byrne 26 dias atrás
RIP incontrol
MRAtPt 26 dias atrás
This made me want to quit Blizzard forever, thank you
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown 26 dias atrás
So much nostalgia here... and with iNcontroL dying this weekend... man I miss Wings of Liberty :(
Brace110 26 dias atrás
Please talk slower!
Nathaniel Jee
Nathaniel Jee 26 dias atrás
Carson Siu
Carson Siu 26 dias atrás
6:43 In one week since posting, iNcontroL has passed away. Terrible loss
Mattias Sjödin
Mattias Sjödin 26 dias atrás
RIP iNcontroL you will be remembered!
Total Triss
Total Triss 26 dias atrás
So I've always been really attracted to you, but now there is this video in which you both flex your esports muscles and you casually mention you are my age. Got any plans for next Sunday? How about a wedding?
bnbnbnmmm 26 dias atrás
Hail mighty Serral!
DarTheDerp 26 dias atrás
Rip iNcontroL.
Dungeontai 27 dias atrás
Rest in peace incontrol. huge loss for the sc2 community
MoonPieMat 7 dias atrás
It was devastating news :(
Jeff Gagne
Jeff Gagne 24 dias atrás
Wow, I just saw the news thanks to you. It is absolute sadness. :(
Bradley Samuels
Bradley Samuels 25 dias atrás
What a tragedy.
Matthew Foutch
Matthew Foutch 26 dias atrás
AH holy shit I was just watching the pylon show! That dude was way to young to die now! Sad indeed.
Jeffrey Senecal
Jeffrey Senecal 27 dias atrás
iNcontroL actually is not still hosting a talk show. The lies!
Nate Monroe
Nate Monroe 27 dias atrás
Casually Explained: Schilling out. But I still love you.
Comatose 27 dias atrás
I seen BlackPink and clicked ... what is this again ...
Nelsonnntannn 27 dias atrás
The starcraft 2 campaigns aren't all free right now. Why's that?
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