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7 Abr 2017



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Comentários 100
Advercide Dia atrás
See, the “better at talking to girls” part makes me sad because I’m bad at that already and I can’t drink alcohol
William Sussman
William Sussman Dia atrás
Great video. Shitty drug
Yex Dia atrás
Franjo Miličić
Franjo Miličić 2 dias atrás
This is copy of sam o neal acedamy
Nuttymeemps 2 dias atrás
Alcohol is a gift from God.
Johannes Günther
Johannes Günther 3 dias atrás
Im 16 years old and from germany, i buy ,,Retter“ Beer, 20 bottles costs 5€, so why is he saying That alcohol is expensive?
jim dude 77
jim dude 77 3 dias atrás
A drink that makes you forget things and make bad decisions? I already do that I don't need a drink to do that.
zevi100 3 dias atrás
In reality, coca-cola is the saviour in the hangovers lol
Foz tf/cs
Foz tf/cs 4 dias atrás
When you don't remember anything past midnight and wake up at 2 pm the next day, and your friends tell you you were out wildin til 6 am. That's a 12/10
Erik Drifter
Erik Drifter 4 dias atrás
2:34 OMG I do that almost every day and I'm completely sober! 🤣
ossh its miguel foo
ossh its miguel foo 4 dias atrás
The first time I drank I cheated on my girl
Julia Animates
Julia Animates 5 dias atrás
i’m permanently a 0.2 i do some stupid stuff but i can do normal stuff. not like drunk stupid, just generally stupid. but all the time. ok now i think there’s 0.0001% alcohol in pop/soda, because i get stupider every time i drink pop ok now i’m DEFINITELY drunk after watching this video yes i am defeingy dr7nl right nsow and you can’t stop it ahhhelp me yes i an dwdfinhky d4on1k aunds yuo caitn stapo kr oh god what did i just type
Yakimapippins 7 dias atrás
Watching this video after 6 months of lockdown and seeing the shaft on the menu made me depressed. might have to go get a socially-distanced pumpkin spice shaft from Sult this weekend...
KartoffelWilli Peter
KartoffelWilli Peter 7 dias atrás
Normal people: Speak about two languages fluently and enjoy entertainment from around the world BRvid: NeBEnbeI ErkLäRT aLKoHol
Kool Kid
Kool Kid 8 dias atrás
The father i never had
Tutuure 8 dias atrás
you dont know how drunk you are after you go to the bathroom and look yourself in the mirror
Howie Hawkins
Howie Hawkins 8 dias atrás
0:19 I'm a teenager and I don't want to drink alcohol. I am against alcohol. *#Prohibition* *#18thAmendment*
Julian Cedrik
Julian Cedrik 8 dias atrás
i usually skipped 3 to 9 thats why i smoked weed, till i noticed that ADHD is thing.
Slm0n W
Slm0n W 8 dias atrás
1:47 i'm all of those
Isabel Kloberdanz
Isabel Kloberdanz 9 dias atrás
Just take opiates.
Dan 10 dias atrás
"How did i get home??"
KwaPaN 10 dias atrás
Hashbrowns or, as we call them, Badscherla
Xdaerz 11 dias atrás
Hey laides *shits aggressively*
Schnappsglaskolben Mtb/Moped
My friends and me started drinking alcohol at party’s at 13- 14 yo. Our family’s were absolut ok with that. I just realized that isn’t international standard I guess. Greetings from Germany.
J V 11 dias atrás
I use to be able to drink 30 beers and be fine the next day. Now I'm 31 old and if I drink more than a six pack I'm vomitting the next day. I've had blood tests and my liver is fine so idk man
KENZIRDAB 12 dias atrás
I guess getting drunk was the secret to teleporting this entire time...
Age Restrictions
Age Restrictions 12 dias atrás
Heard a man named Adam Buckley said that he sees alcohol as a truth serum
QWWUPP 12 dias atrás
10 is the fun one
Weed Yeeter
Weed Yeeter 13 dias atrás
Im still bummed that you guys need to be 21 to drink. Here kids drink when they are 13 years old
Luna Luna
Luna Luna 13 dias atrás
I remember my first drunk experience and I was pretty chill I was just vibing. Laying on the couch eating a donut or a cake I cannot remember. But anyway then I started to have these thoughts like God's existence and how he would be so disappointed in me if he was really real. Then I started to feel uneasy and I swear I saw the tv move so I started to freak out and when I was really freaking out I had to leave the house cause I thought it was haunted but I couldn't drive and that made me more uneasy then I threw up and then I felt better and went back in the house, finished my donut/cake situation. Continued vibin.
Tom Kat
Tom Kat 13 dias atrás
The problem is when I was younger I had enough brain power to remember to chug water. Now for some reason I forget.
Rudasae Orien
Rudasae Orien 13 dias atrás
I've been told I'm the first kind of drunk
SuperLachtan 16 dias atrás
0:26 predicing the future with corona beer
MyName 572
MyName 572 17 dias atrás
Why was this in the recommended when i was watching a pregnancy video
Giorgos Samou
Giorgos Samou 17 dias atrás
3rd type here
krystof palecek
krystof palecek 18 dias atrás
The corona extra 👌👌👌 RN
Eduardo Villamar
Eduardo Villamar 18 dias atrás
ThunderheadX 18 dias atrás
I actually never drank vodka again. lol. Just beer.
Brandon Curry
Brandon Curry 18 dias atrás
I’m drunk as balls, so this is neat to see on my page
Alab Ama hotpoquette
Alab Ama hotpoquette 18 dias atrás
weed gets rid of hangovers
vashisth sharma
vashisth sharma 19 dias atrás
Alcohol is totally useless and bad for u, just stop drinking it... All this big alcohol companies are making drinking alcohol look cool and manly but there is nothing cool and manly about drinking till u forget ur problems... Real man deal with their problems not drink alcohol till they forget
Hugh Jassoul
Hugh Jassoul 20 dias atrás
Proud to have this as the last video I watched in my summer break.
Har0bi 20 dias atrás
There are also the drunks people that take the chip bowl, go in the corner and stuff their face, until its empty, where they silently go back to the table. Place it upside down, and pass out on the nearest couch
Boh 21 dia atrás
"I'm never drinking vodka again" is one of the biggest lies i tell myself
Andriesu Xred
Andriesu Xred 21 dia atrás
I don't think i ever saw anyone in Moldova below 6 on the alcohol scale...
Ian Von Känel
Ian Von Känel 21 dia atrás
When I was 15 I grot drunk the first time. I told two girls the entire tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise. Thanks for your attention...
Willy G Rags
Willy G Rags 21 dia atrás
6-7.5 is where I like to be
Wassim Tartoussia
Wassim Tartoussia 22 dias atrás
hit up Costco if I don't have any hash brown in my freezer?
Yansong Zeng
Yansong Zeng 22 dias atrás
Meanwhile in Australia: Dad to son 13 son: Here son have ur first beer ur a man now no more soft drinks. Just BEER
Bill Paul
Bill Paul 22 dias atrás
I was 11/10 when I mixed Smirnoff with glens and my chaser was fireball
Gaming CH
Gaming CH 22 dias atrás
I never tasted alcohol Can someone tell me how it tastes
Revolutionary Man
Revolutionary Man 5 dias atrás
Not only is it addictive, it also messes up your immune system and lead to serious health problems
Howie Hawkins
Howie Hawkins 8 dias atrás
Please don't taste it. I have also never tasted alcohol, but I know it's super addictive, so it should be abolished. It's not right for the Large Alcohol Industry to male massive profits off of an addictive substance that's bad for our health.
Y 23 dias atrás
who lse watching this while, drink tho
WichtigerNoSkin 23 dias atrás
... pr wait until you are legally allowed to drink-no one ever
JB Lightning
JB Lightning 23 dias atrás
Even just a bit of alcohol I loose motor skills like walking and fall asleep or get tired so getting to good levels of drunk is very hard for me and alcohol tastes like ass any advice
VisuallyAmazing 24 dias atrás
I hate alcohol for one simple reason..... HANGOVERS! Every time I experience a hangover I want to either die or teleport in the future where my hangover has passed. Preferably the first one.
Brooke Testi
Brooke Testi 24 dias atrás
low key glad I don't drink
Blaine Rogers
Blaine Rogers 24 dias atrás
You know you’re drunk when vodka and water taste the same.
Dr. 2006
Dr. 2006 24 dias atrás
You’re forgetting the entire group of chronic alcoholics addicted to alcohol who function at an alcohol level of .35 at baseline.
KingNLCrafter 24 dias atrás
Im drubk right now, njve
Reflex 24 dias atrás
Dude I wanna teleport to new locations
Ben Robinson
Ben Robinson 24 dias atrás
i was last week 😂
50ulEat3r 24 dias atrás
im crunk watching this
ColdDash 25 dias atrás
0:26 Corona Beer :o
Fosi94 25 dias atrás
Never had a problem with Voda.
Spike Medford
Spike Medford 25 dias atrás
Finally he is at 3 mil subscribers
Erik Marian
Erik Marian 26 dias atrás
Me drinking non-alcoholic items that are alcoholic but without alcohol and eating actual energy drinks: 👁️👄👁️
fatima r
fatima r 26 dias atrás
I'm muslim, What am i doing here?
fatima r
fatima r 26 dias atrás
Research apparently lol
lHarryl 26 dias atrás
i remember trying out beer at the age of 7, it was awful and like ill prolly never do that again
Justin McNabb
Justin McNabb 26 dias atrás
I once teleported to under a bush outside someones house
Diamondare 26 dias atrás
Juan Manuel Tamayo Perez
I'm 13, and from what i got from the video i understand that alcohol is like a super power in a bottle, but with some consequences
Depressed carrot
Depressed carrot 26 dias atrás
I still remember the good old days when it wasn' t a drinking trip if it was not a 11
Yoyo123x 27 dias atrás
*muslim joined the chat*
RaG3 Fuzzy
RaG3 Fuzzy 27 dias atrás
My first was my worst bro
empty windex bottle
empty windex bottle 27 dias atrás
I'm 15 and not so long ago drank 6-7 shots of galiano, a glas of wiskey, 2 cans of strong beer, and 5 shots of a 40% mint liquor and i felt clear as day, maybe i'm just too much of a man
Kentucky Fried Children
"responsibly waited until you're of legal age" Me, a european 17 yo: cheers i'll drink to that bro
Unfortunate Dictator
Unfortunate Dictator 27 dias atrás
I'm disappointed that nobody made a joke about Ireland. **Sad Irish noises**
YouTube Account
YouTube Account 27 dias atrás
Me, a Muslim, watching this like 👁👄👁
BCAFC connor
BCAFC connor 27 dias atrás
10 to 11 is the best stage... change my mind and coming home and laying in bed and the whole rooms starts spinning is the best part
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown 27 dias atrás
So so so accurate right down to the hashbrowns
FireFoxMD 27 dias atrás
11/10 isn’t fun 😕
Cian PR
Cian PR 27 dias atrás
wait you can teleport when drunk? imma start drinking now
Diego Pérez Amate
Diego Pérez Amate 28 dias atrás
So acord to Einsteins Theory of Relativity. From level 10 to level 11 you go at Speed of Light. 1:37
Dan V
Dan V 28 dias atrás
I got plastered last night on a whole bottle of vod and I barely got to 5
Captain Holocaust
Captain Holocaust 28 dias atrás
Funny how he chose the Corona beer in 2017 ...
Julian Chrobak-Prince
Julian Chrobak-Prince 28 dias atrás
Wait, alcohol is supposed to make you good at talking to girls?
Gabi Jemenean
Gabi Jemenean 28 dias atrás
Oh yes, a drug that negatively impacts my life, please let me buy your whole stock.
SenseiBeast CR
SenseiBeast CR 28 dias atrás
Well... I think I belong to 4th type of drunk people. If I drink more, I become more sleepy and sleep so hard that a fully blasted music right in front of me can't even wake me up.
Hogman 5000
Hogman 5000 29 dias atrás
The passed out drunk friend stick figure lol
Identity crisis
Identity crisis 29 dias atrás
The happy adult juice
J Pagel
J Pagel 29 dias atrás
“Your first drinking experience won’t be memorable” Haha jokes on you I had 10 shots of Smirnoff in the 8th grade
Gonzalo 19 dias atrás
@Raivo_ they sadly were not
J Pagel
J Pagel 20 dias atrás
Raivo_ I have video proof of me doing this lmao I’m fasho lying tho
Raivo_ 20 dias atrás
Gonzalo because they’re lying
Gonzalo 27 dias atrás
Yeah why is it that most of my classmates drank gallons when they were in 8th or 9th grades
R.S. Fletcher
R.S. Fletcher 29 dias atrás
Bruh I was drunk for the first time last month and I cried my eyes dry just over some girl, I still feel so embarrased 😂
Tygo van Vliet
Tygo van Vliet 29 dias atrás
When you're drunk watching this, nice
Marten Prince
Marten Prince 29 dias atrás
When I get drunk I always have to fight the urge to start really personal and intimate group conversations with people because for some reason I want to tell everyone about all the different locations I've masturbated.... or some other shit like that Basically you can alwayd catch me suggesting games like thruth or dare and never have I ever
dohinator22 Mês atrás
This is exactly why I've never drank enough to black out. As an insomniac I already tend to teleport to random locations just off of sleep deprivation alone. Alcohol would just add a hangover to the mix and potentially embarrassing texts/phone calls that I just don't have the energy to deal with. But you know what's a nice alternative without those cons? Zzzquil, Nyquil, or just generic benadryl (the non-habit forming versions). Any of those will fuck you up enough to satisfy the urge but not so much that you wake up to criminal charges. Also they taste just as gross as most cheap alcohols save for the benadryl. More pros, fewer cons.
Toxitaro/ZigzagVA Mês atrás
Can't touch the stuff do to being alcohol intolerant. Learned it the hard way when my throat started closing up making it harder to breath.
Ty Sims
Ty Sims Mês atrás
never eating hashbrowns hungover again i threw them all up last time
Battery Acid
Battery Acid Mês atrás
literally got a beer ad for this
Jerry Lifsey
Jerry Lifsey Mês atrás
After you've been drinking...either immediately after or the next morning...Waffle House!
Michael VandeVusse
Michael VandeVusse Mês atrás
I teleport to my room
Frank Schultz
Frank Schultz Mês atrás
Next do causally explained weed.
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