CARTOON CHARACTERS That Exist in Real Life !

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CARTOON CHARACTERS That Exist in Real Life !
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to CARTOON CHARACTERS That Exist in Real Life !



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17 Mar 2019



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Comentários 100
mikayla garcia
mikayla garcia 5 horas atrás
When I was 3 to 4 I had a haircut like Dora cause it was my favorite show 😁
The SuperSisters
The SuperSisters Dia atrás
1:30 My sis looks more like dora
parbati dolai
parbati dolai 4 dias atrás
Bertha Alicia Sandoval
I miss gravity falls. (I’m waching this in 2020)
iishadowslayerii 5 dias atrás
Azzy: OMG ITS ALADDIN Me: isn’t that just joe Jonas?
Emili Gabote Cabrera
Emili Gabote Cabrera 6 dias atrás
Dora has a tang top and has orange shorts that reach her knees, Dora be trippin’
rainbow dash as a human
Ganpat International
Ganpat International 6 dias atrás
Aladdin in the live action version is Mena Massoud ok i think i spelt his name right DoNt JuDgE Me w11
Isabelle Kimengech
Isabelle Kimengech 6 dias atrás
Subscribe to Azzyland click the bell if it’s right you’re a bad looking so it’s great because granny is the way
Aliena Fehse
Aliena Fehse 6 dias atrás
I think they are cosplaying I think it's just me
Allison Sorrentino
Allison Sorrentino 7 dias atrás
that is so amazing
Aanya Jaiswal
Aanya Jaiswal 7 dias atrás
Azzy : this dude is going to be the next Aladin Me : 😱😱😱🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Azzy doesn't know JOE JONAS SHOCKED !!!
Joydeep Phangcho
Joydeep Phangcho 7 dias atrás
Keep it up!
Edgar Dueñas
Edgar Dueñas 8 dias atrás
see frozen two
wolfu 29
wolfu 29 8 dias atrás
2:08 OMG that is Henrietta from ncis:lost Angeles. Yes i watch that show whats it to ya?
Rani Babita Singh
Rani Babita Singh 9 dias atrás
Elsa in real life's hair looks like Jack Frost's hair
Jamie Helle
Jamie Helle 10 dias atrás
Anushka Gomes
Anushka Gomes 11 dias atrás
Azzyland you look like ariana grande
sharon godwin
sharon godwin 11 dias atrás
I love the girl from monster inc
Amali Colonne
Amali Colonne 11 dias atrás
The bunny from zootopia also looks like wenjie !!!!
Tanya Giarratani Chad Sprinkel
He’s probably the actor of the real movie of Aladdin
Kitten cat lover
Kitten cat lover 12 dias atrás
3:58 she sound like that girl saying Mickey
ام محمد العماني
Ananda Cornelia
Ananda Cornelia 13 dias atrás
Aaleyah Hardy
Aaleyah Hardy 13 dias atrás
OMG my favorite show the fairy god parents
Chaitanya Kotte
Chaitanya Kotte 13 dias atrás
5;50 Is that wengie?
Bonnie Rose
Bonnie Rose 13 dias atrás
Do you know Ariel's daughter melody? You look like her
Yadira Sanchez
Yadira Sanchez 13 dias atrás
Azzy is one of the funniest people I know 😂🤣
Abbie Claire
Abbie Claire 14 dias atrás
They r literally just costumes that most people r wearing Who agrees?
Behailu Family
Behailu Family 16 dias atrás
I juuuuussssst looooooove the outro.
Mikael Bucha
Mikael Bucha 17 dias atrás
That was joe jonas lol
Chanel Deckford
Chanel Deckford 18 dias atrás
That's awesome
PENA-MATA JISELIZ 18 dias atrás
Zareena Sameer
Zareena Sameer 19 dias atrás
Moana lives in new Zealand and I live in new Zealand
Jaden Bear
Jaden Bear 19 dias atrás
It must be so cool to look like a cartoon character or have one created of you.
Vanya Mariana Lovely Mawar Merah
5:09 yes it is Garaa
Sofia Amor
Sofia Amor 20 dias atrás
How did she now spirited away girl your really watching anime. I love that
Candy Lara Palman
Candy Lara Palman 20 dias atrás
I also cry that it's a sad 😢 story
kevin haynes
kevin haynes 23 dias atrás
Harumi Sengu
Harumi Sengu 23 dias atrás
Carl from UP is actually based of the artist’s dad
It's Queen K
It's Queen K 24 dias atrás
no hate
It's Queen K
It's Queen K 24 dias atrás
Its "soy Dora" I'm just saying
Yeo Meiling
Yeo Meiling 24 dias atrás
Tessa Smith
Tessa Smith 24 dias atrás
6:47 isn’t Danny devito from Matilda?
Araileimchen Imchen
Araileimchen Imchen 25 dias atrás
It is garra
Gabby Lucas
Gabby Lucas 25 dias atrás
People say I look like Snow White but I'd say I look like Belle also I look like Mabel Pines
Landenplyaz 26 dias atrás
I have met aladen
Madalyn Bogdanski
Madalyn Bogdanski 26 dias atrás
Can you do a she-ra character one
Cloudy 1234
Cloudy 1234 27 dias atrás
Ummm azzy that was joe johnas if I spelled that correctly
That Guy
That Guy 27 dias atrás
0:42 she doesn't look identical shes mildly similar to Elsa
Sarah Lyness
Sarah Lyness 29 dias atrás
Thumbs emoji if watching in 2020 with blue heart 🖒💙
Vinod Bhole
Vinod Bhole 29 dias atrás
Azzy: Calls Joe Jonas This guy
1K subscribers with 1 videos challenge
Anyone watching this video in 2020 LOCKDOWN
Pankaj Agrawal
Pankaj Agrawal Mês atrás
Does anybody else wanna see her in ponytails??? She would look sooooooo cute! 🥰🥰
Pankaj Agrawal
Pankaj Agrawal Mês atrás
Azzy: Oh! That bunny from zootopia Me:.......that is officer hopper!! 😊😊
little Ms A playz gacha UwU
When a got bangs my friends called me DORA I cried so bad that's when I hated dora😂
Bunny fan
Bunny fan Mês atrás
who else wished azzy was rec for 1 more sec so it would be 10:00?
『The Sky Kingdøms』
One of my nicknames is Tweety
Malonda Gaddies
Malonda Gaddies Mês atrás
The girl who deserves all the costumes from Incredibles and she’s in real life I that is the girl off of criminal minds
Viana Colaco
Viana Colaco Mês atrás
I loved it.. Gaara also made it to azzyland
Maxine Gamer
Maxine Gamer Mês atrás
NO NO NONONONONONO!!!! NOOOO WAY!!! The guy that looks like aladin is from a movie too,it's called camp rock a very old movie Wich is about songs,and camp rock is also my fav movie it even has good songs,and now THIS?!?! (WHAT ARE THOOOOSEE!!!!) 😧😧😧
Tabitha Everwine
Tabitha Everwine Mês atrás
Pls tell me I'm not the only one that changed the lanuge from japanese to english so the characters spoke English
Error_Evie Mês atrás
Some of those people who are kinda cosplaying I send them love. 💛😌✌
Disneygirl12 55
Disneygirl12 55 Mês atrás
Joe Jonas is the guy from Aladdin look alike
rommel repazo
rommel repazo Mês atrás
Umm... hello🤷🏼‍♀️
rommel repazo
rommel repazo Mês atrás
rommel repazo
rommel repazo Mês atrás
I like Frozen 2 sooooooo much
Jennifer Rentmeester
Back and forth grade one girl my class so I could leave early because of the issues she look exactly like one or even more than the person in the picture that Azzy showed
Faith Dow
Faith Dow Mês atrás
zip TOH
zip TOH Mês atrás
Does she not know all these people are doing cosplays bruh
Irie Shafer
Irie Shafer Mês atrás
Uhm was anyone else just watching their creepypasta adventures and then this was in the playlist at the end and it auto-played and now you’re confused? Because I am!
dawgthang Mês atrás
Are you still with sanna and leah
hungry gacha
hungry gacha Mês atrás
Pocahontas is a real woman-
Cookie foxie Kookie
Moon Watcher
Moon Watcher Mês atrás
Is it just me or does Azzy look like Isabella from Phineas and Ferb
Arizona Squish 2
Arizona Squish 2 Mês atrás
Anasuya Baruah
Anasuya Baruah Mês atrás
You are awsome Azzy
XxKokoxX Mês atrás
Hold up hold up hold up. Did azzy just call Joe Jonas “this guy” 😐
ЯӨƧΣPΣƬΛᄂ Mês atrás
4:30 thats one of the jonas brothers-
Livelife _bro
Livelife _bro Mês atrás
Ok I just wanna say that these people are probably cosplayers azzy.
KidBucket Mês atrás
I see your video first time . In start I thought u look like a princess Really you look like princess
Natasha Davison
Natasha Davison Mês atrás
aida guerrero
aida guerrero Mês atrás
Azzy: to infinity and beyond me:🤦🏼‍♀️
The JadeCircle
The JadeCircle Mês atrás
bunny love cutie
bunny love cutie Mês atrás
I have watching the movie when I was 5
maureen bridget
maureen bridget Mês atrás
oh sed fairys are not real
theresia christy
theresia christy Mês atrás
Her name is Gaara from naruto
JoannaOrapa Mês atrás
alternate title: Azzy being amazed for 10 minutes straight
Maura McManus
Maura McManus Mês atrás
I want to be elsa
Olivia Arredondo
Olivia Arredondo Mês atrás
Up making me cry
X Chills
X Chills Mês atrás
I'm like your biggest fan
X Chills
X Chills Mês atrás
I'm like your biggest fan
X Chills
X Chills Mês atrás
caitlin Mês atrás
When she said "everything" makes her cry a million tears I was heart broken think about it she said EVERYTHING
Energy Exotic
Energy Exotic Mês atrás
Edna is in ncis la it’s cool
~•`Salty gamer~•`
Yup azzy you got it right it's gaara and I also watch Naruto if you don't believe me here I now sasuke Sakura choji shikamaru and kiba Sai and I forgot the other names heh
Soraiah Sooknanan
Soraiah Sooknanan Mês atrás
Just because Nikki is a trinidadian she is miss potato head
Elin Vang
Elin Vang Mês atrás
Ye his name is gara
Glo-jo’s Land
Glo-jo’s Land Mês atrás
Dora is NOT an explorer because she uses a map. That means someone has already been there
Briana Hunt
Briana Hunt Mês atrás
You pronounce garras name correctly
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