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We finally come to an epic conclusion of the first season of Cartoon Beatbox Battles!! Yes, the winner will finally be revealed, HOWEVER, it wont be who you think it will be! Thanks for your support, much love and respect to you all!! =D
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11 Ago 2022



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Insane to see how much this series has changed and evolved over these past 6 years It's going to be really exciting seeing how this will conclude
quanceious spinkleyton
No way.. 6 years?
RustyRiddles Anos atrás
Banny Anos atrás
I started watching in 2018 so maybe
Steven Jones
Steven Jones Anos atrás
i remember watching in 2020
SoggyButtVR 7 meses atrás
Can we all agree that this man's cartoons were a massive part of our childhood
Watered down dr pepper
Watered down dr pepper 6 meses atrás
and he really really was..
Domproductions 5 meses atrás
YTBeLikeThat 5 meses atrás
Facts tho
Gavin Newman
Gavin Newman 5 meses atrás
I don’t know
Samuel Sanchez
Samuel Sanchez 3 meses atrás
EncryptedOS Anos atrás
Gotta say that the quality has drastically improved, making this show quality stuff! Great job with the songs, effects, layouts, etc! Can’t wait for the next season.
CoolGamer_Playz 10 meses atrás
True and I can't wait either
LEONARDO AGUIAR 9 meses atrás
Also, I think Patrick won (yeah he probably did since he got the REAL trophy)😊
Naitsabes Animations
Naitsabes Animations 11 meses atrás
Mad respect to this legend for continuing cartoon beatbox battles to this day Like fr this dude deserves a golden medal
Shys 11 meses atrás
What’s up dude
Hannah Arthington
Hannah Arthington 10 meses atrás
dunkev Anos atrás
What a journey it's been. 6 years of this amazing season has now concluded. Verbalase's beatbox at the beginning was fantastic and the characters joining was great too. The winner was predictable but both Patrick and Deadpool did great. Very excited to see what's in store for season 2 and what characters will show up. The loser rounds seem like an interesting concept so I'm excited to see what'll happen there.
JackAndTom Anos atrás
I actually don't loser round would suck we don't need anything like that because our favourite characters are not losers
Satormus Anos atrás
@JackAndTom i think it's a good idea because if it's loser v loser then we could get new songs and interactions
y7 10 meses atrás
@JackAndTom ♡
An Animation Profile
An Animation Profile 10 meses atrás
6 YEARS!?!??! 6 YEARS!?!?!?!?
lukas masar
lukas masar 10 meses atrás
@An Animation Profile y es
Dave Torty
Dave Torty 11 meses atrás
Six years of amazing beatbox battle series. Thank you for doing so much and entertaining us all this time. Can't wait for season 2
Is it me, or does this confirm Verbalase is a bigger sonic fan than what we were previously given. I personally respect that.
the plush guy
the plush guy Anos atrás
As a sonic fan I respect that
Joshua Hecht
Joshua Hecht Anos atrás
Me too man As a fellow fan myself
General Grievous
General Grievous Anos atrás
yes yes it seems we are all sonic fans yes yes
Silver The Future
Silver The Future Anos atrás
Oh, I respect that too!
Alexander Jackson
Alexander Jackson Anos atrás
I’m something of a Sonic fan myself
Marshy HMR
Marshy HMR Anos atrás
After 6 whole years, Season 1 has finally come to an end. It was really great!
Marleny Lewis
Marleny Lewis 26 dias atrás
Sonar Blast
Sonar Blast 11 meses atrás
I love this, how Patrick the underdog won, how he had his beatbox, how all the other characters were in it and how they reacted. Thank you verbalace for providing the community with all the fun videos and battles
Steven 22 horas atrás
Patrick and underdog should never be in the same sentence in this series before the battle even came out people 70% of people were planning to vote Patrick
DARK_SLAYER 5 meses atrás
*I didn’t realize there’s now a second season of this and this was really amazing!! Thank your for your work and your animators work I can’t wait to see future projects*
Gerald Darby
Gerald Darby Anos atrás
Hey dude. I've been here since 2018 and I would love to thank you for entertaining me all these years. The animations have gotten so much better over the years and your content never gets old
booran 5 meses atrás
I haven't seen this since Thanos vs Darkseid, and it just looks genuinely gorgeous compared to the last time I've seen it.
Tomi Oluwa
Tomi Oluwa Anos atrás
The Animation, the music, Verbalse beatboxing that's hotter than the sun. It's more than I ever could've asked for. I'm honestly super hyped for whenever season 2 comes around.
Mercedes Azucey
Mercedes Azucey Anos atrás
El red. R. T que w
King Bacon MEME GOD
I bet it comes in 2135
Funtime foxy’s plush Studio
I am so hyped
Government Anos atrás
Same but only the animation is new but still good!
Mr.McGriddle Anos atrás
Andrew Like
Andrew Like Anos atrás
Congrats on a Stellar season 1. A little fun fact, the Deat Battle reddit actually asked which episodes would be good Cartoon Beatbox Battles and it was interesting. I would highly recommend it if you're looking for ideas for future seasons. Can't wait to see what you've got coming next.
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Anos atrás
Man this guy came this far. I'm happy that Patrick Star won. Man the series has been going on for a few years I can't wait for season 2.
naadbu 10 meses atrás
The fact that patrick won against: A dog who faced many injuries unharmed An all-powerful god who wiped half the world out A killer clown who killed people An invincible man who has many weapons that is very impressive
Yariel’s Clubhouse
Yariel’s Clubhouse 5 meses atrás
Patrick Gets All my respect 😎😎😎
Foxy the pirate
Foxy the pirate 5 meses atrás
Either impressive or just fan favorite since hes from spongebob
Fire Dark Slayers
Fire Dark Slayers 4 meses atrás
@Foxy the pirate Pretty sure its because hes a fan favorite
Pen 4 meses atrás
​@Fire Dark Slayers aVeNgE sPOngEbOb
Fire Dark Slayers
Fire Dark Slayers 4 meses atrás
SmartGamer07 Anos atrás
Thank you for all your hard work! Those rap battles were very creative and were hard to both animate and actually beatbox all on your own. Great job!👏
lemon 6 meses atrás
Can we appreciate how good the animation has become over the years?
Júlio Cesar
Júlio Cesar Anos atrás
I think we should appreciate how much effort he put into something like this, the first episode felt like a pointless thing, now it's come this far, everything he is doing here is amazing.
Doge with Gun
Doge with Gun Anos atrás
We made it my brother's we made it to the end
Mr.Entity Anos atrás
Doge with Gun
Doge with Gun Anos atrás
I thought Thanos was gonna win ._.
watercat Anos atrás
watercat Anos atrás
How was this comment 2 days ago..? The video was made an hour agi
Yayo Anos atrás
After 6 years, from Mickey vs spongebob to Patrick vs Deadpool, these 6 years of cartoon beatbox battles has been wild, may season 2 arrive soon, and thanks verbalase for these 6 years of CVC(short for Cartoon Beatbox Battle)
Kwaku and spino python
A tigh!?!
Yayo Anos atrás
@Kwaku and spino python what do you mean
Suzie Higby
Suzie Higby 4 meses atrás
Mickey Mouse lose in cartoon beatbox battle😢
RWConz Anos atrás
At this point, this man needs to get on the board and make an all original animated series. His animation is so smooth.
Matt Ng
Matt Ng 11 meses atrás
Congratulations Patrick, you were amazing. Deadpool, you're awesome too. If there's an All-star season, Ase had no choice but to include you in
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson Anos atrás
Though the finale of this was amazing (not surprised about the winner, tbh), I do think what would've made this 10 times better, is if Verbalase actually showed up at the end of the video, thanking the fans for all of the constant support, the donations, and the help of making this possible. And of course thanks to the animators too, for not only keeping up with changing styles over the last 6 years, but helping to make each episode feel fresh, and stylish. Oh well...guess this works too
Rafael Ascenção
Rafael Ascenção Anos atrás
Like a good old man said "You can't have everything in life"
Old Man
Old Man Anos atrás
@Rafael Ascenção but you have nice candelabra
ElectrikStatik Anos atrás
I think there's gonna be episodes, so I think this would be better suited for the finale and ending of this series.
Cooking with Chef Honor
Cooking with Chef Honor 11 meses atrás
It was pretty obvious that Patrick Star would be the winner of this season with all of the funny beats that he make is very creative and it's not shocking to be the winner but overall I loved this Season and I can't wait for Season 2!
Mohamed Raafat
Mohamed Raafat 6 meses atrás
Wait a second I’m going to make a middle finger emoji
Nkosi Micah Serebe
Nkosi Micah Serebe 6 meses atrás
Nkosi Micah Serebe
Nkosi Micah Serebe 6 meses atrás
SLYDUDE81_YT 5 meses atrás
Patrick actually won because he gave the trophy to Patrick not deadpool
DTVfenrir official
DTVfenrir official 5 meses atrás
@SLYDUDE81_YT Yeah obviously
Retro Gamestream
Retro Gamestream Anos atrás
We have finally have waited for a season one finale of Cartoon Beatbox Battle. Thank you, Ase, for six awesome years of entertainment and fun. It was a long rollercoaster ride of excitement; but nonetheless thank you for your hard work of entertaining us. Can't wait to see you in season two of CBB and your videos in the future.
Super Mario Jasiah
Super Mario Jasiah Anos atrás
don't be surprised Tell me about it
MT_Davis Anos atrás
I hope it is Patrick
Eliabe Campos Sodré
@MT_Davis bruh, It was funny but even tho I HATE Deadpool… he won bro sorry… good luck.
Steven Jones
Steven Jones Anos atrás
@Eliabe Campos Sodré actually no its Patrick not Deadpool unless Ace gives it too Deadpool because he thinks some are voting bias again for Patrick
Steven Jones
Steven Jones Anos atrás
This is Awesome
Seth Dannar
Seth Dannar 9 meses atrás
Not gonna lie, I never expected this to get finished, just watched through all of it and I'm super happy that it is finished. This was greay
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Anos atrás
I wish this was an actual event that people would go to. I would buy tickets every time one came out, we love you ace!
qvver yesqvver
qvver yesqvver 5 meses atrás
I remember watching this channel when i was 6. I am now 11 (turning 12 next month) and its amazing seeing how this channel has evolved. I remember watching the birthday videos and the live performances. I really have to thank you verbalase for making my childhood. Your video still inspire me to beatbox and every now and then i practice using your cartoon beatbjx explained tutorials. I must thank you for many things. You are an amazing person and have inpired many people. Congratulations on 5M subscribes. Im a little late but i just wabted to congratulate you. Thank you so much for inpiring me and many other people around the world. Your work is amazing and your animation has inproved so much! Its crazy seeing the season end. The battles are extremely good and i loved every single episode ive seen (so far). Once again congratulations on hitting this huge milestone. Keep on making these amazing videos and entertaining The BRvid Community.
Martha Smith
Martha Smith 2 meses atrás
Happy late 12 birthday
qvver yesqvver
qvver yesqvver 2 meses atrás
@Martha Smith thank you so much!
Truly amazing how far this legend has come… I was here ever since before the blow up! It’s crazy.
ShadeDX 7000
ShadeDX 7000 9 meses atrás
The season finale animation looks like a Walt Disney 2-D animation. I like it!!👍👍
Trevaughan Williams
Trevaughan Williams 8 meses atrás
Mickey and Goofy
Trevaughan Williams
Trevaughan Williams 7 meses atrás
Mickey Mouse and Goofy
Ricardo oliveira dos santos caravalho Carvalho
​@Trevaughan Williams duruerurrrururrur
SpaceFace Anos atrás
The characters look great in the new art style. I can’t wait too see more of this in season 2.
Angelica Ibarra
Angelica Ibarra 11 meses atrás
0:53 The new design for Sonic is awesome!
NitroSanitar 6 meses atrás
This is a level of quality I could never dream of having great job man I hope all the best to this series.
Obanize 11 meses atrás
Guys, lets take the time to appriciate how long it took here, we hustled hard to get here, the animation change, the wide varitey of characters, batman in the bathroom. Most importantly, the wait. The patience we all had, even tho it took 2 episodes a year, but the wait was worth it. Everyone who left in the middle of season one. U missed the greatest finale in history of beatboxing. To whoever stayed, this is what u get for being loyal and waiting this whole time :)
MarioLord 14
MarioLord 14 Anos atrás
So Patrick won overall. That’s awesome. Good choice. Nice job Verbalase for making these CBBB videos so fun to watch.
huhhhh 11 meses atrás
i don’t even know what to say. it’s been a long time since this series started and i’m happy but also sad season one ends here. Good luck to all season two’s competitors
Oinkert Anos atrás
Man, I still remember a year and a half back when I 1st started watching this. Now look how far it came. This series was awesome and still will be to watch. Thank you Verbalase, and thank you to the fellows who have animated this scene by scene.
ShinDoesVids Anos atrás
I agree, but you do know that verbalase already composed 3 battles for season 2? Just that the animators gotta catch up. I just typed this just to make sure you know that you can still watch some beatbox battles on the future.
TNB Zah Anos atrás
I've really been watching this since the 1st episode
Steven Jones
Steven Jones Anos atrás
This has been Awesome
StumpyFunnel Anos atrás
@TNB Zah same
Doge with Gun
Doge with Gun Anos atrás
I remember seeing the first episode
don't question it
don't question it Anos atrás
It's really been a long time coming for this😁 after 4 years and a bunch of bumps his this channel, it's all wrapped up😊 I gotta admit that I actually haven't seen your channel in a while but it's so satisfying to see this and the ending made it all the better.
lukas masar
lukas masar 10 meses atrás
6 years
Luke Makes Things
Luke Makes Things 10 meses atrás
The beatbox at the beginning was possibly the best one I have ever heard. Good on you verbalase.
Dylans World 2.0
Dylans World 2.0 Anos atrás
For those confused about why Patrick was given the trophy when verbalase said DeadPool won is because DeadPool had a gun at verbalase head, Patrick is the real winner of season 1, verbalase had to false DeadPool of winning so he won’t die.
Dinofortnite 11 meses atrás
I’ve been watching this for so long and you have come so far well done
Pedram Does Stuff
Pedram Does Stuff Anos atrás
Can we all appreciate the work Verbalase puts into his videos just to make us happy give this man a TV Show Already
Cantu678 Anos atrás
That would be amazing idea
Epic GameBoy
Epic GameBoy Anos atrás
fr man he needs one we need that + nice technoblade on your name
Pedram Does Stuff
Pedram Does Stuff Anos atrás
@Epic GameBoy Thx man
Epic GameBoy
Epic GameBoy Anos atrás
@Pedram Does Stuff yw and thanks for the sub man!
Pedram Does Stuff
Pedram Does Stuff Anos atrás
@Epic GameBoy No Problem
Idk Anos atrás
Mad respect man you may not make vids frequently now but your insane skills make up for it the surprise beatbox introduction was incredible
Jessie Renfro
Jessie Renfro Anos atrás
Nice save with Deadpool Ace! Congratulations to Patrick! Hope to see season 2. ❤👍
Ana and Joan Delgadillo
0:00 Beginning 0:31 Verbalase starts to sing 0:36 Getting ready 0:36 Oh boy! 0:37 Wakanada 0:44 Thanos gonna show you how to scratch it 0:46 Im the Darkside 0:48 I’m the Batman 0:49 I’m the Patrick 0:54 So much better 0:56 I’m Ready 0:57 Pika-Pikachu 0:58 I am groot 1:00 So much better 1:03 I’m ready 1:04 Pika Pikachu 1:05 I am groot 1:13 Verbalse is a beatboxer from outer space 1:19-1:21 We got patrick Penny wise Batman panther 1:28 So much better 1:30 I’m ready 1:31 Pika-Pikachu 1:32 I am groot 1:35 So much Better 1:37 I’m ready 1:38 Pika-Pikachu 1:39 I am groot 1:41 So Much Better 1:44 I’m ready 1:45 Pika-Pikachu 1:46 I am groot 1:48 So much better 1:51 I’m ready 1:52 Pika-Pikachu 1:53 I am groot 1:54 beatboxing ends 2:29 A big camera falls on Kyle 2:44 Patrick thinks they are talking about mayonnaise 2:54 Dead silence guys 3:00 What is Patrick steward doing here?? 3:08 Deadshot and Batman stop doing that 3:18 verbal ase gets distracted 3:21 DeadPool shoots Kyle 3:23 Now you won’t get distracted 3:29 DeadPool Wins! 3:36 Patrick actually won 3:57 Everyone gets mad 3:58 ends
TeebzYT 5 meses atrás
you forgot that pikachu actually talked 😂
Amin Qasim
Amin Qasim 5 meses atrás
@TeebzYT so? he did the timeframes of everything else, give him a little credit
TeebzYT 5 meses atrás
@Amin Qasim i didn’t mean it like that mate. i meant it as a joke i didn’t want her to redo the whole thing. that’s stupid. why do you think i addd the laughing emoji?
William Danes
William Danes 2 meses atrás
0:35 is actually getting ready
Honestly I'm impressed by much you put into this show although I would give the trophy to someone else like Sonic or Thanos but the show is amazing and I can't wait for season 2
Jetsenel 8 meses atrás
we cant ask for a better season finale, this is perfect
NathanShoppingBro Anos atrás
I'm so proud to be apart of this channel for 1 year, you worked so hard
BLUERAY Anos atrás
Is amazing that in such a simple anination, the amount of people involved to make this reality on screen...what a Teamwork!! Kudos to all for such hardwork!!💯🤘🔥🔥🔥
Imagine if this is gonna be a remastered version that would be extremely excited
That…ONE guy
That…ONE guy Anos atrás
I just wanna say, congratulations on the 6 years of this amazing show
Christian Alford
Christian Alford 11 meses atrás
Over the six years, we all grew physically and mentally with the series
The Real Sean W. Stewart
I've been following this series since 2019. What a finale! Verbalase and the animation has come a long way.
Bhulu Kar
Bhulu Kar Anos atrás
Im surprised he made it this far. He improved so much! I didnt really like the videos he made but now I do!
Lmao the ending though, gosh I love beatbox battles I'm excited to see what season 2 will in store for us! Keep up the awesome work Verbalase!!! I love season one so so much, the improvement with the animation is EVERYTHING👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
FirstNoob Mês atrás
Its sad seeing the Cartoon Beatbox Battles ending but at least we got to see our fav characters from tv shows,movies,cartoons compete against each-other
Isaiah Murry
Isaiah Murry Anos atrás
I’ve been watching these since day one I didn’t expect Patrick to win but I’m glad a new seasons coming out and I appreciate all your hard work you put into this
josh monghur
josh monghur 9 meses atrás
Keep it up Verbalase! GOOD Job!
Mr. Burger
Mr. Burger Anos atrás
This was a great show to watch over the years! All the people that worked on this have my gratitude! I cant wait for Season 2!
aaron zachary
aaron zachary Anos atrás
You said season 2.
Egg Anos atrás
Yeah season 2 is coming out
aaron zachary
aaron zachary Anos atrás
Okay 👍👍👍👌👌👌👍👍👌👌👌👌👍👍 on BRvid channel in episode.
Steven Jones
Steven Jones Anos atrás
Season 2 will be Awesome
Steven Jones
Steven Jones Anos atrás
@aaron zachary yes Season 2 will be Amazing Loser rounds and new Characters 😊💙
Truefredking2 Anos atrás
I’ve been watching this since Episode 9 with Spongebob and Deadpool back in 2019, this finale was very great. Keep it Up Verbalase! Also, congratulations to both of them for getting a prize.
fluff_505 Anos atrás
Verbalase really thought “you know, why not make characters from games and from movies rap battle?” Okay, on a serious note these are amazing, the Animation has gotten a let better. This gave me a chuckle, thank you verbalase.
Eman25 10 meses atrás
Cool to see how the design and everything's changed these past 6 year's
Superyoshi _1
Superyoshi _1 Anos atrás
I love how out of the losers, Sonic is the one to tell everyone to get after Ace
Phil Windoffer
Phil Windoffer Anos atrás
Yafa Sikosiko
Yafa Sikosiko Anos atrás
Acermani456 *R*
Acermani456 *R* Anos atrás
This Season has been a blast. Can't wait 4 Season 2
Charsonic Anos atrás
Space Age Penguin
Space Age Penguin Anos atrás
Man the animation is awesome! Can't wait for season 2
★Littlefoot★ Anos atrás
I've watched you for years I've seen EVERYTHING the art changes, the voice changes literally EVERYTHING
Anti-Fanmade 9 meses atrás
Joker's design was incredibly awesome!!
BRAD Anos atrás
Wow.This was Great Verbalase. Awesome season. Im definitely watching season 2 Thanks for all the effort and entertainment in season 1 The next one is gonna be so awesome.
SuperSign64 28 dias atrás
its so cool how the first 2 minutes of the season 1 finale is basically just a collage of lines from the past ones
SkyLight Awakens
SkyLight Awakens Anos atrás
The amount of change that's happened over time with his beatboxing an animation plus the songs are an incredible work of art!
Kevin Caudle
Kevin Caudle Anos atrás
3:50 Welp, I Was Hoping He Was Gonna Say The Loser Rounds
Idoitfortheappeal~ Anos atrás
So much improvement I'm proud of you verbalase! And your animation crew reminds me so much of fox kids lol
Dark Crafter The King
Wow. What a recap! I’m glad I got to view this all the way. Congrats on your win Patrick
maxx's akedo and more
maxx's akedo and more 11 meses atrás
I love how they brought back Pikachu even though he didn’t win The beatbox battle against Groot
Knightwolf 91
Knightwolf 91 Anos atrás
That was fun!! I can't wait for the next season and the loser rounds. I really hope that in the future you try to make team battle, think of the insane remix of two characters in a team.
Sam Chak
Sam Chak Anos atrás
Angky toad
Angky toad Anos atrás
Knightwolf 91
Knightwolf 91 Anos atrás
@Angky toad verbalace said it Maybe call it: the redemption rounds.
BlaxelToot 8 meses atrás
That was a great performance verbalase! Hope will see you!! (Meme Stamps That I Made My Own!!) 2:43 - My Friend Roasting my Art in class 2:54 - My Teacher taking attendance while everyone is on their phone 3:10 - The Students Fight over a Pizza Slice 3:47 - When you're about to leave work but you have something missed 3:52 - When You Suck at roblox funky friday and you're about to throw a fit
dustbinsauce11 Anos atrás
it’s so heartwarming to see that all the opponents are now in harmony for the intro
charles lloyd jr
charles lloyd jr Anos atrás
yeah 👍
Awsome Connie And Creator Connie
Nice going, Deadpool, and to everyone else who beatboxed in these battles! And to you, Verbalase!
Last_dreamer254 Anos atrás
You really did a lot of work on the animation can't wait for season 2 by the way loved your beatboxing
Ranwinty 11 meses atrás
6 whole years of my childhood onto a new season I can’t believe how much verbal has changed and his animations he’s one of the best beatboxes I’ve seen
Lat_Playz Anos atrás
I love the animation it has really evolved after the past few years
ImCool333 9 meses atrás
You know I grew up with this, don’t ever stop Verbalase.
I eat cats
I eat cats Anos atrás
We’ve been waiting for a season finale, and we got it. Well done for coming this far Adym.
Ray Romero
Ray Romero Anos atrás
I must say this is AWSOME can't wait until season two all the effort he put in this is so great
Nitrox Anos atrás
Good work verbalase, you doing very well! Your animation's, vocal cords for the characters and beatbox battle's are really awesome! I hope that you will have a lot of subscribers and fan's soon) We will waiting your 2 season of cartoon beatbox battles, good luck!
SMA11OWL 11 meses atrás
What a time to be alive Thank you for the 6 years verbalase
lukas masar
lukas masar 10 meses atrás
you have atleast 6 years
JeiPlays Anos atrás
I’ve been watching you for five years straight and this is definitely worth waiting for ❤🎉
Storywriting Nerd
Storywriting Nerd 2 meses atrás
Six years in the making for one season. Wonder if the next one will take as long
Grimoire Weiss
Grimoire Weiss Anos atrás
Let’s thank verbalase and the many beatboxers who made this series possible. Thank you for this incredible music series.
Sombra Afton
Sombra Afton Anos atrás
Now this means That someone will get the silver trophy, and i want on season 2 Raphael and Dr Eggman Nega (dr eggman nega because if Sonic Did and he is futuristic and of course he has so much futuristic tech why he can't outsmart Bowser and the other characters on season 2)
ReallyX Anos atrás
The comments are the same as they used to be. I listened to this every day for a year. The animation has gotten better and the beatboxing is still on point.
Rioken Gaming
Rioken Gaming Anos atrás
Can’t wait for next season and goodbye to a legendary season
GRIDLOCKgaming 11 meses atrás
This journey after 6 years...i love the many episodes in season 1 it was amazing and funny..heheh..when i saw the first episode of beatbox it was cool but i will miss season 1...thank you for entertaining me for these years...🥲..i can't wait to see season 2...your content never gets old😌. keep up the good work!♥️😃😃♥️
buildblok85 ☕
buildblok85 ☕ Anos atrás
this series reminded me so much of ultimate cartoon fighting by toonsmyth... thank u verbalase for that kind of nostalgia...
Ron 10 meses atrás
I’m so happy Patrick won he fought so many people from goofy to Deadpool I’m so happy that this is coming to a season 2
Leon Brewton
Leon Brewton Anos atrás
We're bringing back batman, Mario, darkseid, joker, goofy, everybody. Can't wait to see everybody again and their reactions!
leatherface Anos atrás
And deadshot, pennywise, pikachu, thanos and sonic
Christopher bobux
Christopher bobux Anos atrás
I can’t find groot in the title
SlasherSweets Anos atrás
@Christopher bobux Or Deadpool and Patrick for that matter 😅
TS_0307 Anos atrás
@SlasherSweets yeah they’re the finalists to be fair, so I think Verblase didn’t put them they because they have a chance of winning
Family Fun Gaming
Family Fun Gaming Anos atrás
@TS_0307 Yes but groot isn’t a finalist
Clay_mudwing Anos atrás
I do can not wait for season 2!! I know it will be a masterpiece like always ase!!
TXZ ColtN Anos atrás
I'm kinda sad this ended on a bias, but it was still a great series.
°Rham° Mês atrás
We can all agree he the man, the myth,the legend verbelase carried our childhood
Josh_ Miester_X
Josh_ Miester_X Anos atrás
Lol not even mad that Patrick won. We all saw it coming anyways. But that begining beatbox was too awesome. And the stalling jokes were funny too. Thanks for giving us so many laughs over the years Ase. Can't wait to see the Season 2 contestants.
HooperFloyd 11 meses atrás
Man how far we have come thanks dude
Sonic roasted Mario so bad
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Olha o ovo !
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😂😂 #memes#shortsyoutube#shorts