Carpatho Rusyn Language | Can Polish and Czech understand it? 

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Carpatho Rusyn language is a language spoken by the Rusyns - an East Slavic people whose population is scattered over many different countries in the region. Their language has many dialects and their status varies from country to country. Pannonian Rusyn is recognized as an official language in Vojvodina, Serbia. In Poland, Rusyn is known as the Lemko language and has an ethnic minority language status. Rusyn is also spoken in Eastern Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, and Transcarpathian region of Ukraine.
In this episode, we have Mikhalj from Uzhhorod (@myhal-k ), Ukraine, who speaks Боржавськый dialect of Rusyn, and together with Vit (@CzechwithaPraguer) from the Czech Republic, we’re going to determine if our 3 languages are mutually intelligible. I’m Norbert from Poland and I’ll be speaking Polish in this Slavic languages comparison video.
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9 Dez 2019



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Comentários : 5 mil   
@Ecolinguist 3 anos atrás
🇵🇱💬🇺🇦Have you seen my Polish Ukrainian Conversation yet? →
@user-ni6gg6fs4k Anos atrás
I'm Ukrainian and I understood your conversation completely! that is amazing! But I have to say that Rusyn is closer to Ukrainian than Czech or Polish
@RumikXxeno 3 anos atrás
Jako čech jsem rozumněl naprosto všemu :D Slava bratři :)
@chrounak 3 anos atrás
Poprvé slyším rusínský jazyk a překvapilo mě, jak moc tomu rozumím. Řekl bych, že minimálně stejně, možná i více než polštině.
@SolovevaAnn Anos atrás
Я русская, и не знаю ни украинского, ни русинского, ни польского, ни чешского, но я почти все поняла ))) Спасибо за видео!
@samuelfantura4633 3 anos atrás
Je to nádherné ako Slovania rozprávajú v svojich jazykoch a rozumejú si.. Žiadna angličtina ani nič, tak ako by to malo byť podľa mňa :))
@SanderLewis 3 anos atrás
Jsem Američan a studoval jsem před 10 lety češtinu na univerzitě. Rozuměl jsem skoro vše. Dokonce i rusínštinu! Neuvěřitelný!
@i.k.2292 2 anos atrás
Western Ukrainian here, understood 99%. Some exclusively Rusin words are even sometimes used in Lvov, where I come from. It's so nostalgic to hear them, the Rusin language sounds so cute to me!
@tatjanagajdos6221 3 anos atrás
I am a Panonian Rusyn, I understood almost everything, but it is sooo different from our dialect. I was so surprised, expecting it to be more similar 😮
@victory5901 3 anos atrás
Супер. Продолжайте в том же духе. Я так за год все словянские языки выучу. Спасибо Вам за этот проект.
@jf-p8370 3 anos atrás
Wonderful! My grandmother spoke Carpatho-Rusyn at home, and with other Slovaks, Slovak, They also used German as both parents spoke fluent German, one was from a village where Karpathendeutsch was spoken. She spoke Slovak to President Tomas Masaryk and he answered her in Czech. She spoke Slovak her to her son in law and he answered her in Polish. I think they all knew Hungarian to some level too and had no problems with Ukrainian or Russian, at least to get by. So this video I have shared with all in my grandmother's family!
@jevgenijagorevska 2 anos atrás
It’s incredible, I’m Russian speaking from Latvia, but I can understand almost everything you say, words are not close to Russian , would rather to Ukrainian language, but can understand and can guess, what he mean too. Unbelievable…😍 I never thought , languages are so close…
@schvarczi 3 anos atrás
Som zo Slovenska a rozumiem skoro vsetko :) super páni!
@keechanorth5762 3 anos atrás
This is so awesome to learn and hear.
@taemck3946 3 anos atrás
Для русского понятно где-то около 80 процентов беседы на трех языках. Но очень помогли титры. Без них, наверное, понятно было бы процентов на двадцать меньше.
@laeroeth 3 anos atrás
So interesting! I have been trying to figure out the language of phrases my great grandmother always said. The language, and her food, always seemed like a mix of Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, and Ukrainian. After educating myself some more I now believe she spoke Presnov Rusyn. This video sent me down an even bigger rabbit hole! It is amazing how languages can be so similar and yet so different at the same time.
@ZDrozd 2 anos atrás
To je tak krásné poslouchat jak si Slované rozumějí. Jde slyšet, že Čech, Lech a Rus asi opravdu byli bratři.
@lesana1191 2 anos atrás
Good job,boys! I am from Slovakia and I understand a lot of Ruthenian language of Mihail. All Slavic languages are very cosed and beautifu and melodic. Slava, bratia! Velmi pekne.
Wiem że to film sprzed 3 lat ale lubię sobie odświeżać takie relacje z naszymi braćmi.
@user-xr8cy8vp7w 3 anos atrás
Норберт, давно смотрю твои шедевры! Спасибо тебе за то, что своей работой ты даешь понять всем славянам, что мы не такие уж и разные между собой. Конечно, влияние различных восточных или западных культур по-разному сказались на развитии разных славянских национальностей, но общего у нас по-прежнему много, и чем больше языков славян я понимаю, тем больше новых славянских языков я начинаю понимать! )) Norbert! I've been watching Your masterpieces for a long time. Thanks for giving the understanding to slavic people about our misdifferences between us with Your work. Sure, the influence of several east or west cultures had differently affected on development of different slavic nations, still we have lots in common, so the more of slavic languages I understand, the more of slavic languages I begin to understand! ))
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