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Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - I Like It [2018 American Music Awards]

Cardi B
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Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - I Like It [2018 American Music Awards]
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10 Out 2018

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Comentários 38 894
queen bee
queen bee 48 minutos atrás
i love you cardi b .you are my #1 idol,i look forward to meeting you one day. I AM A FUTURE ACTRESS COMING!!!
김영리 4 horas atrás
카디비 언니 최고야😂😂😂
kia curry
kia curry 4 horas atrás
that one guys face
priya sharma
priya sharma 9 horas atrás
Oh she is so fabulous what’s her name CARDI B!
shawn 1267
shawn 1267 5 horas atrás
No. Cardi B is her name that she got as a nickname . Her real name is belcalis almanzar
Mai 22 horas atrás
Latinos ❤️
Tatum Nelson
Tatum Nelson 22 horas atrás
I’m Dominican. This sound like my Family Reunion Songs especially the beginning😂😂🥰
Terri Palacios
Terri Palacios 22 horas atrás
God I love her!!!
Erika Salas gonzales
Erika Salas gonzales 23 horas atrás
Oh que locazo
Caitlin Ball
Caitlin Ball Dia atrás
She killed this 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Crystal Maria
Crystal Maria Dia atrás
She looks amazing here! 🔥😍
Crystal Maria
Crystal Maria Dia atrás
cuanta mierda dicen estos imbeciles
Norma Venegas
Norma Venegas Dia atrás
3:28 when i saw on the news Cardi B be POPING. Me:THAT RIGHT CARDI B YOU BEAT NICKY
Bagas Pamuji
Bagas Pamuji Dia atrás
Hi cardi b you look like nicki minaj ? ? Dia atrás
Camila (a cuban baby herself) reacting and dancing to this song is the best thing ever no one can tell me otherwise
Khaliyia Rucker
Khaliyia Rucker 2 dias atrás
Cardi b im a fan of you i want to go to your tour do press
porn Master
porn Master 2 dias atrás
1:26 It looks like Uncle Tatuist who came to see his nephew's presentation.
WawanWK 2 dias atrás
Seru Kali Cardi B ke Indo
sky-lexi costello
sky-lexi costello 2 dias atrás
Cardi you rule on your own them people in the trolley ruined your song by the way I am you BIGGEST fan please reply ooooookkkkkkkkkuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrr 😅😅😅😂😂😂😂
Andre Tundayag
Andre Tundayag 2 dias atrás
2:05 wtf did I saw cardi riding on a bike wut
Brooklyn Smith
Brooklyn Smith 2 dias atrás
Ohhh she killed this
Andrea Eiza
Andrea Eiza 3 dias atrás
la voz de j balbin no se escucha bien que en el track
Hunter Gamer
Hunter Gamer 3 dias atrás
your sexy
Hunter Gamer
Hunter Gamer 3 dias atrás
I love you. Will you be my girlfriend
Leticia Lopes
Leticia Lopes 4 dias atrás
patie gara
patie gara 4 dias atrás
i be in the bathroom like "WHERE ARE MY RUBBER BANDS"??? then I look at 2:28 and his pants and I'm like damn really
Jonathan Montes
Jonathan Montes 5 dias atrás
Catalina Rowan
Catalina Rowan 5 dias atrás
3:26 awww his little white heart is just shook🤣🤣
Mrs Foster
Mrs Foster 5 dias atrás
Toku92 5 dias atrás
Why do you censor Cardi B? Bad Bunny and J Balvin are saying sexist things, but just in Spanish.
Toku92 5 dias atrás
3:26 ME
Lexus Drakeford
Lexus Drakeford 6 dias atrás
Thank you Cardi B for this breath of fresh air!
Mahy Maradj
Mahy Maradj 6 dias atrás
Her voice there doesn't need auto tune 👌👌
adriana ortiz
adriana ortiz 6 dias atrás
Like si eres Dominicano Puerto rico Colombia
adriana ortiz
adriana ortiz 6 dias atrás
Es que un latino pone sabor Like si eres latino Like si hablas español
ItsJustMe 6 dias atrás
*Cardi’s shorts looks like one of my sisters purses. lol*
GamingWithPey 6 dias atrás
Cardi on the bike lol 😂
ali N
ali N 6 dias atrás
Why add some guy lip syncing the add lip. 😂😂😂 Easiest job ever
Sara Monzon
Sara Monzon 7 dias atrás
Cardi b is the bitch everyone 👏👏💕🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bea Pereira
Bea Pereira 7 dias atrás
3:26 ahahahah
Laura Avella
Laura Avella 7 dias atrás
Cristy Lizasuain
Cristy Lizasuain 4 dias atrás
Laura Avella because before being famous he used to work in a supermarket
Omar Albert Montaño
Omar Albert Montaño 7 dias atrás
Que felicidad se le nota a Cardi por estar allí dándola toda ❤️ Me encanta esta presentación y Cardi dio lo mejor de ella.
jeff spice
jeff spice 8 dias atrás
That one performance that outshine Taylor performance
Erhan Özer
Erhan Özer 8 dias atrás
Fuck you nicki Cardi is the QUEEN OF RAP 👑
Laurencia A.
Laurencia A. 8 dias atrás
I swear I love cardi to death but I think that. Guy mouth was wide open cause he caught that wig slip of Cardi head 2:29 😭😭😭😭
Tammy White
Tammy White 8 dias atrás
Awesome performance!!💕💜💛💙💜💕
Leiii Rodríguez
Leiii Rodríguez 8 dias atrás
2:14〜2:17 Camila🤗🌶
Liliana Angela
Liliana Angela 9 dias atrás
2:14 Camila 💗
Is Aye
Is Aye 10 dias atrás
Aladdin, what did you do. 3:36
Is Aye
Is Aye 10 dias atrás
Deniz 10 dias atrás
The only song no playback.
joy Ezekiel
joy Ezekiel 11 dias atrás
That guy was shook😂😂
Madison Wilson
Madison Wilson 11 dias atrás
Nicki don’t even rap over half of the lyrics when she’s live and what she does do it sounds like shit #BardiGang
Destine Fallah
Destine Fallah 11 dias atrás
No one Absolutely no one Cardi B and backup dancer: 🚲👀
Rene Mixer
Rene Mixer 11 dias atrás
Kevin Josin
Kevin Josin 11 dias atrás
Bad bunny is a barbarian
Maria_Camila 12 dias atrás
Juan Diego Lopez
Juan Diego Lopez 12 dias atrás
권영광 13 dias atrás
카디비랑 회색옷입은 남자 파트까진 노래 참 좋은데 중간에 눈3개달린 사람 랩파트는 별로인듯..ㅠㅜ
Chaymae xoxo
Chaymae xoxo 13 dias atrás
Bad bunny can't even Breathe
Agnes Sammantha
Agnes Sammantha 14 dias atrás
Ey she tried
Sena Erketci
Sena Erketci 14 dias atrás
Lisa ı like it dance💗
Jan Carlos Serrano
Jan Carlos Serrano 14 dias atrás
Que orgullo!!! 3 Latinos dominando 😉😍😘
Mayara9296 Alrawe
Mayara9296 Alrawe 14 dias atrás
I love cardi b but my hates cardi b for reasons but I love her
patricia rodriguez
patricia rodriguez 14 dias atrás
Eso pasa cuando juntas a Puerto Rico Republica Dominica y colombia
patricia rodriguez
patricia rodriguez 14 dias atrás
Eso pasa cuando juntas Puerto Rico , República Dominicana y Colombia
patricia rodriguez
patricia rodriguez 14 dias atrás
Eso pasa cuando juntas Puerto Rico , República Dominicana y Colombia
patricia rodriguez
patricia rodriguez 14 dias atrás
Eso pasa cuando juntas Puerto Rico , República Dominicana y Colombia
Katherin Rocio Urbano
Katherin Rocio Urbano 15 dias atrás
Me encanta por cierto hay algun latino
Brando Man
Brando Man 15 dias atrás
Watching this after listening to the new song “Press” 🔥😍 Cardi is on FIRE.
LOS 3MEN2 HD 16 dias atrás
Off set💥💥
Breeann Best
Breeann Best 16 dias atrás
3:27 HAS ME CRYING😭🤣😂😭🤣😂😭
sahil yadav
sahil yadav 16 dias atrás
I love you Cardi b I like it Sahil yadav 😊😊😀😀😁😁
Ariola Granede
Ariola Granede 17 dias atrás
I don't like any of her songs and I don't like this one too...but I love this performance😍😍😍😍
Rosa Landry
Rosa Landry 17 dias atrás
When bad bunny and j blavin come in with shopping carts and then carddi starts riding a gold bike tho lmao😂
Aviation PR
Aviation PR 17 dias atrás
Omg, I did'nt thought songs from latino singers went too famous, but the latinos are dominating the world with their music 😱
Alice Angel
Alice Angel 17 dias atrás
Proud to be 🇵🇷🇵🇷
nailaizaasfiati 1986
nailaizaasfiati 1986 17 dias atrás
Bagus bagus a
Latifah J
Latifah J 17 dias atrás
3:27 ME!
Ana Fernandez
Ana Fernandez 17 dias atrás
su voz es igualitaaaa
Ana Vela
Ana Vela 17 dias atrás
camila camello estaba ahi
Javi Guri
Javi Guri 18 dias atrás
Jhediah Delalamon
Jhediah Delalamon 19 dias atrás
I love you Nicki Minaj 💋
Jorge G. Ruiz
Jorge G. Ruiz 18 dias atrás
Jessica Mclune
Jessica Mclune 20 dias atrás
Come on band 🔥
Shoshe Akther
Shoshe Akther 20 dias atrás
Omo my baby is nailed it
Brianna Phillips
Brianna Phillips 21 dia atrás
I subbed
Simba Leon
Simba Leon 21 dia atrás
Hola perdonen que les escriban sigo una pagina en España son un grupo de veterinarios que salvan las vidas a los perritos pero ellos necesitan suscriptores para así poder ayudar a mas perritos❤🐕🐕 aquí les dejo la pagina
Ïvy_ Vâunï
Ïvy_ Vâunï 22 dias atrás
The beat got me
Dora Friends/eggbert in ROBLOX
2:53 when you think your husband in the audience wasn’t looking😑🤭🤫
Ivan Cardenas
Ivan Cardenas 22 dias atrás
Cardi B Salva el show
Adeliesha Cadle
Adeliesha Cadle 22 dias atrás
3:26 ................. that man is priceless
Veronica Cooper
Veronica Cooper 23 dias atrás
I love Offset and Quavo supporting her
T Nation
T Nation 23 dias atrás
@3:28 😂😂😂😂
Mick Taehyung
Mick Taehyung 23 dias atrás
Me encanta está canción!! Sos hermosa Cardi b...
Questa è benzina.
Questa è benzina. 24 dias atrás
1:25 orgasm
Takingmylifeback 82
Takingmylifeback 82 24 dias atrás
Im still so proid of cardi she did her thang here im like a proud momma
huss353 24 dias atrás
1:42 Cisco what u doing here ??? Lol
huss353 25 dias atrás
3:27 haterz be like
FREESTYLIFE #22 25 dias atrás
damn, they sing so bad... whats going on
Richard Dong
Richard Dong 25 dias atrás
Nicki minaj is better jst syin 😘
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