Cardi B and Offset BREAK UP! - Part 2

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Cardi B and Offset have officially called it quits after being married a year. Real fam, when you think back on your last breakup, how far into the relationship did you see red flags?


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6 Dez 2018

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Comentários 1 527
Shalair Wright
Shalair Wright Hora atrás
Looonnniiii baaby damn everytime the word MAN or discussion about men you jump to agree or defend 😳 LORD STAAWWP
M M Foresight
M M Foresight 3 horas atrás
Wow, I hope the best for Cardi B, and wow that offset is a narcissist, trying to blame everyone else for his nasty, lustful evil deeds. He has multiple children with different women, he sleeps with several other females and then says everyone else won. NO he thought he was winning by sticking it in every whore that open their legs. Stop trying to put your evil, nasty, demonic values that you show to the world and blame society. Real are people that are smart enough to see right through these narcissistic black males, when Arnold Schwarzenegger cheated he never blamed society and expected people felt sorry for him. Look at how deceitful and tricky these black guys are they are unfaithful dogs and are trying to put it on society that they lack character, values and morals, yeah right I'm not buying it.
Audra Folkes
Audra Folkes 10 horas atrás
That's exactly why we've been taught moreover keep ppl out your ear.. #staywokeppl✌️
KR 10 horas atrás
if you know your gonna get divorced before you get married, why you getting married for - cuz you STUPID !!!
Ms. LD
Ms. LD 12 horas atrás
She deserves better while he's on a slippery slop to average. Quavo has already gone solo... Cardi now Grammy nominated... Whatta goofy 🤪
fashion me
fashion me 13 horas atrás
I know she did the right thing, but it will always be sad...
L G 13 horas atrás
Offset needs to stop thinking people cared enough to “ruin” his relationship, not one cared mate, we never “won” your dumbass just kept cheating stupid.
VoirJour 16 horas atrás
This is so true! Hit the nail on the head! Womens intuition is a powerful thing and most definitely, we should use it more and please ourselves first! So true!!!
Christopher Troia
Christopher Troia 17 horas atrás
She always make everythin about her when is about cardi not her
Christopher Troia
Christopher Troia 17 horas atrás
Idk why but the Jeanie girl annoy me sometime
love one another
love one another 17 horas atrás
When marry my ex I knew it won't work out 100%
justwanttowatchvideos 18 horas atrás
Offset ain’t nobody forcing you to step outside of your marriage. I love Cardi and I’m hoping she doesn’t what’s best for her ❤️❤️❤️
Cecilia Martin
Cecilia Martin 21 hora atrás
It’s really true, you can really tell the different shades and personalities of a person within 6 months - year of knowing them. All of their characteristics just rinse and repeat like shampoo after that. If you enjoy the majority of those qualities, you stay with them, but if you see your hair getting drier after the like the 3rd cycle then you should probably leave before there’s lasting damage and disappointment. LOL but really lol
Edwin Miranda
Edwin Miranda 21 hora atrás
Is that a hickey on Cardi B chest or a pimple?
Cecilia Martin
Cecilia Martin 21 hora atrás
Lol nobody was wishing for her and Offset to breakup lol. All the blogs and posts loved them as a couple because their music was so great individually and really great when they collaborated. So Offset needs to stop deflecting and take responsibility for his actions. We ain’t falling for it.
Emlien Rodriguez
Emlien Rodriguez Dia atrás
The worst thing people do is trying to save a marriage for their children! Once you don't trust the marriage it's off set! The best thing to do is be positive/loyal to their children and move on.
Emlien Rodriguez
Emlien Rodriguez Dia atrás
Off on off set!😂
snjavister Dia atrás
How bout people keep their personal lives to themselves and then the public won’t have anything to talk about 🙄 Cardi has been on social media for yeaaaars sharing what she eats and when she uses bathroom.... to then come out with a title “invasion of privacy”... double standards, please...
libny sandoval
libny sandoval Dia atrás
Edna Pegram
Edna Pegram Dia atrás
If you've seen videos of Cardi and Offset, he always treated Cardi how she presented HERSELF! I NEVER SEEN IN LOVE FROM HIM. He was always responding to her sexually. She's having serious conversations he's not interestes. But females have a habit of putting on like everything is ok to prove something to someone else! Like no be happy
Tutan Uzumaki
Tutan Uzumaki Dia atrás
Tamera "when did you know"? Jeanne"I knew a year in" Tamera "You were married for ten years"!😂🤣🤣🤣😭😭🤣☠☠
Mary Hearts You
Mary Hearts You Dia atrás
Jeannie Mai so unauthentic. It's like listening to a robot that's been taught to mimic human feelings and speech patterns talking.
Nicole Cole
Nicole Cole Dia atrás
I knew on my wedding day but I didn't want to hurt him, disappointment my family or hear the naysayers say "I told you so" I foolishlessy stayed and we both made each other unhappy for 4 years.
Tamera the bob is a LOOK
Kerry Ann Wallace
Wally British red flag🚩🚩🚩🚩
Claudia Varanski Reacts
"Yall won" hahaha funny! He cheated like 3 times we (public) know. He cant be loyal, period. And she should move one and have a cordial relation. They dont need to work anything out, he needs to keep his ***in his pants or be single. Shame
Kaleasha Robinson
I want them to react to the girl crying
Labria Heller
Labria Heller Dia atrás
Loni irked me always talking bout when I met such and such and such like girl you don’t know them in real life stfu I wish she get off the show she over talks ppl .. always saying something dumb and think it’s right like please replace her 😂
Melly Bon
Melly Bon Dia atrás
They need to get rid of the annoying Asian one
Sean Martin
Sean Martin Dia atrás
It's called DISCERNMENT!! For Both Men And Women!!!
tabletop581 Dia atrás
The first two years of marriage are the hardest. This is well documented. You can't pull the plug in the first year as soon as it gets tough, otherwise everyone would be divorced.
Rose Juncaj
Rose Juncaj Dia atrás
I bet she regrets catching a case for him 🤔
Elton Francis
Elton Francis Dia atrás
Females is this section are acting like Cardi B is innocent, that she never cheated or fucked up behind close door, LOL. The question is, HOW DO YOU KNOW, do you know what goes on behind close doors? The answer is NO, you dont know. Before attacking the man, which you all love to do without logic, make sure you know the full story instead of speculating.
T Swag
T Swag Dia atrás
Let's just appreciate how golden and glowing Adrienne looks.
shashayaway bailey
No! to both of what Adrienne says,when a man or woman is getting married because they are in love that first year is always hard so most people don't chop it up to knowing that they made the wrong decision and most want it for the Long haul and prays that they're spouse will become the man or woman they dreamed of
shashayaway bailey
I don't wish anyone well if their man is a perpetual cheater he has way too many rumors about him, you telling me ain't none of them true? and like Lonnie said if the temptation is too much he needs to be a single man.period!
Jenna Gilbert
Jenna Gilbert Dia atrás
I don’t think just in marriage you know when you’ve made a mistake. I’ve had relationships where in the first week I’ve known this relationship was not meant to work.. but I suppressed that feeling until i couldn’t any longer.
MissTeeGlam Dia atrás
That’s soooo true I knew I was doing the wrong thing when I was standing there in my dress next to him in front of my friends and family.. 8 years later we’re divorced and it was HELL!
legendary_ cheez3
The Bible speaks of men be married to over a 100 wives back in the days, when did all that change, I wanna knw
N I K K I • S H A L O M • V L O G S
When bum ass niggas who aren't providers want to impregnate and want women they can't take care of. And just because it was historically written that men had multiple wives didn't make it right. David had sex with a married woman and that was written in the Bible too. Doesn't make it any less adulterous. And Pharisees came up and in order to test him asked, "Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife?" He answered them, "What did Moses command you?" They said, "Moses allowed a man to write a certificate of divorce and to send her away." And Jesus said to them, "Because of your hardness of heart he wrote you this commandment. But from the beginning of creation, 'God made them male and female.' 'Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.' So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate." Mark 10:2‭-‬9 Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband. 1 Corinthians 7:2 KJV Not wives Niggas be fooly with the BS and barely taking care of themselves. What you need more than one wife for? Sounds like niggas have a lust issue
Tony lee
Tony lee Dia atrás
Get a good asian men, then you will have a happy relationship. Asian women with white men are unnatural relationship, just like a black man with a white women. America has 50% of divorce rate, but only 15% in asian countries because Asian man are good marriages material.
Matthew Deutsch
Matthew Deutsch Dia atrás
I don’t comment often on videos, but I feel that this is an issue in America. RealTalk, the state of a relationship is the result of the work and tolerance of those in it. The narrative here is part of the problem. We somehow expect bliss to just happen and when things aren’t clicking, we label it as “not working”. What we should be telling people is despite popular culture - love doesn’t conquer all. Patience, tolerance, and compromise conquers all. The narrative that we should be telling is that relationships are hard and the few blissful moments should be cherished. When you’re in the day to day and it’s not a fairy tale, remember that this person has chosen you to witness their life. Out of 7 billion people, YOU and only YOU get to witness this persons journey. That is a beautiful thing even when things may not be so beautiful.
Isabella Davies
Isabella Davies Dia atrás
This dude (Offset) have so many baby Mamas!!! 😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️Like do you want to keep looking for other females and end up having 50 + kids. For real 😳 he gonna be paying a whole lotta money 💰. Yooooo
GuelphRacing Dia atrás
Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have an excellent day :)
sasha88ize Dia atrás
so trashy
Dilara Osman
Dilara Osman Dia atrás
I have so much respect for them talking about this matter positively unlike Wendy Williams. So much respect.
Shirlyn Mwangi
Shirlyn Mwangi Dia atrás
Loni! What is goin on witchu? Am surprised you are defending Offset's 'suspected' cheating! just because he sweet and nice does not excuse him when he chose to disrespect his marriage when he cheated (which Cardi acknowledged he did btw)...famous,young or not,you should be responsible for your actions! Period!
Mark Damon Cervantes
“As a woman .....” ? 😂
kim rock
kim rock Dia atrás
I don't think relationships have to be super difficult I think we know we see the red flags but we tell ourselves it will change but it seldomly ever changes
Tre Smith
Tre Smith Dia atrás
Who wants to hear about a ratchet trash relationship during Christmas time?
Aj Pierre
Aj Pierre Dia atrás
She don't need to be talking about her marriage on TV like that... To me that's so disrespectful
Anne Wambui
Anne Wambui Dia atrás
Adrienne is pregnant. 😀️ 😀️ 😀️
Trisha King
Trisha King Dia atrás
There is so much we dont know..
It Ain’t Easy
It Ain’t Easy Dia atrás
Holla at me Jeannie
tenthirteen78 Dia atrás
Why am i watching this? Y’all won.......this comment
Taylor Snead
Taylor Snead Dia atrás
Haben Habte
Haben Habte Dia atrás
I miss when this was the real again, like what is they even talking about, some topics they shouldn’t discuss if they not going to REALLY talk
Dominic Jones
Dominic Jones Dia atrás
Im not surprised... relationships just dont work now in days its all fun and games at first but in some point the energy always gone dye down after awhile its just sucks for the ones whos really loyal and being cheated on
Brie W
Brie W Dia atrás
The public will always speak into their marriage... they celebs.
dong long
dong long Dia atrás
is this news?
Frank Goozie
Frank Goozie 2 dias atrás
“I want better for people than just to work it out” forget the child tho it’s not better for it if you work it out. See how the world works these days?
Bailey_ 30
Bailey_ 30 2 dias atrás
Is that London Tipton??
julio luna
julio luna 2 dias atrás
Stuff like this is why kids grow up with out a parent ...just saying
CBHOT 2 dias atrás
Is Adrienne pregnant?
Axhiro Madlander
Axhiro Madlander 2 dias atrás
This is retarded, take nothing from it
AllisonEMurphydotcom FreelanceWriter
I knew before I got married.
nep_ritz 2 dias atrás
Loni needs to learn that a person can still be “good” and do charity events but still treat their partners horribly and cheat on them.. theres no excuse for cheating on ur wife, who just had your baby. Its disgusting, no amount of fame or money can excuse cheating
Free Spirit
Free Spirit 2 dias atrás
I literally broke up with my boyfriend tonight. I've been getting that inner gut feeling that I should end it. But I've been ignoring it for the past few weeks. When Adrienne said COMPATIBILITY is everything something hit me cuz I know that's what's missing; even tho everything else seems to be in place. But just watching this made me realize how important it is to follow your intuition. Hard but worth it. I feel so free now and I know I'll find love in God's timing.
Tiara White
Tiara White 2 dias atrás
So you knew, but you stayed for 10 years 🤔. First off you know it before you get married. I don’t think she should work it out. For what 🤷🏽‍♀️. If he not ready then he’s not ready maybe later on when he’s ready.
Chelsea. 2 dias atrás
You Part 2...I’ll watch part 1. Good for you.
Nutrition Information
Nutrition Information 2 dias atrás
Fake News 😠 they were never together , well at least of camera away.
June Dürr
June Dürr 2 dias atrás
Mind ya business
Takese Knight
Takese Knight 2 dias atrás
He won, that's crap, he a cheater the world know!
Chris Case
Chris Case 2 dias atrás
Who fuckin cares
Maya Holt
Maya Holt 2 dias atrás
When the time comes and I start a serious relationship I will flat out tell my boyfriend that he better date me for a nice amount of years and talk to my friends and family and get an idea about my wants before proposing in the future. Usually even if girls don’t want to get married they say yes cause they like guy and see a future with him, but they need more time. Cause if you say no then there is a chance the relationship will end there. I don’t think most couples where the girl says no just go back to dating for more time and the man tries again later. That’s why girls are pressured to say yes too early.
Naje Rhynes
Naje Rhynes 2 dias atrás
If you don’t cheat then there wouldn’t be anything to tell on . Happy wife happy life treat your wife like a queen and be loyal around her and away from her and u won’t have to worrying about others winning in YOUR relationship
Crista 2 dias atrás
Why why why why why why are Adrienne's hands short and stumpy and pokey looking lol
Crista 2 dias atrás
If Tamara's husband divorces her....that woman is gonna have a nervous breakdown
Abeloth 2 dias atrás
youre all ugly
Bryan Evans
Bryan Evans 2 dias atrás
Divorce is more glorified than marriage
lockstam 2 dias atrás
Sorry, but offset is just that typical street dude turned rapper....multiple baby mamas, cheating on Cardi before they even got married and will never change. He’s that average clown who wifed up Cardi because she instantly blew up. I’m not shocked they’re done. Unlike real men, who happen to be musicians, like Ice Cube, Ice T, Common, John Legend, is Offset? 😂
Balls lalls
Balls lalls 2 dias atrás
When your man asked you to marry him say yes because you don't know when the next opportunity will happen. If it doesn't work out while engaged then break it off; not after you're married! SMH 💀
storytel27 2 dias atrás
And it usually never takes a full year for you to figure out if that person is for you or not. Particularly when they’re NOT. I was with someone and LIVED with them for a little over 3 years. About a month after we moved in together...the real colors started to show dumb a** stayed anyway because I truly wanted to make it work. Yet during that entire time we were together, I knew we wouldn’t last. Well...I take that back. I wasn’t “dumb”. I was just in love. #LessonLearned
drew tan
drew tan 2 dias atrás
All offset got out of this divorce was half her $$$ 😂
C Love
C Love 2 dias atrás
It doesn’t suck that he said “y’all won”, he’s acting like the public forced him to cheat on Cardi, that was his stupid decision to cheat on her and she had enough, so she left him. He cheated on her multiple times and she couldn’t take it anymore. I’m sad they are divorcing but you can not let someone keep cheating on you all the time and be planning threesomes with other girls days before your due date. I hope Cardi finds a loyal man and heals from this because you could tell she really did love him.
Jewel The Queen
Jewel The Queen 2 dias atrás
No outside influences! He did it ! Only him a d his manhood
Harlem Antoinette Rising from the ashes
We try to follow societal pressures.
jack spay
jack spay 2 dias atrás
hmmm yup intuition, yes m'aam
jack spay
jack spay 2 dias atrás
girrrrrrrrrrl amen
jack spay
jack spay 2 dias atrás
And he's getting some of her money too. If you're going to be married, get a prenup. I feel bad for her. Damn
Idk 123
Idk 123 2 dias atrás
Dang i was kinda suprised to see this but not totally surprised
Nsjhs Sjjsh
Nsjhs Sjjsh 2 dias atrás
Pray for cardis heart. :(
dueimack 2 dias atrás
Dont get married in the first place.
No Videos 10,000 Subs
No Videos 10,000 Subs 2 dias atrás
Can we get 100,000 subscribers without posting a single video? And also always Sub to PewDiePie!
Fa Den
Fa Den 2 dias atrás
Very true: I knew too but went ahead until disaster struck.
shrimpospy 2 dias atrás
Jeannie has always been my favorite.
SLatten77 2 dias atrás
Loni so purty. Weight loss is showing.
COCONEESHEL 2 dias atrás
lol i love tam x x
Kountry BoiQ
Kountry BoiQ 2 dias atrás
Red flags are always around but we continue to push them away at the early stages!!!
dani238159 2 dias atrás
Super true, in the past for me yes.. Now I totally feel there aren't any in my relationship now. happy for 3 years now. I pray we continue to go stronger.
Elizabeth Elias
Elizabeth Elias 2 dias atrás
I Am divorced as well and Adrienne is RIGHT!! I knew I shouldn’t of got married to my ex husband in the first place!
HERO X X 2 dias atrás
I thought he meant “Y’all won” as in like the thotties that he cheated on cardi with
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