When Your Neighbor Cuts Your Tree

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Neighbor trying to cut your tree? It could be trespassing! Subscribe to @Law By Mike for more tips!

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DISCLAIMER (Of course, I'd have one 😁)
Hey, you might think that this info makes me your lawyer, but it doesn’t and I’m not. Sorry, but I AM NOT YOUR LAWYER unless we have an engagement agreement. I am just providing public information here, like a library does, and am not providing you with legal advice about your situation. So, it would be totally unreasonable for you to conclude we have an attorney-client relationship just because you're viewing this information.

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3 Dez 2021



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Law By Mike
Law By Mike Mês atrás
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Old School
Old School Mês atrás
Hey man have a question one of my neighbors keeps calling the cops on me because I listen to my music I just turned my music slightly louder she keep calling the cops on me
Kalo Mês atrás
One of the great mysteries of the universe is why anyone would willingly listen to that song.
Naru Kazuki
Naru Kazuki Mês atrás
belen Mês atrás
God Bless, Jesus Loves You. God Bless, Jesus Loves You. God Bless, Jesus Loves You. God Bless, Jesus Loves You.
GitGud Scrubadub
GitGud Scrubadub Mês atrás
Please I'm begging, beggin you dont overlay that song anymore. I've heard it atleast 1000 times and its engraved in my mind!
Anonymous Mês atrás
Is no one going to acknowledge that that’s definitely Elton John
tony h
tony h Mês atrás
That’s Elton John long lost brother.Some one need call Elton John and let him know they found his brother and he trying cut a neighbors tree down.
Inspired2succeed Mês atrás
Kate Hall
Kate Hall Mês atrás
I couldn't figure out why he was referring to that person as a lady, but now it all makes sense.
1JordanIsrael Mês atrás
Olivia P.
Olivia P. Mês atrás
Guts Mês atrás
Mike: Let's talk about what this lady's trying to do ... Me: wait that was a lady?
TPG ryx
TPG ryx 22 dias atrás
Shawn Ruth
Shawn Ruth Mês atrás
LANCE the BOIL Mês atrás
That's not a lady , that's a " ma'am"
Zolavi B
Zolavi B Mês atrás
I assumed this would be one of the first comments I would see
lwb256 Mês atrás
Said the same thing lol
Zayn No Limit
Zayn No Limit Mês atrás
This is the most inspiring content I've ever seen, very original
Dino Digital
Dino Digital Mês atrás
@Family guy full episodes the fuck?
Judis Mês atrás
@Mr Rocky Stone bc this creator spams this post on every BRvid short. It’s annoying
Family guy full episodes
Trump and Biden caught Fighting 👀👊👀
Mr Rocky Stone
Mr Rocky Stone Mês atrás
@Judis oh sorry I didn’t realise it was sarcasm
Mr Rocky Stone
Mr Rocky Stone Mês atrás
@Judis why?
Michael Tranquility
Am I the only one that finds the way that they say "Oh SHIT!!!" and then IMMEDIATELY throws their trimming tool back on their property when they realize their being recorded and he's saying that they are threatening them with a weapon. So freaking hilarious and just amazing. Like just the WAY they say it is enough to make me laugh, it doesn't even have to have a situation like this behind it to get me to chuckle lolol
Reminds me of turrets guy *FUCK SALT!!*
Old Nite
Old Nite Mês atrás
@G D Yeah you'd be the idiot clapping like a seal in your handicap wheelchair when they hand out participation trophies too
G D Mês atrás
@Old Nite you sound like the bored loser. Meanwhile me and everyone else who thinks it’s funny are very entertained by the video. lol
Old Nite
Old Nite Mês atrás
That's the problem with everyone nowadays. You're all aching to get someone acting strange on camera for 2 seconds of fame. Yeah she's trespassing but it's not "hilarious" Get an actual sense of humor. Only bored losers with nothing better to do think this shit is "so freaking hilarious"
David Morgan
David Morgan Mês atrás
risk Mês atrás
Can we just appreciate that these shorts save our boredom everyday!
Francois Van Der Merwe
When we wanted to trim our neighbour’s overhanging branches they threw a hissy fit. The wind actually knocked that tree down during the night like a week later. It did unfortunately land on our roof. The neighbours are paying for damages and luckily no one got hurt.
fxfxwc Mês atrás
@Model Citizenif you inform them about the problem beforehand, it changes the responsibility in most states.
fxfxwc Mês atrás
@Florida Girl They were informed before the event that there was a risk , otherwise it is an "act of God".
Vanquished Mês atrás
@TheDiamondRanger27 no. You're wrong. They are under no obligation.
Vanquished Mês atrás
The funny thing is that they are under no obligation to pay for your roof.
L_B42 __
L_B42 __ Mês atrás
@Florida Girl it’s their tree???????? Idiot
ZeeZee 801
ZeeZee 801 Mês atrás
My aunts neighbor cut down her crabapple tree that was adjacent to his driveway, but solidly on her property. That tree was the last anniversary gift my uncle gave her before he died. She reported it to the city, and he was fined for trespass, destruction of property, and restitution of the value of the tree. The nearby neighbors put big signs in their yards shaming him.
Tom Bogle
Tom Bogle Mês atrás
Tree law is an Interesting law. My parents had a big oak on their property. Right at the fence line health as can be. About 50 ft tall. While they were on vacation the new neighbor decided to cut it down because it blocked too much light. Thinking my parents will be okay with it. After the city and I think it's called an arbory(can't spell it but people who specialize in trees) the tree was estimated to be 130 years old and worth 43k. In court they found out its triple damages so that 43k became a bit over 120k. And the neighbors have been dicks ever since.
Devon Lockwood
Devon Lockwood Mês atrás
I'm so glad that neighbor had to pay!
Hollywood Master
Hollywood Master Mês atrás
This exact incident happened to me bc the neighbor had a tree with benches that dangle low to the ground and they were in my driveway so every time the car pulled in we had to drive through the branches and basically scratch my car. I knew this law and was cutting only the branches on my side of the property and he came outside and said if I touched his tree he would break my neck and afterwards called the sheriff and thought we were gonna get arrested and the sheriff walked up to me and said it’s legal to cut only the branches on my side and I told him I already knew that and that’s what I was doing. He said it would be nice to ask him to cut it and if he didn’t do it within a week I could cut. Know that this was just a suggestion and not the law I proceeded to cut the branches while the sheriff was there and everything turned out great on my end👌🏽
TheDark Whisper
TheDark Whisper Mês atrás
One thing that I still remember during my law class was that before being able to uphold social justice on the streets, you need to take care of your own home. If you don't care about your neighbors, then they shouldn't either. You have the right to demand your neighbor to trim their tree if the branches breach your airspace or if the leaf started to fall into your space too much to the point of ignorance.
Jud B
Jud B Mês atrás
It has always been my understanding that you can trim any part of your neighbors tree and/or bushes up to the fence/property line, that encroach onto your property. However, you cannot throw the trimmings onto the neighbors yard. You must dispose what you cut. I believe that a “good neighbor” would properly maintain his/her trees and landscaping to avoid this ever becoming an issue and unnecessarily burdening your neighbor with the problem!
c l o u d
c l o u d Mês atrás
You know your days about to get a bit better when you learn something from mike
TimeBucks Mês atrás
Great job on the videos Mike
Law By Mike
Law By Mike Mês atrás
Thanks so much! Which is your favorite?
TheMovieRocky Mês atrás
The good old female karen warning I might get 50 years in prison for saying this
Family guy full episodes
Trump and Biden caught Fighting 👀👊👀
Princess Jasmine
Princess Jasmine Mês atrás
here before this blows up lol
Noah Day
Noah Day Mês atrás
My neighbor came over in my backyard in the middle of the night and cut down half of a 30 foot tall tree on our property, and left it in our yard. He then proceeded to tell us that we had to pay for something he illegally did.
no1bandfan Mês atrás
Lot of people would be willing to trim something if you ask them to. Offering to let them borrow tools or give them tips on how to prune things can help as well.
Max Feldmann
Max Feldmann Mês atrás
This exact thing happened to me in 2016. It was actually my architects nephew who was my neighbor and cut down 4 of our trees that were “blocking his view”. Edit: the “view” was my driveway.
Kirk W. McLaren
Kirk W. McLaren Mês atrás
Great job on the videos Mike. You achieved entertaining and I formative for a topic that normally isn't exciting.
Douglas Mês atrás
Or if you and your neighbor are reasonable people you can just talk it out. “Hey John your tree is kinda encroaching on my yard” “Oh no problem ill cut it”
A Lucky Man!
A Lucky Man! Mês atrás
@G D Seriously though it's so wrong people acting like that to their own neighbours. And counterproductive. I couldn't live with neighbours I don't trust and respect and know have my back. Community is important. Here it and family are sacred and if people did that kind of stuff they'd be run out of town or worse. Likely on my order. I'm sure some of these types of people would see their neighbours house burning down as the whole family sleeps and just sneak back inside and watch in glee through a gap in the curtains. Maybe even take a video and post it. 😒 Is that in America? (If don't mind saying?) Seems watching from outside least that not just neighbours but the whole Country's becoming so divided and tribal and kaotic too no? I was born there and loved tol about 8 years (have family and land/homes in Ohio still too) and have the fondest childhood memories of it. Breathtaking natural beauty, nice people and communities, low crime and little corruption. Hard working and smart people with good values and tough manly men many war hero's, bagful women and lady's that act like ladies. Anyway I long dreamed of going back, maybe taking my beautiful fiancee there and start family even. But.... watching all the craziness going on especially last 5-10 years or so on the news and hearing all the crazy decisions be made and creepy agendas being pushed and seemingly everything about America that made it so great, strong, free, United, Prosperous and righteous being systematically turned on its head and like a perverse mass insanity taking over.... not to mention certain someone's making it downright impossible to hold the same very high level of respect I was raised to hold for the office of POTUS patticularlu well as leaders in government and military, FBI, supreme court and etc etc.... And just madness all over the place... Suffice to say I sadly don't even recognise my beautiful Homeland anymore and not sure I could raise our family there even in good concious. But I'm hoping it's just from watching only the bad stuff that makes news and alot of MSM Propaganda? Say it's so? 😟 Or might be a sign it's time to come home and start cleaning house, taking names and kicking backsides with a vengeance? 😠👊 I leave for a little while and look what happens without me? 🙄😏
A Lucky Man!
A Lucky Man! Mês atrás
@G D Really? Why? 😕 Just to spite you? What a slag.😒 Or maybe she thought your evil identical twin that was separated from you at birth had finally tracked you down and was breaking in your house to set a trap for you then steal and assume your identity even trick your family all the while she's got you locked up in the basement watching videos of her doing it to torment you, as evil twins do? 🤔 Gee what a lovely thoughtful neighbour. 😊😏
G D Mês atrás
@A Lucky Man! my neighbor once called the cops on me because I locked myself out of my house and had to go through the window. She clearly saw it was me and I knew this neighbor very well. Some people are impossible to please
Friendly Homie
Friendly Homie Mês atrás
I had to ask my neighbour to fix a wall that was fall down on to our property. There was no heated conversation. He said he was sorry and asked if I can help him do it with him.
A Lucky Man!
A Lucky Man! Mês atrás
Yeah it's ridiculous if neighbours can't even talk like normal people and are calling police on each other over bs like this.
Alyndria Kelley
Alyndria Kelley Mês atrás
One time when my family came home from a camping trip and the tree in our backyard was cut down, luckily my parents were already talking about cutting it down. Meanwhile my brother somehow got the car working and hit our neighborhood's car
metall Mês atrás
My old house had q big backyard with Bamboo lining the entire property to give it a good level of privacy. However my Neighbor hated the leaves falling into her property so she kept geting her Gardner to cut down the bamboo that was on OUR side. It wasn't hanging over. And the gardner didn't give shit if he was breaking law. We had to keep threatening him until he stopped.
Belle Mês atrás
This reminds me of my aunts fighting because aunt #1’s branches crossed aunt #2’s yard. Aunt #2 was so mad about it and tried to cut aunt #1’s tree. 😂 I find them funny because they’re siblings and old and still fight like children. 🤣
Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes
I love watching his videos. Learn a thing or two always.
American Made
American Made Mês atrás
A neighbor tried to cut on one of my oak trees and I had to lay down the law. This is obviously scripted but still hilarious
Supersonic Hamster USA America
From what I understand, if you trim the branches or any part of the tree that encroach into your yard over the property line and it ends up killing the tree, you’re on the hook for the cost of the tree x3 (or something similar) in CA. Even if trespass is not involved. I think Russell v Man is the case.
redacted Mês atrás
@Probably Not Satani was talking about arguments not facts, there is no middle ground in the sky is blue is because its a known fact. There are no middle ground in a lot of arguments i agree i may have exaggerated but in this sense there is a middle ground between us. ps. no homo
Probably Not Satan
Probably Not Satan Mês atrás
@redacted no there's not. The sky is blue. Youre saying it's green. There is no middle ground in a lot of things.
redacted Mês atrás
@Probably Not Satan thanks for that elaborate opinion🤗. there is a middle ground in every argument.
Probably Not Satan
Probably Not Satan Mês atrás
@redacted there's no middle ground. Youre just blatantly wrong here.
redacted Mês atrás
@Probably Not Satan maybe your reflecting on yourself since you are the one that called me a moron. The comment is literally there, just backread and you'll see it I was asking you and being respectful then you tooks things personally and insulted me dude. So lets retrack, im tryna be respectful here so lets find some middle ground when you are ready ok g?
The BadAxe
The BadAxe Mês atrás
Reminds me of something that happened to a friend, there was some fruit tree that their neighbor had and a branch had grown into her yard, the neighbor though cut the branch because she had been collecting some fruit off of the branch
Sol Therese
Sol Therese Mês atrás
I'm surprised you guys dont have this: In Sweden it is not allowed to even trim the branches as you may cause the tree to die and/or spread disease onto other trees. Any damages to the neighbours tree can result in a hefty fine befitting the tree's age/value. However, if the tree is of a nuisance that results in damages or loss of property access then you can report it to the government so it can be trimmed in a manner that ensures the tree's health. It would be the landowner that would pay for such a trim.
GabeTheGreatReal Mês atrás
"YOU SONE OF A BECH" "You too, ma'am."
Noriel Cezar
Noriel Cezar Mês atrás
I love the humour while learning something very valuable 😊
Kostas Mihalopoulos
I like how all Karens think the cops will always agree with them, always saying “I’ll call the cops”
Always Right
Always Right Mês atrás
Informative and HILARIOUS!!! I love this video!
Riko Lime
Riko Lime Mês atrás
Or, ya know, talk to your neighbors and see what can be done... My neighbor has two huge overgrown trees but shes in her 80s. I asked once if I could come on her side and fix a few fence slats and trim some select branches more easily reached on her side. I got a "anything you need to do to fix anything just go on in and do it". I used to maintain that entire fenceline for her.
Berlyn Wall
Berlyn Wall Mês atrás
I’ve trimmed neighbours trees for hanging over the sidewalk. Never stepped onto their property, and technically they were breaking the bylaw for allowing their trees to make the sidewalk completely inaccessible.
Debbie Swiatkowski
Debbie Swiatkowski Mês atrás
When we wanted to trim our neighbour’s overhanging branches they threw a hissy fit. The wind actually knocked that tree down during the night like a week later. It did unfortunately land on our roof. The neighbours are paying for damages and luckily no one got hurt.
pop cat
pop cat Mês atrás
The “yes you to thank you!” Got me laughing
Mib Mês atrás
When we were kids we used to steal mangoes from our neighbour's tree
Krack Squatch
Krack Squatch Mês atrás
The Only Thing That *Shocked* Me Was When The Lawyer Said: Lets Talk About What This *Lady* Is Trying To Do.
rh1507 Mês atrás
My favorite attorney use to be my Sunday school teacher. I can easily say that he is the only attorney who has done free work for me.
Matt J.
Matt J. Mês atrás
I give up on my neighbors sometimes. I was pulling out my morning glories on my fence because they were growing up the pole fowling my clothesline. My neighbor renting an apartment next door started screaming. Now I just trim the fast growing vines off the pole weekly...
Michael Zimmerman
Michael Zimmerman Mês atrás
That is true, I've been a tree trimmer most of my life.
Trevor Reid
Trevor Reid Mês atrás
Have you done the one where the crackhead neighbor is digging under the fence and the guy scares her? He had short grey hair and kinda messed up teeth. It would be pretty much the same laws as this one but hilarious breakdown
Grace T
Grace T Mês atrás
When I was a kid we had plants that bordered our yard and our neighbors yard. We always cut off whatever her stuff grew to our side, she wasn’t mad at all. We didn’t like her, she didn’t like us, but it wasn’t an issue cus we were civil.
cheddar shredder
cheddar shredder Mês atrás
Oh good for you explaining completely nothing.
NexonTheWriter Mês atrás
@cHarLie obviously, the video literally just explained it
cHarLie Mês atrás
It was also legal
Todd Koenig
Todd Koenig Mês atrás
I contact them first and ask if the item in question can be trimmed, either by me or a professional. Good relationships with your neighbors makes life easier.
Tayon Ya
Tayon Ya Mês atrás
Hey Mike, my sister got fired for having seizures what should we do? The job knew about them and she had them at work. She passes out after one. The last one we went out back so the customers wouldn't see, she was in bad shape and I had to take her home. They wrote her up then fired her staying they knew she had medical issues but if they got in the way of work that they don't need her. She takes her medication but she hasn't been able to see a neurologist yet. This was on a weekend which she has told them are hard for her because the non stop running back and forth she asked to be put on weekdays only but they ignored her. This is Alabama and she worked as a server
MunchTime Mês atrás
It's a shame how we can even have these types of situations with our neighbours. What happened to being civil, not every little thing should result to it being reported.
WimsicleStranger Mês atrás
Millennials happened
Anonymous Mês atrás
This neighbor's enthusiasm is extraordinarily hilarious.
Thomas Halterman
Thomas Halterman Mês atrás
Fresh back from basic training, caught my neighbor doing this. After several requests to stop - and he didn't - got nasty. He wagged his finger in my face, held his arms. Released, he slapped, I broke his nose. Cops saw, (small town), Dad arrived, explained, they left. 44 years later, still laughing
Deb Mês atrás
@Thomas Halterman Wow you are such a f hero.
Thomas Halterman
Thomas Halterman Mês atrás
@The YouCantLotorMe sorry, seemed too long so... had asked him to stop, he walked away. Mom called from work and little bro said I was fighting with neighbor. I went inside and phone was handled to me. As I was explaining, I heard it start again and brother confirmed. Hung up on Mom (fyi - NEVER a good idea), she told dad who had stopped to see her. He raced home, cops screaming up behind him. As all were exiting the cars, Dad asked how it started - he saw how it ended. Walked over to the cops - again, small town and parents knew them all - told them. They accepted that and asked the guy if he wanted medical attention (at that point, blood was dripping on his shirt, pants, boots, the sidewalk...). He never gave my family any grief after. What he SHOULD have noticed was that due to an Olympic gold medal-level smart mouth, I did a shit ton of extra, "voluntary" push ups during basic training.
The YouCantLotorMe
The YouCantLotorMe Mês atrás
I’m sorry but he wagged his finger in your face then you held his arms released them and he slapped you and you broke his nose the wording is a little hard to understand? And what did the dad explain?
YouTube Mês atrás
when you quite literally cannot cross the line in this situation
jp is Ə
jp is Ə Mês atrás
Wow I'm early
Ice cell6
Ice cell6 Mês atrás
Yo sooo like when the hell are you gonna give us dislikes back cause liikkkkeee yeah this is NOT cool, not this video the videos great I mean the whole we can't dislike videos thing.
Nathaneal Markland
Nathaneal Markland Mês atrás
Ayy look its BRvid
faris9cheetahs Mês atrás
I love how he said “yes, you too” after she called him a son of a bitch.
Q W Mês atrás
Literally today my neighbor asked if they could trim our bushes going into their property. While you can do it legally it’s nice to ask
osco4311 Mês atrás
If you do permanent damage to the tree trimming by the branches growing over your side of the property line, you can be liable for the value of the tree. But if the tree branches from their damage something on your side of the fence, it's almost always considered an Act of God.
Ħãɱʓᾃ abdelfattah
"You son of a bit..." You too" i love that so much 😭
Yehonatan Francisca
He made me choke on my food
4ford6first0 Mês atrás
The best part
KEAO - YT Mês atrás
cHarLie Mês atrás
I would've said same to you but it's the same meaning
Thrillbert Mês atrás
Pretty good patience imo
Dr. Eam
Dr. Eam Mês atrás
Imagine living in the country when living with Neighbor is so hard
Chad Waldron
Chad Waldron Mês atrás
You may trim or cut up to your property line. Be prudent and cut just inside your property line and be courteous by letting your neighbor know. You cannot compel your neighbor to cut limbs hanging over onto your property. That is your responsibility. Check your local ordinances before doing anything. Make damn sure that you are in the right.
Cz_Medic Mês atrás
He have this mango tree that grows outward to our neighbors house and he's pretty chill about. Whenever it gets too long he always asks for permission. No problems what so ever on our part here 👍
UltraMasterProFi Mês atrás
Owner: "Hey! What're you doing on my yard!?" Mike: (is getting away) Owner: "I just brought garden clothes. You could stain that good-looking luxurious suit on you..." (sad music)
Hydro PlayzMC
Hydro PlayzMC Mês atrás
"You son of a b!tch" "You too" Was funny as hell to me🤣
cheesegyoza Mês atrás
Luckily both of my neighbors have the same distain for trees in our yard so we can cut them down whenever we can work together to do it.
Dumb woofer
Dumb woofer Mês atrás
Wouldn't tree law also potentially pertain to cutting a neighbors tree or plant like organism down on their property?
Brandon P
Brandon P Mês atrás
Question: Is it own the owners of said tree to trim the branches if they’re hanging over your property line?
Sydney Slaughter
Sydney Slaughter Mês atrás
If I read that right, yes.
vegasrenie Mês atrás
Tree Law! Probably the most entertaining posts on Reddit (and videos on BRvid). This woman is lucky she was caught, or she may have been a guest of the county for quite some time. As well as broke!
Sunny Campbell
Sunny Campbell Mês atrás
😂😂😂😂😂 your actors are just the best! I need to watch your vids a couple times! Don't want to miss a beat!
Doikel Mês atrás
No one gonna say anything about how they said "OH SHIIIT" and threw the weapon down 😂😂😂😂
positivitree Mês atrás
I came her for this thank you bro
GuyJulius Mês atrás
When you find out that your neighbor was also the scary lady from Throw Momma From the Train.
Marc-André Servant
Also you're generally only allowed to prune the branches and not to deliberately harm the tree. So even if a branch is hanging on your side you can't dip it in poison.
3FCHEVY Mês atrás
I'm a land surveyor and see property disputes between neighbors like this often
3FCHEVY Mês atrás
@M M yea until someone comes out with a gun have had it had happen a few times in my career.... police all sorts of fun stuff
M M Mês atrás
It’s probably good for business 😂
@3FCHEVY oh yeah that general 6" rule and I agree with that , NY state has that 24" easement which really works out for all parties and just a footnote , NC really bites as far as the highways are concerned and I'm glad that NY doesn't recognize NC highway laws 😁😂
3FCHEVY Mês atrás
@CATS LIVES MATTER no... but I mark a lot of property lines for clients with their purpose of getting a fence an recommend that they stay half a foot off the line... I'm in NC
Do they have a two foot Safeway easement and each property line where you survey ? NY state does and that allows The home owners to go two feet in the neighbors Yard and cut the branches and also for purpose of fencing care
Kevin Olander
Kevin Olander Mês atrás
As an arborist this is a common issue we have to get permission from the owner of said tree to climb the tree but we don't need permission if we can reach it with an extended pole saw the law is messed up but you have to cut the limb to the property line and no more
Rinyotsu Mês atrás
Dude, your videos are super awesome!
allen dixon
allen dixon Mês atrás
I had to watch this 2 times and, I honestly still think that's a dude on the fence.
cocoꨄ Mês atrás
Apparently there's something called tree law and u can get a lotta cash if they're found guilty so I'd let em cut it down and get paid upwards of 100K in damages lol
kenneth clemons
kenneth clemons Mês atrás
That's when you get an extension so you never have to step foot on their property
Kingalec One
Kingalec One Mês atrás
What if the neighbor permits you to trim one of their plants that is in their yard.
Dokkan Assets
Dokkan Assets Mês atrás
Have to give it to the guy in the video, he was really civil about it.
BlitzDBS Mês atrás
My neighbor had vines growing through our fence on our property so my dad cut the ones on our side. Was this legal?
XCIT3D247 Mês atrás
What if their tree are causing concrete damage due to the tree roots? What can we do then?
crzdave2000 Mês atrás
My neighbor came onto my front yard on my side of the fence and cut two bushes down to almost the ground. When I called the police they said it was a civil manner.
Saravanan M
Saravanan M Mês atrás
"You son of a bitch" "You too" This cracked me up big time🤣😂
mr fun at parties
mr fun at parties Mês atrás
Damn imagine cleaning up after a tree that isn't yours.
Bobbi3 Mês atrás
I have a Mulberry tree with a widow maker hanging in the top. I came outside one day to find my new neighbors nervously explaining how they trimmed only what was hanging in their yard, AND what they could safely reach. I was like, Take it all down. You're fine. 🤣I can't find a trimmer willing to cut the tree bc of the dangerous buckling .However, they ran in the house too fast to hear me well and it's still out there😭😆
OJA7899 Mês atrás
how can you have a house like that while being that kinda guy ? definitely inherited lol
Mykael Nyx
Mykael Nyx Mês atrás
Can I build a separate fence just on my side of the property a few feet in and have it electrified? I really think that would be hilarious...
Patrick Lawler
Patrick Lawler Mês atrás
It takes a while to understand tree law but eventually it'll take root and grow on you.
Becca Leigh
Becca Leigh Mês atrás
"Yes, you too" had me rolling
Stephen Thomas
Stephen Thomas Mês atrás
Another of the many reasons I love living out of the city and acres away from neighbors. The country is the best.
Raghav Rocks
Raghav Rocks Mês atrás
What if it's opposite?, I had a piece of land (with boundry) there was a mango tree on its edge and it slowly started to bend towards the neighbours and they tied a rope to bend it further, now the tree's main stem is completely on the other side and all the mangoes are taken by them !!
awesomeatronik 19 dias atrás
Re plant it.
Frank Lucas
Frank Lucas Mês atrás
The only law getting broken is that we are calling that mean man on the fence a Lady💃
Generic1995 type tingz
“Yes, you too. Thank you” 😂😂😭💀
Power fishy
Power fishy Mês atrás
Yes you too had me dying 😂
Kayleb Tooley
Kayleb Tooley Mês atrás
him: a plant grows in his yard *and smeagle took that PERSONALLY*
Handsome Longshanks
That's a lady?! Also, as someone who's trees grow over someone's yard, can I cut them on my side at the trunk and pull them over without their permission?
Sixx Wolf
Sixx Wolf Mês atrás
Well damn somebody needs a snickers. . . . It's me. I'm fat, I need a snickers.
oof offcial
oof offcial Mês atrás
your not you when your hungry
Sixx Wolf
Sixx Wolf Mês atrás
@LotRFam *devours*
RigzisRoman Mês atrás
Dang same
LotRFam Mês atrás
Here, have 2
NIleime Acosta
NIleime Acosta Mês atrás
That reached another level of relatable…
AK Mês atrás
Good memories of my Law of Torts classes in my first year of Law School
Raghav Rocks
Raghav Rocks Mês atrás
What if it's opposite?, I had a piece of land (with boundry) there was a mango tree on its edge and it slowly started to bend towards the neighbours and they tied a rope to bend it further, now the tree's main stem is completely on the other side and all the mangoes are taken by them.
awesomeatronik 19 dias atrás
Replant it
Raghav Rocks
Raghav Rocks Mês atrás
Ofcourse it happened over a long course of period
MegaRawBerry Mês atrás
I get this call all the time. Just tell people to imagine their property line goes straight up into the sky and cut whatever is in their airspace
Okeanos Okeanos
Okeanos Okeanos Mês atrás
"Yes. you too thank you" will be my default response from here on out.
AArrow Mês atrás
This feels like a joke video but from how crazy this year has been, it's probably real
GoodmanDevon Mês atrás
When we wanted to trim our neighbour’s overhanging branches they threw a hissy fit. The wind actually knocked that tree down during the night like a week later. It did unfortunately land on our roof. The neighbours are paying for damages and luckily no one got hurt.
Michele Rogers
Michele Rogers Mês atrás
Why are people copying this comment?
- [F R A N K I E]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
When we wanted to trim our neighbour’s overhanging branches they threw a hissy fit. The wind actually knocked that tree down during the night like a week later. It did unfortunately land on our roof. The neighbours are paying for damages and luckily no one got hurt.
Michele Rogers
Michele Rogers Mês atrás
Why are people copying this comment?
Chris Atkinson
Chris Atkinson Mês atrás
My neighbors "shrubs" are 30ft tall and all over the side of my fence. They weren't meant to grow that tall. Every ice storm they would lay across my fence. So last ice storm when they laid over I tied then down and cut as much of them down as I could. First time I took them to the dump. Everytime now I cut them and put them back on their side of the fence. Just returning their property lol
e K
e K Mês atrás
Please do a video on civil asset forfeiture and how to prevent it!!!!
CarnoStudios Mês atrás
'You son of a bitch!' 'Yeah you too' Best lines ever