Can This USB Stick Resurrect Your Old PC?

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Prairie IT claims their Xtra-PC is the solution to making old and slow PCs run like new again - But could it really work?
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24 Mar 2019



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Comentários 6 071
John Sickinger
John Sickinger Hora atrás
I believe a few years back they were stick called project Black Dog which actually had its own processor
Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith 4 horas atrás
or you can just buy a preloaded linux live usb for under 20$.
Charlie Hopkins
Charlie Hopkins 6 horas atrás
Someone needs a bra
MrTitaniumDioxide 11 horas atrás
'LIB-RAY' Office? Why do anglophone Canadians generally insist on pronouncing words using short vowel sounds? It's obviously 'LEE-BRAY' Office -- the French or Spanish word for 'free' 'or 'at liberty', from the Latin 'liber' 'LEE-BEAR' for 'free' or 'unrestricted'. What's _that_ quirk all 'AH-BOOT'? Same for pronouncing automaker Mazda as 'MAZZ-DA' instead of the more proper 'MAHZ-DA' (the supreme deity or 'God of Light' in Zoroastrianism, BTW) -- though to be fair, the Japanese pronounce it 'MA-TSU-DA'. 'TOE-MAY-TOE', 'TOE-MAH-TOE' I suppose...
Christopher Sebastian
Christopher Sebastian 11 horas atrás
I'm glad this product exists. It's a good solution for many situations.
Dana V
Dana V 12 horas atrás
Why would Google drop the WPS?!?!?! I use this everyday. They just deopped the usefulness and the advantage of my android note8 phone by 50% (no hyperbole). I need that feature and I had that feature until THEY decided to remove it! PUT IT BACK NOW!!
Chris Curran
Chris Curran 12 horas atrás
The reviewers don't realize is that the device captures most of the user data from the harddrive and copies it to the OS on the USB memory stick. You can then move the USB memory stick from the ~12 year old Pentium D to a newer computer, even a ~5 year old computer lying around and have all of your data on the faster hardware computer. If a PCI-E to USB 3.0 Expansion Card could be added and autoconfigured by the Linux OS it would be a significantly faster user experience with very little work by an engineer. The USB memory stick could be removed after shutdown and brought with them to a family member to be worked on. Grandma could use your computer in your home without having to use your OS. This device has its use cases.
Joel Setterberg
Joel Setterberg 14 horas atrás
Anthony wielding that usb-drive was super rad
RoboHobo 21 hora atrás
wait are you saying that my computer isnt supposed to run like ass when i open 4 tabs in chrome and play games at the same time
Jamie Maclellan
Jamie Maclellan Dia atrás
Linus, what about a scenario where the PC hardware isn’t terribly outdated, but the PC is really bloated with spyware and maybe viruses? Would this solution allow you to run the extra pc fairly well on the original base hardware?
Chris Hanline
Chris Hanline Dia atrás
Before this video even starts: I'm guessing the answer is "No, this USB stick can't resurrect your old PC" based solely off the sh*t-eating grin on your face in the thumbnail.
Monttukani Dia atrás
My granny's had Xubuntu for years. Just set a large DPI and icons for internet, solitaire and shut down.
Jack Kraken
Jack Kraken Dia atrás
You could try reloading windows, which is what most people would do.
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith Dia atrás
I liked the dual screen views in this.
Zuleika D’Emilio
Get a chromium one... I put it on an old laptop of mine and it works like new
Hotsauce Tacos
Hotsauce Tacos Dia atrás
hey nice skinny jeans i'll trade you my black Levis 511s for that pair :)
Rene Valdez
Rene Valdez Dia atrás
PLEASE HELP!! When i create a desktop shortcut or app directory from google chrome then try to go back and open it it takes me back to the google home page and not the url or web page I originally created the shortcut for. How do i change the settings back to where I set a desktop shortcut from google chrome to direct it's target to the correct web-page? (Windows 10 ) Dell Optiplex 780
TheFlat Joker.
TheFlat Joker. Dia atrás
666 door bell and 6 tho comments.hmmm
innocent lemon
innocent lemon Dia atrás
what is this video???
cY4n Dia atrás
Uhhhhhh creating a bootable linux is actually painfully easy, Linus. YUMI got you covered. Or you could even get CloudReady on a pendrive!
unfa Dia atrás
I did not expect that!
unfa Dia atrás
I'm paused at 3:17 - I want to make a guess at what this is about. I think the product is supposed to create a swap file on the USB drive to "give the PC more RAM" (not really, but let's go with that simplification for now). OR It's going to create a "fast startup" disk that 'll contain everything Windows needs to boot up neatly packaged so it can load that faster (but that'd actually suck with USB 2.0). Ok, I'm gonna watch further to find out if I'm right.
unfa Dia atrás
I'm at 4:18 - ok I know what this is. It's a Linux distribution on a USB drive. Probably based on Linux Mint as far as I can tell by the look of the plymouth (boot up) logo.
Mathijs Groothuis
Such a techy grandma, opening chrome instead of that blue E.
Smackerlacker Dia atrás
I found a compute stick on google for $13. Running Ubuntu. No setup. And another one for $35. So....
Erik Kimes
Erik Kimes Dia atrás
So you're telling me I can buy a $10 usb stick, throw a live persistent version of Lubuntu on it, brand it as my own and sell it for $40?! Heck yes! Doesn't it violate the ethical standpoint of Ubuntu/Linux in general? Not the "personalization" or sharing of it, but rather selling an OPEN SOURCE operating system period, much less as a pc "rejuvenator"... smdh
ammr alhalabi
ammr alhalabi Dia atrás
I have a friend actually who had a Toshiba satellite laptop with a core i3 3rd generation, his hard drive was like almost dead and the laptop was too slow, in the end, I gave him a 3.0 bootable Ubuntu flash drive and he has also a 3.0 port, the results were amazing and it was like magic for him, he was able to play yt and work on libre office pretty easily, I think those computers are what this product intended for, and those computers are probably more than the one u showed, keep up the good work folks xoxo
iownasia 2 dias atrás
Peggle on steam is highly unoptimized, when I had a gtx 580 is maxed it out at like 20fps
Auburok 2 horas atrás
+Mathijs Groothuis I don't think you understood what you were replying to. A GTX 580 should be able to handle Peggle.
Mathijs Groothuis
I think people underestimate these old games, they all benefit hugely from GPU acceleration. I used to play "light" games like Trine, but then I needed to sell my GPU and it was barely running on my onboard Intel HD Graphics.
KingConker101 2 dias atrás
For the price you can just buy a cheap smartbook for your granny lol. Their like 100 bucks online at walmart. And certain retailers.
Pankake Frier
Pankake Frier 2 dias atrás
At 0:09 It says "Let's say I'm your grandmother" and my video buffers!
CallMeKee m
CallMeKee m 2 dias atrás
Killer queen has already touched that USB
PrinceOfCreation 2 dias atrás
Love you @TaranVH 2:10
Biak Hui
Biak Hui 2 dias atrás
These two assholes are doing grandmas, ringing their special doorbell and when they open, banging them up !
Richard NZ
Richard NZ 2 dias atrás
Bulshit same price buy a ex lease i3 , don't brown nose these RIP off scum
GamerGuy51 2 dias atrás
I've been ressurrecting old laptops for years with lubuntu and the like.
Cat Jacks
Cat Jacks 2 dias atrás
the os looks like ubuntu
X Fade
X Fade 2 dias atrás
Grandma should've bought your 69 dollar gaming pc.
BeyondToWolves 2 dias atrás
Reviews storemi by amd
Arvin Dev
Arvin Dev 2 dias atrás
Linus sounds like he just inhaled helium
gaby de wilde
gaby de wilde 2 dias atrás
This video completely fails to demonstrate real usage and the real difference. With the amount of advertisement inserted in your videos and the size of the audience it is a truly pathetic job. Where is the series of old computers? You should have bought 10 of them. You should have concluded and demonstrated that lubuntu runs circles around for example windows 7. In stead of just deleting and re-recording the part where you accidentally say open office and in stead of wondering out loud if Thunderbird is still usable (?? LOL?? WTF?? NOOB?) you should have opened it. Did we really just watch you sit there and gaze at the desktop without doing anything? Then with some minimal research you could have shown the actual video capabilities of the machine by downloading a youtube video. Then grandma can see that it is not her system that is old but it are the software people who ruined everything. Why did youtube work just fine 10 years ago?
AL James
AL James 2 dias atrás
The video stutters because Firefox doesnt support hw accelerated video decoding, even on chrome. Tho you can install chromium from this (ppa:saiarcot895/chromium-dev) that supports vaapi for intel gpus, nvidia most likely requires vdpau to installed, but other than that, it works for me.
Mr. Randall
Mr. Randall 2 dias atrás
But Linus, you ARE our friend.
The Midnight Monks
The Midnight Monks 3 dias atrás
I found one on Amazon's holiday gift ideas list last year that would have literally just downgraded your OS to Windows XP. I wonder how many people got did by that..
Liam Evans
Liam Evans 3 dias atrás
Tryhardninjaas 3 dias atrás
But can I download more ram?
B Cuz
B Cuz 3 dias atrás
His face got even fatter at the end for a few seconds
Matt Vanden Heuvel
Matt Vanden Heuvel 3 dias atrás
Not going to lie, I'd be pretty comfortable giving my grandma Ubuntu 18.10 if I could set up in OEM mode first. The Snap Store (via Ubuntu Software) and GNOME have made things way more user friendly imo.
Lorenzo De Marco
Lorenzo De Marco 3 dias atrás
Did you know that you could shut down your PC and skip the updates by hitting CTRL+ALT+CANC, clicking the power button dropdown in the bottom-right corner and clicking "Shut Down" ? ;-)
Bxr 2 dias atrás
Lorenzo De Marco
Lorenzo De Marco 2 dias atrás
+Bxr I think it does on Win 10 too. If clicking that button triggers a drop-down menu, you can do this trick. It saved me many times from frustration 😉
Ganimidis 3 dias atrás
Blah Blah Blah... Them USB creator's do just the same thing Y do, just in an other way, lmao... Linus Tech Tips... lol... live is all about ads and views uh?
IDont Wantaname
IDont Wantaname 2 dias atrás
I think it's trying to communicate.
Truffler 3 dias atrás
You know you got a good laptop if it’s faster than a desktop that Linus owns
Perfect Human Interface
I think the idea is that if you ruin your OS install with bloat and malware then it's going to run faster if you install a fresh OS.
abdusamad mokeddem
abdusamad mokeddem 4 dias atrás
yep, just get an 80 buck usb sh@t MEANWHILE im geetting a pc for 69 bucks that can run some esport casual games PROBABLY BETTER THAN A MORE EXPENSIVE USB BS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
GabGamer Pro
GabGamer Pro 4 dias atrás
Spam 8 if your on a pc.
Kevin Straud
Kevin Straud 4 dias atrás
Hey, what usb was that? The one you used for Manjaro.
Carlos Q
Carlos Q 3 dias atrás
It seems to be a Nvidia's GeForce GTX G-Assist. A 2017 April Fool's joke.
SapphFire 4 dias atrás
For the same price you could sell an ssd that has a better distro pre-installed. Grandmas would need help with installing it but I don't think they'd know how to boot from a USB stick either.
Charley Vox
Charley Vox 4 dias atrás
My mother-in-law awhile back calls me up because her computer is broken. She can’t explain to me what’s wrong so I went over. Problem: Her desktop icons were not where they were yesterday. For this 75 year old lady to have her Facebook & email icons moving from, let’s say, the 5th & 16th spot on the screen to the 9th and 25th spot was a “Broken” machine. I spent 2 hours because how she was identifying her problem to me just had me perplexed beyond reason. When I finally understood the dynamics of her problem and fixed it, she spent another hour freaking out about how something like this could happen. She was insisting she’d been hacked, and then she went on about “Viruses, Spams & Russian Collusion”. Take all of this into consideration and you tell me “Linux? No biggie”? You’ve got to be kidding.
Moon Guardian
Moon Guardian 4 dias atrás
it's not command shift p r but command option p r
Ames Construction And Painting
plz do a review on this and tell me what you thank
Ames Construction And Painting
hay check this out EnGenius Technologies Outdoor Long-Range N300 2.4GHz Ethernet Bridge
Randy R
Randy R 4 dias atrás
To protect myself, I put everything on a flash drive when I first bought my computer and put it in my safe
Paul Christensen
Paul Christensen 4 dias atrás
I did a bootable USB with Linux Mint on it, and it seems to run just as well as the windows on my hard drive.
Dustin Rodriguez
Dustin Rodriguez 5 dias atrás
What would be really interesting is if someone made a USB stick packed with software that would actually do problem diagnosis and potential fixes, or otherwise point out fixes that need to be done. For instance, something that would do memory tests, disk tests, then move on to more OS-specific tests, automatic removal of blacklisted malware or PUPs, etc. It would certainly take some work to implement and maintain, but an automated tool where you could just plug it in and tell the technically illiterate owner to just leave it running until it finishes would really be quite nice.
Ironsteal Fightin'man!-_-Farted
7:20 is the point
Ironsteal Fightin'man!-_-Farted
Ironsteal Fightin'man!-_-Farted
Ironsteal Fightin'man!-_-Farted
Tutorial for how to get pinball on windows 10
That sort of install will take 5-6 hours.
Nishant 5 dias atrás
SO NO DON'T BUY THIS. IF A PERSON KNOWS HOW TO BOOT FROM A PENDRIVE, THEY CAN EASILY GOOGLE AND INSTALL ANY LIGHTWEIGHT DISTRO. No no no no no no. It's not reasonable at all. The reason it took 1 hour is because you went ahead and pre-installed bunch of apps on the drive. If you had just gone with a basic distro like linuxMint's older version, it wouldn't take as much as of your time. It might take around 30 mins to finish it but the actual setup only 4-5 mins.
Nishant 5 dias atrás
As expected.
TheJewishHeart 5 dias atrás
It would be a lot cheaper to install Ubuntu 18.10.
Rc1136Darman1 5 dias atrás
"Isn't giving your grandma linux a bad idea?" where the heck is the difference for granma? in fact, i'd rather let my granma use linux than an outdated windows which doesn't even get security updates anymore
MineMC 5 dias atrás
Bootable usb can be created rly fast. Just download distro, download some iso burner, and you are done. 30 min max including downloading large distro. And i could write that file recovery on my own very easily. Its just a scam.
Truth Syrup
Truth Syrup 5 dias atrás
Grandma isn't gonna know how to change the boot device.
Truth Syrup
Truth Syrup 5 dias atrás
CNN is fake news.
surfzombie2 5 dias atrás
It is way over priced and it is super easy to just buy a flash drive and make your own for almost any distro. Linux mint is super easy to use like windows. I did it for a family member and they wer good to go in less than an hour.. You can get a 128gb flash drive for $20 and DIY it yourself for a hell of a lot less.
DerParadonym 6 dias atrás
My Parents almost never use apps on their phones. They say: "I access that services using the webbrowser on the PC anyway, why not on the smartphone too?" - and it works. My dad is changing from an ancient iphone - like a second gen iPhone, because it can't display HTML5 and most of his websites can't be accessed anymore.
Nejson TV
Nejson TV 6 dias atrás
2:52 WTF
XXxFandundanxXX TheRedstoneMinecart
Well, I don't like both softwares but only I love Windows and Apple.
MNpale 6 dias atrás
Terrible idea--this USB cannot even be considered to speed up a PC. The only solution is to put in an SSD and clone the drive. If you don't clone the drive, she'll be complaining forever that she can't find her files. That Rez software was trash for the base it is selling to. Nobody wants to look through a whole bunch of pictures from program files x86... c'mon now. I mean, what happens when somebody unplugs the drive? You're driving over to granny's house again, and again, and again.
Paradise Decay
Paradise Decay 6 dias atrás
Linus seems to have a fascination with dead things?
Franck Leijen
Franck Leijen 5 dias atrás
That's where the moose went...
Scream Scream Scream
Scream Scream Scream 6 dias atrás
Linux screws up Hardrives GRUB crap
Rajan Hoxha
Rajan Hoxha 6 dias atrás
If you're on a computer, try continuously pressing the 0 key while watching this video
David Anders
David Anders 6 dias atrás
Need more Anthony he really knows what he is doing and it's great they are not hiding him because he is a little fluffy.
Tori Cooper
Tori Cooper 6 dias atrás
you totally missed the point linus, grandma's computer is full of bloatware and crap from years of clicking on things you dont, this install would at least be clean...
Swarm 7 dias atrás
Damn granny got some fire looking mouse
catfishrob1 7 dias atrás
"normally steam is only available on Ubuntu" Well, actually it is also available on fedora out of the box now, you just have to enable the repo.
Pimphand Gamester
Pimphand Gamester 7 dias atrás
What about the one they advertise a lot on TV? You just plug it in and it fixes your computer making it like new again?
OnTape just a person ok
0:15 watching porn
Nostradamus 7 dias atrás
Lol Ubuntu is free hahaha lots of cash from dummies hahaha
Bad Weather
Bad Weather 7 dias atrás
imma make my own version and call it Penguin Nibba Linux
h3nry6556 7 dias atrás
MSNBC, CNN.. ‘News’ 🤡🌎
Sybrand Botes
Sybrand Botes 4 dias atrás
h3nry6556 honk
pollotuerto 7 dias atrás
Yeah so youtube on firefox runs like shit. Did you try lowering the quality?
Philip Read
Philip Read 7 dias atrás
Would be easier to use Linux mint. So easy
Roxor128 5 dias atrás
Only complaint I've got with it is the default desktop look is flat. A few minutes in the config can get you something much more usable, though.
Ubuntu Losas4
Ubuntu Losas4 7 dias atrás
My old computer still works kinda good *its a Windows 7*
Sybrand Botes
Sybrand Botes 4 dias atrás
Ubuntu Losas4 *woah*
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega 7 dias atrás
You made that guys nipples hard :P
B 7 dias atrás
could boot Linux from a 128gb m.2 SSD with USB support caddy would be faster than this bs and may be worthwhile
The High Pineapple
The High Pineapple 7 dias atrás
Peggle is amazing. And that's all im gonna add to these comments.
Mattis Grotegerd
Mattis Grotegerd 7 dias atrás
My pc takes a lot longer for everything you‘ve shown. And it has a i5 from the second gen.
Nico Ras
Nico Ras 7 dias atrás
What is wrong with your buddy's eyes?
Jesus My Savior
Jesus My Savior 7 dias atrás
I could not download. So I just uploaded myself to Heaven. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved and thy house. Acts 16:31 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. Mark 16:16 That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. Romans 10:9, 10 *May God Bless*
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