Can This Chef Recreate My Childhood Cookie? • Tasty

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"Maybe one day Rie, when you and I are eighty years old, we'll just make cookies together."
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10 Fev 2019



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Comentários 6 157
Vocal Heart
Vocal Heart 2 dias atrás
The beginning sounded a lot like my own childhood
Grudge Meee
Grudge Meee 5 dias atrás
Everything is wrong with Niki 😡 - How she Eats! - How she acts! - How she talks! - Her Gender! I don't even know her gender! Cause she doesn't look like a girl and she also doesn't look like a boy!! Oh! And 2 more things! - she's a try hard! Arghhhh😡😡😡 - she's tryna be funny even thought she's not!! Tie is just too nice that's why she laughs at her "jokes"🙄😡
XxCupcakes Dia atrás
It’s not nice of you saying that
Sweeter Melodies
Sweeter Melodies 7 dias atrás
The way I see Rie's friends so happy I wish I was her friend too. 😭
Chindy Wijaya
Chindy Wijaya 7 dias atrás
In my country,it called "nastar"
Tae Chen
Tae Chen 7 dias atrás
Laundry Faerie
Laundry Faerie 8 dias atrás
I really want to try making these now!
Paws n Corporate
Paws n Corporate 8 dias atrás
PinkyWolf Gaming
PinkyWolf Gaming 9 dias atrás
2:26 every single click on blender zoom
Nicole Chan
Nicole Chan 10 dias atrás
is it just me or does other people always get a tasty ad when watching a tasty fun challenge video but not a regular tasty video or any other video?
Srinivasa Suhritha Ratchumari
Dude I love in Singapore and love the food there
RTV Static
RTV Static 12 dias atrás
rie doesn’t like her
Hanan Tri Juwita Athaya
In Indonesia, these cookies are called Nastar
Satsuki TheAnimeLover
Satsuki TheAnimeLover 14 dias atrás
“凤梨挞” should be Chinese right? And this is the Singapore version and crispier, creamier version of the Pineapple jam tart right?
Satsuki TheAnimeLover
Satsuki TheAnimeLover 14 dias atrás
Oof... me don’t like how Singapore and Singapore traditions are so close with Chinese tradition...😐😐😐
Rofika Sari
Rofika Sari 14 dias atrás
looks like nastar or it's same but different shape?
Alana Baker
Alana Baker 14 dias atrás
pineapple tarts are AWESOME jfc I have them every year
Kavin Seyon
Kavin Seyon 15 dias atrás
Who is Asian and loves pineapple tart Leave a like
Meera Gupta
Meera Gupta 15 dias atrás
I don't know why but rie kinda reminds me of pheobe(lisa kudrow)
Kartik Sharma
Kartik Sharma 16 dias atrás
Anyone noticed that Niki is a Cookie 'Fiend' ?
Anh Quân Nguyễn
Anh Quân Nguyễn 18 dias atrás
I first thought that this cookie is from cooking mama
A person
A person 18 dias atrás
my grandma used to make cookies kinda like this, except they had a closed top and were a bit more shiny and flaky
Zahrah Nida
Zahrah Nida 18 dias atrás
It’s called nastar here in my country.
かねよりん 19 dias atrás
In indonesia we make it as Nastar (Nanas Tart / Pineapple tart) but make it ball with pineapple filling inside
Celine Ompalompa
Celine Ompalompa 20 dias atrás
🔴 🔵 🔴 🔵 🔴 🔵 🔴 🔵
Matchafox 22 dias atrás
Why .... just why! This comment has no reason I was just bored(*≧ω≦)
Mutiara Putri
Mutiara Putri 23 dias atrás
we have it in indonesia. named nastar, of course with different shape but i think the taste is pretty similar. it is very iconic when the lunar year or eid mubarak comes
Ranya Nadaraj
Ranya Nadaraj 24 dias atrás
Ayeee who else from SG too? I wan a pineapple tart now too...but I only get them during like...Chinese new year (cuz my friends give em to me) and Deepavali, since I'm indian
punam barua
punam barua 26 dias atrás
Wheres the recipe?
Playing_With_ Nicole
Playing_With_ Nicole 26 dias atrás
Syuhada Barhal
Syuhada Barhal 26 dias atrás
Watching this again while eating pineapple tarts
Knight Two
Knight Two Mês atrás
I live in Singapore
Aqsa Shahid
Aqsa Shahid Mês atrás
The way she is eating her fav cookies is so annoying
Tianna Elizalde
Tianna Elizalde Mês atrás
Rie laugh sounds like something i heard on the lion king... ☺️🤔🙃
Siya Khanna
Siya Khanna Mês atrás
"Shipped to Singapore" lol
Tou Leangsrun
Tou Leangsrun Mês atrás
I remember lunar new year in January 🤣🤣🤣
CookieDoe Gacha
CookieDoe Gacha Mês atrás
1:27 am I the only one who notices her ear piercing?
Ashesh Dubey
Ashesh Dubey Mês atrás
Rie is talented but the Aunties know what they are doing 😂
yeonroses Mês atrás
i cant believe that niki hasn’t thought andrew any singlish-
Allodya. Violine.Senoadji
Tasty: Making Pinapple tart. Indonesian ppl be like : owh.... they are making NASTAR 😂😯.
Michael Phang
Michael Phang Mês atrás
wkwk nastar
Trinh Nguyen
Trinh Nguyen Mês atrás
10:32 this is the look when you know you gonna have something really REALLY delicious 🤤
Anurima Debnath
Anurima Debnath Mês atrás
You can try reduceing the recipe don't waste food
PoohPanda Xx
PoohPanda Xx 10 dias atrás
Who said anything about food waste? They have thousands of employees there.
Miku Official Leaving
Rie is a dream baker/cooker
The Question Mark Animator
11:02 tats me and my bff after quarantine
Alicja Soroka
Alicja Soroka Mês atrás
Rie : make it - Niki : fancy?
Cheerful Cloud
Cheerful Cloud Mês atrás
im Singaporean. i love pinapple tarts!
Dharshini Pavalan
Dharshini Pavalan Mês atrás
Those are the best but I prefer the Nutella ones
Subhashini Sivagobi
The Malaysian in me got so excited looking at these.
nct in the youtube
nct in the youtube Mês atrás
so once this done, lets make it.. FANCY
Eeman Baqai
Eeman Baqai Mês atrás
*Crust violently flings over to the other side of the room* Rie and Niki: ... **Intense Wheezing**
Adithri Arcot
Adithri Arcot Mês atrás
Emmalynn Ang
Emmalynn Ang Mês atrás
Pineapple tarts are amazing!!
Hanni Sung
Hanni Sung Mês atrás
This cookie caled NASTAR in Indonesia
Keith the Amazing
Keith the Amazing Mês atrás
Can they use rie's name not "this chef"
gustaf ferdinan
gustaf ferdinan Mês atrás
In Indonesia this called nastar cookies, usually served at Raya
21 Josita Rosa Citra Sari
I know the similar thing. This cookie called "nastar" in Indonesia. The different just in the shape, and my recipe use clove for the pinaple jam.
MyDayIn Mês atrás
I like how Niki looks like a child and a child when she does that wierd thing with her mouth😂
starboy _123_456
starboy _123_456 Mês atrás
Dose anyone think those cookies look like a football
poteyatocheapp Mês atrás
"make it" "Fancy" Lol i
arwen wong
arwen wong Mês atrás
Niki I know how you feel, I’m Malaysian Chinese and I only get to have then on the Lunar new year, I love them sooo much!
Stop Clickbait
Stop Clickbait Mês atrás
Rie: i'm gonna go... in the oven PLEASE someone make a video of Rie's adorable broken eng!ish
Tamara Ismail
Tamara Ismail Mês atrás
I feel like they are similar to eid pastries (ka3k) but with pineapple instead of dates
Kesler Aquino
Kesler Aquino Mês atrás
That became i draw you cook hahahahhaa
Pandu Dewantara
Pandu Dewantara Mês atrás
Singapor:pineapple tart Indonesian:is that nastar
King Keegan Gaming
King Keegan Gaming Mês atrás
Rie: Dont touch too mu- Niki right away: Sorry!
aufa joe
aufa joe Mês atrás
It’s Eid in a few days and my mom and I made some pineapple tart ❤️
Matt Mês atrás
I had no idea u were from SG
kitty pink
kitty pink Mês atrás
11:36 Rie's cool cool cool at the end....Brooklyn 99 anyone!
Vio The Art Nerd
Vio The Art Nerd Mês atrás
Yaaaaaa Singapore~
Pham Xuan Thi
Pham Xuan Thi Mês atrás
Is Niki a lesbian?
jiminie Mês atrás
Yep! She’s also married :]
Kyle A
Kyle A Mês atrás
I love Rie's laugh so much. The thing she said in this episode about how people grow apart and these two people will most likely not know each other in a few years was pretty real and sad though :(
Hong Yin
Hong Yin Mês atrás
Rie: do you still think u can find me? Nikki: oh I WILL Me: ... ok?
Rachel Gail Cadiogan
this earned at least 100k views just from me 😅
Nova Barrett
Nova Barrett Mês atrás
Ok but did they post the recipe on there website somewhere? Cause I want to make these so bad!
Lyhus Mês atrás
I love Rie, but this didn't feel right. They had her change the recipe in earlier attempts just so it would fail to make the video longer and give it a "trial and error" feel, but all the "error" felt completely forced. If you want to replicate a recipe by memory, and you have an alternate version written down, you should follow it and see how it turns out, and THEN make adjustments, not the other way around. In the end she just followed the recipe by the letter.
A Mês atrás
Isabelle Tan
Isabelle Tan Mês atrás
i wonder how many singaporeans are watching this
Alvin Arafat
Alvin Arafat Mês atrás
We literally have it every year during eid
Anna Price
Anna Price 2 meses atrás
Why do they have the EXACT same hair lol
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