Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With An Easy Bake Oven? • Tasty

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“As a kid, I dreamt about having an Easy Bake Oven, and now my dream is my nightmare.”

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Macro slide shot of a slice of focaccia on a black background.
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14 Set 2019



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Comentários 7 939
Sofia Diaz-Solano
Sofia Diaz-Solano 2 horas atrás
They should do one where she isn’t allowed to use a knife
Mia Vasallo
Mia Vasallo 19 horas atrás
You should try a George Forman grill!!
Audrey Harris
Audrey Harris 20 horas atrás
It's better seeing adults taste test and guess what you use. Sorry but the kid is useless very cute though
Yoon Mi Yoon
Yoon Mi Yoon 23 horas atrás
Yeah I eat ass A- after S- school S- snacks
Gurgle Dia atrás
Can this chef make a 3 course meal with an electric fly swatter? . . . That would be pretty dangerous.
Amy Amesburg
Amy Amesburg Dia atrás
I feel like its not safe that you allowed that child to consume marshmallow that was inside that toy. You don't know the chemicals in the plastic, if plastic melted into the food or anything. She should have remade it
KuboXD Panda
KuboXD Panda Dia atrás
How about a does that sound?
Ara Navea
Ara Navea Dia atrás
She, cutting the tortilla in the middle, wasting a lot of it
hannahkang819 Dia atrás
you should cook with a lighter
Stace Helfrick
Stace Helfrick Dia atrás
So cool
Lynn lisa
Lynn lisa 2 dias atrás
I make my homework in an easy bake oven
Mypieateyou 12
Mypieateyou 12 2 dias atrás
She said crispy rice um it’s rice crispy
Eclipse538 2 dias atrás
using a heating lamp to cook. this is gonna end terribly. and be cringe to watch.
lalabieful 2 dias atrás
3 course meal with a hair straightener
AMIT BHATIA 2 dias atrás
The way the kid says - it’s Gooooood. , just makes laugh so so much
AMIT BHATIA 2 dias atrás
The way the kid says - it’s Gooooood. , just makes laugh so so much
Soham Sharma
Soham Sharma 2 dias atrás
*I say strongly a waffle iron for the next episode!*
David Sarnevitz
David Sarnevitz 2 dias atrás
Okay a heat gun is the best thing to try now. Let’s see what Alexis could cook with that.
LO VE 2 dias atrás
George Foreman grill
KingViper347 3 dias atrás
I’d laugh if when she went off stage she asked who it was lol
SariaYT 3 dias atrás
We made rice crispies at school ;-;
Badass Uchiha
Badass Uchiha 3 dias atrás
I know this is a Family Show but 13:16 that's what she said lol
Baby Metha
Baby Metha 3 dias atrás
Waffle iron
just another jimin stan from Jupiter
the kid is a total mooood
CurtisFilms 3 dias atrás
can you cook with a spoon?
Elisabeth Montik
Elisabeth Montik 3 dias atrás
Use a toaster
KR Bozick
KR Bozick 3 dias atrás
does anyone else ship Ryan and Alexis?
Ashlynn Chevrier
Ashlynn Chevrier 4 dias atrás
i want to see her ONLY use a blow torch 😭😭
21 Noodlez
21 Noodlez 4 dias atrás
I was so triggered when it said crispy rice treats because even tho its copyright, its just wrong 😂
Amna Ahmed
Amna Ahmed 4 dias atrás
Can this chef make a 3 course meal using a heater? •Tasty
Sydney Ousley
Sydney Ousley 4 dias atrás
Do a waffle maker next!!!!
Yugoxgc 4 dias atrás
Does feeding inedible food to a kid count as child abuse?
neeliah nirvanshini
neeliah nirvanshini 4 dias atrás
They have such a chemistry 💞😏
Its BearzHuntz
Its BearzHuntz 4 dias atrás
Alexis: "That was so Hard!" Me: "That's what she said."
shoo fly
shoo fly 4 dias atrás
Iching and burning, iching and burning Stanky fishy, stanky fishy My cuchy ich
kshamaf 4 dias atrás
Can this Chef cook with a solar oven?
i’m hungry
i’m hungry 4 dias atrás
That kid is so sweet omg ❤️❤️
sabby baquiran
sabby baquiran 4 dias atrás
nice equipments
Yellothazine 4 dias atrás
Idk how this got in my recommended but I'm glad it did
Vaselineflute Tv
Vaselineflute Tv 5 dias atrás
Alexis is a gorgeous woman
FatalFortuneZ 5 dias atrás
The chips: I am *I n e d I b l e*
Smart Cat101
Smart Cat101 5 dias atrás
Stop saying can this chef
Watermelon YY
Watermelon YY 5 dias atrás
12:55 it's hilarious
TJQ X_X 5 dias atrás
*iSsZgUuD* *tOmAAAEEEtOeS*
Pranay Tomar
Pranay Tomar 5 dias atrás
Kids are not going to school no more,they r just going to cook and feed me.
Zavier Ludborzs
Zavier Ludborzs 5 dias atrás
*Little boy bites into nachos* Audible noise of bones breaking
omg Adam omg
omg Adam omg 5 dias atrás
Just an Gondom Ramsay ad....
INGSOC 5 dias atrás
I love Alexis!!!!
Namtittes 5 dias atrás
These are just bougie lunchables
There was a tasty ad before this
lyricaltesting 6 dias atrás
Yeah, if you can no have children judging food on a cooking show that would be greaaaaat. Thaaaaanks
Fatima Afzal
Fatima Afzal 6 dias atrás
Kid: It’s gooood Alexis: AAYYYY
Sylvie York
Sylvie York 6 dias atrás
Do a waffle maker!!!👍
George Bowman
George Bowman 6 dias atrás
Camera guy had to tilt camera down.
Char'Kita Hood
Char'Kita Hood 6 dias atrás
They both put their noses right on that pizza dough. Did they forget it’s for someone else in their excitement?? Gross
Elfieʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 6 dias atrás
I love how she sorta fails at cooking with a microwave, but she makes something excellent with a toy.. 🤣😂👏🏼👏🏼
Flamebeast740 6 dias atrás
You look a lot like Hannah stockings
Die Forty Stäbchen
Die Forty Stäbchen 7 dias atrás
So does this mean that kids can cook now?
Dank MemeQueen
Dank MemeQueen 7 dias atrás
That kid is gonna get all the ladies when he’s older
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