Can Skittles Become Cotton Candy?

The King of Random
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Today we're taking some more cotton candy requests and putting them to the test. Can skittles or salt water taffy become cotton candy? Does freeze drying them help?
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10 Nov 2019



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Comentários 3 989
Mia McCulloch
Mia McCulloch 22 minutos atrás
You should freeze dry : Bread 🍞 Mango 🥭 Chocolate 🍫 Yogurt 🍦
Lil Prince
Lil Prince 2 horas atrás
love how super excited nate got about the skittles cotton candy and then calli when she tried it
Alexandria Paterson
Alexandria Paterson 13 horas atrás
I wonder if you could put the skittles cotton candy in a loom and make it into thread and turn it into rope like some of your other experiments 🤔
akeeshaun 230
akeeshaun 230 15 horas atrás
wolfie raps actually made skittle cotton candy two years ago
kevin Powell
kevin Powell Dia atrás
Have you guys broken any records to what you make eg..skittles cotton candy
Ophiuchus12 Dia atrás
I love how they had the energy to de shell skittles but not enough to separate by color😂
Nora Gottschalk
Nora Gottschalk Dia atrás
No one is mentioning the pitch that Nate got into when he got excited
Is it possible the "candy" nearing the end of the video didnt work out as well due to laziness? I think it wouldve worked better if they took the time to blend it like they did the skittles
neon master
neon master Dia atrás
Fluffy Bunny
Fluffy Bunny 2 dias atrás
There's this thing called filly folly bubble gum with is bubble gum in a cotton candy consistency so try to recreate it😉
ahmari figures
ahmari figures 2 dias atrás
Yo did y'all see they clock ⏰?
Jessica O'Connor
Jessica O'Connor 2 dias atrás
Actually I think Rosanna Pansino did the skittle Cotton candy first
Jaden Perkins
Jaden Perkins 2 dias atrás
French silk piee
Purple Piper
Purple Piper 3 dias atrás
I’ve eaten the rainbow marshmallow before and it’s something I have always dreamed of like unicorns 🦄
Christopher Bare
Christopher Bare 3 dias atrás
Coal miners get black lung. Nate and Calli get cotton candy lung.
Shelley Gillis
Shelley Gillis 3 dias atrás
Make jumping soles
SeriousAlmond Gaming
SeriousAlmond Gaming 3 dias atrás
You didnt grind the rest down that's why it didnt work
Ros Weak
Ros Weak 3 dias atrás
try sour patch
Pepperoni Dog Fart
Pepperoni Dog Fart 3 dias atrás
Do you eat your skittles with or without the shell?
Demon Crystal wolf
Demon Crystal wolf 3 dias atrás
How is it even possible to strip skittles shells! It must have took hours!
DitIsRick 4 dias atrás
Can nerds become cotton candy
lucky tabby slime
lucky tabby slime 4 dias atrás
What about chips like lays, cheetos, ruffles,cheeto puffs,cheeto balls
Austin Hoffner
Austin Hoffner 4 dias atrás
Try putting Nerds candy in the cotton candy machine in a solid form and powder form.
Aedan Lombard
Aedan Lombard 4 dias atrás
DELICIOUS 😋 😋 🤤 🤤 🤤
Im gonna start calling skittles cotton candy ;-;
Westley Smith
Westley Smith 4 dias atrás
You guys started getting disappointed that it wouldn't fluff well put it in the blender again because that's how you got it to fluff before
adiya ansari
adiya ansari 4 dias atrás
try pixie sticks
Jeffrey Cruz
Jeffrey Cruz 5 dias atrás
Im sorry but.......... Marshmallows are disgusting
Taylor Kitteringham
Taylor Kitteringham 5 dias atrás
Annoying how they only blended the skittles. Im sure if they blended everything else it wouldve worked better
All_Of_The_Above 5 dias atrás
8:03 what have you done to my favorite gummy?!?!?!?!
All_Of_The_Above 5 dias atrás
skittles cotton candy= edible cobwebs!!!!!!! also, where can I get a cotton candy machine???
InfernoMax LetsGo
InfernoMax LetsGo 4 dias atrás
All_Of_The_Above e bay
Hemoo berry
Hemoo berry 5 dias atrás
i honestly ship them both lmao
Not. Nightmare
Not. Nightmare 6 dias atrás
CAN SKITTLES BECOME COTTEN CANDY? Shows some Cotten candy made of skittlez... Me:HMMMMMMMMM CAN IT MAKE COTTEN CANDY? everyone: no well duh...
SILAS Goethe
SILAS Goethe 6 dias atrás
The little kids with the cotton candy I’ve tried that before
Isaiah Saw
Isaiah Saw 7 dias atrás
Is there anything Cali doesn’t like to eat???
CynicalServant 87
CynicalServant 87 7 dias atrás
Racheal Colmenero
Racheal Colmenero 7 dias atrás
Does anyone see how blue Calli's mouth is???
Tøixc Watérmełøn
Tøixc Watérmełøn 7 dias atrás
I was eating skittles while watching this and I have a cotton candy machine *puts skittles in it*
rocio ruiz
rocio ruiz 7 dias atrás
Can ramen noodle make cotton candy
Alcase 7 dias atrás
You blended the skittles into a powder but nothing else. okay.
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