Can I Still Pass my Old Test Papers?

Wilbur Soot
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I take my old exam and test papers from school and see if I can still pass them today, almost a two decades later

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10 Dez 2019



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Comentários 100
Death Gamer808
Death Gamer808 15 horas atrás
how other people revise GCSEs: read textbooks and watch khan academy me: watches wilbur soot
Lime Juice
Lime Juice Dia atrás
Will:So I got a 44 Me:haha lmao loser you fail Also Will: so I got a B Me: * stares in confused American *
quackers Dia atrás
you can only use one arm in rounders? what about your hand? or your other hand? or your other arm?
Creeper8000gg Dia atrás
At 6:53 he says the temp is 27....... HOW. It’s like 65 Fahrenheit not 27.
Smashed Potatoes88
at least i wasn’t the only one who failed bio
Lucy Bird
Lucy Bird Dia atrás
... did you say claydon primary? :o
Haiinya Dia atrás
me here heavy breathing for the fact that i have gcse's in two years and time is going by so quick
Neptune 2 dias atrás
You have THOSE type of tests in primary school? When I was 11, we had to memorize all of the WWI and WWII dates...
Lenne Float
Lenne Float 2 dias atrás
Most British people always make fun of Americans for only having easy multiple-choice tests but like- ... My school's tests that are given at the same ages as the ones in the video are just ridiculously difficult, and I go to public school. This isnt fair :(
Noxoir 3 dias atrás
The old days when Wilbur didn’t have his office
Anna 4 dias atrás
I tjink the first test was the Year 2 SATS not the Year 6 ones... the y6 ones were never that easy...
Skynet Legion
Skynet Legion 3 dias atrás
They were both easy
Skynet Legion
Skynet Legion 3 dias atrás
Yeah, they were
Remy the Rat
Remy the Rat 4 dias atrás
So are GCSEs like the equivalent of SATs and ACTs? I’m genuinely curious lmao
Denise Spigler
Denise Spigler Dia atrás
Gcses are done at the end of year 11, which is equivalent to sophomore year. Year 11 is the end of secondary school. After that you go to sixth form (usually at the same school as secondary school) or college (a place that only teaches A Levels). A Levels are sat at the end of year 13 (senior year).
Lauren Annabel
Lauren Annabel 4 dias atrás
I swear Wilbur I cleaned up my paper towels after
Aquas999 4 dias atrás
The British primaries look way better than the ones I took. Fuck you Starr.
Abdul Aman
Abdul Aman 4 dias atrás
7:29 oh god it felt like he was addressing me 🤣🤣.
Lunar Wolf Hazel
Lunar Wolf Hazel 4 dias atrás
As someone who did their gcses last year this is giving me ptsd, especially from my triple science foundation physics exam
Skynet Legion
Skynet Legion 3 dias atrás
Lunar Wolf Hazel sorry im a fucking klutz
Lunar Wolf Hazel
Lunar Wolf Hazel 3 dias atrás
Skynet Legion no, you take your gcses at 15/16 depending on when your birthday is. sats are taken at 10/11
Skynet Legion
Skynet Legion 3 dias atrás
so you’re 11?
Rafael Gevorgyan
Rafael Gevorgyan 4 dias atrás
i didnt fail all three tests, i under-preformed
GAME BOOM 4 dias atrás
Bro you should do the M step
Catnonymouse YT
Catnonymouse YT 5 dias atrás
Did you nick name him Benedict, because of Benedicts solution, or is his name a coincidence?
TheMan Gaming
TheMan Gaming 5 dias atrás
0:07 relatable
Ian Beck
Ian Beck 5 dias atrás
so you left school at 4 years old or 3 years old
AnonymousNeko 27
AnonymousNeko 27 5 dias atrás
Femme Sammy
Femme Sammy 5 dias atrás
Primary school one has the tally thing... Here in America that's intermediate school.
Richy Pichy - Minecraft
BlackKittyDragon 5 dias atrás
why does this have the goddamn technoblade tag?
Pastel.Emo.411 5 dias atrás
Imagine big tests mattering and then all the colleges being like, we actually don’t need your SAT score anymore, it’s optional now
cart1270 cart1270
cart1270 cart1270 5 dias atrás
That was not a test for 11 year olds. I’m 13, I live in Canada, and my tests were way more advanced than that.
MikuIsLiterallyMe 5 dias atrás
Why am I getting this recommended now and not when it released... I WATCHED EVERYTHING BUT THIS, BRvid WHAT THE FUCK
Yanan Yanan
Yanan Yanan 5 dias atrás
eyy our grades are the same :]]
Addison Bessette
Addison Bessette 6 dias atrás
Me an American in 7th grade: CoNfUsIoN
Taelib Shahrivar
Taelib Shahrivar 6 dias atrás
Wilbur: "Evaporate the water, leave the powder (in the dish)" Person grading: "You only get credit if you say the powder remains in the dish" The accuracy of this video really sends me back to school
Allison Ronca
Allison Ronca 6 dias atrás
bro can any Americans pass this?
Your Grandad
Your Grandad 6 dias atrás
My guy has to let Wilbur take the test and not tell him the answers after each question.
Nikola Aston
Nikola Aston 6 dias atrás
Dude, did you live in bourne end? I’m from Penn. Fellow tory
thepigg01 7 dias atrás
Benedict looks like peter grifin
Charlotte Muncaster
Charlotte Muncaster 7 dias atrás
Wilbur do not worry. Trust me w all the U’# I’m getting in biology is secondary school ima fail my gcse’s and A LEVELS
Lilyconred 7
Lilyconred 7 7 dias atrás
tommyinnit failed gcses
Nikita 7 dias atrás
Hey, I can send you a Chemistry, math, IT or physics exam from a university if you would like to do it haha
6Hunter 7 dias atrás
Abigail S
Abigail S 7 dias atrás
I dont know what rounders wilburs been playing but you run round 4 posts not 1
Noellelovespandas 7 dias atrás
I was never taught that cigarettes were bad
Henry Vaananen
Henry Vaananen 7 dias atrás
Benedict is such a chad
NothingXemnas 7 dias atrás
8:24 The "getting zero mark" part for the right *logical* answer was very shit. He literally describe how recrystalization works, but the exam required THE EXACT WORDING. Somewhat how I got low grades in university. Me: but can't electron pairs be drawn either as double dots or single lines? Teacher: yes Me: why I got zero? Teacher: you are drawing both methods, so your exam has no consistency; you got to choose one and use it for the whole exam. Edit: 10:49 80% efficiency? That engine is fucking perfect! Holy crap who is the genius behind it? Also, this kinda explain his interest in potions in DreamSMP
simp 7 dias atrás
the sats was so easy what-
TechnoSon 8 dias atrás
I got the same score as wilbur on biology and I'm 14 lol
TechnoSon 8 dias atrás
666k views uh oh spagettio
Rehkturian DM
Rehkturian DM 8 dias atrás
The crap that they taught us ladies and gents!
Luck Duck
Luck Duck 8 dias atrás
When I was 11 I remember those tests being wayyy harder
Marta Wiśniewska
Marta Wiśniewska 9 dias atrás
I’d really do that if I knew all the vocabulary in English (I mean the science terms and stuff). Sadly, my school only teaches us how to ask where the bus stop is
3 subs no video
3 subs no video 10 dias atrás
* | ○○*
3 subs no video
3 subs no video 10 dias atrás
3 subs no video
3 subs no video 10 dias atrás
Bahar Bashir
Bahar Bashir 10 dias atrás
*me currently doing biology A-levels and failing at all the questions*
Sofia Lucero
Sofia Lucero 11 dias atrás
He's a genius, he's really fuggin smart But he peaked in grade school
inkyblinky 11 dias atrás
this just made me realize how shit my education was lmao im in college and some of these gcse questions i have never heard in my entire life
James Clarke
James Clarke 12 dias atrás
That was rounders? When we played it in PE it was just flat out baseball but the teacher called it rounders
Danika B
Danika B 13 dias atrás
I want a friend like Benedict
Anon Rahman
Anon Rahman 13 dias atrás
How old is Wilbur?
Lizzy Withall
Lizzy Withall 13 dias atrás
This isn't even that old but Wilbur looks like such a lil baby 🥺
Owen Ollis
Owen Ollis 13 dias atrás
Sheldon and Leonard are from Pasadena I’m suing
QuarryBee 14 dias atrás
noooo he was supposed to be dumb as dirt
Zoey Gregory
Zoey Gregory 14 dias atrás
Rounders sounds like a shitty version of tether ball 😂
GoofyGandalf 15 dias atrás
I have adhd so I don't understand any of these questions the first time I hear them
jenne 16 dias atrás
"the Sankey diagram -oh shit-" LMAO
m van pelt
m van pelt 16 dias atrás
i am forever grateful that i live in texas. jesus christ. our standardized test, aka the staar, is Incredibly Easy. i went to a magnet school (aka AP/IB for middle school), and even the EOCs we took for our advanced courses were really easy. it never fails to amaze me the sheer number of people that fail when it’s just a four hour long multiple choice exam.
Daniel W
Daniel W 16 dias atrás
Man, i remeber that vacuum mug question was on my mocks for GCSE's
Someone Unimportant
Someone Unimportant 17 dias atrás
After watching this I feel like english is a completely different language than America’s English..
Grace Ellie
Grace Ellie 17 dias atrás
wtf is an "E"
kendall 18 dias atrás
19:15 this just in, mammals dont have cells. theyre are merely globs of dna.
Overforest 119
Overforest 119 4 dias atrás
Also apparently all non-mammals in the animal kingdom, all plants and fungi do not have DNA.
liza omnom
liza omnom 18 dias atrás
about halfway through I started questioning why I'm still watching...well I finished the whole video
gamerdonut 123
gamerdonut 123 18 dias atrás
daisy caldwell
daisy caldwell 18 dias atrás
we do NOT stan AQA
Julissa Ochoa
Julissa Ochoa 19 dias atrás
OH so i really AM stupid..
Prowlbeast 19 dias atrás
Idiot gang
Caitlin Swinburn
Caitlin Swinburn 20 dias atrás
Wilbur doing that gcse physics paper has just shown me how fucked I am for my gcses next year rip
Zach Ogden
Zach Ogden 21 dia atrás
"back to school" didnt age well at all
engineer gaming
engineer gaming 21 dia atrás
i swear those elementary school tests were not that fuckin easy when i took them a long ass time ago
Astip 21 dia atrás
I was only able to take my Maths and English GCSE's since I missed my exams due to being homeschooled, and college only tought those GCSE subjects for people who didn't pass on their first try. Interesting to know what kind of questions I'd be asked for a Physics exam, though!
CrazyJax419 22 dias atrás
Ah yes, the better times
xo_tanvi_xo 25 dias atrás
Rounders haunts everyone in the uk
RaGe Grim
RaGe Grim 27 dias atrás
bring benedict back
KC PRO YT 27 dias atrás
Me after quarantine 00:00
Preston Tremain
Preston Tremain 28 dias atrás
I’ve watched this channel since it went up how have I not seen this video
Anora 29 dias atrás
This is like a foreign language to all the American fans but everyone still watched lmao
Yolanda Godoy
Yolanda Godoy 29 dias atrás
Now remind me why I didn't see a single question on how to survive if alone in the wild? Or how to do and remember other things more useful than these things? I mean does knowing any of the things in the college test really help you survive in life?
Stellular Nebulla
Stellular Nebulla 29 dias atrás
Honestly, I'm just watching this for the part, probably at the end, where he makes the realisation that none of this mattered in the slight in contributing to where he is today. If anyone young is reading this, my advice is to question everything. Because questioning stuff is a pretty good way of acquiring information which you can use to create a more full perspective of humanity.
Little Wolf
Little Wolf Mês atrás
I, too, got an E on my A-level biology :")))
Willer heim
Willer heim Mês atrás
I'm pissed off that Abdul measured mass not temperature
littlepoison Mês atrás
my gcse’s are in less than a years time, corona has gotten rid of like 6 months worth of education and i now have no clue what any of the questions meant that wilbur answered 😳 bojo please change the exams thank you.
RoguePhoenix99 3 dias atrás
Literally same here lol
LordNikon Mês atrás
12:13 yo Wilbur you scared the shit outta me. Since my names Jack. I went down for something to eat while the video was playing came back to you staring at the camera saying go on jack. Go get sweets. Go get a snack. Boi you scared the shit outta me
NateBot08 Bot
NateBot08 Bot Mês atrás
Bro back then tests were so easy
Tomas flatharta
Tomas flatharta Mês atrás
Primary school: fail maths Seconary school: fail maths I should do maths in college
Sink McSink
Sink McSink Mês atrás
You need to know how to pay taxes? Mitochondria is the power house of the cell did i actually spell that right first try?
Cookie •
Cookie • Mês atrás
Me, a german watching you take your Biology A-Levels which contains topics that are FAR easier than ours: 👁👄👁
Potato Steve
Potato Steve Mês atrás
The first exam that ever gave me a panic attack was my 9th grade AP Bio exam so this video was nostalgic in the most hellish possible way
Zerdix Mês atrás
You bouth being in one room makes me feel like you're spiderman
Jonathan Hargrove
Jonathan Hargrove Mês atrás
do lit so you have to read those awful long stories about grapes and shit
Redheadedmusician Mês atrás
im sitting here as an a level physics student fucking up all these gcse questions help
WingFighter Mês atrás
Wilbur answering the biology test: :3 Me, a marine biology student: *[Debating if they should laugh or cry]* :'3
Christopher Privett
This seems easier than US tests.
ilikeanime Mês atrás
wilbur: *reads first question* oh fuck i felt that
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