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Today we play the worlds hardest quiz!
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27 Mai 2023



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Comentários : 10 079   
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 3 anos atrás
I like how you try to solve the questions logically
PencilNeck 3 anos atrás
Russel’s editing skills are insane
Nathan Mundling
Nathan Mundling Anos atrás
sweaty chazza
sweaty chazza 3 anos atrás
Soooo happy this is FINALLY on the channel please play them all 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🔥🔥🔥
Amy Wilding
Amy Wilding 7 meses atrás
Flash JR
Flash JR 5 meses atrás
On question 11 when it was the n It was next to the 2
Rainier Fernandez
Rainier Fernandez 3 meses atrás
Congratulations on 20M!
ZewDewz 3 anos atrás
I like how Ian uses the same faces every thumbnail :)
ryley chmilar
ryley chmilar 2 dias atrás
ive finished it. i memorized the whole quiz haha lol
DynamiteTom09 3 anos atrás
Keep up the good work when I’m sad I watch you and you make me feel good
Beatrice Sliman
Beatrice Sliman 3 anos atrás
DEFINITELY make another video on this. I play this so much in school that I have through question 80 something memorized and watching people struggle through it is hilarious. Also I can’t beat this one question with the shooting stars.
Pawfect Dogs
Pawfect Dogs Anos atrás
THE ANSWER TO THE HARDEST ONE IS : games console with whole meal biscuits (top right)
Spacehead Anos atrás
@Pawfect Dogs imo the hardest one is the touch the red dots
AndyGun11 Anos atrás
You need to save all your skips for that level.
Tola Gop
Tola Gop Anos atrás
30th Don't touch green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tola Gop
Tola Gop Anos atrás
31. Woof (A 1 (B 2 (C 3 (D 4
Irene Webb
Irene Webb 2 anos atrás
I love when ssundee keeps feeling like this is torture
AIO Info
AIO Info 5 meses atrás
Awesome video! You are interesting man .....Keep it up
Lew S
Lew S 3 anos atrás
Really? The impossible quiz? Damn this really takes me back.
Michael Hilario
Michael Hilario 2 meses atrás
2PBOO 9 meses atrás
Make sure you have 7 skips before the end you need to use 7 skips at the final question
AIDS Gaming
AIDS Gaming Anos atrás
This channel never disappoints, love the content! I've been a fan for ages now!!
luvmates 10 meses atrás
Just a mid gamer
Just a mid gamer 8 meses atrás
2 years late….
🤍KushikitoYT🤍 6 meses atrás
Prob a bot
william Puckett
william Puckett 3 anos atrás
just so you know if you want to beat this game don't skip a question you need all 7 skips for the last question which is 110. hope you beat this game soon :)
UnoBrunoBoi 3 anos atrás
I love watching youtubers do this game and I'm so glad you are doing it ssundee!
GamerGirlKinsley 9 meses atrás
Imagine if the main menu was a question
Animation Gaming
Animation Gaming 2 anos atrás
you are too funny! make more of this stuff!
Mayie Tsang
Mayie Tsang 5 meses atrás
3:34: Repeat this 5 times 😂 He looks like the strict poem from Michael Rosen
Aryadeep Roy
Aryadeep Roy 2 anos atrás
One of your worst nightmares is to know that the skips which you collect is useful only at the last question... All the other questions can be solved without skipping...
Player of You
Player of You 3 anos atrás
Sundee doesn’t know that you need all of the skips unused to beat the game
Sharpie 24
Sharpie 24 3 anos atrás
Watching this and knowing all the answers because you played the impossible quiz growing up, and still know all the answers.
Thea 8 meses atrás
You entertained me today!😊
AnbuWolf 3 anos atrás
There is no way he hasn't seen or played this before he's answering these questions that would take other people forever in under a minute
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed 3 anos atrás
1000 Subscribers without a video actually he’s answering surprisingly slow. He used to much thinking
TheBotGod 2 anos atrás
The Haters Gonna Hate @AnbuWolf
Child dancing
Child dancing Anos atrás
Ermo Daniels
Ermo Daniels Anos atrás
TOMTHOM5369 Anos atrás
There easy
wil wisono
wil wisono 6 meses atrás
If the main menu was a question it would make it actually impossible
Proudannus69 3 anos atrás
i remember the good old days of doing the impossible quiz instead of doing work at school.
PUBG_AMAN 3 anos atrás
Great video I never get tired with your videos
Bxeaxz ._.
Bxeaxz ._. 3 anos atrás
Little does he know he needs all skips to beat the game
miriam hood
miriam hood 5 meses atrás
I did this quiz in a summer camp once and someone actually licked cardboard to see what it tasted like (it was egg mayonnaise)
josh navalta
josh navalta 3 anos atrás
Y’all remember the good days when youtube wasn’t trash and we watched Poods play this
🤍KushikitoYT🤍 6 meses atrás
"I hope you step on a lego." Got me dying laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Banana Creations
Banana Creations 3 anos atrás
SSundee, you are my favourite youtuber. I watch your videos almost everyday when I am bored and I just want to laugh
Nur Hakimi Azlan
Nur Hakimi Azlan 3 anos atrás
"L-I-T-E is in regards to weight" Ian you never cease to enlighten me
Omega Makoto
Omega Makoto 3 anos atrás
You need to save all of your skips for the last question and there’s 110 questions in total
Grace Karam
Grace Karam 9 meses atrás
Man! That looked so hard! I hate quizzes like that! Great vid, very entertaining!🤣🤣🤣
Natalie Kelly
Natalie Kelly Mês atrás
Chico Ravelli
Chico Ravelli Anos atrás
I love how genuinely angry he was when he said "I hope you step on a lego" but then right after he said it he just reset back to happy boi
Ina Penda
Ina Penda Anos atrás
its boy not boi
lianna and anna
lianna and anna Anos atrás
You can also say boi
Nooberlink Gaming
Nooberlink Gaming 4 meses atrás
Can I just say that he said no after this question 1:41 . He got it right
Ambush_A 3 meses atrás
I knew that Actually
Timeless Gamer
Timeless Gamer 3 anos atrás
This is probably one of my favorite videos. I love this game and it’s sooo cool to watch utubers lose it over the game
Bluely Anos atrás
its not my favorite game bur it is fun watching people lose the game
Void Axolotl
Void Axolotl 5 meses atrás
@Bluely "bur" 💀
Keegan scazza
Keegan scazza 3 anos atrás
Sundee I really appreciate your time on BRvid you always chear me up
scruffycello 2 anos atrás
Its amazing how ssundee sets a like goal and every time he does that, he crushed it
Amber Inman
Amber Inman 8 meses atrás
Bruh Who created this "Impossible Quiz" thingy-a-bob is a absolute SAVAGE BRO yay
My Gills
My Gills 3 anos atrás
Ahh yes I see Ssundee thank you for traveling forward in time to bless us with *Q U A L I T Y C O N T E N T*
Animation bot
Animation bot Anos atrás
maxamed saalax
maxamed saalax 11 meses atrás
no sussy baka's here😂😂🤣🤣😅😅😆😆🤭🤭
Angie Delvalle
Angie Delvalle Mês atrás
9:08 9:08
Tawanda Ndapwadza
Tawanda Ndapwadza 2 meses atrás
That’s a game that has impossible questions.
Dustin_Puls 3 anos atrás
I’m almost certain that he watched a walkthrough right before he made this
Gregoris Thoma
Gregoris Thoma 7 meses atrás
Dragon 3 anos atrás
For the slap hands, the hint was that they don’t like mice referring to your mouse/cursor
Audrius Jakubėnas
Audrius Jakubėnas 3 anos atrás
Please play more of this, including other imposible quiz games
Lahzar 4 meses atrás
Bro really needed a cauclator to solve 24-7
noureversecardskipyour turn
Can confirm. Cardboard does kinda taste like egg mayonnaise (mostly, but depends on the type of cardboard)
Cam agent 15
Cam agent 15 9 meses atrás
Fun fact: in the words “A polo” there actually is four letters, in “A” there’s a hole at the top, and in the “p” there’s also a hole. It makes sense that he saw the o’s that had the holes. I don’t actually know how he got two
Shield 3 anos atrás
“liter means weight, and lighter means light” -Ssundee 2019
Jayden t
Jayden t 3 anos atrás
Shield Wolf baby yoda
Jason S
Jason S 3 anos atrás
Baby yoda
Mac The Dog
Mac The Dog 3 anos atrás
Baby yoda
MW SN 3 anos atrás
Baybe Yoduh
julian Singh
julian Singh 3 anos atrás
Baby yoda
Brandon C Likes mangoes
Who else loves russel's editing?
Jon Lel MMDs
Jon Lel MMDs 3 anos atrás
You need to save all the skips for the last question. If you don’t do this, you can’t beat the game. Also there are 3 other games from this series
Wallace Cline
Wallace Cline 3 meses atrás
He sometimes says "noo" when he gets it correct
GDnitro Anos atrás
I love these funny random non understanding questions
Chaser 2 meses atrás
20th question: It's because of the phrase "Seal the Deal." 23rd question: When you change subtitles, you put a name in for the file. This one was called "Bran."
tittiesandgriddys 2 anos atrás
When you’ve done this entire quiz and you know all the answers, and you’re just watching SSundee suffer
THE VIDEO GAMER 2 anos atrás
PyroMnkey 2 anos atrás
kimberly mertens
kimberly mertens 2 anos atrás
ik i beat the whole thing in like 10 minutes
aaronh_ Anos atrás
Jeremy Anos atrás
The LastSoulsOfFire is it just me or does this look like a hate comment?
dee 3 anos atrás
He doesn’t know what 24-7 is but he knows how all the questions work out😂🤦‍♂️
Rainbow☆wanam 8 meses atrás
I think its 17
Probably the FBI
Probably the FBI 3 anos atrás
I like how Ssundee figures out the bucket one with logic that didn’t make sense, they’re both spelled light
Brydenp Klemmer
Brydenp Klemmer Mês atrás
No not true 😅
Kelly Flanagan
Kelly Flanagan 11 meses atrás
Sundee: Gets mad Also sundee: "Step on a lego!"
GreenBean 3 anos atrás
Ssundee should teach Simeon through this quiz.
Diana Rivera
Diana Rivera 5 meses atrás
Why do I feel he is good 😂
Cactus 5 meses atrás
He is
Big Al 18042
Big Al 18042 2 anos atrás
Thank you SSundee for introducing me to 60 seconds I love the game :)
al lakomskis
al lakomskis 2 anos atrás
Wait no way
al lakomskis
al lakomskis 2 anos atrás
Are u my dad
Nope not your dad 😏
al lakomskis
al lakomskis Anos atrás
@ ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっborknotfound🌼 ok
Matthew's Corner
Matthew's Corner 3 anos atrás
I'd pay money to see Ian's reaction to question 26 and seeing him solving it.
Hanzla animation
Hanzla animation Mês atrás
What’s question 26
Matthew's Corner
Matthew's Corner Mês atrás
@Hanzla animation The question asks "Which of these place names doesn't exist?" It then lists a bunch of street names and such that are all real except for one, but all have some inappropriate affiliation. Like mixing swear words into the name. These are the answer choices - Germansweek - Bitchfield - Arsefacey - Blubberhouses - Brown Willy - Budd's Titson - Twatt If I remember correctly, the answer was Arsefacey.
Hanzla animation
Hanzla animation Mês atrás
@Matthew's Corner oh
TheLoserMatt 3 anos atrás
Pretty obvious he’s played before but still entertaining
Dainne Cyr
Dainne Cyr 3 meses atrás
9:09 SSundee's most wise words ever
Topi Mäntylä
Topi Mäntylä 3 anos atrás
I dont ask for much this christmas. I just wanna watch Ssundees good videos like this. That is all I want
moonlight gaming🌙
moonlight gaming🌙 7 meses atrás
12:24 as a science veteran, ik the answer is shoe polish
I fake smile. 🙂
I fake smile. 🙂 Anos atrás
Congrats for 20m Subs!
Asmaa AlBasri
Asmaa AlBasri Anos atrás
I am really shocked that you didn’t give up but keep up the good work
Peyton Ricks
Peyton Ricks 3 anos atrás
Me and my friends used to memorize this at school and see who could beat it faster
Edgars Simansons
Edgars Simansons 4 meses atrás
The Waffle house has found it's new host
Albie Ramsden
Albie Ramsden Anos atrás
Congrats on 20M You’ve grown so much I’ve been subscribed since 11M
Amy’s World
Amy’s World Anos atrás
And Bulga l love your channel!!!
Amy’s World
Amy’s World Anos atrás
Aedan Castro
Aedan Castro 3 meses atrás
9:33 boys.. we are on question 17 haha 🚪🚪🚪
Yalla Jalla
Yalla Jalla 3 anos atrás
Yeah when he started already struggling at question one his fate was sealed
ReeseyBeestey Anos atrás
Quincy 3 anos atrás
This ssundee upload never gets old
(34936) Panpree Sitaposa
To beat the Impossible Quiz... you have to save all your skips for the last question that you have to use all 7 skips... yep, it’s hard to do that. But if you didn’t save the skips... you will not past 110 which is the last question of the quiz.
Aurélie Lachance
Aurélie Lachance Anos atrás
really?? i've never beat the game before
Matt Carroll
Matt Carroll 5 meses atrás
cant we just appreciate that he blocked out the one saying b!tchl@nd?
Dried Mucus
Dried Mucus 3 anos atrás
You know I was kinda raging when Ian couldn't figure them out
Fabio Cirillo
Fabio Cirillo 6 meses atrás
I am telling him the answers to all of the questions 😂
axolotl girl
axolotl girl Anos atrás
This was funny lol🤣 Love u ssudee and your vids
MikeNishikino 3 anos atrás
Hey Ssundee, come back and beat this quiz! I think it'll be a few fun episodes (the quiz is kinda long...) and maybe after you beat this one, you can move on to The Impossible Quiz 2 and The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapters 1-3! :D btw feel free to use as many of those Skips as you want, some of the questions in this first quiz are pretty random. :)
Pari Maru
Pari Maru Anos atrás
Hi my name is pari and i am pregnant i am 67 year old haaaaaaaaaaaa the baby is coming.
Devi plays roblox Alt
Devi plays roblox Alt 8 meses atrás
@Pari Maru what the
Aenderable 3 anos atrás
You should have been writing down the answer to each question on a piece of paper just in case you didn’t remember an answer! I mean, that’s at least what I would do cause I’ve got the memory of a goldfish 😂
Im_yosef29 2 anos atrás
Same -_-
Dakari Allen
Dakari Allen 2 anos atrás
Same lol 😂
Little red Slime
Little red Slime Anos atrás
Deadly Øççu1lt
Deadly Øççu1lt 3 meses atrás
They say it's the impossible quiz... Me be like: it's the headache inducing questions and answers that's really wierd and outside the box. In a nutshell that's what it is.
Vex 3 anos atrás
I never played this game this way, I just kinda played the game by choosing random ones
Zack Williams Conrad
Zack Williams Conrad 5 meses atrás
5:17 ooh i can skip a question thats pretty "sick"
PRFECTION 3 anos atrás
Anyone has that feeling where Ssundee knows the answers
Meme central & Cringe 101
I do
Star Shmbol
Star Shmbol 3 anos atrás
Ben 26
Ben 26 3 anos atrás
He def did
Ranada Wyche
Ranada Wyche 3 anos atrás
Yes sirrrr
PSI 3 anos atrás
TumbleWeed 3 anos atrás
Don’t skip because at the end, you need to have all of your skips leftover to use
Ryan S. Distelhorst
Ryan S. Distelhorst 3 anos atrás
SSundee's title for this video is a paradox.
Khang Le
Khang Le 6 meses atrás
When theres a dot that isn’t on the bottom it actually means multiply
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 3 anos atrás
u can tell he watched a walk through before playing, it took me so long to figure out the pink bridge level and i had to watch a tutorial
Gardening help at Suffolk Olly’s Gardening Help
Fun fact the word Impossible is actually called I'm possible
FarbenCut 2 anos atrás
It sometimes feels like he’s done the quiz once, most People get stuck on every second question
Aiden Corrigan SchoolWork
I’m 99% sure he recorded him actually trying it and then just gave up so whipped up the answers
OnIy Evan
OnIy Evan 3 anos atrás
I love how he’s playing the Quiet Mode
grunchtastic christmas
Evan A what is the other mode?
ThunderStriker 3 anos atrás
Benjamin Burns no acting like he doesn’t know the answer lol
Heinz Diosemito
Heinz Diosemito 10 meses atrás
3:37 "I hope you step on a lego" - Ssundee 2019
beans Anos atrás
You beat your record on quiz videos!
Smg54 Mês atrás
12:45 no you must SEAL the DEAL!
Nathan Ris
Nathan Ris Anos atrás
SSundee is the most amazing youtuber ive ever seen in my life!
C Anos atrás
Jem YoutubePlays
Jem YoutubePlays 3 anos atrás
Loved your video's :D
Maritza Rivas
Maritza Rivas 2 anos atrás
I looooove this game, I have played it in school, keep up the great work man, love you vids
Princess Jasimne
Princess Jasimne 6 meses atrás
I finished this but it took a week is funny watching you strugle
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