Camping Overnight With No Technology

Dolan Twins
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We were sick and stuck inside for an entire week. Just laying down looking at our phones while we were resting in bed. When we were finally not sick anymore we decided that we needed to get out of the house and disconnect from technology... heres what happened.
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30 Abr 2019



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Comentários 30 051
Stan Lee
Stan Lee Dia atrás
no tech huh? THEN HOW DID YOU RECORD THIS???????
Hanna Pope
Hanna Pope Dia atrás
“Rule #1 no technology” They used technology to film literally this entire thing
ArtsyAshlyn Dia atrás
Ethan the only person on earth who will touch a cactus and think it’s gunna be fuzzy
BBY Panda Playz
BBY Panda Playz 2 dias atrás
Me: Mom I hurt my arm.. Mom: It’s because of that phone. Me: Mom my head hurts.. Mom: It’s because of that phone. Me: Mom I’m pregnant. Mom: ...... Me: Because of the f*cking phone right?
Lisa Sacramento
Lisa Sacramento 2 dias atrás
Nobody: Literally nobody in the universe: Ethan: wHy aRe yOu wEaRiNg a dOuChEbAg sHiRt
Camille Moreau
Camille Moreau 3 dias atrás
Dude if you want to become a pro at camping, do as I did: go camping in the African Wild, hearing the lions and the hyenas scream at night 😂 never seen better stars tho!
Lil Singin Nugget
Lil Singin Nugget 3 dias atrás
Grayson: "I'm literally the only one here!" Camera Man: *am I a joke to you?*
Kayla Subero
Kayla Subero 3 dias atrás
Ethan I'm so disappointed in you your 20 minute younger brother can cook but you can't! Don't worry I still love you , I love both of you...... what am I saying right now....?
Star Hope
Star Hope 4 dias atrás
Grayson is like a real pro at that kind of stuff
DK styles
DK styles 4 dias atrás
i like u so much
Skylar Shorter
Skylar Shorter 4 dias atrás
Why is no one talking about when ethan said "I know your hiss when I hear it" 😂😂
Maria Silva
Maria Silva 6 dias atrás
Grayson: Ethan I'm literally the only person here Camera man: Am I dead to you?
Jackie Cx
Jackie Cx 7 dias atrás
25:53 the rock in the back of Grayson looks like a turtle 🐢😭
Caligirl13 7 dias atrás
I love how gray was the more responsible/logical one😂❤️
Miss Sara 21
Miss Sara 21 8 dias atrás
Ethan is my sister with his skin care routine
Chicky 9 dias atrás
just a tip no matter what country you are in if you have no service and you need help then call 112
Kiwi 9 dias atrás
I know your hiss when I hear it..
Kiwi 9 dias atrás
Protein Ethan! S'mores are for dessert Edit: jk yolo eat them whenever duh
Kiwi 9 dias atrás
"I beat you to pen15 mountain"
Todd Tepper
Todd Tepper 9 dias atrás
“It’s called a sandwich bag”. I’m crying from these crazy boys, so f-ing funny!
Nevaeh Carpenter
Nevaeh Carpenter 10 dias atrás
Them: Technology free Also them:proceeds to film with cameras Me:😂
It’s Kayy
It’s Kayy 11 dias atrás
really ethan why are you bullying grayson😂if i was grayson i would be in my room crying😂😂
Kailee Hall
Kailee Hall 11 dias atrás
You always treat me like a little bitch or something..... Well, what are you then? Lol
Kailee Hall
Kailee Hall 11 dias atrás
Beans, hotdogs and smores are classic camping foods. You can make eggs and bacon over a fire too lol. Next time you should try tinfoil dinners over the fire. So yummy!
Kailee Hall
Kailee Hall 11 dias atrás
Super excited "dude I'm all the way up here!" CoOl. 😂
Kailee Hall
Kailee Hall 11 dias atrás
Eeeeethan! Stop complaining 😂 ah!
stephanie williams
stephanie williams 12 dias atrás
Horseylover .junior
Horseylover .junior 12 dias atrás
Why didn't Grayson sit in the front seat when Ethan drove? And also why didn't Ethan sit in the passenger side when Grayson drove there?
Ronaldo Villeda
Ronaldo Villeda 14 dias atrás
How did they know it wad 9:00 am wtf
don't do it
don't do it 15 dias atrás
#Ethan is mean to Grayson
don't do it
don't do it 15 dias atrás
Grayson:rule1:no technology me:ummmmm camera is technology.....come on
Zayalla Fantasy
Zayalla Fantasy 15 dias atrás
5:03 I love how Gray roasts Ethan, and then E takes is revenge by asking him why he wears a douchebag shirt 😂 11:09 I died at the "How?!" 😂
mateus souza
mateus souza 16 dias atrás
Jesus Why is Ethan so annoying in this video ? Hahaha he keeps cutting Grayson off all the time
DeanRichard 16 dias atrás
Fuck this makes me want to go back there They went to a place called white tank in joshua tree and the granite rocks and sky are beautiful
Rachael Louise
Rachael Louise 17 dias atrás
E..”We can just put our phones down and sit by the pool” Nice try Ethan 🤣
Ty Harris
Ty Harris 17 dias atrás
No technology but y’all have a camera there
ChristinaPoppin 18 dias atrás
"Camping overnight with no technology" But Grayson have phone in his pocket 25:31
Andreja Zakaraite
Andreja Zakaraite 19 dias atrás
Ethan is fully me through the whole video 🖤😭😂😍
Belle 19 dias atrás
6:17 "bladdick" lmao
Conor 20 dias atrás
Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Dolan Twins: We're going to get lost so we can stand on a penis shaped rock
Yamara Perez
Yamara Perez 21 dia atrás
Rose Justice
Rose Justice 21 dia atrás
19:57 "perfectly capable" 😅😂 Hun you are adorable and so not capable lol.
Jj Vids
Jj Vids 22 dias atrás
I love you
Kelita Christian
Kelita Christian 22 dias atrás
grayson is that a hydroflask sksksk anna op
Shylah Svorai
Shylah Svorai 23 dias atrás
How come when someone is lying Ethan always says “that is not factual"
Niyah Blackmon
Niyah Blackmon 23 dias atrás
emilie sabourin
emilie sabourin 23 dias atrás
everyone: *silence* Grayson: cranberries are good for your blady
Elise Doman
Elise Doman 23 dias atrás
Idk why but when Ethan said I tried two times I found that so cute😻
Wolfie Gamer
Wolfie Gamer 23 dias atrás
Nobody: Ethan : *_can we get an instant replay?_*
raerae kap
raerae kap 23 dias atrás
grason said sick use your ears
Kiera 24 dias atrás
*title : “no, electronics!”* *”camera : “am I a joke to you?”*
S Preethi
S Preethi 24 dias atrás
Everytime I watch them, I get confused who is the elder one..😂
Zykapaz 25 dias atrás
Yo challenge is already failed bro the camera is a piece of tech
Jeana Burgos
Jeana Burgos 25 dias atrás
Do more survival challenges(24 hours)
delete channel
delete channel 26 dias atrás
Does anyone know where this is cause I’m trying to go someone please tell me
Gia Gianna
Gia Gianna 26 dias atrás
Grayson:IM THE ONLY ONE HERE. Camera crew: *AM I A JOKE TO YOU*
Makenna Hetlinger
Makenna Hetlinger 27 dias atrás
28:48 You haven’t really found your mind until u lost it. -Ethan Dolan 2019
teh ck
teh ck 27 dias atrás
Shut up ethan
amy mai
amy mai 28 dias atrás
Ethan: "Im dairy free" Also Ethan: *eats penutBUTTER*
Raevyn Elicia Adams
Raevyn Elicia Adams 24 dias atrás
Not all brands of peanut butter contain lactose.
Angela Hanna
Angela Hanna 28 dias atrás
But a camera is technology
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