Camila Cabello - Living Proof (Official Music Video)

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"Romance" available at:
Directed by Alan Ferguson
Produced by Melissa Larsen
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(C) 2019 Simco Ltd. under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


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24 Nov 2019



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Comentários 80
Charlotte Pease
Charlotte Pease 16 horas atrás
your an amazing singer
Madie Montoya
Madie Montoya 18 horas atrás
I think I can sing, but then I see Camila singing this..
Sandra Santacruz
Sandra Santacruz 21 hora atrás
Here to see again the "super jacked" guy Shawn was jealous of😂
sergio giron
sergio giron Dia atrás
only señorita and oh my oj my were.hits but all this songss are so good
Emily Marius
Emily Marius Dia atrás
Me: challenge accepted Also me: challenge failed
Dwaipayan Datta Roy
Give me a melody like this and write me a lyrics , i want to sing
Aaron Leguizamon
Aaron Leguizamon Dia atrás
this song and the music video is a real masterpiece. She really did THAT
Basma Fatima
Basma Fatima Dia atrás
camila i love you
Anna Hurst
Anna Hurst Dia atrás
Does anyone know who edited this please?
Zen Zen
Zen Zen Dia atrás
Living Proof and Shameless are extraordinary❤
َ Dia atrás
julieta lopez sallvador
no me gusta pero nuca le daria no me gusta a camila
Venus Vns
Venus Vns 2 dias atrás
hay mami... estas preciosaaaaaa
Brooke the Gem
Brooke the Gem 2 dias atrás
I thought the guy was Shawn. And he drew on facial hair. Quarantine things people.
Thea Miller
Thea Miller 2 dias atrás
Belle Laurilla
Belle Laurilla 2 dias atrás
omg, this song sounds so good, y I'm late? damn
Edwin Zuniga
Edwin Zuniga 2 dias atrás
20 million views??
Aanisha Dey
Aanisha Dey 2 dias atrás
Why does it look like "Rare" ? Did Selena copy it? The vibe, i mean.
Billie Eillish
Billie Eillish 3 dias atrás
A shameless human was in Havanna but she had no real friends who had to give something she had questions ,she love it when he call her senorita she want that he cry for her he is the living proof that loving yourself is easy a beautiful ,scar tissue lay all these years on the floor and she knew that tonight she would only tell the moon ,what kind of consequences it will have that she loves control she will never be the same again this love has bad types of butterflies but she likes how he loves her inside must be love dan it wouldn't hurt so much she just wants to make bad things she knows that she is a liar it’s gonna take a minute but she can used to this.She can't feel it twice ,you should have said it ,but you don't have it love 💓 .
Pri 3 dias atrás
It's 2030 and the artist of the decade goes to Camila Cabello... 🌜
lcrooks69 3 dias atrás
So disappointing that the male talent in this video is not Shawn.
Darlan Gustavo
Darlan Gustavo 3 dias atrás
Essa música não é boa pra single, seria melhor ter dado um clipe e ter trabalhado como single em "This Love" 😐💕
Aung Min Zaw
Aung Min Zaw 4 dias atrás
Tam Charlotte
Tam Charlotte 4 dias atrás
i have come to realize almost every single music video has the ol WhO Is wATChiNg DurInG QUAranTinE thing lol
Jen_123x 4 dias atrás
Is the man Shawn Mendes
sunflower. 5 dias atrás
this mv is so underrated, the romance era was very wronged....
Deshawn Lawson
Deshawn Lawson 5 dias atrás
Camila is underrated
madanan madhu
madanan madhu 5 dias atrás
Everybody keeps talking abt camilla's voice, but mean while my frnd : WHO'S THAT GUY? 😂
Alice LI
Alice LI 5 dias atrás
Camila is far too underrated, like the views make me cringe. She deserves at least a billion views.
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh 5 dias atrás
I couldn't imagine also somebody can sing like this
breeda Tylim
breeda Tylim 5 dias atrás
She has beautiful sound in this domaine
Michael Peñaranda
Michael Peñaranda 6 dias atrás
This is one of my favorite songs of Camila cabello, but most underrated views . I don't know why. This song is perfect I must say it's masterpiece
Claudia Mahinay
Claudia Mahinay 6 dias atrás
Lucky boy. Wish i could be him so bad
mahima pasricha
mahima pasricha 7 dias atrás
what a fucking beautiful song .
SN VIDS 7 dias atrás
This is the best song ever!
Tua Maaie
Tua Maaie 8 dias atrás
wow this song is so hard to sing. You are amazing Camilla!!!
Shifa Khan
Shifa Khan 8 dias atrás
This is called Simply Angelic. ♥️
Madelynpg08 8 dias atrás
Why didn’t you use Shawn he is SO much cuter than those guys?!?
Rishika Bajaj
Rishika Bajaj 5 dias atrás
Madelynpg08 cause he can’t dance? But ya yes way better looking
Pxstel Pctqls
Pxstel Pctqls 8 dias atrás
This song is super beautiful and calming. It is probably the perfect love song right now! Camilla, you are a beautiful person inside out! You probably didn't have to eat makeup to be that way! 💮💮🌸💟💟
Antônio de Oliveira Maia
CAMILA, VOCÊ ÉÉ MUITO LINDA E SEXY. 🌹💎💎🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💎🌹❤❤❤🔥💎💋👏💋👏👏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Wilson Luíz de Oliveira Maia
Mulher muito sensual.
Vaitaire Coppolo
Vaitaire Coppolo 9 dias atrás
I love this song SOOO F MUCH! underratted AF. When she performed this on Ellen I HAD CHILLSSSS
Ishita Mitra
Ishita Mitra 9 dias atrás
Tomás Henrique Calderon Loret
Camila cabello looks great in the water. Thus, she relaxes and is well rested and also with her feet in the water.
Tomás Henrique Calderon Loret
Camila Cabello hot on your feet? When she sang "living proof" live on jimmy fallon's tonight show, it was also the same thing
Tomás Henrique Calderon Loret
Camila cabello's voice is spectacular in this song
Veronica Quintero
Veronica Quintero 10 dias atrás
Me encantas camila
Tomás Henrique Calderon Loret
Camila cabello partnered with Guess for the first time before Jennifer Lopez did
Tomás Henrique Calderon Loret
Last year, I didn't even want to celebrate Halloween with camila cabello on Instagram because the outfit wasn't well known
Tomás Henrique Calderon Loret
last year, camila cabello liked Halloween and disguised it herself.
Yenifer Vasquez
Yenifer Vasquez 11 dias atrás
Este vídeo es arte aunque no lo supieron valorar.
Rhaegal Jag
Rhaegal Jag 11 dias atrás
The boy is very handsome. I think I need your instagram username. anyone know your insta?
Rona Guimalan
Rona Guimalan 11 dias atrás
everytime this song plays i dance like...k gosh bye.
Unknown 11 dias atrás
#lentolauren #50ftlauren new music!
Mohammed Lami
Mohammed Lami 11 dias atrás
Come On Camilizers We Need Only 100M Lets Do IT !!!
Bianca Ohanaja
Bianca Ohanaja 11 dias atrás
0:27 , 1:02 , 1:12 , 1:25 , 1:28 , 1:29 , 1:38 , 1:42 , 1:43 , 2:03 , 2:17 , 2:38 , 2:54 Shawn Mendes has left the chat
Byte Me
Byte Me 11 dias atrás
When Cabella creates a performance like Leona Lewis, let me know. I'll wait.
carlos beltran
carlos beltran 11 dias atrás
Rohini Lokhande
Rohini Lokhande 12 dias atrás
Kêmille Fernanda
Kêmille Fernanda 12 dias atrás
Vitor Pacifico
Vitor Pacifico 12 dias atrás
eu nunca vou conseguir na minha vida toda compreender esse flop mds
Ivan Vasquez
Ivan Vasquez 12 dias atrás
Caren Bonilla
Caren Bonilla 12 dias atrás
Camila is beatiful and perfect
depi lymp
depi lymp 13 dias atrás
literally the most underrated song and vid ever
Pulusila Gals
Pulusila Gals 13 dias atrás
I think Camille is really letting her self shine and she is so pretty and i love her music. BIG FAN LOVE YOU CAMILLE💗💗💗❤❤❤😍
daniel castillo nureña
#JusticeForLivingProof #JusticeForRomance ♡
Mireya Maldonado
Mireya Maldonado 13 dias atrás
My daughter is your biggest fan and she would really like to meet you
I'mAilimber 13 dias atrás
Je suis inconnue !
Je suis inconnue ! 14 dias atrás
*every time i hear this song i want to kiss my girlfriend..* *coronavirus* : welcome to quarantine haha
Cottonabvles 14 dias atrás
THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE TO COVER OMG😂😂😂 There's no chance ur not going to sound like a dying CA trying to sing this. This is the reason I love her songs.
Paloria 14 dias atrás
Shorty Nat
Shorty Nat 15 dias atrás
I think she sings to high
Shinykarp 15 dias atrás
slslslslls s,sllalalsls
Marsha Donnelly
Marsha Donnelly 15 dias atrás
Those hands nails look familiar 👀
Büşra İlbeyi
Büşra İlbeyi 15 dias atrás
One of her best music video
Grace Songa
Grace Songa 15 dias atrás
The pre chorus sounds so freakishly similar to Thunder.
Chino Dimaano
Chino Dimaano 15 dias atrás
This song is so underrated. This is the definition of a masterpiece.
Alberto 17
Alberto 17 3 dias atrás
I know 😢
BLK PNK 5 dias atrás
Ikr !!!!!!!!
Shalma Monib
Shalma Monib 15 dias atrás
Camila cabello beautiful
Playita G
Playita G 15 dias atrás
She’s awesome
Stuart camilo Garcilaso de la vega
Fracasó que opinan
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl 15 dias atrás
Why does this look old = /
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