Camila Cabello - First Man (LIVE at the 62nd GRAMMYs)

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Comentários 80
Katlyn Noelle
Katlyn Noelle Hora atrás
imagine having a dad who’s there for you 🥺
Daiana Santos
Daiana Santos 2 horas atrás
Flower Chavez
Flower Chavez 3 horas atrás
Beautiful ❤️
lifeasjulesxo 4 horas atrás
I need this song in a gay version so I can play this at my wedding lmao
derek d
derek d 4 horas atrás
Dad almost had to catch her for real tho
Selma Ali
Selma Ali 5 horas atrás
Her sister is like: “How am I going to top that!”
Halida asari
Halida asari 5 horas atrás
I lOVe iT ❤ good job camila cause you are my first singer that i really proud and fall in love with your song
Jennifer Anaje
Jennifer Anaje 5 horas atrás
How can 4.5k idiotic people unlike this video, you guys need to go learn how to appreciate and love your dad...
Elizabeth Dianna
Elizabeth Dianna 6 horas atrás
I wish my dad was still alive.
Kari Adane
Kari Adane 7 horas atrás
I ugly cried
dianagalvan7027 7 horas atrás
Marga Truyols
Marga Truyols 8 horas atrás
I think it's raining inside my eyes :(
Jomalyn Banes
Jomalyn Banes 10 horas atrás
Your songs always makes me happy
Selina Sarabdjitsingh
Selina Sarabdjitsingh 12 horas atrás
This is the first song that makes me cry. Every time I listen it again... (Sorry if my English is not good, it's not my mother language:)
addy hendricks
addy hendricks 15 horas atrás
Well shit. My dad abuses me. Why me out of my mom and 3 other sisters? Idk. Mentally, physically, sexually, you name the abuse? Hes done it to me. Love you dad. 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 *Pinocchio has entered the chat*
Tesalonika Callista
Tesalonika Callista 16 horas atrás
i listened to this song before... but last night i listened to it again and it was so much emotional than i tought the first time i listened to it. I cried listening to this song last night... i love this song and it has such a beautiful meaning. I remember when i was young i was such a daddy's girl and i still am. I really miss him he was the first man that loves me, care for me, and he is my everything. He died when i was 9 years old and i really miss him. I missed everything about him, his smile, his laugh, his voice, and his comfort when i was sad or when i had problems. We had the closest relationship. I miss you daddy, so freaking much... LOVE YOU
Ma Ru
Ma Ru 17 horas atrás
Her intention is good but the song is ugly
wdson william
wdson william 20 horas atrás
Linda demais amo essa cantora
Amanda Andrestomas
Amanda Andrestomas 21 hora atrás
Is camilla cabello still dating shawn mendez
Meybelin De Paz
Meybelin De Paz 23 horas atrás
Mi cantante favoritos son camilla cabello y Carol g y anuel AA 💐🚼😜😍💑💏 esto es para karol g y anuel AA
andrea berrios
andrea berrios Dia atrás
lloro cada vez que veo esta presentacion
treat people with kindness
3:30 those adults are so proud
Нямдаваа Хонгорзул
Oh. so beautiful
MakaMurphy Dia atrás
Wow emotional alright....
Brihosty Jamoh
Brihosty Jamoh Dia atrás
I like her voice
Francesco Dallari
Laura Jesus
Laura Jesus Dia atrás
The best❤️
Areli jsjsjs
Areli jsjsjs Dia atrás
Ay, yo no lo superó me encanta 🥺
Zoe Summer
Zoe Summer Dia atrás
I'm crying right now, that was the SWEETEST!!!!
Mr Cred
Mr Cred 2 dias atrás
Kadance Apperson
Kadance Apperson 2 dias atrás
beautiful song
Corey Kumin
Corey Kumin 2 dias atrás
I love this song so much. When My dad showed it to me he was almost in tears!
I started to Cry HMU 2020? 😭❤️ she has the most beautiful voice ever❤️
Ishita Agarwal
Ishita Agarwal 2 dias atrás
Papa i know i cant tell you. With everything i went through and going through, you were the only person in my life who didnt judge me. You let me have my own mindset and never imposed anything. Thankyou
SailorMew UwU
SailorMew UwU 2 dias atrás
This song made me cry QwQ
Adonis Top of Men
Adonis Top of Men 2 dias atrás
great song …….
98gtblue 2 dias atrás
I love my lil girl so much. I'm proud to be a father. May God let me see her grow up
•The flayed one•
•The flayed one• 2 dias atrás
mY EyEs aRe sWeatIng
Matt Haslett
Matt Haslett 2 dias atrás
That's her Dad. As a family they probably did and risked more than most of us could every imagine. Beautiful, just Beautiful.
Mary Joy Ramos
Mary Joy Ramos 2 dias atrás
It really makes me cry 😪 I remember my dad, we're not in good terms but when I heard the song I suddenly miss him. 💔 I wish we could see each other again soon, forgive me for what I have done to him, and hoping that he will become proud of me.😓😓 I love him so much. I always pray to God to take care and protect him always.
Karen Franklin
Karen Franklin 2 dias atrás
I cry everytime I watch this! 😍😍
Lashonda Rudolph
Lashonda Rudolph 2 dias atrás
I love this song so much😭😭
Merlivna _c
Merlivna _c 2 dias atrás
Omg what a song.... she is a true singer / role model!!!! I’m gonna go and hug my dad ❤️
Oksana Green
Oksana Green 3 dias atrás
Yes I'm gonna stay with him tonight I'll see you in the mornin' No of course, he won't drink and drive Can you say bye to mom for me? Oh you'll like him, he's really kind And he's funny like you sometimes And I found someone I really like Maybe for the first time No I don't need a jacket It's not that cold tonight And you worry, I get it But he's waiting outside I swear on my heart That he's a good man I know you'll stay up late Just waiting for me You held me so tight Now someone else can But you were the first man that really loved me Now you're driving to the airport Not just me you pick up anymore I've got eight days off coming up And I can only come home for four Yeah I just met his family They're just like you and mom He makes me really happy I think he might be the one, oh I swear on my heart That he's a good man I promise he loves me He'd never hurt me You held me so tight Now someone else can But you were the first man that really loved me Now you're on the driveway Faking a smile You wish you could tell him he doesn't deserve me So I had to stop the car and turn around To tell you you were the first man that really loved me And before they open up the doors I say I've never seen you cry before You say "You've never looked so beautiful You know you'll always be my little girl" You're looking at me, while walking down the aisle With tears in your eyes, maybe he deserves me You don't even know how much it means to me now That you were the first man that really loved me, that really loved me You really love me
viju hiranya
viju hiranya 3 dias atrás
I love this song but her performance is truly amazing 💖💖💖 Just can't find words to describe it 😍
uul anip
uul anip 3 dias atrás
holy shit i suddenly cry at the end of this video love papa sm
LANA 3 dias atrás
How can you dislike this?
tebogo manaaka
tebogo manaaka 3 dias atrás
We all nid dis kind of luv frm our dad's n the world wil b a beta plce 😔 how i wish my Dad accepted me 💔
Camixcruz :P
Camixcruz :P 3 dias atrás
This made me cry 😢❤️
its. carlamae
its. carlamae 3 dias atrás
Crying while watching this
Marione Kayle Aquino
Marione Kayle Aquino 3 dias atrás
I'mAilimber 3 dias atrás
Every time I see this I start crying so sickly
Kong Mam
Kong Mam 3 dias atrás
I'm crying 😭😭😭😭
Autumn Byrd
Autumn Byrd 3 dias atrás
My dad died back in February and this song just made me bawl because I’m a senior in high school and I graduate in a few months and he won’t be able to see any of it and when I get married I will play this song in honor of him because he is the first man who loved me
Kitty Club
Kitty Club 3 dias atrás
Awww... My wishes with you always
Kirsy Reyes
Kirsy Reyes 3 dias atrás
This made me cry
Ana Sini
Ana Sini 3 dias atrás
Que hermosa canción,😖😭😭😭😭una emoción te da,escucharla y ver cómo se la canta
다이어트 실패충
눈물 줄줄...
Louie Tayong
Louie Tayong 3 dias atrás
Maribeth Roldan
Maribeth Roldan 3 dias atrás
This girl had a consistent performance on Grammy for 2 years! Havana Opening on Grammy First Man Tearful Performance and yet Grammy doesn't gaved her recognition she deserved 🤔🤔
Jazzy J
Jazzy J 4 dias atrás
What makes this song so sad is that this was the day Kobe and Gigi died😭
Karolina Renoir
Karolina Renoir 4 dias atrás
Her dress is absolutely stunning, it looks like it’s made of petals
Diana Trejo
Diana Trejo 4 dias atrás
Sin duda alguna, eres una persona increíble ☺️☺️☺️☺️
madhumita 4 dias atrás
This is the best gift anyone could ever give to our father
mj saluta
mj saluta 4 dias atrás
What a meaningful performance!!
Me 4 dias atrás
Mbn to have a dad
Indiana Champions
Indiana Champions 4 dias atrás
The song is very beautiful when you have a beautiful bond with your father, the parents do not let you be hurt, even any man who hurts you, the love of father is the best of all, only you understand that love that your father has for him. ❤️
Indiana Champions
Indiana Champions 4 dias atrás
The song is very beautiful when you have a beautiful bond with your father, the parents do not let you be hurt, even any man who hurts you, the love of father is the best of all, only you understand that love that your father has for him. ❤️
Babydee Aidross
Babydee Aidross 4 dias atrás
Can’t wait to get married and dance to this song with my dad😘
Taytumbroocklyn Paulse
This makes me cry😭
Joanna sunflower
Joanna sunflower 4 dias atrás
I’m crying. I don’t really get to see my dad because he works in china and i miss him so much
Magnolia Brace
Magnolia Brace 4 dias atrás
Im crying 😭😭😭
Eyan Serad
Eyan Serad 4 dias atrás
Harmonizers here??
monica contreras
monica contreras 4 dias atrás
The Only thing i gonna say. Dad..i miss you, and i love you.. don't forget that please
CHIA KPOP 4 dias atrás
Camila cabello que lindo fue esa canción, la presentación fue hermosa sin duda...💛
ElectrixX 4 dias atrás
There is this and how Ariana changed her line in Thank You Next for her dad.
A R 4 dias atrás
My grandfather died about a month ago, this is the only song I can hear, yeah, I have a dad.. but my grandfather was the one who really were there when I needed, I love him, he doesn't even know how much it means to me now, that he was the first man that really loved me:')♡
pablo Tejeda
pablo Tejeda 4 dias atrás
When my dad put the song I started crying😢😭
pablo Tejeda
pablo Tejeda 4 dias atrás
Guys if you want you could let me know if it's sad because how I felt my heart broke I just loved the song
pablo Tejeda
pablo Tejeda 4 dias atrás
I wish I could show a picture how much I was crying
pablo Tejeda
pablo Tejeda 4 dias atrás
I think Camila Cabello sing really nice about her dad and I'm glad she did it because I saw how much her dad did for her I think when I grow up I'm going to sing a song for my dad I just loved it so much and I started crying
Kelley Diaz
Kelley Diaz 4 dias atrás
this acctually made me cry. I swear this is just beautiful
Manuel Palchizaca
Manuel Palchizaca 4 dias atrás
no tenges hijos pero tengo sobrinos y sobrinas pero esta canción realmente me iso llorar bonita canción
wish eeer
wish eeer 4 dias atrás
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