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10 Out 2019



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Comentários 80
ITMIINAN ALI 20 horas atrás
the stretchmarks kiss em till i change mind ............... damn wow if only
Clodagh Dia atrás
Unpopular opinion: Shawmila shippers couldn’t give less of a shit about Shawn and Camila they’re just homophobic. I think they are a real couple but I see a lot of their shippers saying shit like “even if she was gay or bi, WHICH SHE IS NOT” like stfu Camila has not labeled herself yet and you shouldn’t either.
R FM Dia atrás
I know this is random, but I imagine Hordak singing this to Entrapta in the series SPOP 💕 Thank you for making amazing songs Camila, love you 😍
Han Nah
Han Nah 3 dias atrás
Jennifer Jung
Jennifer Jung 4 dias atrás
I'm having this played at my wedding in 2021. 💚💙
Vesi Mateva
Vesi Mateva 4 dias atrás
🎶 “ You tell me that I overthink 'Til I ruin a good thing 🎶 virgo: I feel attacked
TheSnowshow33 5 dias atrás
I always think of this as the girl pov of "little things" by 1Direction.
Ishita Mitra
Ishita Mitra 5 dias atrás
Genuine celebrity
steph moino
steph moino 5 dias atrás
La amo amo amo
Victoria Brindisi
Victoria Brindisi 5 dias atrás
Sos una reina
Aaron Leguizamon
Aaron Leguizamon 6 dias atrás
the way she can put what love is in a song is just perfect (a work of art for me). I love how vulnerable and sincere this song is. LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY C ❤
Clara Ferraz
Clara Ferraz 6 dias atrás
I don't know why but this song makes me remember shirbert (sorry for bad english)
Saurabh Sanyal
Saurabh Sanyal 6 dias atrás
करेजा में इसका गाना धमाका कर देता है
MedSou 7 dias atrás
*someday someone will find this comment* . . 👇 *if you found it then i wish you luck for the rest of your life*
Dao Chanthavong
Dao Chanthavong 8 dias atrás
Fc I'm from in laos ✌️💞👍
Natty Angel
Natty Angel 9 dias atrás
Jessica Marian Contreras Atencio
Quiero el vídeo de esta canción es la q más Amoooo xfa😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Hailey K
Hailey K 10 dias atrás
This song is amazing and basically one of my faves that camila ever sang but singing this out loud knowing that you're still single and know one really is putting effort to understand you or love you... It hits home and it fucking hurts.
Tz Lyrics
Tz Lyrics 11 dias atrás
Fatima Kadimi
Fatima Kadimi 11 dias atrás
One of my favorite in the album just flawless
Ariana Hernandez
Ariana Hernandez 12 dias atrás
I’m crying‼️
Yac man
Yac man 12 dias atrás
the songwriting in this song tho ! camiiiiiiiilaaaaaa
Karla Quintana
Karla Quintana 12 dias atrás
Henry 13 dias atrás
this song will be great for peace and romance i just LOVE how this song sounds
Lena 13 dias atrás
This song is so dreamy I love it 😩🥺😍
Meu nome é Amanda
Meu nome é Amanda 15 dias atrás
E tão easy amar esta música
SB - 08RS - Beryl Ford PS (1415)
did those quarentine comments not hit this song yet..? wow
VFX Fury
VFX Fury 15 dias atrás
Timur Baster
Timur Baster 15 dias atrás
Люблю Камиллу
SuperDimon 15 dias atrás
Through The Phone
Through The Phone 15 dias atrás
imagine being trapped for years thinking thar you're unlovable and there's one person going to give their everything to you, making you realize that ahhhh, I'm easy to love tho.
Bryan Santos Vidal
Bryan Santos Vidal 16 dias atrás
Is too romantic it's like a dream ❤️🌹🥀🌷💐
Lizeth Estrada
Lizeth Estrada 17 dias atrás
Mi canción favorita de este álbum
Lil Lxji
Lil Lxji 17 dias atrás
May 2020 anyone
Megha Singh
Megha Singh 18 dias atrás
This song reminded me of my boyfriend
wait what?
wait what? 19 dias atrás
Can anyone tell me if this song will have a music video?
SpaceReality177 19 dias atrás
Jana Walid
Jana Walid 19 dias atrás
It's really sad seeing all these people hating on camila,She has an amazing voice and she is the most precious person ever💕🥺
Mikaela DC
Mikaela DC 20 dias atrás
I like the vibes of this song
Lulz Yana
Lulz Yana 20 dias atrás
I want this kind of love. For the love of god, all I want is to be loved this way :(
Merlivna _c
Merlivna _c 22 dias atrás
Great song!!!! Love the begining 💕
Je suis inconnue !
Je suis inconnue ! 22 dias atrás
the strech marks all around my thighs? eally?camila you're perfect!
Sonia Perez
Sonia Perez 22 dias atrás
Nena.linda te quiero y mucho un Abrazo y mas..mira la luna.rlla dira
Je suis inconnue !
Je suis inconnue ! 22 dias atrás
okay camila.... *you described my life in 3 minutes 17*
Je suis inconnue !
Je suis inconnue ! 22 dias atrás
this song makes me feel happy and sad...
lyrics 22 dias atrás
Wow I m gonna make a song like this wanna listen to it ?
Nellie Fritts
Nellie Fritts 24 dias atrás
This song needs more recognition its amazing
Keilani Llanes
Keilani Llanes 25 dias atrás
Idk why but this song reminds me of fifty shades of grey like it would be in the trailer or something
Martina 12
Martina 12 26 dias atrás
camila is very lucky to have someone who thinks this about her and loves her so much💘
Clodagh Dia atrás
Martina 12 LMAAOOOOO Camren shippers still going strong in 2020 I see hahaha love how relentless you guys are
Martina 12
Martina 12 3 dias atrás
Rita tbh i wasn’t thinking about him when i wrote that ;)
Rita 4 dias atrás
*Cof cof* Shawn Mendes...
Martina 12
Martina 12 7 dias atrás
Vicky Li yes of course =)
Vicky Li
Vicky Li 8 dias atrás
Or maybe that someone is the lucky one:)
uwu 26 dias atrás
You cant be so magic🌌
Tine Tulinao
Tine Tulinao 26 dias atrás
Other Shawmila/camilizers will say this is about shawn but didn't know the history. Its legendary mofossss. Camrenforever
Folie A Deux
Folie A Deux 27 dias atrás
This is perfect
CHEN CHYE EN 27 dias atrás
I broke up with my bf and I’m just feeling all hurt inside and I’m fighting
Fernando Andrade
Fernando Andrade 28 dias atrás
makaylah herbert
makaylah herbert 28 dias atrás
"All of the mazes and the madness in my mind" has me crying each time.
makaylah herbert
makaylah herbert 28 dias atrás
Does anyone else have a best friend that you can't live without? That you love? Love is the most powerful emotion that nobody not one single person can live without. The perfect person is out there, and they will love you no matter what you look like or how you act. And I'm crying as I type this. LOL. The number of likes that this comment will get, is the number of people who believe in love and the power of it. I love you all, stay safe during quarantine. Camila continue making music like this that inspires millions.
Allison Merary Hernández San Román
No puedo dejar de escuchar este tremendo ARTEEE
Chriz yu
Chriz yu 29 dias atrás
Voy a amar esta cancion toda mi vida, se siente bien escucharla
jadice archer
jadice archer 29 dias atrás
Camila I love your music and you are just so nice and a great singer I hope I could be like you one day
Sweet Like Candy
Sweet Like Candy Mês atrás
best song of romance, you can’t change my mind
Natalie Saetern
Natalie Saetern Mês atrás
Ok, call me crazy but the part where she says “till you made it seem so easy” sounds like a song that I can’t find the name of. Like some one republic song or sumn...but it’s driving me insane 😂😂😭😭 am I the only one thinking this?
amanda freitas
amanda freitas Mês atrás
anything else?
Filipe Goncalves
Filipe Goncalves Mês atrás
such a beautiful written song. and her voice? Wow✨✨✨this is what heaven sounds like
Paulette Shah
Paulette Shah Mês atrás
this is a beautiful song
tpwk a
tpwk a Mês atrás
Til u made it seem so easy 💙💙💙💙
Rob Mês atrás
This song had sooooooooooooooo much potential to be a big hit! I hate how this era was handled!
Zadela Valero
Zadela Valero Mês atrás
I want a man like this
dora harum
dora harum Mês atrás
This song made some so sad cause I know that the opposite is true about me
angelic chimmy
angelic chimmy Mês atrás
Chorus reminds me of “if we ever meet again” by Katy 💕
Holly robinson
Holly robinson Mês atrás
love your video
hey people
hey people Mês atrás
i feel like this song is for matthew🤷‍♀️
Trang Nguyen Thi Thu
yup I think this song is for Matthew too.
Lisa Mês atrás
A partner who dusts off my horns with kisses ... is there anything better ♡
Saady Mês atrás
I hope one day she will sing with jisoo, two angels together
Avariëlla Guerrero
I love her
N kats
N kats Mês atrás
All song in romance must be single.. I am addicted with romance..
Mariamawit Zena
Mariamawit Zena Mês atrás
I'm just in love with your voice and your voice get even better live also I'm a huge fan
Vamos Lá
Vamos Lá Mês atrás
I and my girlfriend, love your song ♡
Vamos Lá
Vamos Lá Mês atrás
I no speak English, I from in Brazil Sorry, I writer in English very bad 😣
Josefa A.A
Josefa A.A Mês atrás
amo esta pinche canción:(( mencanta!! su letra va a doc con la ritmo, la readoro
Lita Metha
Lita Metha Mês atrás
This is camren anthem
Moon Shine
Moon Shine Mês atrás
I wish we all find a person who will love us,adore us and accept our flaws (not bad behaviour,bad habits) just as this person did in the above song. ❤
wooジョイ Mês atrás
We're not going to talk abt how I found this song😳💀
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