Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes Were 'Babies' About Their Crushes on Each Other

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Camila Cabello admitted to Ellen that long before they started dating, she and her now-boyfriend Shawn Mendes had crushes on each other, but were both being “babies about it” and didn’t act on their attraction until now. The pop star also talked about her upcoming album, “Romance”.


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7 Dez 2019



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Comentários 1 760
Mia Sims
Mia Sims 13 horas atrás
Taylor was definitely a mood!
situpeh Dia atrás
She’s racist!
Olivier Gahungu
Olivier Gahungu 3 dias atrás
she was beautiful Camila, when she invited the whole audience for her show
Daryl Cheng
Daryl Cheng 4 dias atrás
Camila: Kisses shawn during the rehearsals Audience: *expects a kiss during the concert* Camila: Well im not doing it now
Cecília 4 dias atrás
“i was basically completely single for 20 years of my life” JAUREGUI COME HERE RIGHT NOW
Amelia Joseph19
Amelia Joseph19 7 dias atrás
U saw Taylor swift tho waiting for it to happen
mikaela alvendia
mikaela alvendia 11 dias atrás
omgggg!!! so cuteeee😘😘😘😘
Sultan ALthani
Sultan ALthani 11 dias atrás
Sharada Gopalakrishnan
Sharada Gopalakrishnan 17 dias atrás
I refuse to believe that this is the girl who sang 'my oh my'
فيصل القحطاني
wish I was there 😩💔💔💔
Sathasivam Kanagasabapathy
0:10 1:26
xɟlǝsʎɯ ̄ɥʇıʍ ̄ɓuıɔuɐᗡx
Me: Single for 20yrs still have no man... Camila: Single for 20yrs then Mets Shawn Mendes and falls in love.
Jimmy Rahi
Jimmy Rahi 24 dias atrás
Me: punches unconcious bully that everyone hates 2:21 my classmates 2:24 me
e m i l y d i a z
e m i l y d i a z 25 dias atrás
imagine dating the hottest boy on earth
Mayank Yadav
Mayank Yadav 28 dias atrás
Camila very good girl. Osm
cats arecute
cats arecute 29 dias atrás
Single for 20 years?? Wow. She erased Austin from her memory..
Cam Ellis
Cam Ellis Mês atrás
She's so great in interviews
Yara El-Hakim
Yara El-Hakim Mês atrás
I just saw Shawn and Camila babies and was like “is Camila pregnant?!”😂
family friendly me
family friendly me Mês atrás
Childhood Cancer Post Fertility And Life
Oh she’s so adorable
Classic MG
Classic MG Mês atrás
Two hateful racist idiots ..They only apologized because they got caught🦋
Hera Muçaj
Hera Muçaj Mês atrás
Love this girl 🎀❤️
Brihanna u know
Brihanna u know Mês atrás
Ships All Day
Ships All Day Mês atrás
I love camila and Shawn together I am sick of people saying it is a pr stunt. People who say that to me are just jealous that they have a beautiful relationship and they aren’t
Sindhu hegdekatte
Sindhu hegdekatte 9 dias atrás
Well said👍👍
Jo W
Jo W Mês atrás
She's so good at interviews. Great charisma.
Murasakino-chan Mês atrás
Backdrop of Camila and Shawn innocently showing in the background while Ellen and camila talk
karlajamel Mês atrás
They met at the Austin Mahone Tour, when they used to be the opening acts for Austin who at the time was dating Camila but then he left her for Becky G, breaking Camila's heart and 5 years later, Shawn and Camila are finally together. Good things come for those who wait.
Trey Mathews
Trey Mathews Mês atrás
Who’s here after racist comments
nanrob Mês atrás
Cuban queen Camila 😍😘 with USA queen Ellen 😘😍
J Daniel
J Daniel Mês atrás
All of her performances on Ellen have been next level. She really is one of the best pop performers of this new generation.
J D Mês atrás
I love everything about her new album. She's such a queen and I can't wait for the new Cinderella remake. I'm ready for acting Camila.
Taylor Lee
Taylor Lee Mês atrás
Love you Camila
Spartacus Mês atrás
Once a racist always a racist!😒
ShadowHealer 101
ShadowHealer 101 Mês atrás
Isnt she the racist girl?
Jons Nat
Jons Nat Mês atrás
Camilla cabello raciste!!!😥
T C Mês atrás
2:24 thank me later
Boy Boy220
Boy Boy220 Mês atrás
Isabel Mondragon
Isabel Mondragon Mês atrás
El comentario español que tanto buscabas :v
Gurukiran R
Gurukiran R Mês atrás
Does anyone else think being single for 20 years isn't that strange? Ok only me...?
Mirian Villacis
Mirian Villacis Mês atrás
Anelau Bill
Anelau Bill Mês atrás
I thought they're going to kiss 😯
lane aloha
lane aloha Mês atrás
Camila is Bae i really hope they live happily ever after i can’t see anyone more made for each other than them two
The adventures of Rachel and Ava
Camilla is so adorable. I love her and shawn together :))
Andrea Reyes
Andrea Reyes Mês atrás
The Only Genius
The Only Genius Mês atrás
Camilla at the YEAAAAAH PAART
S K Mês atrás
I love you Camila 😍😘
Mr. White
Mr. White Mês atrás
I don’t remember asking tho
old soul
old soul Mês atrás
She's kind, hilarious and sweet.
Mags Moo
Mags Moo Mês atrás
The way he treats her and smiles at her they are definitely the most in love
Julieana V
Julieana V Mês atrás
It's all for publicity.
bananana habana
bananana habana Mês atrás
hahahahaha so cute
Ano na Tibo?
Ano na Tibo? Mês atrás
Tbh, Camilla should release a song called "Just friends" or smthn like that. 😗
Bre Bockelman
Bre Bockelman Mês atrás
Camila cabello= cat valentine
Randy Bledsoe
Randy Bledsoe Mês atrás
I just love you and you are so amazing
Rose Smiles
Rose Smiles Mês atrás
The new Justin and Selena
cute smelly fart
cute smelly fart Mês atrás
queen and princess of PR
Jomana Mês atrás
Single for 20 years?? What about Matthew hussey?
manel EIP
manel EIP Mês atrás
I just love her she's sooo adorable 😘😘
Zoe White
Zoe White Mês atrás
1:17 Taylor’s reaction is so cute and literally us being excited about shawmila
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