Cam's Bull of a Lifetime

Cameron Hanes
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14 Set 2018



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00 hunter
00 hunter 2 dias atrás
That was a beautiful shot. Perfect placement
Sean Harrison
Sean Harrison 3 dias atrás
Why 32 miles? That just seems like a random number.
Ridhuan AB
Ridhuan AB 9 dias atrás
Does the meat taste good?
Caleb J
Caleb J 10 dias atrás
Enjoying an incredible bow hunting video and BRvid decides to give me a really gross NRA ad. Fun times
Caleb J
Caleb J 10 dias atrás
I guess I should be thankful for every NRA penny that goes to Cam Hanes instead of politicians
ItsSquag 11 dias atrás
It was so satisfying watching that arrow fly and land right in the heart
Slayer Reign
Slayer Reign 12 dias atrás
I know a bitch when I see him.. he shows the world his problems so if he fails he has an excuse.
Andre Alipate
Andre Alipate 14 dias atrás
I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this Cam. But it never gets tired. Incredible Bull, incredible archery and incredibly captured on camera.
LuisNascimento 15 dias atrás
Trophy hunting logic: "He's a beautiful bull" *kills it*
enkawa 19 dias atrás
wow la seconde flèche es incroyable !!
arthur morgan
arthur morgan 19 dias atrás
This is the kind of life I'm working towards. Hunting elk with mates!
RB khmerkingdomfilms
RB khmerkingdomfilms 20 dias atrás
This is the best hunting and videography workflow I've ever seen in BRvid! I really like how you guys established the mood of the event. When I watched your hunt makes me feel like I am actually in the wood with you guys. Please, produce more hunting video like this.
Defaulted Default
Defaulted Default 20 dias atrás
I was all set to give such a harsh comment as the animal wasn't killed instantly. However just as I was pending to comment he said 'these Elk would die so harsh in the wild' and I guess I have no arguement against it. My problem is I see people taking really 50/50 shots, taking out anything, and worse, not finishing the job which really boils my piss. If you can't meet the moral standards of thus guy then you should not be out hunting.
Nukri Samyurashvili
Nukri Samyurashvili 22 dias atrás
talka bout staying fit. workout and prime meat right after .
steve s.
steve s. 22 dias atrás
I've watched this video time and time again and am still amazed .
Buck Shot
Buck Shot 24 dias atrás
Better the Joe Rogan lol. Camo everything right down to face paint. Bow arrows camo camo camo. Flouesent green bowstring glowin like a glow stick lol wtf.
خالد العربي
خالد العربي 25 dias atrás
A donkey kills a gazelle
Rami Haj yahia
Rami Haj yahia 25 dias atrás
صيد فخااامه
Chris Pendleton
Chris Pendleton 27 dias atrás
“I like hunting deep and packing out steep”
Gaspare Leone
Gaspare Leone 27 dias atrás
Hunting like this is just for pussy.
Martin Ward
Martin Ward 28 dias atrás
The pleasure to you that monster Bull brought, how you understand that the life of an animal often ends in an horrific death and us as hunters try to minimize , the camera work and editing, your fitness levels... subscribed
Ester Steenkamp
Ester Steenkamp 28 dias atrás
RO3 28 dias atrás
How much of that would you generally be able to pack out? Obviously depends on the person's abilities, but are there specific rules as to not being able to leave too much meat behind?
Roma Afrizon Official
Roma Afrizon Official 28 dias atrás
Please dont kill the innocent animal for hobby or sport
Jeff Rude
Jeff Rude 24 dias atrás
You gotta kill it to eat it.
Filipe K. Santos
Filipe K. Santos Mês atrás
nice shot Cam!!!
dksix1905 Mês atrás
That was the most exciting hinting video I've ever watched. When Cam moved to the right getting in position for the first shot with the bull looking toward him and then that obscured (from the camera angle) 2nd shot..............incredible.
jankie55 Mês atrás
How much of the bull do you extract from the place he rested? Do you get all of the meat out, or does some of it stay
Padraig O Broin
Padraig O Broin Mês atrás
Fake hunter with compound bow. Man up.
RuneyPruney Mês atrás
I hope you got him mounted, he was stunning.
Ashy Hughes
Ashy Hughes Mês atrás
doesn't even measure the second arrow, and places it perfectly!
Marcus Powers
Marcus Powers Mês atrás
Beautiful place you found yourself on that bull before you turned in! Can't wait to see the rest!
Alex Contreras
Alex Contreras Mês atrás
Wish we can preserve it's DNA so we can introduce it to more of the next generation
Owen Sheppard
Owen Sheppard Mês atrás
This guy is the most badass person to ever badass
randy 33
randy 33 Mês atrás
May I ask for your Deer Antlers
JET YV Mês atrás
do u eat it ?
Liam Wyatt
Liam Wyatt Mês atrás
teknonket Mês atrás
amazing camerawork -- you should have way more subscribers for the amount of views ratio dang!
Santiago Rodriguez
Santiago Rodriguez Mês atrás
I cant wait to show this video to my 7yr old son, he needs to know how to understand, respect, and honor the art of hunting! Especially in times like this; when we're experiencing hard times. Thank you for this video from the bottom of my heart.
WhoDey! Mês atrás
He looks like Negan from the Walking Dead.
Cam Mês atrás
When he starts to process the elk, I notice flies or bees already by the kill. What's to prevent the flies from spoiling the meat?
Ej Herbst
Ej Herbst Mês atrás
That second shot was crazy and best camera man I’ve ever seeen
Must be nice
Rafal Wawrzyniak
Rafal Wawrzyniak Mês atrás
Cameron - all the best from Poland! Keep it up!
Lancelot Xavier
Lancelot Xavier Mês atrás
"Merciful kill" I love that phrase. You waited, got close and even took a second shot within seconds. Too many videos on BRvid expose hunters as narcissists. I have seen hunters shoot at the stomach. Shoot at an oblique angle. Shoot at over a hundred yards. Lay back and take their time while the animal slowly bled.
Julien Pons
Julien Pons Mês atrás
Tech Stuf
Tech Stuf Mês atrás
Since I haven't seen a "Hun't 'em Deep --- Pack 'em Out Steep" T-shirt by now, I guess I'm gonna have to make one myself. P.S. That second shot was downright Tim Wells-ian.
Xo Ox
Xo Ox Mês atrás
Great video, can you put the name of your boots/bow and possibly some other gear in the description?
Mark Rogers
Mark Rogers Mês atrás
mark r archer since I was 7 yrs old in 1958 great vid my very best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Najjar
Mr. Najjar Mês atrás
that second shot was bananas!!
Charles Finlay
Charles Finlay Mês atrás
Incredible hunt Cam but Christ your camera guy is phenomenal
Does he hunt to eat it ?
Derek Thompson
Derek Thompson Mês atrás
This guy is so bad ass!! Awesome job Cam! U inspire me to be the best hunter and man that i can be. Got a love this guy!!!
PosyLubelak Mês atrás
Can I ask I question ? So you just hunt males? If I’m correct why is that? Are there more of then ? Better meat or what is the reason? Why not females” doe” is it the right term ? That must be huge experience, experience circle of life
Liam Wyatt
Liam Wyatt Mês atrás
For population control reasons, the government will issue tags specifically for bulls and doe. You can only harvest what you have tags for.
Vitaly Mirzoyan
Vitaly Mirzoyan Mês atrás
Omar Mora
Omar Mora Mês atrás
that's a smile you can't erase from that mans face
Kallum Aujla
Kallum Aujla Mês atrás
That thumbnail looks sexy
Arjun Adamson
Arjun Adamson Mês atrás
I’m curious to understand, is killing the bull for the prize element of it? Would it be more sustainable to hunt the females which appeared numerous?
Liam Wyatt
Liam Wyatt Mês atrás
For population control, the government will issue tags that can only be used on one sex, otherwise most hunters would target bulls. If there’s overpopulation, they’ll issue more cow tags.
Her Brothers Outdoors
Cam’s a beast! My motivation when I need to get in shape for a hunt.
BTC Podcast
BTC Podcast Mês atrás
Jesus Christ, like I knew you had to be in very good condition to hunt like this, but damn how much kg was he carrying with the backpack, the meat, head and the antlers. That is seriously impressive.
Bob Charlie
Bob Charlie Mês atrás
Wonder if Joe ate any of the meat from this behemoth.
Robert Cerda
Robert Cerda Mês atrás
Probably one of the greatest hunts ever recorded. I've watched this so many times already.
B4d Karma
B4d Karma Mês atrás
Cam hanes is Thanos and General Zod in a human. Iron will. Fuckin A Keep Cammering
Che Garcia
Che Garcia Mês atrás
That's alot of equipment lol it's hard to keep up
rAstA cApitAlistA td2
My miniature pinscher kills this bull, easly 🔥🔥🔥
Trump Phone Call Colby
"Went for a little 32 mile run on Friday" Cam Hanes is the only guy on Earth who can say that and me not question it once.
Chief 12 dias atrás
Mark Cynic I heard he is still running
Mark Cynic
Mark Cynic 12 dias atrás
Yeah, but what he didn't tell you was that he didn't finish that run until the following Wednesday.
Cody Tessier
Cody Tessier Mês atrás
Montana Mtn Grass Fed Wagyu Lol I still enjoyed it
Montana Mtn Grass Fed Wagyu
@Cody Tessier lol,ruined my Goggins-hold my beer, comment
Cody Tessier
Cody Tessier Mês atrás
Trump Phone Call Colby *David Goggins has entered the chat*
Jason Goodman
Jason Goodman Mês atrás
Congratulations, well earned!!
Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers Mês atrás
I watch this all the time. The respect and love this man has for animals and the nature is fascinating. We belong to the nature.
Я Яков
Я Яков Mês atrás
Fuck off from russia with fuck 😂😂😂
Я Яков
Я Яков Mês atrás
Lars Götz
Lars Götz Mês atrás
im really not into hunting and came from a country where its not allowed anyways with bows.. but i have big respect for hanes! its not hunting Trophys its hunting Food and of course its kinda trophy. but he doesnt shoot when i dont get the perfect shoot.. thats respect for the animals... he let bulls go that stand 10 feet in front of him because he can get a better shot what means faster death for the animal. Respect the Nature and the Animals we are part of it
Just DoIt
Just DoIt Mês atrás
Huge respect. In Africa there are people hunting with AK 47. Nice to see people hunting with a less deadly weapon and killing just enough for you to eat. With AK 47 people overhunt and leave many animals injured.
Georg Frap
Georg Frap Mês atrás
I am not a hunter myself and bow hunting is forbidden where I live, and all the time I was thinking about what makes Cam's videos so much better than those of other hunters, especially on BRvid, and then I realized that in his videos you can see that he doesn't releases a shot more often than he does. He accepts the frustration that comes with it and doesn't push the shots just to guarantee that clean and humane kill This respect and appreciation for living beings, is what I really respect and like about his videos.
D. Jackson II
D. Jackson II Mês atrás
Did he eventually carry the whole carcass out, or just the few pieces we saw him carry?
Drevain Mês atrás
Yeah they take everything except the spine and main body, they cut all the meat off of it to keep from having to deal with gutting it.
jake varkey
jake varkey Mês atrás
I was worried for him walking back to camp with the head on his back...looking like the next game another hunter:(
jake varkey
jake varkey Mês atrás
How does the arrow kill so quick? Surprised
Liam Wyatt
Liam Wyatt Mês atrás
He waits for a perfect shot and lets so many go because he wants to drop the animal quickly and humanely with a heart or lung shot
JV Mês atrás
It's inspiring to see him with so much passion and pride in what he does.
failtolawl Mês atrás
Disappointing to see hunters spend months in prep to track, research, build shooting skills, just to overcook meat with basically zero effort put into cooking all that work.
M Modo
M Modo 2 meses atrás
Why don’t you just use a drone and a scoped rifle? You could get this done in a few hours
Trey Terronez
Trey Terronez 2 meses atrás
You would think with his lifestyle Cam would be a little more lean.
Barry Barry
Barry Barry 2 meses atrás
Make an appointment with your Psychiatrist!!!
sokeres25ify 2 meses atrás
Spectacular video... fabulous bull... many thanks. I would like to ask you what tipe of shoes do you have in this video? Many thanks
pongen er
pongen er 2 meses atrás
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