Céline Dion Carpool Karaoke

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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James Corden heads to Las Vegas for a Carpool Karaoke made for CBS primetime and calls on Céline Dion to help him get through town. In addition to singing her classics, Céline proves she has a song for any moment, James teaches Céline "Baby Shark" and the two give away pairs of Céline's precious shoes. And stay for a Titanic-sized end to their afternoon together.


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21 Mai 2019

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Comentários 39 272
Tème Dèvaêve
Tème Dèvaêve 47 minutos atrás
Whats the name of the song that starts at 10:41??
celinedestiny 46 minutos atrás
It's not released yet
Светлана Дзугаева
Селин - КРАСОТКА !!!!!!!!!!!
ceedaddy Hora atrás
Looks like she found the Titanic Gem the old lady threw from the rail...
Josh Hind
Josh Hind 2 horas atrás
Celine dion rocks holy shit
Johanny Gilbert
Johanny Gilbert 2 horas atrás
bisayang laagan
bisayang laagan 3 horas atrás
Celine dion is amazing and funny hehehee
Shane Morton
Shane Morton 3 horas atrás
Seeing this actually gave you a sub. With the bell dinged. Fucking top notch.
Shane Morton
Shane Morton 3 horas atrás
The fact she's such a strong person to have done the whole thing... Oh my God. I draw my strength from her. She's such a badass.
Prime Goton II
Prime Goton II 5 horas atrás
I love celine dion.. very memorable
Зухра Омарханова
Jeremiah  Mendoza
Jeremiah Mendoza 5 horas atrás
Jeremiah  Mendoza
Jeremiah Mendoza 5 horas atrás
Desky Firmansyah
Desky Firmansyah 6 horas atrás
ohh my god.. love it..
Justt Josephine
Justt Josephine 6 horas atrás
Omg I can’t believe Celine Dion is so funny person. I thought she’s so cold n not crazy like James. I feel they like twins ! Both so funny ! So far this is my favorite !
Michealle Cariño
Michealle Cariño 6 horas atrás
I love her so much from filipines
Alvin Pabalan
Alvin Pabalan 7 horas atrás
Super impressed. I always see Celine as a serious person. A Diva who means business. I’m glad I got, and all of us, to see her funny crazy side. I love you Celine, so professional and thank you for sharing your music, your divine talent. Continue to inspire everyone... 😘
Apple.of. my.eye
Apple.of. my.eye 8 horas atrás
i got so emotional by the end of it hahaha
Nicole Lopez
Nicole Lopez 9 horas atrás
I love her voice
Dave The pot
Dave The pot 9 horas atrás
3:50 😭
Regine Uy
Regine Uy 9 horas atrás
Is this really Celine Dion ahahhaahahhaahha she's so hype
Keara Boo
Keara Boo 10 horas atrás
This makes me think, Imagine if Whitney never passed, she would’ve made an iconic carpool karaoke
BluePheonix245 11 horas atrás
Carpool karaoke with Matt Smith
Tiktok Sisters
Tiktok Sisters 11 horas atrás
Emily Lax
Emily Lax 11 horas atrás
we need billie eilish
Patricia Daniëlle
Patricia Daniëlle 13 horas atrás
She is one great lady. I've always admired her and so happy I was able to grew up with her music and personality. Thank you, Celine, for everything you're and have ever done ♥
Mathilde Pedersen
Mathilde Pedersen 13 horas atrás
imagine if she hadn't bought 10,000 pair of shoes, but spent the money on charity...
Brandon 14 horas atrás
XXXMAS THREE 15 horas atrás
A carpool karaoke with Cate Blanchett 😁🤘🤘🤘
Lylan Crisna
Lylan Crisna 15 horas atrás
Finally Celine Dion oh my god i don't believe it....🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭😊😊😊
Junior Martins
Junior Martins 15 horas atrás
Qual é a música que ela canta em 10:41
Peter Poet
Peter Poet 16 horas atrás
I voted for Trump because Michelle Obama is actually Big Mike Obama
Ester yanti Banjarnahor
Ester yanti Banjarnahor 16 horas atrás
Mohon durasi di perpanjang....
henry chen
henry chen 16 horas atrás
Wow she’s so funny. 🤪🥰😘
Ridgeway David
Ridgeway David 17 horas atrás
Am I the only person who cant stand James Corden?
Cameron Hadley
Cameron Hadley 17 horas atrás
bet she a trump supporter! lol
Jazler Rosales
Jazler Rosales 17 horas atrás
Honestly, I did'nt expect that I'll gonna laugh a lot when I watch it.. 😅 Celine Dion Is so Damn Funny
duygu türkmen
duygu türkmen 17 horas atrás
Faith Zuniga
Faith Zuniga 20 horas atrás
She's so silly 😂😂😂
_len 4ik_
_len 4ik_ 20 horas atrás
That "loco"...
_len 4ik_
_len 4ik_ 20 horas atrás
Dressed as an elegant rich woman, being 10 years old child at the same time...🤣🤣🤣
kamil lahrichi
kamil lahrichi 20 horas atrás
She has the exact same voice in real life and in the songs
limejusasam 20 horas atrás
MummyLiz Yap
MummyLiz Yap 20 horas atrás
She's awesome
Tony Strychard
Tony Strychard 21 hora atrás
wow Celine...Karen Carpenter died of anorexia nervosa and looks like your on your way, too...if you don't turn it around soon...
Tony Strychard
Tony Strychard 11 horas atrás
@Ben Rawstron ic...but remember she been going through alot and may need to talk to someone she had her brother and husband died not so long ago and very close together
Ben Rawstron
Ben Rawstron 12 horas atrás
@Tony Strychard well she could be forcefed in a mental hospital
Tony Strychard
Tony Strychard 19 horas atrás
@Ben Rawstron true...but will she do it...
Ben Rawstron
Ben Rawstron 20 horas atrás
all she has to do is eat more...quite easy actually
Meira Lampert
Meira Lampert 21 hora atrás
i know yall top comments did not blow off that kiss
Pat Patou
Pat Patou 22 horas atrás
Franchement c’est du régal cette vidéo..que d’humour que d’humour Céline au top à la perfection..j’imagine la surprise de la voir pleine de bonnes énergies et de rires...............sur un bateau de plaisance à Paris traversant la Seine...Titanic......Céline est un bout en train..c.est🇫🇷🚢🤩
Romel Mariano
Romel Mariano 22 horas atrás
Made my Day hahaha 👍🏻
WhySoFine SG
WhySoFine SG Dia atrás
She old but she is still beautiful uwu
San Pav
San Pav Dia atrás
Basically royalty
adam smith
adam smith Dia atrás
She's so hot
Ava Bruno
Ava Bruno Dia atrás
I know she doesn’t have music but I still think you should do a carpool karaoke with Millie Bobby Brown because she is like a queen❤️❤️👑👑 You can just sing ur favorite songs. I need to see that!
Jawad Soomro
Jawad Soomro Dia atrás
Last part was fantastic :)
Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch Dia atrás
All hail Queen Celine!
Uni Rae
Uni Rae Dia atrás
Shabam TV
Shabam TV Dia atrás
God sometimes she irritates me lol I found it funny but yeah sometimes she irritates me just blah....anyways cool video lol
Rosalinda Arabela
Very funny celine dion 😄😄
juan castillo
juan castillo Dia atrás
What an awesome ride!!! Do the 1975 next 🔥🔥🔥
Jayk Wonderful
Jayk Wonderful Dia atrás
Omg she is too funny! Looove it!!! 💕
Teresa B
Teresa B Dia atrás
Loved this ! THANK YOU!!!!
Silvia Kuo
Silvia Kuo Dia atrás
Damn! Now I'll always have her funny face in my head when I listen to " It's All Coming Back To Me Now"...
Jaxon McKnight
Jaxon McKnight Dia atrás
I'm gonna go and look for that necklace😂
sainapaul Dia atrás
Where is the LOVE button ??
Botond Hajdó
Botond Hajdó Dia atrás
Best Monday night ever!
Witch Rowena
Witch Rowena Dia atrás
"Você se sentiu bem? Você está bem?" CELINE - *Eu preciso de álcool* SOCORRO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ELA É HILÁRIA
Witch Rowena
Witch Rowena Dia atrás
8:35 her face 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lucy Jones
Lucy Jones Dia atrás
Celine we 💕 you!!!
Peege Clarke
Peege Clarke Dia atrás
She's funny . We should hang out.
Сергей Саксонов
Селин Дион - супер!!!
Dimas A Setiawan
Dimas A Setiawan Dia atrás
That voice is soooooo A M A Z I N G G G G. . . . . 🎶
In Food We Trust
In Food We Trust Dia atrás
We need a carpool karaoke with billie eilish right now!!
Akey Key
Akey Key Dia atrás
Great voice, simpatico and funny. But is she ok? So extremely thin... I hope Celine have many good friends.
aliska8 Dia atrás
Monkey Steele
Monkey Steele Dia atrás
At 3.49 when celine kisses james im laughing so much
Atiz Valen
Atiz Valen Dia atrás
Yerlyn Maria Abarca Lopez
Shes so cute when she excuses herself to say hi to the fans
Ilyass Touhami
Ilyass Touhami Dia atrás
Who wants a carpool karaoke with Billie eilish
Brittney Caton
Brittney Caton Dia atrás
that was...BEAUTIFUL
Michelle's Life Atventures
Its like i want to press the like button a million times. This is amazing
Lyssa tRex
Lyssa tRex Dia atrás
13:02 what's a beautiful moment ❤
BrixStar Dia atrás
*I know what are you thinking right now and I say "ikr!"* 👇If my answer is right change this to blue...
KiesARTs Dia atrás
Нихуёво тётя Циля постарела! Время падло никого не пощадит!
WiTh mE
WiTh mE Dia atrás
Wow what am i supposed to comment...🙄ending was words at all
Mirna Prasaja
Mirna Prasaja Dia atrás
The last part was fantastic!! When they sang Titanic song on the boat
Kenneth Kaniff
Kenneth Kaniff Dia atrás
I’ve been commenting that I want an Eminem carpool karaoke forever now! Finally other people are commenting it and getting attention
Mo A
Mo A Dia atrás
what only three pair of shoes? i'm sure Celine was saying goodbye to the shoes....bye shoe i'll miss you! lol
Jensen_dab Dia atrás
What is the new song?
Ron Eduard Encilan
Taylor Swift in Carpool Karaoke please?
简宇行 Dia atrás
Celine Dion is so Brilliant!!!
Shay Banks
Shay Banks Dia atrás
Believe me I earned $4236 I would not recommend any system other than this wonderful program especially for a new person
Nick Kal
Nick Kal Dia atrás
We need a Billie eilish Carpool Karaoke !!!
joshcka Dia atrás
She always be my crush side by side with Shania Twain ❤️
Julia Zajac
Julia Zajac Dia atrás
I can't stop watching this 😂
옆집톡깽이 Dia atrás
She's so humorous!! I love her! 🤣
Gabryll Gabotero
Gabryll Gabotero 2 dias atrás
too entertaining!!!
Amanda Garcia
Amanda Garcia 2 dias atrás
2:27-2:38 I LAUGHED SO HARD 😂
Hanzz GM
Hanzz GM 2 dias atrás
Name of the song in the minute 10:45 ????
adam o
adam o 18 horas atrás
It's "Baby", a new song written by Sia for Celine's new album "Courage". You can also hear Sia's backing vocals in the chorus :D
阿婷 Wen
阿婷 Wen 2 dias atrás
Could someone list the songs?
Kris West
Kris West 2 dias atrás
She's lit
xime ximenita
xime ximenita 2 dias atrás
Q mujer mas fea parece un cadaver y con lo millonaria q es q bronca me da dios le da pan q quien no tiene dientes !!!!😠😠😡😡😡😡😠😠
Sila Septiarsini
Sila Septiarsini 2 dias atrás
Is jack back? After a long time? Lol
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