Byzantine Empire: Justinian and Theodora - Vanquishing the Vandals - Extra History - #4

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Thirty-nine days after the disastrous Nika Riots ended with the slaughter of 30,000 civilians, Justinian directed the city to rebuild the Hagia Sophia. Together, they built an even greater cathedral - but Justinian was not satisfied. He was called a Roman emperor, but he did not rule Rome itself. He resolved to reconquer the west, starting with Carthage in Africa, which had been conquered by Vandal tribes and turned into the seat of their budding empire. When the cousin of the Vandal king overthrew him for being pro-Roman and a follower of Rome's orthodox Christianity, Justinian had his excuse for war. He stirred up rebellion in the Vandal colonies, creating a distraction while he sent his general Belisarius to Carthage with a small army of men. Belisarius landed successfully and moved on Carthage, winning the support of the local people on his way. Gelimer teamed up with his brothers in two separate attempts to crush Belisarius and drive him out of Carthage, but after both of his brothers died, Gelimer lost his will to fight. He broke, and the Vandal resistance broke with him. Justinian awarded Belisarius a triumph, the greatest honor a Roman general could receive, but it would turn out to be the last formal triumph Rome would ever see.
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11 Jul 2015



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Comentários 100
[F-24] Forgive them. They are dumb.
I wonder how many millions of dollars have been spent to keep me from slinging dat democracy.
AcerTheGamer !!!
AcerTheGamer !!! 8 dias atrás
It’s so sad to see them doing so well but we all know the Byzantine will still fall
Yutong Li
Yutong Li 21 dia atrás
you see your brother dead and you cry then romans come and deafest your army. calll your other brother of course he won't die!
Extra_V_I_C_C Mês atrás
*Justinian, upon seeing the Hagia Sophia converted into a mosque:* Belisarius, get the cross.
Sarika Gupta
Sarika Gupta Mês atrás
I wonder why the education system of not only India but of the world teaches us about only selective parts of history.
Gustavo Campos
Gustavo Campos Mês atrás
7:52 - Is that Walpole?
Costantine mf 420
Costantine mf 420 Mês atrás
Fun fact: to build the dome of the Hagia Sofia, the byzantines used eggs
Gabriel Andrade
Gabriel Andrade Mês atrás
vandals in africa... bruh
Sebastian C
Sebastian C 2 meses atrás
It's interesting I feel like in the end Justinian should have put all his resources into fighting the sassanids and trying to win not reach a stalemate.
JoobyJuice 2 meses atrás
Avrum Phelan Marczak
Avrum Phelan Marczak 3 meses atrás
And then coronavirus
Cheeky Nyla
Cheeky Nyla 3 meses atrás
I love your extra history series great job on the history
Klaus 3 meses atrás
north africa was not stable edit north africa was not stabe mostly in egypt bechuse of raids
Florian S
Florian S 3 meses atrás
8:01 wait ins’t this Walpole? That dude is everywhere.
realtangerine4 4 meses atrás
7:57 i see you walpole
Sumanth Ganapathi Basavapatna
8:07 Vanitas Vanitatum, et omnia vanitas
Tomas Quelhas
Tomas Quelhas 5 meses atrás
At least Agricola did a triumph during the flavian dinasty
Tycoon Titian01
Tycoon Titian01 6 meses atrás
7:52 This is my fourth rewatch, and I finally found Walpole
Veriox22 2
Veriox22 2 6 meses atrás
OmniCausticInfidel 6 meses atrás
7:23 wait second thats not how scales work...
Seth Oriyavong
Seth Oriyavong 6 meses atrás
I like how at 3:58 Corsica doesn’t exist
Rexory AJ
Rexory AJ 6 meses atrás
Watching this make me want to rebuild the glorious BYZANTINE EMPIRE!
Pikachus disciple
Pikachus disciple 7 meses atrás
history awsome
Veriox22 2
Veriox22 2 7 meses atrás
Joseph Wheeler
Joseph Wheeler 7 meses atrás
7:22 why is belisarius lighter on the scale
Jenny Deng
Jenny Deng 8 meses atrás
U make history so fun to learn
ozman 8 meses atrás
i read that as car the age
Jeff Musyoka
Jeff Musyoka 9 meses atrás
As a Warhammer 40k fan I swear I heard *Guilliman planned another attack on Belisarius*
TheDorku 9 meses atrás
7:59 It was Walpole.
Khalid Suleman
Khalid Suleman 9 meses atrás
8:00 Belasrius is so gangsta he capture Walpole (look at captives)
DaReal Brigadeo41
DaReal Brigadeo41 9 meses atrás
7:54 Who is that second captive Me: it was Walpole
Marcos Tobón
Marcos Tobón 10 meses atrás
What the hell is Walpole doing in 8:42 ?
Honest Joe
Honest Joe 11 meses atrás
How did he capture Knight- it was Walpole
14 beers at chili’s
14 beers at chili’s 11 meses atrás
8:00 is that walpole on the right?
funtime fredy
funtime fredy 9 meses atrás
687Gaming Anos atrás
7:50 I'm confused, what could Wapole have done?
Major Kalashinikov
Major Kalashinikov Anos atrás
7:53 it´s just me or belasarius took wolpole as prisioner?
Amanda Anos atrás
I wonder if I of the traders in that time found the new world be for eney body else
Michael Kosmala
Michael Kosmala Anos atrás
I recommend the 'Belisarius' series by Paolo A Belzoni. Great books for a truly noble man. Quite anxious for the third to round out the trilogy, but the first two cover through this point.
Je suis un abonné 1
Sir Flemeington II of Youtube
I kinda feel bad for Gelimer and his brother
Deborah K
Deborah K Anos atrás
Family is great and all, but if every time a sibling called for help someone ended up dead, I'd just not go.
Bradley Trusty
Bradley Trusty Anos atrás
It was Walpole
James McCormick
James McCormick Anos atrás
Isn’t it insane that some cathedrals would take a hundred plus years to build, but centuries earlier a church a hundred times bigger with a dome said to hang from the heavens would take less than half Justinian’s lifetime. Just goes to show that insanity of Roman/Byzantine Architecture
Fluffy Turkey
Fluffy Turkey Anos atrás
2:54 EU4 Players: Yes
Juliusius Anos atrás
0:56 is that a painting of walpole on the left?
templar 2496
templar 2496 Anos atrás
Belisarious is a god
Andrew The Idiot
Andrew The Idiot Anos atrás
7:58 Walpole NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Goyon Man
Goyon Man Anos atrás
Gelimer was too sentimental
Goyon Man
Goyon Man Anos atrás
Poor citizens So hopeless in a deceptively cruel world. They're swayed by games and money. Their fanatism is like opium
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith Anos atrás
7:57 time, you can see Walpole
Nathan Anos atrás
8:00 it was Walpole!!
Darrel Jones
Darrel Jones Anos atrás
@2:37: And now you know where the word "vandalize" comes from.
RJ Gale
RJ Gale Anos atrás
8:03 walpole was a captive
Aimen Darhrums
Aimen Darhrums Anos atrás
2:03 This was before the mafia city memes.
Bryce McKenzie
Bryce McKenzie Anos atrás
Can you imagine if you saw both of your brothers slain in front of you. Yikes
Afsha Karbelkar
Afsha Karbelkar Anos atrás
7:57 isn't that walpole
jerome satriani
jerome satriani Anos atrás
walpole is in the triumph
Ribbitgoesthedog Lastnamehereyeah
A common mistake: Hagia Sophia is not Saint Sophia. Sophia means knowledge or wisdom, as in "philoSophy". Thefore Hagia Sophia could be translated as "Temple of Knowledge", or "Holy Wisdom".
Emilyn Larson
Emilyn Larson Anos atrás
What about Theodora?
sydney mai
sydney mai Anos atrás
spqr in percy jackson ask me why i thought it was spOr and was surprised it was spqr
Joel Raj 038
Joel Raj 038 Anos atrás
Why didn't spain recapture vandal land once in regained ?
Altiris Anos atrás
poor Gelimer...
You know him well
You know him well Anos atrás
LV. 100 mafia boss.
Joseph Halbohn
Joseph Halbohn Anos atrás
“Vanity of vanities, all is vanity” Ecclesiastes 1:2
astroSuperkoala Anos atrás
2:06 that’s how mafia works
voldemar umsar
voldemar umsar Anos atrás
Love the art
Random person on youtube
8:00 you can see walpole
saji gopalan
saji gopalan Anos atrás
Мирослав Лазов
There were no byzantines
Мирослав Лазов
but romans
Musical Rambling
Musical Rambling Anos atrás
Y’all should do the Magna Carta and John of England!
Pruthiraj Tripathy
Pruthiraj Tripathy Anos atrás
Reconquest in the west Candles to burn the vandals Peace in the east I could go on
The Dumb Dog
The Dumb Dog Anos atrás
This goblin just losing brothers
Dr. Etzor
Dr. Etzor Anos atrás
That Konami Code reference.
Kevin Norwood
Kevin Norwood Anos atrás
Who WAS the Vandal King (Gelimer's cousin) around this time? Was it Geiseric? His son, Hunneric? Or someone else?
Madison Hang
Madison Hang Anos atrás
@8:00 yeah i was thinkin, that Justinian reminds me of Solomon
NinjaDudeYT Anos atrás
I saw Walpole as a captive, what is with you guys an walpole
Neptunium Anos atrás
I'm convinced now that Civilisation and its Causus Belli system watched this video.
Justin Aeneas
Justin Aeneas Anos atrás
Patreon sucks. They decide which forms of speech to allow and censor what they don't like. Support Extra History and other channels you love by buying their merchandise and subscribing.
Flophawk Anos atrás
Lando Dando
Lando Dando Anos atrás
2:03 that’s how the mafia works
Eduardo Montes de Oca
Its interesting think how this story would be told if the vandals plan succeeded. The byzantine forces would be described as a charismatic force gaining local support but 2 brothers laid an ambush and saved vandal Carthage
Ludicrous Display
Ludicrous Display Anos atrás
7:51 It was Walpole again!
Phylippe Zimmermann Paquin
this episode makes it clear ive played too much dark souls
AtlasNovack Anos atrás
7:55 looks like Walpole got what was comin' to him.
Finbar Conlon
Finbar Conlon Anos atrás
Walpole in the triumph
Hanen Saad
Hanen Saad Anos atrás
This is very intresting because i am from tunisia(carthaj back then
DanTe Anos atrás
7:51 WALPOLE?????!!!!
GravyNavy Anos atrás
I feel bad for gelimer when he found his brothers body
Mélanie Gauthier
Mélanie Gauthier Anos atrás
« Delenda Carthago ! »
M Harvey
M Harvey Anos atrás
I see you Walpole
Wedderburn Tablet
Wedderburn Tablet Anos atrás
Bro troops nice
Rudrangshu Ghosh
Rudrangshu Ghosh 2 anos atrás
7:56 "It was Walpole."
Benjamin Biegler
Benjamin Biegler 2 anos atrás
I love this channel keep up the great work
The Dank Lord Of The Sith
that time travelling hooded person is the reason for all of history
Joanna S Sienkiewicz
Joanna S Sienkiewicz 2 anos atrás
William Sledge
William Sledge 2 anos atrás
3:30 best command ever!
turan bagatur
turan bagatur 2 anos atrás
Same way the devil operates...America and England ..Divide and conquer..Plant bombs in building and blame other countries to attack..!
Hatefulhierarchy 2 anos atrás
Am I the only one in tears at what these crazed fans have done? They burned history, they burned everything. The ruined what could have helped so many. Now I am not one for revenge, but I would have demanded the leaders executed, and the failed hangings finished.
Grace Hollander
Grace Hollander 2 anos atrás
Christina Sellers
Christina Sellers 2 anos atrás
I have watched this video countless of times. However, every time I see the thumbnail, I can hear Mr. Krabs saying "Well these claws ain't just for attractin' mates!"
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