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Go vote for my Ferrari on Instagram @TheStradman

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16 Set 2021



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TheStradman Mês atrás
Thanks again Vessi! Use my code STRADMAN for $25 off each pair of your Vessi shoes! Free shipping to CA, US, AUS, NZ, JP, TW, KR, SGP
Aleem Cayman
Aleem Cayman 27 dias atrás
Great morning
Tulika Roy
Tulika Roy 28 dias atrás
You could buy a Ferrari 458 italia
Taha Hussian
Taha Hussian Mês atrás
Strad plz buy the f12
Jose Gutierrez
Jose Gutierrez Mês atrás
Do it
Jose Gutierrez
Jose Gutierrez Mês atrás
Yes get a 3 three one
Kirish Raj
Kirish Raj 2 dias atrás
Just buy 2 cars which is Tesla and electric porche
arshia hoseynchi
arshia hoseynchi 6 dias atrás
Dude why don’t you just buy a house with a showcase garage? Your cars will look great in there.
Cars 6 dias atrás
I love James videos
Ibrahim 12 dias atrás
While I was watching this a ad came up and it was with the stradman and he was wearing the same t shirt 😂😂
Berkan DSB
Berkan DSB 13 dias atrás
Go for a f12 n largo or a 458 with an ipe exhaust
Silver 13 dias atrás
I'd save the money for your house
Charlene Gitau
Charlene Gitau 13 dias atrás
812 yes
Charlene Gitau
Charlene Gitau 13 dias atrás
You are not serious
Trevor Vecchio
Trevor Vecchio 14 dias atrás
Get the F12
Pleasure Man
Pleasure Man 15 dias atrás
awww man, the day have arrived, you bought a ferrari 😂
Mark yes
Mark yes 16 dias atrás
U should use the money you have to upgrade your garage make it bigger, can't trust people if your bugatti is outside
Reverse Pursuit
Reverse Pursuit 17 dias atrás
Aljaž Jeločnik
Aljaž Jeločnik 17 dias atrás
f12 all the way
Rascal 18 dias atrás
it's not even a question, you have to get an 812 man
go touch some grass =)
go touch some grass =) 18 dias atrás
buy a 458
Frobskottle _
Frobskottle _ 18 dias atrás
Get the scuderia I will love u forever
Im AcTuAlLy YoUr dAd ThO
he said purple army died but what about the gladiator
TeAlz Sparks
TeAlz Sparks 19 dias atrás
Ferrari f12
SwiftZ ClapZ
SwiftZ ClapZ 21 dia atrás
When you sell the Buggati, you should get a Mclaren
FlxwVFX 21 dia atrás
Super boiii
The Master
The Master 21 dia atrás
Lukas Tities
Lukas Tities 21 dia atrás
The 488
Chaseboi 21 dia atrás
100%. Super fast
Riptyde _
Riptyde _ 22 dias atrás
Asks us what he should get the entire comment section wanted the lambo an he still gets a ferrari niceee
zero squad
zero squad 22 dias atrás
Yo strad I got a better idea for ur raptor quad turbo and put a gt500 engine in it my bus did that and out ran a hellcat and a Trx
Lee Junxian
Lee Junxian 23 dias atrás
are u that rich??
Jeff Underwood
Jeff Underwood 23 dias atrás
hmmm the V12 812 gets my vote ;-)
bjay grayson
bjay grayson 23 dias atrás
Sam Mwangi
Sam Mwangi 23 dias atrás
Take the 812
Pan Jeżyk
Pan Jeżyk 23 dias atrás
F430 is the best idea
BTgaming 24 dias atrás
I have a Rodin a Ferrari 488 It’s very fast
Blake Gaither
Blake Gaither 25 dias atrás
Get the Ferrari 488 bro all you gotta do is a crazy exhaust to that thing and you’ll have an insane sounding car
Blake Gaither
Blake Gaither 25 dias atrás
Fat the Ferrari 488 that’s the best option in my opinion and plus if you add ac crazy exhaust tom totha
Younes ahmed
Younes ahmed 25 dias atrás
the beast 812
Trauvonte Williams
Trauvonte Williams 25 dias atrás
outcast REX
outcast REX 26 dias atrás
Just get a 488 pista
Vlad Stoica
Vlad Stoica 26 dias atrás
720s, LFA, Carrera GT those would be soo cool
Line Stein LLC
Line Stein LLC 26 dias atrás
F12 with the novitec exhaust is a must!!! Best bang for the buck
Ross the Guy
Ross the Guy 26 dias atrás
When he realises that buggait is now owned by rimac
Gesù Cristo
Gesù Cristo 26 dias atrás
BUY AN F12!!!!
seved blomgren
seved blomgren 26 dias atrás
458 spyder
Rrekker 26 dias atrás
that f12 is too nice, that would be my choice for sure.
Мони Трайков
812 superfast
Riyan R
Riyan R 27 dias atrás
Buy 812 superfast
Thepeemslayz 27 dias atrás
Thepeemslayz 27 dias atrás
RIP purple army😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 we pray that one day all of the sudden all of the cars turn purple again. 💜💜💜💜
Subie addict
Subie addict 27 dias atrás
Hasib Rahmani
Hasib Rahmani 27 dias atrás
Thuggin562 27 dias atrás
The Bugatti looks so much better unwrapped
ameer mujeeb
ameer mujeeb 27 dias atrás
f8 tributo
Kymani Williams
Kymani Williams 27 dias atrás
What about the 6x6 it’s still purple right
Dennis Bryant
Dennis Bryant 27 dias atrás
Should hit me up in anchorage, we could have cruzed or hit up some car meets bro..
Ehaas Vlogs
Ehaas Vlogs 27 dias atrás
Either the f8 or the 812
Ethan Stevens
Ethan Stevens 28 dias atrás
458 and kit
Mohammad Bin Maqsood
Mohammad Bin Maqsood 28 dias atrás
Sibusiso Tshuma
Sibusiso Tshuma 28 dias atrás
Can you make a video about the baby Lamborghini I have been looking for it or some one can give me in South Africa
Redninja 12
Redninja 12 28 dias atrás
RIP purple army
Robert Crowther
Robert Crowther 28 dias atrás
Please. Please please get a F12 Novitech N-Largo. My apsolute dream
Noah Spatz
Noah Spatz 28 dias atrás
Has to be a challenge stradale
xRinz 28 dias atrás
Oskar McNair
Oskar McNair 28 dias atrás
Pleaseeeeee get the Stradale!! Once you sell the Veyron, buy an 812 with that meannnn novitec exhaust. Twin turbo the stradale and do both it and the 812 with wheels, wrap, and an otr tune.. You coulddd buy a 458 and do that widebody too, would be dope. Slapping a VF Supercharger in Papa Strad's lambo would be insane too, you could powdercoat it in that rosa acantis! That's some crazy ass content James I sincerely hope you see this comment. I've watched your channel a hella long time now, since just after you moved out of your gallardo. Always loved your personality and your channel and look forward to your videos. You're awesome man, congrats on the success!! Your dad would be beyond proud. Much love from Down Under (straya)! Cheers
hypedcardz 28 dias atrás
Please do the liberty walk build I dream to build one if I could ever afford it!
hypedcardz 28 dias atrás
Love your story stradman true American dream keep it up! :)
Kings Man
Kings Man 28 dias atrás
Tulika Roy
Tulika Roy 28 dias atrás
You could buy a Ferrari 458 italia
A7xfan2007 28 dias atrás
James literally has five lambos lol
José y lucas  gaming
José y lucas gaming 28 dias atrás
Clash With Ych
Clash With Ych 29 dias atrás
f12 berlinetta dude this car is dope in all the ferarri's
Yommama 29 dias atrás
@Thestradman you should get the lambo boat
Lucas LaCombe Roblox
Lucas LaCombe Roblox 29 dias atrás
you should supercharge the aventador roadster
EthansLiveNow 29 dias atrás
hear me out... widebody the Bugatti
Faris Shadeed
Faris Shadeed 29 dias atrás
Ahh listen 3rd aventedor ratchet twin turbos the most in your face wrap with gutted interior and 6pijt roll cage
r K
r K 29 dias atrás
Your Bugatti looks so much better without the wrap
Ya Boy Nick
Ya Boy Nick 29 dias atrás
812 Superfast all the way!
Zodinpuia Punte
Zodinpuia Punte 29 dias atrás
I wish he bought a new one not used one's...most of his car are used one's,cheapskate
audiovideotweaker 29 dias atrás
The Chiron
KingKabeerAh_25 29 dias atrás
Ferrari 458 Italia or F12 💯💯💯
Roscoe Fernandez
Roscoe Fernandez 29 dias atrás
Stradman talks fast like a girl being mauled by a leprechaun.
Renuston R
Renuston R 29 dias atrás
les we forget 5:36
Renuston R
Renuston R 29 dias atrás
Have Murci . . .
Chaos Ren
Chaos Ren Mês atrás
I bought me besides Bc of you and I love them, thank you for them
The elite gamer
The elite gamer Mês atrás
Caccius Gastelum
Caccius Gastelum Mês atrás
I can't help but to smile and be happy for you having so much fun living you dream. I'm happy for you James.
PRO Playz
PRO Playz Mês atrás
Yo do really need a Ferrari. Get a Ferrari LA Ferrari. Good hyper car.
amandeep chandel
amandeep chandel Mês atrás
I love videos from india
amandeep chandel
amandeep chandel Mês atrás
Josiah Reis
Josiah Reis Mês atrás
It was pretty sad to see you take the purple wrap off ur Veyron😣😪
ice cream cone
ice cream cone Mês atrás
Xavier Ethan
Xavier Ethan Mês atrás
Proud American
Proud American Mês atrás
F12 Widebody
sv650rider Mês atrás
DOC Mês atrás
James, as a father myself, I would be big time proud of what you have done in the years you have been on here. but if your dad was here I think he would be concerned about your finances. and say James SLOW DOWN. Enjoy what you have before you buy something new. I know you do not make tons of money on here. Yes your net worth is 2 million. but for God sake you have spent 2 million in a matter of days. How long can this last? Your going to hit a wall and hit it hard. after bankruptcy James all the great things you have are going to be sold. the money will be used to pay your bills. I know you have to make videos to get money and I am only seeing 1 a month. Think about it. do you really need a Hypercar right now? Catch up. then enjoy.
Midnight G37
Midnight G37 Mês atrás
Either 458 italia or 360 challenge stradale which is my fav ferrari v8
kelby glass
kelby glass Mês atrás
Definitely the F12, it's gorgeous and V12
Andy Bong
Andy Bong Mês atrás
This guy thinks hes in a game.. selling and buying cars
Sick-_-Premium Mês atrás
812 super fast all day
Yolopolotyu R
Yolopolotyu R Mês atrás
I don't even have a car
kong jia limg *lets hit 100 subcribers*
You can buy a la ferrari...
Griffin Bryson
Griffin Bryson Mês atrás
I Bought a Supercar from POST MALONE!
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