Burning Spear Playing the FINEST reggae alive absolutely!!!

Leonardo Prado
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4 Abr 2012



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citlaltlamina 5 anos atrás
Lorrayne Bartley
Burning Spear....LEGEND 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kalena E
Roots and raw talent.. the entire band. Look at that crowd. This music makes me feel so peaceful and happy. Bless up!❤️
S Ro
S Ro 2 anos atrás
I love and honour Winston Rodney, for the dignity and respect that he brought to African consciousness. I've been to several of his concerts and they were always magical. At the end of his concerts, everyone will stand milling around, as if just awaking from a trance. Long live the "Burning Spear."
Knky Nrd
Que des bon chanteur qui nous quitte trop tôt !! Merci pour votre musique 😢🌹💙
Sirius Venus
I saw Burning Spear circa 1987 or so--at First Avenue (club) Minneapolis. Because it's a small venue, the floor was vibrating in a way I had never seen before or since--it was mesmerizing--I had so great crippie on my bloodstream--the entire thing was a groove. It sounds good here, but when you get a full crowd in a small venue and the entire floor and walls are vibrating (First Avenue had huge speakers on the stage (you can see in Purple Rain)--I was right at this special spot on the floor where the sound coalesced into this one vibration zone--trippy, special, spiritual. I think in a huge open space it sounds good but not like a cozy great cocoon of sound, which I experienced. It was warm, it was smokey, it was beautiful...
heavydreads 4 anos atrás
Behold a sea of people filled with pure joy from the sound of the BURNING SPEAR! This is roots music, this is conscious music, this is authentic music, this is the sound of musicians playing instruments. This is a gift from the Most High.
Prosenjit Bagchi
Absolutely fabulous. The whole band is on fire. They are the best.
Olebogeng Thekisho
Olebogeng Thekisho 2 anos atrás
When everything was real, the voice, the band,the message from lyrics and also the event, big up to Reggae songs. ✊
Ruby Redall
Ruby Redall 2 anos atrás
This is still one of the finest performaces ever.
Jeff Whelan
Jeff Whelan Anos atrás
That absolutely riveting bass line in Driver has to be the finest in live reggae history. Jah's heartbeat! The more I hear it the more amazed I am. Such a blessing! Burning Spear, aye! Ras Tafari! Blessed be all!
Stef El magnifico
Pour toute ton œuvre , pour toutes ces Vib merci Burning merci du fond du cœur longue vie à toi !
A.G. V Ventures
A.G. V Ventures 4 anos atrás
I love burning spear with all my heart, I can't stay an hour without singing his songs out of my mouth.
Nurville Mcleod
Nurville Mcleod 2 anos atrás
Excellent performance. The brass section was exceptionally awesome. The band was a tightly knitted set of the finest players of musical instruments. Excellence is an understatement to describe the overall performance
Gh Fgj
Gh Fgj Anos atrás
This performance should be shown. On Jamaican national television great performance we need to honor burning spare 100%
lartan ing
This performance is just high class. The band is ripping those notes. Still listening to this in 2022.
Farai Timburwa
Original stays original.. Long live burning spear🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Minah Mohanelwa
Minah Mohanelwa Anos atrás
We need a live reggae concert asap..
Paul Haye
Paul Haye 6 anos atrás
So nice to hear the authentic brass section. Synthesizers have killed it. Spear retains it. No computer music, just original rub-a-dub like in the old days in Jamaica at the bamboo fence lawns. God preserve Jamaica. Such rich history.
Michel Cratere
Michel Cratere 2 anos atrás
Winston Rodney, a.k.a. Burning Spear, one of the greatest musician in the World, pure and incorruptible, true fighter, allways giving the best sound and feeling, since more than 40 years Il am still listening to this guide, leading people out of darkness, Big Up for you, honorable Burning !! Respect, one love, one flag, one aim !
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