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We’re excited to have helped bring Bumblebee to the screen, having contributed 112 shots to the origin story.
Working with our friends at ILM, our artists animated the title character for various emotion-filled moments. We also composited a number of scenes, including an escape scene in which Bumblebee transforms and his human friends run into the Beetle as it rolls away.

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31 Mai 2019



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Comentários 6
Mayur valodra
Mayur valodra 11 meses atrás
VFX guru on Instagram is posting you work with his watermark .
Transfixed 11 meses atrás
Great stuff! But i still want to know why Bumblebee had a hologram projector underneath his chest panel.
Allson Peris
Allson Peris 11 meses atrás
Beautiful!! and You people deserve more for creating some of top best Scenes in this film through your VFX. Such a Awesome Realistic Bumblebee and Epic action scenes and also the escape scene were created by Rodeo Fx. A big thanks to Rodeo Fx who were involved in this film Project.
Romain Boccanfuso
Romain Boccanfuso 11 meses atrás
Name of song ?
Docteur manganime
Docteur manganime Anos atrás
finally ! it's the first time I see a HD breakdown !
Deena James
Deena James Anos atrás
The vfx in this film were astonishing
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