Building and Riding the Backyard "Flight Deck"

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Nothing says "home improvement" like building a mountain bike park in your yard. Today, we build an elevated roll-in deck at the summit of Berm Peak. I'm calling it, "The Flight Deck". In the future, we could build drops, bridges, or any number of features off the flight deck. This was a pretty big build for one amateur carpenter to do in a weekend, so I sure learned a lot on this one. Enjoy!
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I'm also working on a long-term moonshot project: Building a free public bike park in the Asheville metro area. Join my Patreon and 100% of the proceeds go towards funding this.
Advertising disclosure: All of these videos contain products, logos, or mentions associated with Diamondback Bicycles, Box Components, and Slime Sealant. Whether or not the video itself was sponsored by any of these companies, they do support this channel, and by extension, every video on it.

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Lil Gucci Pug 123
His kids treehouses are gonna be crazy
BigPlayBoy445 2 dias atrás
0:48 when edp445 gets off the flatbed
CTT_007 Gaming
CTT_007 Gaming 2 dias atrás
What breathing mask are you using
l3lue OwO
l3lue OwO 2 dias atrás
Bruh I’mma bring a belt sander to class to sharpen my pencil now.
quinnatr39 3 dias atrás
Love seeing that clip of Boogieman when talking about wood varieties. A top 5 trail for me.
Will Kuhn
Will Kuhn 6 dias atrás
Nice Pencil Sharpener! XD
rekamniar 6 dias atrás
How bout build a gondola to the next tool shop
Anthony Clore
Anthony Clore 6 dias atrás
He is soo smart and he inspired me to make a big trail in my Woods
Marc’s Fx
Marc’s Fx 7 dias atrás
Not telling you how to suck eggs but, safety sake turn those rakes inwards, so easy to walk along there and cut your head etc.....great trail and great woodworking skills. Very impressed 👍🏼🏆😊
Derrick Rides
Derrick Rides 10 dias atrás
Your woodworking is getting better and better all the time. Keep up the good work.
Nick Dinh
Nick Dinh 11 dias atrás
I was actually so worried he was somehow going to get injured again.
Sigurd Tangstad Holand
Sigurd Tangstad Holand 12 dias atrás
Thanks for the panecakes bro!
Dmetal#1 12 dias atrás
Wood structures can get pricey. My in-laws were getting rid of there deck so I removed it from there house and reinstalled at my house. I had alot to work with so i overkilled on the support and made a walkway to it. Lot of work but it was free!
Biking off A cliff
Biking off A cliff 12 dias atrás
you should build a little cabin under the flight deck
harrison corey
harrison corey 13 dias atrás
Put walls and a watertight ceiling underneath it, run some electrical and you got the perfect spot to store power tools, bikes, and anything else!
Logan Johnston
Logan Johnston 13 dias atrás
Seth, what do u edit with?
BJC T 15 dias atrás
Ryobi needs to sponsor him
TheVanillaLemon 17 dias atrás
May I ask what cameras you use?
Cayleb Roberts
Cayleb Roberts 17 dias atrás
Wat music u like seth g
Kirk 18 dias atrás
Thanks for the pancakes bro
callum ashdown
callum ashdown 19 dias atrás
make it a shed under the deck for storage
Harry wang
Harry wang 19 dias atrás
please post more videos soon
Henry Brien
Henry Brien 19 dias atrás
pause the video at 8:42 exactly and it says "thanks for the pancakes bro" in the bottom left, lllmmmaaaooo
Evan Is Bored
Evan Is Bored 17 dias atrás
Henry Brien no it doesnt
Max Gomez-Wright
Max Gomez-Wright 19 dias atrás
I really like your vids thx for the content
Aaron Fairchild
Aaron Fairchild 20 dias atrás
Pancakes are always a solid choice
Alexis Marrero
Alexis Marrero 21 dia atrás
I would consider installing a rain collection barrel for cleaning tools and other stuff...
Downhill Time
Downhill Time 21 dia atrás
That looks soooo awesome 10/10 points!
Devon Dart
Devon Dart 23 dias atrás
Ryobi should sponsor u
hotdawgsz 23 dias atrás
8:42 anyone else notice the subtle text at the bottom of the screen? "thanks for the pancakes, bro"
Evan Wells
Evan Wells 18 dias atrás
Yeah i saw that too. Had to back up and shift into granny playback speed to find it. 👍
Lukas loves Sushi21
Lukas loves Sushi21 24 dias atrás
I love watching your build videos keep it up
D̶ʝ Na̶i̶
D̶ʝ Na̶i̶ 24 dias atrás
Is berm peak public
Michael Keller
Michael Keller 24 dias atrás
"And this is crucial, since I don't know what I'm doing..." - ha ha ha. and that's the exact reason to do it... for the experience! :)
Colby Bogolin
Colby Bogolin 25 dias atrás
His videos inspire me to do stuff like this. Except i build a platform out of rotten 2x4's and attempt to drop off of it on my walmart mountain bike. And eat absolute sh*t.
Y’allNeed JESUS!!!!
Y’allNeed JESUS!!!! 25 dias atrás
He said at the summit of berm beak at 0:12
Carson Morris
Carson Morris 25 dias atrás
Cut 1" slits down the pipes on the tool rack so you can pull them straight out instead of having to shimmy them up and out
ThomasTheNord 26 dias atrás
This could easily be an ad for Ryobi
dodge challenger
dodge challenger 26 dias atrás
You should dig down abit under the flight deck then concrete it and make it a place for eating
J4c03 26 dias atrás
Just plant some cedar trees , then boom 100 years later you have free wood for building trail features!
Crash FNBR
Crash FNBR 26 dias atrás
thanks for the pancakes
Kikben Brothers
Kikben Brothers 26 dias atrás
You should have a barbecue under the Flight Deck
Lukas loves Sushi21
Lukas loves Sushi21 24 dias atrás
Kikben Brothers that would probably burn the flight deck but good idea
Matt Mooney
Matt Mooney 26 dias atrás
did this man just sharpen a pencil with a belt sander
Mosxidi Gaming
Mosxidi Gaming 26 dias atrás
Every time i watch a seth's video,i feel like i am watching a movie
David Dodson
David Dodson 26 dias atrás
Can't wait to see how Berm Prak comes out.
gerekappo 27 dias atrás
Crazy beautiful!!!
Jozef Kiss
Jozef Kiss 28 dias atrás
Very nice job.... like all time.... :)
Matthew Mahoney
Matthew Mahoney 28 dias atrás
I think u should put lights on a trail for night riding. Run an electrical conduit out there for a bunch of stuff.
Edward Hudson
Edward Hudson 28 dias atrás
thanks for the pancakes bro
Max Campbell
Max Campbell 28 dias atrás
What about like a big pully system? for wood
Alec nolastname
Alec nolastname 28 dias atrás
Definitely could setup a rest area under the launch deck.
David wazthatme Stegall
Could use some grip tape like on skate boards or what ever they call it for long boards thats more like salt rock.
Don-Michael 28 dias atrás
Need content. Need content now. Not sure I can wait any longer. The water is rising. There doesn't seem to be a way out. I am going to drown in the misery of waiting for another video. Arghghghghgh.........
Jack Bunyan
Jack Bunyan 28 dias atrás
You need a quad bike with trailer to haul stuff up
dan j oconnor
dan j oconnor 28 dias atrás
When are you going to build a wall-ride on Berm Peak?
Zacharias Starlid
Zacharias Starlid 28 dias atrás
You are so good at making videos!
Nope Nope
Nope Nope 28 dias atrás
Can someone recommend me a hardtail frame for 27,5 tires, size XL because my frame is way to long, if someone's interested I'm driving a Bulls Copperhead 3
No Front Brakes
No Front Brakes 28 dias atrás
I'm always amazed at your ability to make things you build look super professional. If I had $10 for every time I had to reverse my drill and take out a screw...
Mani Khatri
Mani Khatri 28 dias atrás
Hey iam very poor and my family doesn't allow me to ride cycile decause iwas trying to awheeli could you send your bike and I always see your vedio pls send innepal Pokhara kahun😔💝💝💝💝
Nobo 29 dias atrás
Seth is this bike good Dispatch 9 80 Acera 18 ??
Omer Vana
Omer Vana 29 dias atrás
You should build a place to seat (benches / table and stuff) under the ramp!
Jeremy Bryant
Jeremy Bryant 29 dias atrás
you are such a good builder i wish you could build something in my backyard can you post another video tomorrow i cant wait
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