Building a New Shrimp Pond! (Filling it with Water) 

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18 Mar 2023



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luffebassen 2 meses atrás
Be careful with water plants in the new pond, because birds like ducks can transport them to the big pond, since they will be using both.
Brandon gotz powers
Brandon gotz powers 2 meses atrás
Maria CANCER this comment deserves to get more likes for and subs ❤feel better fight the cancer
Kedo 2 meses atrás
Love the oak tree you've planted on the island. That will look magnificent in about 10 years.
Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor 2 meses atrás
More like 25 to 50 years, oaks are slow growers!
Political Martian
Political Martian Mês atrás
A 10 year old oak tree has a height of 15 to 20 feet and a trunk diameter of 4 to 6 inches. However, the exact size can vary depending on the species, growing conditions, and location.
BaneRain Mês atrás
I would have gone with a willow. Oaks are so slow. Not to mention, you'll get a ton of acorns in your pond
colton mcdermaid
colton mcdermaid 2 meses atrás
crazy to realize that the years i’ve been watching had flown by this fast. been here since just before you built the backyard pond
Jaboi3jidion 2 meses atrás
I was here since moby was caught and I can’t believe it either
Zach Cook
Zach Cook 2 meses atrás
@Jaboi3jidion I’ve been here since Bonnie and Clyde were little and in a tank together and sheriff of course also I was here for moby to
Zach Cook
Zach Cook 2 meses atrás
@Jaboi3jidion I really said sheriff I meant outlaw
Jaboi3jidion 2 meses atrás
@Zach Cook that was long ago
Van Poll
Van Poll 2 meses atrás
I watched his Crawfish Boil video a couple years ago. Now I stumbled over this channel again, just to find the baby I remembered, grown up into a school kid. Time is unbelievable...
Andrew Kuhn
Andrew Kuhn 2 meses atrás
You should plant some native long grasses and cat tails on the island. It will make a good nesting habitat for the birds and you'll get a ton of amphibians which the bass love to eat.
Rob Sykes
Rob Sykes 2 meses atrás
You should try planting wildflowers around the pond ! It could hopefully give bugs and a few smaller mammals shelter and in term more food for the predatory birds around the area
Alex Manakul
Alex Manakul 2 meses atrás
Been watching bama since I was 14 I am now 20years old Bonnie and Clyde started it all crazy how this channel used to be all about them only the OGs know about TANK TUESDAY plz bring tank Tuesday back for the og subscribers!!!❤️🖤👊
Eddie Mendoza
Eddie Mendoza 2 meses atrás
Crazy how these videos make me feel like I’m apart of the whole process as if it was my pond haha! Also how time flies! I was thinking about how your backyard pond was so many years ago!
nick mcgookin
nick mcgookin 2 meses atrás
True we what proff . Thar some 9f us made it there.
Wilman otero
Wilman otero 2 meses atrás
for real ❤ i like the outdoors so thas why i try to be here watching 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Keith Simon
Keith Simon 2 meses atrás
@nick mcgookin what are you talking about?
Koen Polstra
Koen Polstra 2 meses atrás
I have the same thing 😂
Mike P
Mike P 2 meses atrás
Not just known as a fresh water prawn its known as a giant fresh water prawn. Be sure to use vinegar in the cooking process it really brings out the flavor
Dan Olsen
Dan Olsen 2 meses atrás
I think the only name a prawn like that can have is bubba! Side question: how do you finance all these awesome projects?
WP SN 2 meses atrás
Maybe you should build a chicken-wire enclosure over the little pond so all the bait aren't taken by birds. You can build hatches for access, like an enclosed garden.
Charlie Boring
Charlie Boring 2 meses atrás
For your island, use a soil aerator to make holes in the soil and spread top soil over it. Then use the aerator again to drive soil into the clay.
Shawna337 2 meses atrás
I am new to this series and have enjoyed catching up and am looking forward to new videos! I think a great name for the big male prawn would be Popeye.
Forté 2 meses atrás
Fish name for letter Y - Yogi. A playful and friendly name that would be fitting for a sociable and curious bass.
Clucks N Things
Clucks N Things 2 meses atrás
Ain’t no better way to start the week than with a bamabass video!
John Revera
John Revera 2 meses atrás
Amen brother!
Steven Shepard
Steven Shepard 2 meses atrás
If the prawn thing doesn't pan out you could always raise some bait fish. You must lay awake all night trying to figure out what you want to do next! Looking great..!
Christian Timko
Christian Timko 2 meses atrás
Love your videos! That is crazy that you caught the same bass twice in the same span of 5 minutes! I saw on the spreadsheet that a few A spots were still blank and I was wondering if you could use my name idea. It is: Alcatraz, like your island in the pond. Keep up the good work!
Jacktoss 2 meses atrás
We need a floating duck house update! Bass name ideas: Wumbo, Riptide, Flipper, Khan, Penny Prawn name idea: LePrawn James
Ivan Corona
Ivan Corona 2 meses atrás
Man I love this channel. I usually like to come back every month or two because I like to see how much is has changed and I’m always surprised. Btw why don’t you let the island grow wild grasses? It would be cool for the island to be covered in wild grasses and flowers. It could potentially become a habitat for birds and reptiles
BW Gaming
BW Gaming 2 meses atrás
Always have a rush of positive emotions when I see your video notifications. Love this channel. He looks like he's a Larry, Larry the Shrimpster (prawn name) Ronnie seems like a good bass name too
Sherwin Jr. Ochea
Sherwin Jr. Ochea 2 meses atrás
Me tooooo
firetruck1988 2 meses atrás
He had a Larry who was a big crawfish that lived with Bonnie and cylde
W Bass
W Bass 2 meses atrás
I still think its a crime that one of the Bass is named "Maverick" yet nobody else is named "Iceman" and "Goose". And you can trust me cuz my name is part bass!!
The guy who wants to play games
I agree
Christopherr 2 meses atrás
Seriously!! I saw this notification I was like ooo I’m sleeping to this tonight!
Stefan Deonath
Stefan Deonath 2 meses atrás
Unless you plan to add organic matter to the island, you'll have that issue until the soil gets up to "grass standard". You have 2 other options, you can allow nature to do its thing which is proper supersession from weeds to grass or you can seed grass and regularly water with a Compost tea brew that has a 1:1 ratio of bacteria and fungi. You can look at some of Elaine Inghams' videos and also reach out to her for some advice. That compost tea brew would work and you would probably get an addiction to it because it works!
Sven 2 meses atrás
I know the pond is still in its early stages, but I wanna ask if you plan on letting wild flowers and taller grass grow around it to stimulate insect populations?
Balluf VonDepths
Balluf VonDepths Mês atrás
I really like Isurus as a name. It’s the scientific name for mako sharks. I think the name of a fast aggressive feeding shark matches these bass well.
Ethan's Aquatics
Ethan's Aquatics 2 meses atrás
I cant believe how long it has been since the first video on the pond build. I have watched every single one and I love them all. I think this is because you are living my dream, keep up the good work!
God-Emperor 2 meses atrás
I'm closing on a property in a few weeks with a big pond. Your videos have me so excited about it.
Jyrex 2 meses atrás
Love the fact that you went from engineer to apprentice biologist. The way to keep these amazing creatures alive and healthy is a mix of both. :)
Purple Drac
Purple Drac 2 meses atrás
out of the four hundred fifty freshwater species of shrimp 🦐he chooses the one with arms long enough to stab his fish's 👁eye out. 🤨
Cen 2 meses atrás
@Purple DracWhy do you have to put an emoji every few words?
Timothy B
Timothy B 2 meses atrás
@Cen well that's a useless question
Cen 2 meses atrás
@Timothy B Well, that's a useless response considering I never asked you.
Timothy B
Timothy B 2 meses atrás
@Cen I just got roasted
kieran Viner
kieran Viner 2 meses atrás
Lottie for the bass name! 😁 Great videos and I hope everyone is having a great day
llllGodly 2 meses atrás
This series makes my Monday morning! Fish Names B- Bob E- Eddy (water current) J- Joffery (Mean one that sits on the oak throne) K- Kraken R- Rod Breaker T- Tarter Sauce
Betsy B
Betsy B 2 meses atrás
I love this series- I've been watching it since you started the pond. Love every episode. Don't know where your name the bass list lives, but suggestions, if you have any spots left: O for Ophelia, P for Penelope, T for Tatiana, R for Rhonda. The line of oaks is an amazing addition, btw.
Christina Mueller
Christina Mueller 2 meses atrás
Love watching your channel, you've given us amazing advise and ideas for our own pond build! If you're still looking for a W name how about Wrangler!
NORIS L. 2 meses atrás
it's cool to see the amazing development of the Crimson oak pond, been here since day 1. hope you can name one of the bass "Hari" it means King here in my country. wish you more power and more videos in the future.
Let's Go Brandon! FJB!
don't use corrugated pipe for drainage, it clogs up with debris. you need to add plants to the shrimp pond, not just Lilly pads.
Mey !
Mey ! Mês atrás
I also think he should add aquatic plants, it will be a hiding place for mosquito larva that will be food for fish and fish. Plus shrimp like grazing on plants and their babies hide there
Let's Go Brandon! FJB!
@Mey ! mosquito larvae only live jn stagnant water.
Mey !
Mey ! Mês atrás
@Let's Go Brandon! FJB! It's a pond
Let's Go Brandon! FJB!
@Mey ! that will have a filtration system like his backyard pond.
Tright Right
Tright Right Mês atrás
I love your name
Chris Caskey-Dougherty
Chris Caskey-Dougherty 2 meses atrás
Cannot wait to see these prawns grow! I LOVE THIS SERIES!
Dantheman 135
Dantheman 135 2 meses atrás
Those are Eastern Bluebirds. I had a pair nest in my whistling duck box almost a decade ago 😄
Bonnie W
Bonnie W 2 meses atrás
Fish name: Pesca :) I am really loving this series. I can't believe it has taken me this long to watch this video - been a crazy busy week.
Pairstore 2 meses atrás
I just discovered you 1 hr ago and i love all of this so much. Cant stop watching
Mohammed Monir
Mohammed Monir 2 meses atrás
Please do a cost breakdown for you projects, can’t wait to hear the numbers!
Relaxing Restoration and DIY
There's pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich. And thats about it...
BamaBass 2 meses atrás
Relaxing Restoration and DIY
@BamaBass Can you name a fish Lieutenant Dan???
R SCOTT 2 meses atrás
Love your content BamaBass. Been watching for years. Cant wait to see Bonnie, Clyde and Moby get added to Crimson Pond!!
DR3WP7 2 meses atrás
I just happened to find your first pond build video right when it posted when I was searching for pond build ideas/cost and I’ve been hooked ever since! Love the videos and #30 trending right now! Great work and congrats on the success! Can’t wait for the next one!
Bingham Woody
Bingham Woody 2 meses atrás
Great video! You always do a great job of giving full updates for your fans. I have been a subscriber since before Bonnie and Clyde. Remember thinking “damn great names, I should have thought of that.” Your grandkids are going to watch your videos one day and be proud of the humble and kind man you are.
Tomas Selicky
Tomas Selicky 2 meses atrás
Since I've seen your pond build part 1 I knew its gonna be entertainment for months to come. I've been watching since the first day and I love how its not only about the pond but also about its surroundings and animals! Little late for the naming competition, but I hope I could still jump on that train. For the name I was thinking Basseus.
Jersey Murphy
Jersey Murphy 2 meses atrás
love the videos I love the fact that I feel less stress just watching your channel thank you
Billy 2 meses atrás
The only series on youtube that i always click right away to watch when there's a new video
Tajierre Rudolph
Tajierre Rudolph 2 meses atrás
Aunt Miss
Aunt Miss 2 meses atrás
Love ur videos! Haven't missed a one. As for the prawn. Since he's big, creepy and lives in the water there's no other name than "The Kraken"!!
Jacob Martin
Jacob Martin 2 meses atrás
If you plan on using prawns for bait or whatever,letting those protein pellets fall will give them a sorce of food if you introduce them to the main pond...regardless great work,look forward to the future content.!
Todd Sanderson
Todd Sanderson 2 meses atrás
The prawns would be a good way to help keep the pond clean. I know ppl use fresh water shrimp for décor and algae eaters in Aquariums.
William K Elkins Jr.
William K Elkins Jr. 2 meses atrás
Been following your channel from the beginning of the pond build. I lost my mother several years ago in 2007 she held an affinity for ducks and is the person who instilled the love of nature in me. Id be very appreciative and honored if you'd name that female mallard Brenda for my momma.
James Valentine
James Valentine 2 meses atrás
I've been following your pond for a while now, love to see the progress. From the beginning I've thought it might work great to have a couple Bald Cypress trees planted near the bank. Here in Texas they grow along rivers, ponds, and swamps. But I know it's similar in other parts of the south as well. They love water and it seems like near the banks of your pond would be potentially good spots. They're very attractive trees, iconic of the south as are our Southern LIve oaks. Let me know if you decide to try a few Bald Cypresses, I bet they can work great even if they aren't native in your specific part of Alabama.
alex munoz
alex munoz 2 meses atrás
I love your videos, been following the progress since the start! Cant wait for the next pond build. Queen or xeno would been good names!
Red Eye Stones
Red Eye Stones 2 meses atrás
Another great video. I'm super curious, (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) to see how aggressive those little one pound tigers really are. Maybe in your next video, you could throw some big baits, and some top water action.
Yumuhz 2 meses atrás
Wooow! I haven’t come across you guys in a whole year and a half almost two and so much have changed! Great to see u guys again!
Brian Rodgers
Brian Rodgers 2 meses atrás
These 20 min videos go by so fast. Great filming, editing and most of all content@ thanks bama bass
Scott Pekarek
Scott Pekarek 2 meses atrás
Really enjoy watching the progress of the pond
F~O~GWYG 2 meses atrás
Matt Yarmey
Matt Yarmey 2 meses atrás
It's really good to see you're hard work is turning into fun!
Colin The Fox
Colin The Fox 2 meses atrás
YIHAAA another BamaBass video :D :D :D :D Why doe's this make me so glad?! xD You guys are such a nice and warm family :) love it !
RicardoT 2 meses atrás
Awesome!! The fish are getting bigger!
Rocky Pipe Dreamer
Rocky Pipe Dreamer 2 meses atrás
A little late but - when you take the stump out - think about drilling some 3 inch holes for the shrimp to have an apartment. If you work it right you can make it so they can pick different temp levels
Cameron Pollock
Cameron Pollock 2 meses atrás
But I can't believe how far you came, I remember stumbling across your bass fishing videos and watching your backyard pond video and then this series. One of my favorite channels to watch
TheLegendaryMe325 2 meses atrás
One of the best series on BRvid by far, been watching since day 4 of filling the pond up. Would love it if you could name a bass Behemoth
Weston King
Weston King 2 meses atrás
It’s always a good day when theres a new pond update video!!
Larry Frank
Larry Frank 2 meses atrás
Dude, you are talented!!! You give me inspiration to do more.
Michael Masko
Michael Masko 2 meses atrás
Here are a few names. Zam and Yankee. I can not believe how the pond has cam long in just 1 year. can not wait to see what you do next with the pond.
Epsilon 2 meses atrás
I’d like the name “Big Gus” for the male prawn, seems fitting for that massive set of claws he’s packing.
statement leaver
statement leaver 2 meses atrás
Yeah and name the 1 Armed Bandit....Cptn Hook😂
Bass Alliance
Bass Alliance 2 meses atrás
This is really fun to see and those prawns are HUGE, I was also wondering if you could name one of your bass Quincy
Hippy in Longbeach
Hippy in Longbeach 2 meses atrás
Time flies by when I watch your videos. I hate knowing it is ending. I love the videos man. Totally entertaining and I learn things . Thank you til the next video. It's ok if you make a hour long video every week at the same time and day. 🎉
Terry Pomatto
Terry Pomatto 2 meses atrás
WOW!!! I would never believed that you could catch the same bass in five minutes. I love your pond and only wished that I had one that I could enjoy every day. Enjoy your updates, keep them coming.....
Katlynn Lund
Katlynn Lund 2 meses atrás
If there is a P and O name open can there be a Popeye and Oliveoil? Love your videoes, started watching right before the 5 acre pond was started, i watched all of the backyard pond videos back to back and then wait (not so patiently) for updates now lol. Its been awsome to see the pond develope and it feels like we've watched sara grow right with the fish! Cant wait to see what yous do next.
Frnch Baguette
Frnch Baguette 2 meses atrás
You were the first channel I have subscribed to. Your videos are very comforting and interesting. I think you should name a bass "Quincy." Thank you for making this series and documenting the whole process.
MrEweaun 2 meses atrás
these prawn are fun to fish and taste very nice!!!! loved all of your good and hard work!!! keep on doing the good job!! Love from Malaysia!
Benny n Bubba D
Benny n Bubba D 2 meses atrás
You should call the giant shrimp 'Stretch Armstrong'. And I'd love to call one of the aggressive bass 'Gracie ' after my brand new puppy. Thanks Steven n Liz, love watching the pond coming along every Sunday. Benny.
Nathan Cluff
Nathan Cluff 2 meses atrás
We always called the largest fish in the lake "Walter" so I nominate that name for "W". Love the channel.
Hooked up fishing
Hooked up fishing 2 meses atrás
I’ve been watching since day one when you first posted haven’t missed a single episode watched them all in order 🤘🏻
Jacob Gillispie
Jacob Gillispie 2 meses atrás
You might be able to get some Kyoto Moss for the island. It's a beautiful bluish green color and because it's a moss I'm sure being near moisture is enough.
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor 2 meses atrás
I'm not sure if "Q" is available, but for some reason I like the name Quincy! Go, go, go... Quincy! I love the series. Thank you!
Adam Lee
Adam Lee 2 meses atrás
My wife and I are huge fans of your content. We love the animals that enjoy the ecosystem that you created. Our suggestion for the letter I is Ignacio! We appreciate you 🤘🏼😁
sandtowalk Mês atrás
love too see more of your duck house and coup, wanting to do one myself but stuck on a design, thanks
Stoner LLC
Stoner LLC 2 meses atrás
I really appreciate you sharing your joy with us. I looked forward to each episode
Prindle. 2 meses atrás
The fact that you caught the same fish twice is crazy! Love to see the progress as always, keep the videos coming!
Caleb Golding
Caleb Golding 2 meses atrás
You are my favorite channel on youtube and have been for quite awhile. THANK YOU!
LS-Prez 2 meses atrás
I can't wait till you build an underwater house! 😊
deltoid4 2 meses atrás
Literally would love to visit here, and spend some days fishing. You have a anglers and nature lovers paradise.
Rev Rick
Rev Rick 2 meses atrás
I'm living vicariously through this channel! The only difference I would do is trout and bigger island with weeping willows. But that's just day dreaming stuff. This is very cool.
Chris Walsh
Chris Walsh 2 meses atrás
Wow it's amazing how much the crimson Oak pond has developed.ive been watching your Chanel now for over a year now and it's amazing what you have achieved you should be so proud of what you have done.ive noticed you still have the letter P on your fish tagging chart how about papa p for that letter P. Keep having fun God bless can't wait to see more videos. Chris from the UK.
Micah Newsome
Micah Newsome 2 meses atrás
I would love for the Fish A to be named Archer, he will be such a big bass and is the one who will be running the show out there
F. W.
F. W. 2 meses atrás
On your island you will probably have better luck with Floratam grass very tolerant to different soils, its a hybrid cultivar of St. Augustine grass, it’s very popular after new home construction in south Texas, it’s about the only grass that will grow after foundation clay based soiled is spread out, Floratam grass will have purplish stolons, I recommend you use a soil aerator the type you step on, then lay fertilize top soil and drop in the sod, I’ve done enough in my lifetime from flat terrain to hills and slopes, then water daily for about 10 days
CurlyTailFishing 2 meses atrás
Been such a journey from start to now. Can’t wait to see the shrimp grow. Love this series… noticed you didn’t have a name for P on one of your lists. In lieu of St Patricks day recently passing, I’d like to donate the name “Paddy”. Cheers!
Matthew Phelan
Matthew Phelan 2 meses atrás
Love the videos! One of the bass should be named "Flea"
Scott M.
Scott M. 2 meses atrás
First time seeing this series. Wow! gotta a lot of great content to catch up on. I feel like all fisherman dream of building a pond. For the bass name - P is for Pearl Belle. My dogs name. Shes a sweetie.
Koen Ackman
Koen Ackman 2 meses atrás
It’s the best series on BRvid
Christi VBosch
Christi VBosch 2 meses atrás
Love your channel, great content! Always grateful for a new upload so I can see your amazing pond, all your fish and the beautiful wildlife. Your very Blessed with a beautiful family, home and all the things. Thank you for sharing your pond building journey and excited to see what this spring/summer bring. Sending positive vibes and blessings to you from Northern Indiana 🦅🎣💦
Crappiemagic Mike
Crappiemagic Mike 2 meses atrás
I think "ATLAS" would be a great name for a bass. I always remember as a kid seeing a musclebound picture of the great Atlas holding the world on his strong shoulders. Thank you for another great video! I can't believe how fast the fish are growing, and they always look so healthy!
Marty Boy
Marty Boy 2 meses atrás
You should let wild plants grow around the pond and on the island, they will be better for the ecology of the area than the grass. The fertilizer could also wash into the pond and cause an algae bloom which could suffocate your fish.
Hochey91 Aka Casper
Hochey91 Aka Casper 2 meses atrás
I think it’s cool seeing how much work it took to build the pond and it blows my mind because I know a guy that built a lake on 92 acres and the deepest parts are 30 feet which is amazing it’s up in Wisconsin it’s stocked with perch and walleye he made custom structures for nest by stacking pallets making cubes and put them all along the bank of the one island and other banks around the lake it also had a gravel beach
Austin Adkins
Austin Adkins 2 meses atrás
P should be peanut. Loving the videos and the progress has turned out great! Makes me wanna buy my own land and do all this crazy stuff with it.
Charlie 2 meses atrás
You can use alot more bio for you canister such as crushed lava rock or even put it in a mesh bag to keep it together sponges also help with mechanical and biological filtration aswell. For even finer particles to get that sparkle in the water use some synthetic pillow fluff just swap it out each month or if not sooner
That blonde guy 3
That blonde guy 3 2 meses atrás
I always look forward to seeing the pond and how the wildlife and fish are doing. Thanks for sharing apart of your life with us. Pickles is still my choice for a fish. 🐠
Hunter Swan
Hunter Swan 2 meses atrás
Love watching these videos. Would love it if you would name a bass bullwinkle.
Hanida Aliya
Hanida Aliya 2 meses atrás
Didn't expect watching these videos is so much fun haha! I love watching them and the wildlife clips are amazing! Thinking about add a "Moneypenny" to the bass list😁
JTG_EDC 2 meses atrás
I've been trying to add Malibu to that last M. spot For weeks and weeks. The pond and everything looks beautiful. Thanks!
stevehockey4 2 meses atrás
Stumbled across your channel this weekend and I've now watched all of the pond videos. Great channel! A few names to toss into the ring: A - Anaconda I - Ironsides U - Ursula X - Xen