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Ever wished you had a special vise just for filing?! ME TOO! Let's build one.

Music: Sand Castle - Quincas Moreira

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10 Ago 2022



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Cracked Emerald
Can't believe that old Tony disorganized his pristine scrap collection just for cinematic effect, what an artist!
Sam The Man
They do exist already, just not marketed to the engineering industry. Look up farriers’ horseshoe vices and you’ll find an entire array of them at different price points and levels of complexity. Some remain parallel, some don’t. But there’s so many to choose from I’m sure you’d find something that works.
Mr. Tony, To get at the "C" clips simply drill some large holes through the square pipe to allow you to de-clip the bolt. You can then get a slightly longer bolt to use so that you can put an axe head in the new vice! Great welds and super nice design!!
my mechanics
Being a machinist for over 20 years now and never heard of this "restocking" technique. Could you make a deatiled video about it? Can it also be done on the milling machine?
matt rzewnicki
The fixed jaw that you offset was in the wrong direction for gaining clearance, the offset you added actually reduced the amount of jaw opening capacity. That could be close to your 1/4" that you lost. Need to move the lower jaw down to have the clamping face as flush to the end of the tube as you can be while the floating jaw is at its max extent.
Hey I just wanted to say thanks, you got me started into a career of actually tig welding. I’m 21 but at the beginning of Covid I bought a tig welder and wanted to start doing some hobby work but I couldn’t figure out how to do anything, But I had been watching your videos and you got me to the place that in level c welding when we did tig I was so good that my teacher recommended me to a brewery making place. Stainless steel sanitary tig welding and this is all possible because of your videos. Thanks this old tony!
As an engineer, I’d like to point out that per ANSI standard, any drawing with a lemon yellow sun, grass, and fluffy green tree requires a minimum of one (1) stick figure to indicate scale. I also want to point out that your first name was not in the upper RH corner along with the correct prefix “By”.
Anony Mousse
I don't know if you've seen Fireball Tool, but he showed off a technique for dealing with the weld bead by machining a trough on the outside of the inner tube where it would rub against the weld. That way he doesn't have to either cut it open or grind it inside the tube.
Jörg Reinhardt
Until now I did most of my filing in cabinets, looking forward to see how a vice would improve my document workflow.
jeon vlya
Your videos are always worth the wait, and thank you for making your content digestible to us laymen.
It's a Mind Game
Tony, you have been missed. I hope things are going well for you, and if not I hope whatever may be "not well" improves for you.
Nick DiFilippo
I started watching This Old Tony about 5 years ago or so in high school. I’m currently getting a degree in Machine Tool Technology and recently got a job running a CNC lathe. Getting Americans interested in manufacturing is a good thing, and This Old Tony is doing his part with that. Thank you for the content. It’s more than just entertainment.
Lee Brown
This old tony is like santa for adults! Comes round once a year, and brings video gifts!
Beta Inventing
Beta Inventing 21 dia atrás
As always, just brilliant. That feeling of inadequacy while working with available tools, and then the compulsion to build some thing completely new to solve your one single problem, that's what leads to new innovations. That's what makes the world a more creative and better place 😉
David Jereb
You could always drill a hole into the side of that smaller tube to regain access to that snap ring and then replace the bolt with something longer. Might be a bit tricky to replace the ring through the hole, but you only need to do it once anyhow.
Nice design. If you put slots into the inner tube you'd be able to create access to the retaining washer. Re commercial options, Jewellers use something called a Mitre filing block, which is similar in principal your idea, but the jaws are a mitred cut in a bock that bolts together. The block is quite thin so when held by a standard bench vice there is plenty of room to get your hand up close to the work. I hope that helps. Take care D
Honk Honk
This is such a fantastic channel. Love the skits and the editing, as per usual. Thanks for everything you do, Tony. Super informative and entertaining.
Marchelov Tiberiu Alexandru
So happy to see you are alive and kicking! We live for your content and your humour!
Three Rivers Forge
Nothing better than a ToT video popping up out of the blue! Great work, as always. The Farrier's Vise would work for what you're doing, but you might have to play around with the geometry a little bit. Sometimes called a Gooseneck Vise. The foot-operated kind are really neat, I'll admit. As skilled as you are in the shop, I have no doubt you could knock one out in a few minutes. I'll look forward to watching that video!
Devin Jones
I consider your posts the highlight of my feed, you may be busy lately and not have time to make videos as often as you used to, but I want you to know that you easily have the best cinematography on all of BRvid and each video makes my day. I wish your family health and blessings.
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