Build a beautiful smokeless wood stove with red bricks and cement

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Build a beautiful smokeless wood stove with red bricks and cement

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2 Set 2021



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Arq. Nilso Rafagnin
Colocar fogo em uma laje de concreto é muito perigoso. Em obras minhas já presenciei explosão que não somente estragou o churrasco mas também se tornaram perigosa a experiência. Melhor na base, pelo menos, aplicar tijolos refratários.
Arq. Nilso Rafagnin
Desculpem que me precipitei na análise assistindo e comentando o vídeo sem antes ver que o fogo não foi realizado diretamente na laje
Jim Gill
Jim Gill 10 dias atrás
A + I want this Guy on my team !
Scott Stanley
Scott Stanley 12 dias atrás
PPE is for softies!
Matt 14 dias atrás
Eye protection and please wear boots.
MS Games7
MS Games7 15 dias atrás
Venio 16 dias atrás
Egalitarian 1776
Egalitarian 1776 16 dias atrás
What a fabulous wood stove using his skills and being freelanced! Remarkable...5 👍🏻👍🏽👍🏼👍🏾👍🏿up
T.L Create&Experience
T.L Create&Experience 16 dias atrás
นาวิน นาวิน
Prahlad Singh
Prahlad Singh 17 dias atrás
Please enroll yourself for modi Scheme where you get free gas cylinder.
count kalergi
count kalergi 17 dias atrás
Third world, highly inneficient, only a small amount of heat produces usefull work, the majority is just wasted thermal radiation.
Tapan Kumar
Tapan Kumar 17 dias atrás
Very nice
Shonda Morse
Shonda Morse 18 dias atrás
0 easily amazing 👍🙂
gary olsen
gary olsen 18 dias atrás
you guys never heard of work boots?
nonso okany
nonso okany 18 dias atrás
Wow!! See talent.i wish I will see someone that can construct some thing like this for me. Am From Nigeria
Azhaginiyan 19 dias atrás
I have no idea why I watched this fully, but it felt so satisfying. Great skill
Bhagwan Jha
Bhagwan Jha 19 dias atrás
Good for independent homes.
Dev 19 dias atrás
ഇതാണല്ലേ പുകയില്ലാത്ത അടുപ്പ്
SP Jagat Singh
SP Jagat Singh 20 dias atrás
Good work.
Zeinab Elshami
Zeinab Elshami 20 dias atrás
I want oven not a stove
Griswol Hodgson
Griswol Hodgson 20 dias atrás
Thank you~ have been watching your channel for couple of weeks ago and it's really make sense and it really help me through
Fun with Calisthenics
Fun with Calisthenics 21 dia atrás
That’s brilliant. A true craftsman.
vivek kumar
vivek kumar 21 dia atrás
Abe 4 din m aag se chtak jayega
z information
z information 21 dia atrás rocket with rocket rocket with rocket loauncher
Aditya Gupta
Aditya Gupta 21 dia atrás
Robert Neven
Robert Neven 21 dia atrás
respect, but afther a view day s off fire the stoof collaps i think????????????????,
kirtiman singh parihar
kirtiman singh parihar 22 dias atrás
First best thing is Idea nd second best thing is no unnecessary explanation 👍🏻
Arjun singh Mehra Me Status Master
चूल्हा तो नया बनाया इसने लेकिन मुहूर्त में ही मछली पका कर खा ली है हमारे यहां तो भाई खीर बनती है और वह भी पहले भगवान को भोग दिया जाता है.... हिंसक प्राणी
Mansoor Ahmed
Mansoor Ahmed 22 dias atrás
Better for India Gas is costly
sanjeev kapoor
sanjeev kapoor 22 dias atrás
Aryan Dwivedi
Aryan Dwivedi 22 dias atrás
Me poping and watching this like🙂
jeremy sans3lm
jeremy sans3lm 22 dias atrás
That thin concrete is going to crack after like 5 uses. Heat is cruel.
3dplan. in
3dplan. in 22 dias atrás
You can coat the thin concrete with heat insulation layer..
Robin Parker
Robin Parker 22 dias atrás
Fabulous craftsmanship.
Saqib Mehmood
Saqib Mehmood 23 dias atrás
This one is gonna stay in my kitchen, definitely Place your order at: https: // Visit our BRvid Channel:
Multi fold
Multi fold 23 dias atrás
e4 d5
e4 d5 23 dias atrás
1.) How is this smokeless? 2.) Y'all better be careful for exploding concrete. If you don't know about it, look it up. It can happen if you're not careful.
Aulakh Saab
Aulakh Saab 23 dias atrás
Tier well burn 🔥
IlliniDog01 23 dias atrás
Looks nice. I think it needed some sort of a door to cover the top half of the opening where the wood was put in to better force the airflow out the chimney. Also, for those watching at home, please wear eye protection when cutting brick/metal/wood.
Swarup Das
Swarup Das 22 dias atrás
@IlliniDog01 so from were would the fuel get oxygen to burn???
AG ki video
AG ki video 23 dias atrás
More invest more time taken
Ajay Teotia
Ajay Teotia 23 dias atrás
Very nice 👌👌
Steve P.
Steve P. 24 dias atrás
Very nice job, congratulations!
SteveVi0lence 24 dias atrás
That cement is too will crumble
Sarthak Grover
Sarthak Grover 24 dias atrás
Yes, cut more wood. That would definitely help the environment.
SteveVi0lence 24 dias atrás
Do you know what trees are made of? Lol
Kyle Burdick
Kyle Burdick 24 dias atrás
As long as there's planning involved, yes, it would.
Danger Daaku
Danger Daaku 24 dias atrás
Nothing to take away from the skills and craft, but this is a super bad idea. Please do not use normal red bricks for anything related to burning/oven stuff. Use the same techniques but use bricks and cement designed for kilns and ovens. It might end up bit costly, but your oven will not explode on you.
Navraj Sandhu
Navraj Sandhu 25 dias atrás
Good job
Felicia Buzz
Felicia Buzz 25 dias atrás
What are all the high pitched squeals in the background?
hatam sa
hatam sa 25 dias atrás
عمل رائع شكرا لك
John Jacobs
John Jacobs 25 dias atrás
jahrta 25 dias atrás
It kinda looked like he was building the "Thunder Road" from "Explorers" there for a while......
SoyUnAuto Oficial
SoyUnAuto Oficial 25 dias atrás
Bastante cool
The MostPopular
The MostPopular 26 dias atrás
اللهم صل وسلم على نبينا محمد وعلى آله اجمعين عدد خلقك ورضاء نفسك وزنة عرشك ومداد كلماتك.
Manish Sharma
Manish Sharma 26 dias atrás
Stop killing animals
YDS y. d. s
YDS y. d. s 26 dias atrás
What is this?
Татьяна Волкова
Не понимаю, зачем у трубы наделали дырку дымохода,для чего тогда она нужна как Эйфелева башня без функции??
B Orchard
B Orchard 25 dias atrás
It's just a fake chimney for visual appeal.
Kehkashan Najam
Kehkashan Najam 26 dias atrás
Please make tandoori or under ground stove
Subhash Yadav
Subhash Yadav 26 dias atrás
Very good 👍
Ramsey Chandler
Ramsey Chandler 26 dias atrás
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Michael Tunde
Michael Tunde 26 dias atrás
Trading on your own is very risky, I've lost alot trading for my self
Emily Kate
Emily Kate 26 dias atrás
Trading crypto now will be very wise but trading without a professional is never a good idea
Obialo Prince
Obialo Prince 26 dias atrás
@Emily Lane Thanks for his contact info, I'll get to him right away
Emily Lane
Emily Lane 26 dias atrás
His availability is on Whats App
Emily Lane
Emily Lane 26 dias atrás
& ₁₃₂₃₄₃₅₇₅₈₆
J Hill
J Hill 26 dias atrás
wonder what he does with all those fire places....his backyard must be full by now
Simplekind Ofman
Simplekind Ofman 27 dias atrás
That’s great work but for DIY, I’d need all of those special tools and need a skill set just to be able to work with the concrete.
Владимир Гуляницкий
Колосники фуфло! Да и кладку, тем более плиты на цементнопесчаном растворе в печи не используют.
oklahomacrabber 27 dias atrás
Nice! Thanks
Daily Vibes 🕊️
Daily Vibes 🕊️ 27 dias atrás
Wese kitna cement aur sand lagega aur crack nahe hoga kya ?
M R 27 dias atrás
How long are the rods ?
David Allen
David Allen 27 dias atrás
Terrible idea! Concrete can easily trap air bubbles and moisture which expands rapidly under intense heat. This generally causes it to explode quite violently.
David Allen
David Allen 24 dias atrás
@Steve P. Ummm yes... it's science ;) I found out the hard way with a charcoal starter chimney sat on a concrete paving area in my back yard. Concrete exploded and red hot coals showered down in a 10m circle. Pretty common f$ck up in the BBQ world.
Steve P.
Steve P. 24 dias atrás
Wow that sounds scary. Do you have any evidence to support that?
MOHATHIR SALMAN 27 dias atrás
the chimney will definitely block the way if it’s a big pan. Also, concrete in fire!!! That's a time bomb, man 😟
Goutham Perumal
Goutham Perumal 25 dias atrás
@Thomas Legendre software
Thomas Legendre
Thomas Legendre 26 dias atrás
what do you think they make fire walls out of?
Abubakkar Anwar
Abubakkar Anwar 27 dias atrás
really nice amazing work 👍👍👍👍
absurd207 27 dias atrás
are dogs being killed in the background?
Lázaro Zamenhof
Lázaro Zamenhof 27 dias atrás
Kian grandan laboron faris la laboremaj. Gratulon.
ragindo XL
ragindo XL 27 dias atrás
These brick and plain concrete stoves are soon to be thrown away They will not last long with the heat sooner or later they crack, refractory materials are needed.
Debby Klinglesmith
Debby Klinglesmith 27 dias atrás
Started with a commercial, I fast forwarded afterwards and went straight to another commercial. I just took a pic. Forget it!
Michael Marffy
Michael Marffy 27 dias atrás
Looks nice, but would weigh a ton
Miki Mosky
Miki Mosky 27 dias atrás
That thing must be hella hard to clean after using it...
Abraham Alexander
Abraham Alexander 27 dias atrás
Love the idea for wheels making it portable also to adjust the stove to wind direction to get the flames going and push the smoke out through the chimney (less smoke), also adding sand in-between for insulation, preserving heat, also to prevent major cracks to the bricks as it would absorb most of the heat
उपेंद्र गुरुजी
@Abhishek Kumar that's not a rocket science 😂
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar 24 dias atrás
Salute to your scientific analysis 🧐
Rajendra Swami
Rajendra Swami 28 dias atrás
👍❤️ nice..
mahendra pardeshi
mahendra pardeshi 28 dias atrás
What's about the poor wheels? The weight?
Nooruddin H
Nooruddin H 28 dias atrás
Great skill 👍
A Smith
A Smith 28 dias atrás
Crumble crumble.
Mohammed Ramiz
Mohammed Ramiz 28 dias atrás
It is so heavy weight & bigger than normal size, moving from one place to other will hard, & also have only two burners. Nor so much useful for home neither for hotels.
Hemwanti Devi Bist
Hemwanti Devi Bist 28 dias atrás
g1rock14 28 dias atrás
*Homer Simpson has entered the chat.*
B 92
B 92 28 dias atrás
Beautiful work 👍👍👍👍
BeeHead 28 dias atrás
Must be nuclear powered
ali shiri
ali shiri 29 dias atrás
Watch this peace of art at 2× speed
ASHISH GOHANE 29 dias atrás
Where the smoke has gone? What's the actual concept?
Vicky jangid
Vicky jangid 28 dias atrás
Yes. Same question here
Shiva Ganga
Shiva Ganga 29 dias atrás
Awesome work
Matt persico
Matt persico 29 dias atrás
This dude deff from somewhere, where they eat the whole fish ,head ta tail
Ratna Prasad Naidu Basa
Smokeless comedy ..we burn something smoke appears it's natural
Larry T
Larry T 29 dias atrás
Concrete go BOOM!
Smrat Choudhury
Smrat Choudhury 29 dias atrás
Nice bro
Plain Kitchen
Plain Kitchen 29 dias atrás
So many worthless style 😑
meesacreef 29 dias atrás
It looks like shit honestly
Cata Badescu
Cata Badescu 29 dias atrás
I really don’t trust concrete and fire together.
Brian King
Brian King 23 dias atrás
I wonder how long it lasted because I thought the same.
Brian King
Brian King 23 dias atrás
@Thomas Legendre a firewall isn't rated of direct flame for a long time tho. Usually only about an hr or so.
Thomas Legendre
Thomas Legendre 26 dias atrás
it's what we use in the states as fire wall
HammerNnails73 29 dias atrás
Dumbest thing I've seen in awhile lol. Rebar isn't even tied together and there's no rebar in the rectangular portion. Pushing screws into the mud is supposed to secure those castor wheels? 🤣🤣🤣
Victory Lane
Victory Lane 22 dias atrás
@HammerNnails73 tying it is how you keep it as one continuous grid. Which is in the place you want it to stay. We also use clips to keep it off the ground and away from the sides. How hard is that to understand? 50 to 60 hours a week every week for 5 years, I would say I have poured enough to know my trade. I'm not a deck builder so I can't comment on that.
HammerNnails73 22 dias atrás
@Victory Lane I didn't say I tie it "to keep it in place" I said rebar is tied together so that it's all one continuous grid. As far as the steel rusting, this is why a lot of concrete application methods, whether it's precast or cast in place, are using epoxy coated rebar. However even that can still have issues if the cut ends aren't treated to protect them from corrosion. Just like pressure treated lumber. Almost every deck builder I see, fails to treat cut ends of boards with a copper napthenate treatment even though the products are readily available. Just like concrete work, it's when corners get cut, the quality and longevity are the first to suffer. If a person enjoys what they do for a living, it'll show in their work.
Victory Lane
Victory Lane 23 dias atrás
@HammerNnails73 so you tie it to keep it in place? Like I said. 5 or 30, it's not rocket science. I welded a lot of my cages because of the types of structures I did. I guess you decided to ignore that in my other comments. Tying does not reinforce the structure at all. Keeping it in place does. This was kept in place so that's all he needed. Over time micro fissures in concrete can cause rebar to rust. How long it takes depends on how well it was placed and how well it's maintained. I'm sure you're very good at what you do but this is what I do. I make molds and make structures, from drainage outlets, to distribution boxes. Small things like stepping stones to extremely large wing wall outlets. What this guy is doing is closer to what I do than what you do.
HammerNnails73 26 dias atrás
@Victory Lane ok, since you opened the can of worms with your 5 yrs of experience, I'll elaborate. I've been pouring and finishing concrete for going on 31 years now. I'm a general contractor and I've also been building & remodeling homes for about the same length of time. We tie rebar because the reinforcing steel grid is designed to be just that- a grid, whatever the layout is that it's designed/engineered to be. We don't weld bar and hardly anyone does anymore unless the plans are spec'd for that which is typically only in large structural scenarios like bridge sections and even then it's rare because we use tools that tie the bar automatically which are far stronger and faster than welding is. Furthermore, again you've got no clue what you're talking about, especially considering steel doesn't rust away when it's encapsulated inside concrete- UNLESS, there's a piece of steel that's protruding out of the encapsulation and usually it's some dumb ass that pounded a stick of rebar down in order to tie a horizontal bar to it which will expedite the corrosion as water will continue to corrode and rust every bit of steel that's in contact with that one protruding. Lastly, the other way that steel will corrode even faster, which will actually prevent the concrete surrounding/encapsulating it fully, is if there's calcium chloride in the mix design. That's the extent to which I'm going to discuss concrete with you. Good night
Victory Lane
Victory Lane 26 dias atrás
@HammerNnails73 well, I worked for a concrete business for almost 5 years. It is entirely true. We tied rebar so it would stay in place. If your doing it to re enforce the structure you weld it. I've done all types of forms. Big, little, oddly shaped. You would never use ties except to keep the rebar in place. I welded most of mine because of the type I was mainly assigned to. The part you're talking about failing would've definitely benefited from some chicken wire but it's not really load baring so it may be okay. I would've cut a piece of sturdy wire the shape of the structure then put that rebar on it to stabilize it. Though the metal will rust away eventually and leave it weak. Takes a lifetime though.
LimYaam 29 dias atrás
ماشاء الله
Паша Питецкий
Цемент тут непотрібне, червоний кирпич треба класти на глині
Thai Binh
Thai Binh 29 dias atrás
Việt Nam 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳
carlos de anda
carlos de anda Mês atrás
muy lindo pero el cemento con calor estalla porque en su interior siempre conserva humedad que al calentarse no encuentra salida y explota . el cemento puede tardar muchos años en secar completamente
yudi Oskar
yudi Oskar Mês atrás
लाँड़ जइसन डिज़ाइन हउ तोहर
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