Bugs Bunny Is A Wascally Wabbit! (MultiVersus) 

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Here is the full moveset for Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus (Plus Taunts, Animations, Deaths and More!). Bugs Bunny comes from the cartoon Looney Tunes!
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Early Copy Provided By Warner Bros Games
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20 Mai 2022



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@Master0fHyrule Anos atrás
Finn Tom & Jerry Shaggy
@RedFlashdrive Anos atrás
He REALLY needs a spawning in Voiceline thats says "Of course you realize, This means WAR!"
@colepalmer4744 Anos atrás
@kevinuribe318 Anos atrás
This needs to definitely be in the game
@MitchJustChill Anos atrás
@@kevinuribe318 it is actually. I've watched a Streamer play it a bit ago and he definitely has that line
@kevinuribe318 Anos atrás
@@MitchJustChill ain’t no way that’s too good ! I can’t wait to get my code hopefully ! 😭
@Montaq_ Anos atrás
The only reason they could have for not giving him it is if they plan on putting in Daffy and giving it to him.
@dragonmaster0851 Anos atrás
I like how Bugs’s fighting style matches his personality: Tricky, not really powerful in close quarters, but can be used to change the tides very quickly if your patient enough.
"Not really powerful in close quarters" From personal experience, do not let his skinny frame fool you! That thing isn't just brains as not only does actually have training in various Martial Arts but is strong enough to push the sun, beat up a Duck that's only concern is flagging a large planet rather then being blown up by it and pulled through some Black Holes!!
@MrMysteryreviewer Anos atrás
Get up in his face when he's off guard, and he'll get overwhelmed. But give him an inch of breathing room, and he'll take a mile while making you look like an idiot.
@@MrMysteryreviewer Kinda like the real Bugs. I never watch Luney Toons so I don’t know much.
@raphfriends7392 Anos atrás
@@TheGreatBlastWyvern It's "Looney Tunes", my good sir
@GameStriker Anos atrás
Not powerful in close quarters? Bro you can take someone from 0 - 50 guaranteed off one hit and ladder people with touch of death combos on smaller ceilings. I'm honestly thinking of making a Bugs guide because people are seriously underestimating just how deadly he can be up close, only problem really is getting in due to short range on normals
@EclipseHedgehog Anos atrás
i absolutely love how he transports from hole to hole and even his rocket or safe can do it as well, makes him into a very trickster like fighter.
@tmakster7748 Anos atrás
I like that too because it represents that Bugs is more brains than brawn and that's in character
@Bulbideas2369 Anos atrás
If you have a teammate they can go down Bugs Bunny’s tunnel!
@dizzyheads Anos atrás
I bet the really good Bugs players will be super annoying like in the show
@Chaos89P Anos atrás
Looks like he finally made the correct turn at Albuquerque.
@zay_rat8942 Anos atrás
Maybe he'll meet a man with lung cancer who is a chemist teacher
@Chaos89P Anos atrás
@@randomguy5507 Oh, so he didn't, once again?
@conntoons_4848 Anos atrás
I never thought I’d live to see Bugs Bunny using a banana guard or a Meeseeks box
@dinismatias4142 Anos atrás
@Martha Martinez After this I wish they would have included Rick and Morty on this game
@@dinismatias4142 they probably will
@@dinismatias4142 they are in the data =b honestly, I'm surprised they put Bugs Bunny in the test build if they where trying to avoid confirming leaks from data mines.
@haonneogip4740 Anos atrás
I think Bugs is using an Assist Trophy-like item to summon the Banana Guard and the Never-Ending Pie Throwing Robot.
“I’m Mr Meeseeks, look at me!” “Turn me into big chungus” *Meeseeks does what he does*
I wanna say I can’t believe Bugs is Pac-Man, *_but I can absolutely believe Bugs is Pac-Man._*
@xxgioxx7688 Anos atrás
i bet after the game releases, bugs main are gonna do some tricky af hole + safe/acme rocket shit
@Nokyyyyy Anos atrás
Pac Steve
@darienb1127 Anos atrás
With how the items are random, I'm getting more vibes of Faust from Guilty Gear.
@k-4-6orochi67 Anos atrás
I think it's more like a mix between villager, pac man and isabelle
@KnightAngelGN Anos atrás
@Rafael Martins he means that, in terms of game play in between pacman and bugs bunny, they are really similar
@shakelashaw2889 Anos atrás
Bugs bunny seems like that comedic fighter like the jester or clown of the group who doesn’t fight for pleasure but rather just for the fun of it and I like that it really reflects his personality really well feels so nostalgic.
@Brabbs Anos atrás
He does fight for pleasure though. He's known for being a prankster.
@theprimerib Anos atrás
For me I see that his play style is very trap based which is extremely fitting for his slapstick comedian personality. Every hit is a punchline literally and figuratively.
@Brabbs Anos atrás
@@theprimerib Yep
Well he’s a toon after all
@spicysap Anos atrás
Basically the Mr game and watch of Nick and cartoon network
@bonedude1286 Anos atrás
I finally grew old enough to say that I saw Bugs Bunny use a *Meeseeks Box.* We really are in the right timeline.
@lizzyblootoons Anos atrás
Bro they should’ve put Rick in this
@ShakaHapa Anos atrás
@@lizzyblootoons I think they might
@Meme_Man_ Anos atrás
@@ShakaHapa Rick is basically confirmed, since there's no reason why he shouldnt be in the game. In the Tutorial, there are some Mr. Meseeks you have to destroy, and Rick was actually in the Roster during the Game's First ever Leak, which is where we discovered there was even gonna be a Warner Bros. Platform Fighter.
@CouchSpud91 Anos atrás
@@Meme_Man_ Wouldn't surprise me if the inclusion of Rick and/or Morty as a fighter (or fighting pair) is used to drum up hype closer to the game's public release.
@anthonyontv1061 Anos atrás
Well there is only 1 time line so….
@shaneens1547 Anos atrás
Hopefully I'm not alone when I say some of Bugs's attacks should deal a lot more damage than they actually do (like his Acme rocket for example).
@Brabbs Anos atrás
@@poetryflynn3712 so your saying that in a way, he IS balanced?
@rodrigomorales563 Anos atrás
@@poetryflynn3712 just like bugs bunny himself would
To be fair, acme products have a high failure rate in the cartoons. But yeah, the rocket's return should be more powerful due to how long that delay is.
@Brabbs Anos atrás
@@unoriginalmoniker2625 they should self refrence that, but yeah
@dwellingtwig3891 Anos atrás
@@Brabbs maybe they could have a chance to backfire and hurt bugs somehow
@true-planet Anos atrás
Damn, the way they're making movesets for some characters seems really interesting. Seems you can charge your Side Air, and some Specials even change pretty much outright if you're aerial or grounded. They've even had Bugs' crouch be essential to his kit and his Down Special work with his items. The team at WB Games definitely knows how to portray each character well.
@changsiah2 Anos atrás
personal Nit pick is why is Bugs able to summon literally a banana guard ,N.E.P.T.R. and Meeseeks box despite the fact you're not from Looney Tunes
@true-planet Anos atrás
@@changsiah2 my guess is just that he’s being wacky. He doesn’t need reasoning to these summons, he just does them for funsies.
@changsiah2 Anos atrás
@@true-planet yeah I know but it just feels a little weird is able to how acne is able to get stuff from old from different dimensions ( I kind of wish they stack would pretty much do you typically acne products they are mostly in Looney Tunes universe instead of boring items from other franchises) but understandable unless they're saving it for Wylie Coyote then maybe I can see why they just use other objects to be honest but I just like to fit more into Source material as they promised ( yes I know Ultra Instinct Shaggy but still)
ikr. the movesets i have seen so far looks really interesting
@NukeOTron Anos atrás
I see the creators of this character are Bob Clampett fans. Taunt 2 is definitely a Friz Freleng dance, after Yosemite Sam telling him to dance in one cartoon. The alt costume is from the Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie, directed by Chuck Jones. (For WB animation fans, Bob Clampett is the mad genius who made mean-spirited Bugs, and gave us Big Chungus along with other disturbing character distortions. Chuck Jones was the intellectual who gave us Wabbit Season, Duck Season, and kept giving his characters girly eyelashes. Friz Freleng was the animation veteran who gave us Yosemite Sam, and literally worked with Disney on Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Bob McKimson was the regular who made the definitive character model for Bugs Bunny, and gave us at least two origin stories for Bugs, one of which being What's Up Doc.)
Lol I had the big chungus related episode on a dvd. it had a bunch of chuck jokes related Buggs Bunny stuff on it.
@kirbysmith64 Anos atrás
The Looney Tunes Cartoons version of Bugs is decidedly based more on Clampett's version of Bugs. However, it should be noted that the kick in Bugs' Up Tilt comes from Bugs' first cartoon "A Wild Hare" by comedic juggernaut Tex Avery, who transformed the mean-spirited prototypical Happy Rabbit character into something more resembling the lovable rascally Bugs Bunny that we know today.
@fed927 Anos atrás
Chuck Jones also gave my personal favorite: Ali Baba Bunny "Me the genie, the light brown hare." "It's mine you understand!? Mine, all mine!" "I'm rich, I'm wealthy, YAHOO! I'm comfortably well off!" "HASAN CHOP!"
@AdventureTime4MVS Anos atrás
Imo Bugs and Tom & Jerry were the most creative fighters to come out of this game!
@jaketaller8567 Anos atrás
Mr Meeseeks: I’m Mr Meeseeks! Look at me! Bugs Bunny: Mr Meeseeks, go kill Ultra Instinct Shaggy. Mr Meeseeks: Can do!
@chiefblox4000 Anos atrás
Shaggy: Wait what?
@patrick8119 Anos atrás
Shaggy:Like are you challenging me?
@krsvi713 Anos atrás
this is the correct timeline
@benjamin_0265 Anos atrás
@@patrick8119 It would be a challenge for sure. Meeseeks can't die until they're job is done.
@patrick8119 Anos atrás
@@benjamin_0265 All Shaggy have to do is use 1% of his power and the battle ends
Imagine if Daffy was in this game
@fart_smella1 Anos atrás
Keep in mind we still don't have every character revealed.
And the game is fully releasing in July, certain BRvidrs have access to a closed test right now.
Also the rooster will expand on future updates.
@fart_smella1 Anos atrás
@@thechaoticvideogamer Certain people lucky enough also got an invite to play if they signed up for the closed alpha.
@BenRover2961 Anos atrás
imagine if wil e. coyote is in the game, suuuper geniuuuus
@conntoons_4848 Anos atrás
Bugs certainly has a lot to say.
@Master0fHyrule Anos atrás
He has a lot of quotes.
@Bloodfury-kw4sj Anos atrás
While it may not be as polished as Ultimate, it still does a lot right and has it's own appeal. Being free to play and not limited to one console helps as well
@theotherside2589 Anos atrás
Seeing the unique animations and moves on both Bugs and Taz makes me excited for the next Looney Toons character. (There's leaks that hints the next Looney Toons character being Marvin the Martian which I'm exited for, even if it's not confirmed).
@Miglohara Anos atrás
We have voice lines for Marvin (voiced of course by Eric Bauza) so that's safe to say that he'll be revealed pre-release. Just gimme Daffy and the Coyote and I'd be fully satisfied with the LT roster.
@theotherside2589 Anos atrás
@@Miglohara Daffy seems inevitable to join but the Coyote I feel may get the short side of the stick, though I can see his move set being fun with whacky animations. (They might not wanna add too much Looney Toons characters though).
@CouchSpud91 Anos atrás
@@Miglohara Wile E. is pretty iconic, but Buggs and Daffy are the only necessary pair for LT representation. The addition of Marvin tells me they got the Toons they want for now and they'll likely hold off on any others while giving more reps from things like Cartoon Cartoons (like Dexter, Samurai Jack, Cow and Chicken, Johnny Bravo, the PowerPuff Girls), Rick and Morty, Harry Potter, The Matrix, Mad Max, The Monsterverse, and maybe a game rep from Mortal Kombat (I'd bet either Scorpion or Sub Zero)
@MrMariosonicman Anos atrás
I have a recommendation for this series, you should show off some of the "team" effects of the moves your showcasing. like how bugs tunnel also works for allies. if thats something that can be done with the showcases.
@canned3880 Anos atrás
I agree, a lot of the moves have special features for team play that don't get shown in this 1v1 setting
@kaishidow Anos atrás
Trust me when the hype will go down he will go back to Smash Ultimate
@@kaishidow That has nothing to do with the comment
@chuckthequail137 Anos atrás
I thought he's gonna come from the Rabbit Hole with the Nailed Plank opening like a Door near a Sign that says *CAMP HERE* for His Entrance.
@baimhakani Anos atrás
""Dat'll hold 'em awlright"" *Becom- [Expunged]
@-adolfo- Anos atrás
2:35 - 2:47 love how Bugs just eats a carrot while waiting
@janko6637 Anos atrás
I’m actually impress on how creative and mechanical the specials are
@antborb7215 Anos atrás
Loving how some of these moves are loving references to some of Bugs's old cartoons. Can't wait to main him
@JamUsagi Anos atrás
“You’re about to have a bad-“ *Megalo* “-hair day!” *Megalo peters out*
@DPSnumber1 Anos atrás
For so many years I imagined the moveset of some popular animated characters like Bugs in a Smash like game. After playing the PSX looney tunes games like Bugs & taz: Time Busters I always though that he could use his ears like helicopter as a recovery, give kicks and bury into the ground. It seems that the Developers though about the same ideas.
@Brabbs Anos atrás
I love that so much too. I dont even care if he does it in wood, i love it
@haonneogip4740 Anos atrás
This is LOADED with references! (I missed a few so please let me know what they are) Appearance: From the 2020 HBO Max series, “Looney Tunes Cartoons.” Entrance: In “Case of the Missing Hare” (1942), he pulls himself out of a hat in the exact same way. Idle: Strikes a similar pose in “High Speed Hare” (2020, Looney Tunes Cartoons). Jump: In “Lighter Than Hare” (1960), he uses his ears as helicopter propellers in the same pose. Tilts: Neutral Combo: ??? Up: In “The Wild Hare” (1940), Bugs Bunny’s first cartoon, Bugs winds up his foot before kicking Elmer in the rear in the same fashion, sending him flying straight upwards. Side: In “Falling Hare” (1943), Bugs Bunny says he’ll “take a whack at it” before attempting to golf-swing a mallet at something. Down: While pies are a common gag, the line “one banana cream pie” references “Slick Hare” (1947), in which Bugs repeatedly tricks Elmer into making pies only to throw them in his face. Crouch: Do I have to explain? It’s ACME! However, the items seem like common items. #1: A crystal with a question mark (Assist Trophy?) that summons a Banana Guard from “Adventure Time.” #2: Shaggy’s sandwich. #3: The Meeseeks box from “Rick and Morty,” which can endlessly summon a race called Mr. Meeseeks. #4: Cartoon dynamite, complete with a cartoon-y explosion like Bugs’ ACME rocket. #5: The same crystal from #1, except it summons N.E.P.T.R. (Never Ending Pie Throwing Robot) from “Adventure Time.” Aerials: Neutral: The double lariat from “Rabbit Punch” (1948), but in the air. Up: A likely nod to “Baseball Bugs” (1946). Side: ??? (Uhhh… Bowser’s Side Smash? 😅) Down: The downward mallet swing from “Long-Haired Hare” (1949), but in the air. Bugs swings a mallet downwards to send vibrations through a concert hall. (I don't know where the design of the mallet came from, but it could be a combination of the mallets from this short and the aforementioned “Falling Hare.”) Specials: Neutral: Falling safes are a common cartoon gag, as is painting objects into existence. Up: Giant ACME rockets are an iconic Looney Tunes gag, especially in Wile E. Coyote cartoons. Bugs and allies and can even ride them like Wile E. Coyote! The helicopter move is from “Bunny Hugged” (1951), where a wrestler winds up Bugs’ ears and sends him flying around, albeit against Bugs’ will. Side: A common gag would have Bugs flirting with or straight up kissing his enemies to mess with them or catch them off guard. (It could also be a reference to how he's considered to be very lovable or charming both in universe and by the fans, especially in Chuck Jones' cartoons where he's pitted against Daffy.) Down: Bugs’s favorite mode of transportation! The suitcase he has while popping out is a reference to the running gag where Bugs burrows to go on vacation, only to wind up at the wrong location because he “shoulda taken a left toin at Albuqoique.” Objects go down the hole reference how Bugs sometimes uses his rabbit holes to trick his opponents. (Also, nice Tiny Toons reference, MoH. ;D) Taunt #1: Not sure if Bugs did this exact animation in the cartoons, but he strikes this pose in official artwork. Taunt #2: The dance from “Bugs Bunny Rides Again” (1948), but it also appears in “Stage Door Cartoon (1944)”, and “Hot Cross Bunny” (1948). Returning Quote: “Time to use a little stragity” is from several shorts, most notably “Rabbit Punch” (1948) and “Bunny Hugged” (1951). Alternate costume: Similar to an outfit he wore in “A Hare Grows in Manhattan” (1947), but without the beret and with different glasses. Is also reminiscent of his outfit from the poster of “The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie“ (1979), but with glasses. Win: ??? Lose: The tantrum he throws at the animator in “Rabbit Rampage” (1955). (Perhaps he’s mad at the player here?)
@changsiah2 Anos atrás
personal Nit pick is why is Bud able to summon literally a banana guard ,N.E.P.T.R. and Meeseeks box despite the fact not from Looney Tunes
@kirbysmith64 Anos atrás
@@changsiah2 I think he just summons random items. The Adventure Time characters spawn from what looks like an Assist Trophy item. He can even pass these items onto teammates.
@levicuchna7980 Anos atrás
I really like Bugs’ moveset. It’s very in character, from the wind up motion when he kicks someone to his ears capable of acting as a helicopter to even one of his taunts being a tap dance. If I can get this game, I’m definitely gonna play as him a lot.
@Master0fHyrule Anos atrás
Who Should Come Next? Tom Finally Catches Jerry! Shaggy Unleashes His Full Power!
@saiyaneater9539 Anos atrás
Tasmanian devil
@jeffreyrozas4148 Anos atrás
@gadlites8841 Anos atrás
Charmed reactions seem funny
@daishawn2884 Anos atrás
Batman or Jake
@TheGameCreator13 Anos atrás
Seems bugs voice actor was really eager to provide plenty of voice lines 😄 Do Finn from Adventure Time next 🙂👍 Also small suggestion: The title of these videos could be "(MultiVersus Showcase)" to make it more clear what the video is about
@el_polloloco6247 Anos atrás
Gosh they even gave him the Grandpa jokes lol. SO MANY QUOTES AND JOKES HE HAS!
Damn, they really gave the characters alot of personality in this game! I love it!
@Shady_Fungus Anos atrás
Oh my gosh, his pie throw, kick and spinning fists are (obvious references toward him in many cartoons) from his SNES platformer game. Nice touch!
@justsplat Anos atrás
What I have learned from this video is that Bugs never shuts up
@marvelvsanything Anos atrás
You JUST learned this? Lmao
@absolutezero7373 Anos atrás
You must’ve never watched looney tunes
@justaweeb5529 Anos atrás
I love the dev just confirm it without even announcing that pb is gonna join the roaster because that banana guard move is a giveaway
@Brabbs Anos atrás
Rick and morty too.
@El_Omar2203 Anos atrás
Seeing him hover with his ears... now I want someone to mod Oswald the Lucky Rabbit over him
@L_Shawn2006 Anos atrás
5:22 Rabbit Rampage Reference
@MrGameguyC Anos atrás
Nicely done!
@kevinsaget123 Anos atrás
Bugs Bunny is my favorite character in the game so far! I love how you included songs from Smash Ultimate, it really immerses me in the experience! ❤️
@darienb1127 Anos atrás
Bugs feels like the Faust (from Guilty Gear) of this game. Especially with the box letting him putt out random items. I kinda wish the box was a bigger part of his game plan with more items, but that's probably just me talking as a Faust main. It's super cool how he grabs thigns from other series though!
So far Bugs Bunny would have to be my main in MultiVerse if I ever play the game. If they ever add Tweety Bird then he will be my playable character. It'll probably be him with Sylvester though because of how they are basically like Tom & Jerry with a cat, and a bird instead of a mouse.🐰🥕🐤🐱🧲🌀
Speaking of which I have a few others who should be in this game this time my way of showing. Daffy Duck/ Duck dodgers Lola bunny Marvin the Martian Elmer j fudd Speedy Gonzales Gossamer Wile e coyote Road runner
I just know that one of his unlockable/buyable taunts is gonna be Big Chungus Also, since all of the box items are other items that other characters have, and none currently have TNT (as far as I'm aware), could it be that Wile E. is coming?
Tom has TNT for one of his ariel's
@JuanFranco-mq7js Anos atrás
and i know that i will buy that overpriced Big Chungus taunt
@benjamin_0265 Anos atrás
Imagine landing a 0-death combo on someone and then finishing it off with a Big Chungus taunt just to add insult to injury.
@TsWade2 Anos atrás
4:20 I love it when Bugs Bunny is tap dancing!😁
@VexToonery Anos atrás
I like how his 3D look is mix with his first screen appearance and the space jam 2
@Willchannel90 Anos atrás
Daffy Duck: Time to sign up, to end his misery!! >:) Bugs Bunny: You won't dare bub...
@yeeeee909 Anos atrás
I love how the up-tilt references the kick attack in that one ps1 game
I seriously can't wait for release for this game. Bugs looks like fun character to use.
@100element3 Anos atrás
2:59 yes you should do it! It would be pretty interesting
@Izaya30 Anos atrás
you know the people who made this game had a lot of fun making the moves lol
Bugs Bunny is the most funniest character to play
I love Bugs he’s like the main character of the game
@JuanFranco-mq7js Anos atrás
Bugs is the god of trolling and he is super fun to play, plus the cake can also be wacked with normals
@Poltersito Anos atrás
I would say that some of his attacks and movements are taken from the game "Bugs Bunny: Lost on time"
@Vulcanfaux Anos atrás
Idk if I'll play this game myself, but I gotta say, the animations are beautiful to watch
@jimithegent Anos atrás
Yes, yes you should.
@marshalllee2 Anos atrás
I love his down special. Always wanted a portal-like ability in smash bros, which works like this rabbit hole 👌🏼
@PhantomStriker73 Anos atrás
It would be funny if he became big chungis on his taunts in the game
If they add Final Smash like moves to the game, I'd want BB's to be Big Chungus
@PhantomStriker73 Anos atrás
@@mightydusknoir2649 OMG yes
@38_chithien70 Anos atrás
2:08 the safe looking kinda...
Bugs is such a troll, love it.
@benmoney1102 Anos atrás
this video is great
@lordawesome9992 Anos atrás
you should do a video of characters interacting with eachother
I wish bugs could’ve came with some weapons of his own like that carrots saber🥕🗡⚡️ from looney tunes back in action or some basket bombs 💣 🏀
@akumaten Anos atrás
0:52 Reminds me of the Slick Hare cartoon "Roger. Your pie, sir!"
@minecon108 Anos atrás
an important note on the rocket is that both versions are full on platforms, so you can wall jump on the upward verision
3:26 Chomper's 2nd ability in PvZ Garden Warfare
@TheRTDZ Anos atrás
Do Superman next, I want to see how much damage he does.
@ThiagottLhcas Anos atrás
Nice video. Can you show Steve Universe's moveset in the next video? But any other caracter is fine. 👍
@scoobydouche9991 Anos atrás
This game isn't a Smash Killer and was not made as such. That's why it's far more successful than Nickelodeon All Star Brawl...and it isn't even out yet.
@splinter4161 Anos atrás
If you think about it... Bugs might just be the actual strongest fighter canonically in this game. Apart from Shaggy ofc.
@ryancabrera6177 Anos atrás
I wish multiversus has victory themes like smash bros series we're bugs bunny theme is looney tunes ending jingle
@PeruvianPotato Anos atrás
Stages have their own victory themes if that counts
@ClassifiedRanTom Anos atrás
I know Bugs is pulling a lot of Acme Brand Products out of thin air, but I hope Wile E. makes it into the Roster as a character who uses Acme Explosives.
@deletedTestimony Anos atrás
I wasn't expecting to be filled with childlike glee watching Small Chungus fight cartoons but holy hell, I needed this. Day 9 of waiting for them to add the Angry Video Game Nerd so he can fight Bugs Bunny
@magenta5785 Anos atrás
yes please do all characters charmed animations
@jonath56_gaming Anos atrás
I just noticed that Neptr is the one bugs summon to throw pies at enemies.
@gabohernandez7462 Anos atrás
Busg Bunny and love you
@thedarknight307 Anos atrás
Im really surprised they didnt include the iconic line "Of course you realize, this means war."
@GustavoBondezan Anos atrás
Very high skill ceiling, nice
@MatthewPrower Anos atrás
@felipesv651 Anos atrás
Wow, this game has a lot of potential in becoming another free game fever like fortnite. If Warner keep adding a lot of original characters along with classic ones periodically, then this might be a new era for fighting games in general. I Just hope they don't suffer from the fall guys sydrom where things start fresh but the lack of content and frequent updates manages to kill the buzz.
@earthangelpuppy Anos atrás
@azarious644 Anos atrás
Up special should be faster or do more damage Great vid by the way👍
@jositojosey Anos atrás
ok in my opinion, for his side special they should not make it so long to input. they should make the effect last longer the longer you hold side special.
@mjmur27 Anos atrás
You silly wabit
@CrimsonPhoenix96 Anos atrás
They better do lots of costumes for bugs. He’s a master cosplayer 🤣🤣🤣
@danzrack7928 Anos atrás
The goofy cartoon sound effects
@jorgefilho617 Anos atrás
Please! Do the Charm effect on all characters!!
@scourgehh714 Anos atrás
This game actually looks incredible
Thats a lot of abilities and combinations
@Giose Anos atrás
This guys is definitely gonna be my main
@twinberwolves4131 Anos atrás
Eh What’s Up Doc?
@stevelucky7579 Anos atrás
Rick: Oh crud we’re in trouble morty. Do you know who this is?!? Morty: is that? Rick: it’s freaking bugs bunny Morty!!!! Everyone loses to bugs bunny! He’s unbeatable Morty! All we can do is run and pray to God that Bugs will be merciful! Edit: I didn’t expect Rick and morty would actually make it in XD
@slof7296 Anos atrás
Hoping they will include Daffy Duck aswel. would be a nice team matchup with Bugs Bunny
@nightmarebb7987 Anos atrás
Monsterverse Godzilla could be a secret Character since Warner Bros Gave Big G a Chance.
@Le_gamer_boi Anos atrás
They should add this as a death quote: I guess it was wabbit season...
@Zenithsh Anos atrás
Do this kiss on all characters that would be funny
@CatKun1234 Anos atrás
Eh what’s up doc lol this game is gonna be awesome
@MrMozzie Anos atrás
Definitely do the "charmed" anim on all characters!
@metamirby7074 Anos atrás
What's up, doc?
Welcome to multiversus, the game where a taunt became enough to cause a brain concussion
@Naiobia Anos atrás
You can charge tilts oh my god. This game is gonna be great for pros,,
@jajo3203 Anos atrás
2:56 Yes you should and itd be hilarious if Batman was immune
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