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As a lot of people were asking me for this video, have this guys . Thank you 💜
Hey this channel is dedicated to BTS💜. There's gonna be news related to BTS, their pictures editing, their Videos editing, all moments of Bts.
I respect all of your shipping, I'm not against anyone, I know everyone has different feelings for their ships. I do respect all of you.
Thank you for your support ARMY💜.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the video but I do edit them, make some documentary, some stories, put some sort of feelings, what I feel about that video or pictures.
All the rights go to owners relating BTS.

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This channel is just for entertainment purpose, I don't support any illegal activity. Thank you.


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5 Jul 2022



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I laugh so hard watching this. They are naturally funny.
Emily Suzannet
Emily Suzannet 26 dias atrás
@Adelina Sardothien Right? I think that's another big reason why they're so beloved around the globe and why even their non-performance related content is so popular. And I love how they are ALL funny in their own unique way and somehow it works together perfectly.
Adelina Sardothien
Adelina Sardothien 28 dias atrás
For real though I’ve been watching them for 7 years but they still endear me with their natural funniness and chemistry between them
himari riku
himari riku Mês atrás
Lily Cheung
Lily Cheung Mês atrás
Love how TaeHyung exaggerates and holds his throat describing Jin swallowing mean...but so funny!
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
@himari riku NO, BTS, BTS, BTS, ÁRÉ THE RÉÁL KINGS!!!
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
@Ishita Verma Cause why not??? He deserves credits too, not ónly Jk, like the word is revolving about only him, they are with seven, i know he would'nt mind thát's his Rolemodel ur talking about!!!
Ishita Verma
Ishita Verma Mês atrás
@Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy. Oh god. Wtf is you Problem? Why are bringing RM?
himari riku
himari riku Mês atrás
미적인 아미 Dancing Soul
When V mentioned Calico cat and Jimin started singing serendipity, that was soo good
Angelina Debnath
Angelina Debnath 26 dias atrás
Kim 26 dias atrás
문윤희 28 dias atrás
@Dassie 아미 모아 엔진 STAY ㅜ11ㆍ21ㄴ3ㄹ522
Dassie 아미 모아 엔진 STAY
Ooo I noticed this too! 😆
Kpop multi Stan 💜💜
Who agrees that Yoongi’s “hell no” is adorable 🥰 Edit 1:Omg 😳 I didn’t think I would get this many likes thank you 😊 also happy army day 💜💜💜💜💜
Rochelle Sonza
Rochelle Sonza Mês atrás
Yes! I laughed when he said that! He's so adorable!
himari riku
himari riku Mês atrás
Ye recently abhi ka hai kya??
Jasmine Akter
Jasmine Akter Mês atrás
I agree with you
Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar Mês atrás
Jin is the mood maker.
babymochi💜💜 ARMY
Ohhhhhhhhhh i thought u said mood killer💀💀😭
KIM LEE CLAU Mês atrás
I miss them together so badly... they are naturaly funny, but let me tell this... Kim Taehyung is the real mood maker and Jin... he is so funny they both together are super funny and do it all works!! EDIT:.1K thanks a lot!! I think it is because we really miss them and that synergy , 💜💜💜
mystic ravenclaw
mystic ravenclaw 6 dias atrás
@Rochelle Sonza LMAO yea i figured they were a solo stan too, srsly such an embarrassment to armies and taehyung too, prolly better to ignore this delulu lmao anyways OT7 4EVER 💜💅🏻
KIM LEE CLAU 20 dias atrás
@Lost girl ohh wow! Well I'm so sorry i didn't know YOU were or represent ALL ARMY, then your opinion should be value as billion dollars 👍 I don't like solo Stan, neither army self call OT7 but they only talk to drag some of the boys I'm only a person who like BTS so badly and love Jin so much, and thanks God,life, destiny or whatever you wanna call, who made that I was born in Kim Taehyung era, and gave me the incredible chance to know such a wonderful person and amazing artist 😍💜👏😘
Lost girl
Lost girl 21 dia atrás
@KIM LEE CLAU Then it's just you or more like V solo stans opinion. Because army don't think like this. BTS will naturally feel down any of the members are feeling down not just V. I think it's more like we have different preferences bit that's okay. Your choice idc....
KIM LEE CLAU 21 dia atrás
@Lost girl well it is about opinion,that's yours and the post is what I think. To le Taehyung makes the whole mood, cause when he is silent everyone gets quite quiet but when he is in a mood,then the whole group enjoy and play together,see that's for me. As a matter of opinions no one is right or wrong, we are just different 😘
Shruti Chetia
Shruti Chetia Mês atrás
They're soulmates... They know everything about each other and that's what makes their bond soo strong and special 💜❤
cristina laguira
cristina laguira 18 dias atrás
@himari riku why u f have about 4 bts comment about ur idol 🤔
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
himari riku
himari riku Mês atrás
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
Wellsaid, exactly. And when they do have a disagreement, they always sit down & talk it out, it doesn't linger u know.
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung Mês atrás
Literally no one 😂 V: spoke something about jin Jin's rap mood on he is the one who can scold V😂😂 I love their bond 💜💜
Anonymous 21 dia atrás
@Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy. bro why are u so serious mane u can’t take a joke
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
Yeah, it's a fake scold, they were playing lol.
Lwlw Mmm
Lwlw Mmm Mês atrás
Jin is so sweet when it comes to Tae
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
@Simmi I have soft spots for all of them.
Simmi Mês atrás
Ikr, I feel like he has a special soft spot reserved just for Tae😍
Rahela Noor Mazumder
Ayy ikr
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
They áll are.
impassionate gods
impassionate gods Mês atrás
7:32 can Jin swallow multiple piils at a time? jimin: he can't because he's a coward LMAO 😂👏
Anonymous 21 dia atrás
Had me dying 😭😭
Jen 25 dias atrás
i was so happy when i heard this.. i mean, i can´t take pills either. so i totally understand Jin, but i had never tought of this :D
isaiah kaure morri
isaiah kaure morri 27 dias atrás
this was so funny 🤣
ARMY Abesha
ARMY Abesha 28 dias atrás
I was searching for this
TAEKOO Mês atrás
Cap. B.
Cap. B. Mês atrás
3:32 V:" No, but you might have lost your memory." 😂
Tanuja Negi
Tanuja Negi 26 dias atrás
this one is so funny :D
hoseokwxrld Mês atrás
This actually makes me feel so calm and comfortable.. I’ve recently been having sleep paralysis every now and then and knowing that Yoongi (also my bias) also gets them every now and then makes me feel more calm and less afraid of going to sleep at night knowing that we go through the scariness of sleep paralysis together:( I don’t know what id do with out them, they really are the only thing keeping me from breaking💜
hoseokwxrld 25 dias atrás
@mari gw yes, thank you! this did help me :)
hoseokwxrld 25 dias atrás
@Farah Roznow that i'm rereading it, it does seem a bit wrong, but I didn't mean to sound creepy and as if I want them to go through scary stuff! I just was trying to say that knowing that we all go through the same stuff makes everything a little less scary.
mari gw
mari gw Mês atrás
It's very helpful if during the day to think about it ( sleep paralysis) happening and telling to yourself I'm going to be ok, I'm not afraid, I will remain calm, it won't happen etc. Whatever works for you and would make you feel at ease. Also before you go to sleep say to yourself "maybe I get sleep paralysis but I can overcome it" or "i won't get sleep paralysis". Again wherever makes you feel better. If it does happen you have to, instead of panicking, to focus on relaxing your body, imagine you take deep breaths or that your hands and feet are very loose. Also when it happens to me I say a prayer xd that's just placebo but it helps me. Maybe you can make your own prayer? I hope I helped a little✌️❤️
Your Imagination
Your Imagination Mês atrás
@Farah Roz may be she wanted to say that she felt safe becoz it can happen to anyone, even celebrities too and its normal and nothing to be worried about
Farah Roz
Farah Roz Mês atrás
I know what you wanted to convey 💜 but the line 'after knowing yoongi also go through this made me feel more calm' didn't feel right to me😬
bigggggggggnu Mês atrás
I love when Hobi and Taetae give hint to Jiminie, They r really cute for Thai greeting 🇹🇭🙏 Sa Wad Dee Krubbbb ☺️☺️
Simmi Mês atrás
Taejin made me roll around laughing on the floor ! Comedic match made in heaven lmao
D F Mês atrás
Jin and Tae, OMG they are hilarious funny 😂😂😂😂😂. I love them together.
star ♡
star ♡ Mês atrás
Am I the only one who noticed Jungkookie being so on point while answering all questions even if it's a game they played for fun... I mean he's so detailed....Specially with Jin...He specifically mentioned that Jin can only swallow two pills at a time, and then he said that Jin might not have ice cream in his refrigerator as Jin dislikes cold things... The answers might be right or wrong but this guy definitely knows his hyungs so well.....💜💖🤗
bunny kookie
bunny kookie 26 dias atrás
@himari riku this guys will never tired of being that
Annika Lund
Annika Lund 29 dias atrás
@himari riku, Hi there!
Ishita Verma
Ishita Verma Mês atrás
Yes afterall jin Raised him. He is really like a little brother
himari riku
himari riku Mês atrás
dora Mês atrás
he takes great care in knowing his hyungs 🥺 it shows how much he’s constantly paid attention to them all these years
SuperArmyFan💜 Mês atrás
I laugh so hard 😂🤣when Jin say Hiedi, Tor, Second, Audition I couldn’t stop laughing 😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😭 And when yoongi say Hell no it was so 🥰 cute 🥺🥺 They are so funny 😂from start to end I couldn’t stop laughing😂🤣 they are so funny when they’re together 🥰 I wish they can be happy like this 🥰🥰
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
They are, don't worry, they need this hiatus to be with their families, they hardly have seen them, they will be back ok.💪💪💪
Julia Yeptho
Julia Yeptho Mês atrás
4:15 tae to rm : you're the Only one who doesn't care about us 🤣🤣🤣 Tae is so funny
Rhyttika Mês atrás
I love this side of just feels like the old V again..he doesn't have any care of the world when he's with his soul brothers💜
impassionate gods
impassionate gods 25 dias atrás
Jin’s windshield laughter adds 10 years to my lifespan lmao
Eman Khan
Eman Khan Mês atrás
I laughed so hard when v was laughing and acting like pills will stuck in jins tought🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bani Cu
Bani Cu Mês atrás
I missed how funny they are. Even V is laughing.
Itzmehscarlet 25 dias atrás
@Alexandra Dragut I hope once their back their ready to do anything
Candy Mês atrás
y'all be getting salty in the replies like the owner of this cmnt disrespected them badly, they probably didn't meant in that way, it's not that deep.
yoonjin_mp4 ⁷
yoonjin_mp4 ⁷ Mês atrás
damn being chill now seems like a bad thing…ig someone enjoying being relaxed & not laughing as much means they’re a *“cold,”* *“mean”* person. if anything taehyung is a very very *social* person with a *happy, uplight* energy !! show some respect towards the man !!!!
Wahidul Islam
Wahidul Islam Mês atrás
Love how ppl assume tae is a cold person just because he doesnt laugh at every little thing. He has an outgoing and friendly personality so i am not liking the fact that ppl assume he has a cold persona just cause of his RBF.
KTH1 is coming to dominate the music industry.
*even V is laughing.. Wdym lmao
Koo Mês atrás
Taehyung looks so happy! Everyone looks so happy! I hope God always keeps them happy and peaceful
Koo Mês atrás
@Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy. exactly. Like how do you expect only Jungkook to be happy while caring nothing about the people he loves? When you love someone, you love people who are important to them, too. I do not understand solo stans...
armymoa Mês atrás
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
@SMOOTHLIKEBUTTER💜 JUNGKOOK ANTIS IN THE GUTTER Excuse me!!! I hope áll of them stay healthy & happy, nót ónly him!!!!! Those are his friends!!!!!
Jyadi Dtnova
Jyadi Dtnova Mês atrás
Michelle David
Michelle David Mês atrás
I miss this chaotic BTS. I can’t wait for Run BTS comeback!😊
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
@Allison Jung Yeah, but i think they are tired of work, but also of hearing the sámé jokes over & over & over again!!!! They hear that day in, day out, it's nót funny anymore.
Kpop multi Stan 💜💜
@Allison Jung yea they did mention maybe after their break they post more run Bts
Allison Jung
Allison Jung Mês atrás
They will shoot another run bts episode soon RM mentioned it in the dinner party but i dont know when
Ironwomen for Jk
Ironwomen for Jk Mês atrás
same here i miss run BTS so much😩
folddeal feal
folddeal feal Mês atrás
taehyung seems so happy and present during this, that makes me happy!
Kpop simp
Kpop simp Mês atrás
yoonjin_mp4 ⁷
yoonjin_mp4 ⁷ Mês atrás
folddeal feal
folddeal feal Mês atrás
Yaneth Vazquez
Yaneth Vazquez Mês atrás
como se les extraña BTS Y ese español de Tae y Jin saludos desde México.
Kinza Aslam
Kinza Aslam Mês atrás
Gosh, I watched this yesterday and I am again watching it on loops especially Jimin's laughter at 8:00 and Tae's giggles at 8:09. I AM ADDICTED TO BTS LAUGHTER
Eman Khan
Eman Khan Mês atrás
I am watching continuously this ep for V How energetic and funnier he is😂😂😂 It seems that out little bunny,old v is backkkkk💃💃💃💜💜💜💜💜
pharmacist Reema
pharmacist Reema Mês atrás
Seeing them gives peace to my mind 💜
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
Yeah, but this is a long time ago, they are back home now.
Lizbeth Villa
Lizbeth Villa Mês atrás
When they were talking about Jin swallowing pills and jimin said " he cant hes a coward" was funny LMAOO 😂😂😂
Liathano 28 dias atrás
As a french, hearing Jimin saying "Bonjour" with his accent was so cute and so funny at the same time that I'm dead !
Priyansikha Joshi
Priyansikha Joshi Mês atrás
I missed Jin's dad jokes so much that this time I laughed at his jokes and not the awkward silence of his embarassment 😃✋
yeon tani
yeon tani Mês atrás
Purple you bts 💜 Literally no one Taetae: making everything entertaining with his hilarious sense of humor. 🐯🐻 Can't wait for the wooga squad in the soop 💜
Kpop simp
Kpop simp Mês atrás
@Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy. Man you hella pressed replying to literally almost all the comments and acting as if you’re the biggest OT7 stan..The rest of us here are OT7 too and love all the boys but just because someone praised one member doesn’t mean you continuously try to shove the others in..Its just hella disrespectful..The person was talking about Tae’s sense of humour in THIS PARTICULAR video they didn’t mean the rest of the members arent funny or something its just that Taehyung was hilarious in this one so you don’t need to bring the other members here and besides everyone has their own opinion.
yoonjin_mp4 ⁷
yoonjin_mp4 ⁷ Mês atrás
@yeon tani lmao people really forget others have biases ☠️ people *can* have a *bias* or have a *bias line* and *still be ot7* 😹
ARMY Mês atrás
Honestly just seeing all the members together is my happiness💜💜💜💜💜
Fatima fatima
Fatima fatima Mês atrás
I love how Yoongi is confident about Jimin .I miss Bts even more after watching this again and again 🥺
eblalgen Mês atrás
This is why I love these boys. Not only is there music great, they dance well, their lyrics have meaning, but they also are so funny together. They make me so happy and make me laugh. That’s why I became an Army.
CUTTIE ANGEL😇💜 12 dias atrás
What a chao😁😁!! I really enjoyed as if I were there with them..I have seen many videos and feel Tae has a soft spot in everyone's heart and is like their baby member..They all enjoy his funny and cute activities..Thanks for uploading the video..Hope to get more videos of them from this channel..
Micaela Marenna
Micaela Marenna Mês atrás
Spanish numbers have never been this hot, hiedi, ddoa, panyor. Listen, if taehyung says it is like that, it is then
Flourish with Zel
Flourish with Zel Mês atrás
I love that BTS just drops random content like this so we just get to know them more 💜
Ebla Abdi
Ebla Abdi Mês atrás
Why so funny like this 😂😂😂i laughed so hard while watching this,I miss them being together 🥺🥺 love you OT7 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Mila Mês atrás
Sinceramente, me gustaría verlos de nuevo juntos pero mi amor hacia ellos es tan grande que solo pido que sean muy felices, gracias por esos momentos que nos han regalado, los amo eterna e incondicionalmente🥰🥰🥰💜💜💜😘😘😘
DN Mês atrás
1:30 when jihope automatically does the same thing it is so adorable. And there, members are watching Jimin like parents are waiting to hear their babies speak for the first time. Soo cute ❤❤
Lizbeth Villa
Lizbeth Villa Mês atrás
When V said calico cat Jimim started to sing serendipity 💜😍😍
M Gohar
M Gohar Mês atrás
I laughed during the whole Jin's part
violethill37 Mês atrás
I can't help but think that Jimin looks like a prince with this longer black hair. it suits his features so well.
yoonjin_mp4 ⁷
yoonjin_mp4 ⁷ Mês atrás
@Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy. jimin is gorgeous, cry about it ☠️
Marguerite 2021
Marguerite 2021 Mês atrás
@matilde dossantos Yes, Jimin is drop-dead gorgeous and looking super hot.
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
violethill37 • They áll are pls, nót only him, they áll looked good.
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
@Sai Shwenitasree Sreetharan But, they áll are, not ónly him.
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
@matilde dossantos They áll are.
4:16 Oh V! He admitted in early days that he take care of you the most.
V Gail
V Gail Mês atrás
I can't stop myself from looking at jungkook when it's V's turn. He's staring at him with his mouth slightly parted. So cute🥰
The Real overrated Slaygirl Random
When Yoongi say Hell no that was adorable they all are naturally funny lol 😂💜
Juliet Mike
Juliet Mike Mês atrás
V is very beautiful even with is bare face, am mesmerized by his beauty lol.
Wahidul Islam
Wahidul Islam Mês atrás
@Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy. Actually hun u would be surprised to know that ppl can praise an individual member without bringing in others. The person is clearly talking about tae only,so dont bring RM or the rest of the bts into this. Same goes to that jungkook solo stan troll that is clearly a weirdo
Javiera _
Javiera _ Mês atrás
armymoa Mês atrás
@Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy. Yes rm is handsome too I love them all but here I am just talking about v 🙄
yoonjin_mp4 ⁷
yoonjin_mp4 ⁷ Mês atrás
@Ishita Verma ik that lmao, i’ve seen them everywhere ☠️
Ishita Verma
Ishita Verma Mês atrás
@yoonjin_mp4 ⁷ they are hater actually
jin litterely rapping sugas:o hell no and jimin's meeee in hi piched voice it had me roling on the floor 😂😂😂😂
Lost girl
Lost girl 21 dia atrás
Jin really is the mood maker. He always makes others smile. What a precious soul....
NonieMac Mês atrás
That was so much fun to watch! I love it when they’re altogether like this, just being themselves. I love them so much! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Kim jungkook
Kim jungkook Mês atrás
My boys💜💜😘 missing them being together 🥺
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
Kim junkook • Why the name, like ur his wife or something, he doesn't even knów u, & they áré men, adults, nót boys!
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
@SMOOTHLIKEBUTTER💜 JUNGKOOK ANTIS IN THE GUTTER Áll of them are important!!!!! Nót only Jk!!!!
Gulshan verma
Gulshan verma Mês atrás
I want to see them together again 🥺
Angelica Icamen
Angelica Icamen Mês atrás
@Kpop multi Stan 💜💜 Yup, it's all over on twitter, the concert is legit.
Kpop multi Stan 💜💜
@Angelica Icamen they are?
Angelica Icamen
Angelica Icamen Mês atrás
Yeah, they're going to hold a concert in busan in october tho.
Zee Zee
Zee Zee Mês atrás
Hmmm true 😔
Nabanita Dhar
Nabanita Dhar Mês atrás
Their bond is unmatchable,Unique, soothing, treat to eyes, comfort to soul. 💜
suman giri
suman giri Mês atrás
jk: what are you talking about, we are Koreans that was cute
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
So was Suga's "hell no."
supriya sabale
supriya sabale Mês atrás
Best part" jinhit entertainment in collaboration with v"😅😂😂
Nelli561 Famm
Nelli561 Famm Mês atrás
Тэхен не любиттель играть в карты, всегда проигрывает, но зато в другом он лучший !✌💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
@SMOOTHLIKEBUTTER💜 JUNGKOOK ANTIS IN THE GUTTER No, they áll are the best!!!!! Nót only him!!!!! And he's nót good here, he had the last one wrong, he's nót winning áll the time, he has lost a lot of times too!!!!!
Rishu Rawat
Rishu Rawat Mês atrás
Ahhh I love them . They are soo adorable and it feels soo good to watch them 💜 Love you Bangtan Love you Army💜💜
Aarya Mês atrás
Seeing them together makes me so happy ❤️😊
Sujatha R
Sujatha R Mês atrás
thanks!!!!! i enjoyed it thoroughly!!! Jin is the catch of all!!
Hafsa Mughal
Hafsa Mughal Mês atrás
When they laugh together I feel so happy 😍may they have more moment to enjoy together 💜
he is so fine 👉👈
I love Suga's hell no 🤩🤩
he is so fine 👉👈
I love all of them 😻 they are very precious to me 💗💗💗
Derek ABrat
Derek ABrat Mês atrás
@yoonjin_mp4 ⁷ ikr exactly
yoonjin_mp4 ⁷
yoonjin_mp4 ⁷ Mês atrás
@Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy. pls you’re comments saying *“they all are”* *“all of them are blah blah”* are concerning…. people have *biases* yk *their favorite* in the group…. all those people were most likely talking about one of their *biases* & that does *not* mean they’re *not ot7* you’re making it seem like people *cannot* have a *bias….* people *can* have a *bias* or *bias line* & *still* be *ot7 !!!*
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
They áll had beautiful sentences.
he is so fine 👉👈
​@Kpop multi Stan 💜💜 Hmm so cute ☺️🥺🥺
chay Mês atrás
they look so cheerful and happy. I'm loving this
Argelia Rodriguez Tonix
Que hermosos mis niños como los queremos verlos juntos es algo sublime para mi y son tan guapos y ese amor que se tienen es único en el universo bts
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
Argelia, pls, they are adults, treat them like one ok.
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
@SMOOTHLIKEBUTTER💜 JUNGKOOK ANTIS IN THE GUTTER Whoaa, pls, say it kindly, no need to be rude.
yoonjin_mp4 ⁷
yoonjin_mp4 ⁷ Mês atrás
@SMOOTHLIKEBUTTER💜 JUNGKOOK ANTIS IN THE GUTTERese wey q risa me das wey, la neta 😹
Mariza Rimando
Mariza Rimando Mês atrás
Hope they make more of these! They are all so entertaining…enjoyed so much ❤
Farah Roz
Farah Roz Mês atrás
Don't know how many times i replayed 8:05 part 😂😂😂 sooo funny 😂😂😂 They were laughing with their whole body 😂😂 and yoongi's laugh 😍😂 soo cute 💜
Anudi perera
Anudi perera Mês atrás
BTS made me laugh I miss them being all together I love you BTS 💜💜💜💜💜
siwani rai
siwani rai Mês atrás
3:30 suga’s “hell NO”🥺 7:53 Tae imitating Jin😩😂
BTS Fanzy
BTS Fanzy Mês atrás
Please be together bangtan, it's always fun with you guys 💜💜💜💜💜💜
Laurie Larsen
Laurie Larsen Mês atrás
Love this.....they're having a great time and Army learns more!
Miraal malik
Miraal malik 25 dias atrás
So much comfort to see them in their own world happy together ☺️... But that part was so funny when jin asked question that can i swallow lot of pills at once n all said no n jin said yes i had 4 pills today n V said don't lie 😂n that rxn of jin saying why r u calling me a liar 😂😂was so funny 🤣
Jamie RubyRyan
Jamie RubyRyan Mês atrás
I miss them being them again. Did this make sense? I am so looking forward to RUN BTS again... 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
No, we áll miss them, but i think it's nót ónly work, that wore them out, hearing the sámé jokes over & over & over again, like day in day out, is nów funny anymore.
Nandini Grover
Nandini Grover Mês atrás
i was missing them so much and now i saw this video, i am happy
Riya Carnet
Riya Carnet Mês atrás
Jimin's "swadeekrap" was honestly so cute that can't help but press my face and hit on my pillow🥰😘🥺🤧
Bel Njok
Bel Njok Mês atrás
I melted 😍
Maryam Tahir
Maryam Tahir Mês atrás
I'm that kind of person who can't eat pills land everyone makes fun of me for that but I feel so good when Jin has the same thing and when tae was exaggerating the thing about pills I felt like this is exactly what I do
Wyetta Mês atrás
I love them so much. They are a lot of fun.
Kah Mês atrás
como eu senti falta de ver eles assim mds, eu só queria o run BTS de volta
AdrianaIA Mês atrás
Thank you for this enjoyable video....DO YOU KNOW ME? It is so exciting to see BTS playing and enjoying themselves! SENDING GOOD VIBES ALWAYS! The Best is YET TO COME!
Faaizah Firdose
Faaizah Firdose Mês atrás
Jiminshi ... saying hello in languages 😶sooo cute
Kogie Gounden
Kogie Gounden Mês atrás
He is the cutest without actually trying to be cute. Love this Little Prince so much
Liza Lacsao
Liza Lacsao Mês atrás
this is one of the reason why i love them.. happiness ☺️ i love u BTS 💜💜💜
BTS and Blackpink Armyblink
It was fun to see them together and I am very happy for that ☺️😇
susan k
susan k Mês atrás
That was so much fun. Thanks for posting this.
웃자 Mês atrás
알약먹고 손따고 소화제먹는거 넘 웃기네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Natacha Domitro
Natacha Domitro Mês atrás
Felíz verlos compartir y divertirsr ellos son inseparables 💜🤟💜🤟💜
skull Heart
skull Heart Mês atrás
love this you all make me smile
nenad čačić
nenad čačić 6 dias atrás
wanna say to all the bts army's that please keep remembering what junkook said in vlive that bts will never disband and bts is not stopping any activities as a group it just that we want some different experiences and more focused on our solo projects so that after break we can come with fresh new ideas and we bts and army can grow more and more. He also said that we have so many things to do so please don't misunderstand us and he said 3-4 tims just to reassure army's that they are not going anywhere they are not going on hiatus or disbandement at all this is what he clearly said. So army's please don't ever trust this kind of stupid people, haters and media because our boys clearly talked with us and cleared our confusion so there is not even a doubt on that and please give them full support. And we know our boys right. Do you really think the boys who loves their fans beyond our imagination and care for our little things , the boys who are nicely asking permission from us for just take a small break to enjoy their life, the boys who constantly feeling sorry for no reason, the boys who are on a break but still they are constantly checking on us ,the boys who planned so many things just to tell us about their break because we army's can't handle that shocking news, the boys who always talking and sharing little little things of them with us, the boys who chose directly talking to their fans and informing us so nicely and after festa junkook come on vlive just to calm down us do you really think that we army's should believe anyone else than our boys no because it's bts they care for their fans so much. Some haters are comparing them with one direction and scaring army's of saying that just like one direction bts also never come back so I just wanna say that they are bts guys don't compare them with other groups because I have never seen any artists who loves and cares their fans that much so please army's don't trust this people only trust our boys words and stop this people who are spreading negativity in our little beautiful world.💜💜💜h not that we're disbanding, BTS is definitely not over and ARMY will still be supporting them!
smoll_limon Mês atrás
Yoongi’s ✨“hell no”✨ 3:29 … your welcome ‘Yoongi cute moments’ video editors
Jimin is my Angel 💛
Jimin is my Angel 💛 20 dias atrás
Here again for 7:50 !!! I can’t stop watching it even after hundreds of times! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
emilya✨ Mês atrás
is there anyone who doesn't know "heidi, to, second, audition"? i died laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣
MONISHA KHATUN 27 dias atrás
6:51 How kookie said 'yes' in korean accent 'yeso yeso' is lovely😍
Kim Coggins
Kim Coggins Mês atrás
I love how Hobi stands up with Jimin on his his last of 5 language hellos, as if willing him to get them all!..
toxkii♡♡ Mês atrás
I miss them together ALOT I hope they do a video like this
caught in a lie....💫
I couldn't controll my laughter for the whole video and also when they counted numbers in Español in a wrong way lolll especially Jin's "Audition"🤣🤣🤣
anandi anjalai
anandi anjalai Mês atrás
It's really fun and am really happy that they're enjoying it's make me feel happy
Baepsae Mês atrás
Nostalgic happiness to see OT7 💜 Love you guys! Wishing you the very best always!
yoonjin_mp4 ⁷
yoonjin_mp4 ⁷ Mês atrás
@Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy. they never mentioned the words *“kids”* or *“children”* tf ☠️
Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.
They are adults, not boys.
Moon Child
Moon Child Mês atrás
Ohmygod whenever they are together they are absolute chaos......i love them
Xxkpopstan💅Xx Mês atrás
I love seeing them laugh and smile makes me smilie too
Tanya Mês atrás
They are so chaotic together i love them. 🥺💜
Gopadevi Chskms
Gopadevi Chskms Mês atrás
I want to see them together again....❤❤
BTS and their sibling energy
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