"BTS is low quality music."

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Someone on the Internet calls BTS low quality music - and David gives out a UN speech.
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9 Jan 2019

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Comentários 4 677
DKDKTV 11 dias atrás
한국 분들은 자막 꼭 켜고 보세요! :)
dahamarbs25 Hora atrás
His comment about “BTS’ LOW QUALITY MUSIC”. He didnt even explain how BTS’ music became low quality to him. He shouldnt have dragged BTS for that matter just to stress his point on Hangul when he havent even explained what made it low quality to him. Just makes no sense
kim mochiko
kim mochiko 7 dias atrás
Lol THAT LOW QUALITY youtuber deleted the video of BTS **power of army**
Zya Briana Bustillo
Zya Briana Bustillo 7 dias atrás
I agree to Dave because he understands what the video as said..each words is explain well good option for me..
純粋 8 dias atrás
What sucks is I can read the hangeul but don't understand what it says ;A;
아미분들, 방탄의 음악적 노력과 한국인으로서 한글을 사랑하는거 모르는 사람이 하는 얘기에 상처받지말기!!ㅠㅠ ARMY, please do not be hurt by the music efforts of BTS and the stories of people who do not know that they love Hangul as Koreans!!
Amy Cui
Amy Cui 3 horas atrás
Honestly a point was made... Dont make dumb videos that will get your ass dragged by millions of people....
Sandra Lee
Sandra Lee 4 horas atrás
All I can say is thank you for that speech in the end. You get our angst and you worded it perfectly. Yes I get what he's trying to get at, but that does not justify him putting down all the hard work BTS put in. So thank you so much for saying what we feel
YOONMIN 4 horas atrás
Im loving david😂💜
SKZ BRO 5 horas atrás
Why dont the guy saying shit to BTS brush his teeth first? Oopsie!
배기정 7 horas atrás
BTS is THE starting pointing of the Korean culture and everything about Korea!! If you had EVER listened to one of their songs, you would NEVER have said that way!!! How Ignorant!
배기정 7 horas atrás
Shut up shut up shut up!!!(In Chandler’s voice from Friends) Stop judging on ppl’s preference based on your perspective!!! There is no such thing as shitty or quality music. Plus, it’s none of your freakin business whether we are proud of a boy band or language or culture or something! Everybody has their own opinion!
Lil Fucci
Lil Fucci 7 horas atrás
If you think BTS is low quality then you must have a low quantity of brain cells
Gabriela 8 horas atrás
Nikki Lyn
Nikki Lyn 9 horas atrás
You say not to go say mean things...but imma say some mean things
our wings are extremely gorgeous, right uglies?
"just because you don't like it doesnt mean its low quality" what a wise words.
Nahiesa 22 horas atrás
yelLOW quality teeth😒
Aline Taladua
Aline Taladua Dia atrás
This is such a wholesome video.
Aline Taladua
Aline Taladua Dia atrás
Especially the end part, David's UN speech.
Harry Fishnuts
Harry Fishnuts Dia atrás
Let’s go ruin this white idiot American BRvid career. I bet he’s a fan of Taylor Swift, the epitome of brain dead low quality pop music.
bangtan tillmylastfuckingbreath
What is he proud of? Trump?
Katia Ferreira
Katia Ferreira Dia atrás
I can’t believe I only stumbled upon this now! What the hell?! This man is really a darn fool! Honestly KPOP is giving the western music industry a run for their money!! Even Jason Derulo said it! The quality of music, choreography, artistic presentation and fashion is on another level honey! Maybe this little man should take a good look at their freaking 20 minute Mama and MMA performance and concerts! Please name us western artists who sing and dance for 2 or 3 hours straight in their concerts And not to mention all the work that goes into creating a great narrative and storyline since their debut! A web toon! Songs that reflect profound lyrics! The list is endless. I’m not into fast food music! As a matter of fact I was absolutely taken aback by BTS when I first stumbled upon their music in 2016! Now I only really listen to KPOP, KRNB etc. Who can deny the talent of artists such BTS, Ikon, Mino, Haze, Katie, GDragon, Bigbang, EXO, Zico, Crush, Blackpink etc etc I know that tastes will differ and that KPOP isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but MR Ignorant is under the belief that if he says a group is shit it must be a fact? No, it ain’t Mr! It all comes down to personal taste and preference. Also he could have been more classy about it and his argument is pretty flawed. And now I’m done venting
Travis Chong
Travis Chong Dia atrás
ink me to the original video
rmfpxk Dia atrás
BTS makes people happy, helps them through their music and have saved so many lives, why does he compare them to a fast restaurant...
Jimin's Lost Jams
bts' concerts cost my life. *SO LOW QUALITY*
Karlita TV
Karlita TV Dia atrás
I get the guy's message but why does he has to bring BTS down? Why not praise the language without having to drag someone to make a point? BTS is just not a band. It's a movement. A life style. Without them I wouldn't be here today, in April 24th they came into my life and saved it. People like this guy think they are so edgy for critizing BTS when they are not. These people should stop.
Jeon Ha Na
Jeon Ha Na Dia atrás
David I love you 💜
Freja2806 Freja2806
Could he stop starring at us like that😶 [And maybe stfu] - in the sweetest way a can and will say that...
i liek b0obs and vagina
he is just typical white guy (racist) lol
i liek b0obs and vagina
if their videos are low quality then your video have piece of shit quality.
Kookie is my cute bean
THANKS TO BTS I GOT INTRESTED IN KOREAN CULTURE AND LEARNED HANGUL I love them period. this man should get a A TOOTHBRUSH that actually does its thing damn.
Lisa A
Lisa A Dia atrás
The speech at the end I fucking screamed PREACH. I mean honestly bts made me realize many things such as self love for example. When I first started listening to bts I didn’t really care of what they were saying but later when I started reading the lyrics, all of the sudden I felt something new. My life was forever changed, the message they are spreading is so powerful and meaningful. We don’t see much of that in the music industry. And honestly I never knew what self love was or how important it is, I never thought that my voice mattered. And I think a lot of armies can relate that bts really did teach us what self love is, because it’s so hard to understand I still struggle at times but compared to few years back where I didn’t even want to try to understand what self love is. What am trying to say is to call bts trash or whatever is very ignorant considering that we feel that someone understands us and IS trying to help us with there beautiful message, you call that trash or overrated? Think again then.
Dust Estrella
Dust Estrella Dia atrás
I started to learn hangul because of BTS and now I have an actual dream. *Because of BTS*
Gabe Robert
Gabe Robert 2 dias atrás
i wanna know where the guy in the right gets his clear eyeglasses. cause i want one. :)
Not Normal Human
Not Normal Human 2 dias atrás
The thing is if it wasn't for BTS, I would have never been interested in Hangul. If it wasn't because of RM talking about the similarities between 사랑 and 사람, I wouldn't have even thought about investing my time into learning a language that is considered to be one of the hardest in the world. Also, low quality my booty. I agree some song are completely people pleasers, just for popularity. BUT to denigrate a whole group, calling it shity and whatever, just because of those songs it's plain dumb. Everyone knows the best kpop songs are the b sides. Thanks David for pointing it out. I agree there are a lot more things koreans could be proud of, but it's not a matter of one thing OR the other. Koreans should be proud of all of it. Thank you again🤗 have a nice day!😄
Elene Chang
Elene Chang 2 dias atrás
They made it to the billboard chart,performed in the Billboard music awards and American music awards and maybe even more in the future isn't that something to be proud of ? They have korea's support and they became korea's pride ....most people know them and i don't even think that people even know you ....and i don't know you can hate BTS all you want but their supportive fans will support could maybe not open your social media for awhile or maybe forever because a lot and i mean a LOT of hate comments could be coming!
Moulya Bant BTS Army
Moulya Bant BTS Army 2 dias atrás
He is going to be famous instantly..Cause he messed up with wrong Fandom..😂😂Poor Him..
DiamondJacket 2 dias atrás
"Hey you should be proud of your language; Hangul." hey you should be proud that your language is just stolen from loads of others.
Yiasha Venge
Yiasha Venge 2 dias atrás
i think he couldve given credit to bts in promoting korean culture too
Ricardo J Aguiar
Ricardo J Aguiar 2 dias atrás
This giuys an idiot half of the reason Korean culture is getting this exposure is BECAUSE of kpop and bts , his subs rely on the new traffic coming from bts lol maybe all that time he saves not brushing his teeth doesnt go to the right places
Mely 2 dias atrás
Nishtha 2 dias atrás
Who the fuck he is ??? I mean really that man is crazy and retarded 😤😤
gaulsan 2 dias atrás
Park Gaedae uploaded a new clip without any mention about his previous video.
Muriël den Biesen
Muriël den Biesen 3 dias atrás
BTS is more than just your regular boy band. They changed lives and actively influence politics and society with their music and message. They also really promote Korean culture. So many people learn about Korea because of BTS. It's kind of weird to then call them low-quality despite the fact that after all the prizes they won, all the people their message reached and all the time and effort not just from BTS themselves but from their entire team.
patchchat 3 dias atrás
ARMY here. I think in part, his perspective is fueled by the fact that the whole boy band format played out in the US, so Korea is displaying pride in a dated concept by American music standards. All this Korean pride is in what is a stylized regurgitation of an American-born music concept performing a lift of American genres. I admit when I first got into KPOP, I asked "what's Korean about this except for the people?" Don't get me wrong - - I love BTS and a lot of other groups. But in terms of being a representation of something "Korean," it is possible to ask isn't there anything else... and then go on to list suggestions. Oh...and I don't like this guy.
Ronalyn Dela Cruz
Ronalyn Dela Cruz 3 dias atrás
How can he say its low quality???does he even write songs or make music?
Mary Jane Villanueva
Mary Jane Villanueva 3 dias atrás
Winny Marturia
Winny Marturia 3 dias atrás
The thing is.. the beauty of learning a language is when you finally can talk and understand someone you hold dear in his/her mother tongue. That person for me is BTS. They are the reason, the dream. The one i want to understand, the one i want to talk to in their mother language.
Merryl Cu
Merryl Cu 3 dias atrás
This is actually a cheap reminder that people use BTS in every posible way to get attention.
Rubi99 3 dias atrás
omg, the way american dude was fading away into bts Idol mv as he was talking about hangul was how my brain processed his words
Carolyn 3 dias atrás
David is 100% right. Big Bang is what got me interested in kpop, but BTS is what got me sucked in and learning Hangul and the Korean language. And through that, Korean culture and history, and then I actually moved to Korea for a year. So like. The argument that Koreans should be promoting Hangul over BTS is comparing apples to oranges. If he thinks that BTS is overrated, that's totally fine as his opinion. But you can't deny the global influence BTS is having on making more people aware of and interested in Korean language and culture.
HARU H. 3 dias atrás
m i c d r o p
01S0ULL 3 dias atrás
why is a white guy trying to dictate what koreans should do or like
ᄃᄋ 3 dias atrás
Crystal Cook
Crystal Cook 3 dias atrás
When people criticize things with entertainment value vs. purely intellectual value, I think they tend to forget is that there's a lot of social value in sharing love for entertainment media. Sometimes I talk to people who don't want to let their children watch TV or spend time on the internet, and I tell them about a girl from my elementary school who always struggled to fit in because her extremely conservative parents didn't let her watch anything but Veggietales. I don't think anyone was ever MEAN to her or anything, but you build relationships on shared interests, and nobody else thought Veggietales was cool. I have lifelong friends that I remember bonding with over loving the same musicians or the same TV shows or the same video game. I don't remember bonding with anyone over liking the same alphabets. I mean, of course I have friends who have similar academic interests, especially people from my major in college, but that has almost never been the spark for a friendship. I can have complex intellectual conversations about linguistics with one of my best friends, but we became best friends instead of random classmates because we found out we both played WoW.
Crystal Cook
Crystal Cook 3 dias atrás
Also his comparison of Korean pride for BTS with the idea of how silly it would be for Americans to brag about McDonalds comes across as very ignorant... The US is a huge country with a ton of influence around the world in both media and business. Of course we don't get proud of something just because it's American, but we can sometimes have that kind of pride if something from our hometown or home state gets big, especially if it's a place that doesn't get a lot of recognition (i.e. not California or New York). I'm from Michigan and we definitely get some feeling of Michigan pride when something from Michigan is really cool and gets wider recognition. I'm not gonna automatically like everything famous out of Michigan, but if I like something AND it's from Michigan, I get a little stoked when people outside Michigan are into it too.
Jennie Avila
Jennie Avila 3 dias atrás
The LOW QUALITY music that changed the perspectives of those people who struggled in depression
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