"BTS is low quality music."

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Someone on the Internet calls BTS low quality music - and David gives out a UN speech.
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9 Jan 2019

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Comentários 5 615
DKDKTV 5 meses atrás
한국 분들은 자막 꼭 켜고 보세요! :)
pallavi kumari
pallavi kumari Mês atrás
Who ever was he in that video. .....he should have done some research before making such video. .....
sharron roe
sharron roe 4 meses atrás
Loved David's UN speech. Nailed it. BTS is introducing at a MINIMUM a curiosity of Korean language, culture, & history. But more importantly, they are proud of their heritage & it shows, and they are absolutely responsible for inspiring many to learn Korean & hangul. I can't count the number of recommendations I've read to not get confused by the romanization & just learn hangul instead. They make fantastic ambassadors who are well-spoken, poised, and interested/ respectful of other cultures & the world around them. They are receiving Elvis/Beatles/Michael Jackson level mania-not for no good musical reason- and like the Beatles, they bring the Korean Invasion of their generation. "Hallyu Wave"? More like a Tsunami. Personally, I would prefer they NOT do all English albums or song versions. It's more than enough for me that they've learned it to speak well during interviews, but I'd be fine if they always just used an interpreter. Sure it'd be easier for me to learn the words, but not only would they be less comfortable singing it, but globally we fans are united in learning to sing along in Korean. I think that's pretty cool. I just want to remind that older generations didn't understand what the big deal was for Elvis, the Beatles, or Michael Jackson either. Dude needs to recognize that his shitty taste in music isn't relevant to BTS' popularity.
wafa wafa
wafa wafa 4 meses atrás
@Moni Muppet oh good I was going to humiliate him down there lol 😂😂
Moni Muppet
Moni Muppet 4 meses atrás
@wafa wafa The BRvidr removed it!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What else could he do though? Army doesn't play around 🤣! I checked it out before it got removed and he got dragged to hell in the comments.
wafa wafa
wafa wafa 4 meses atrás
Can someone give me the link of the video they reacted to it I couldn't find it ???
Rookie Kookie
Rookie Kookie Hora atrás
David's speech really made my whole day(well, half of a day lol) i got so inspired lmao
Stellar Command
Stellar Command 18 horas atrás
He is an idiot
HopeHap Dia atrás
i learned hangeul cause of bts... and he cant say that someone's music is low quality because his music taste is different.
marigam 3 dias atrás
He’s literally a foreigner telling korean people they are doing being korean wrong. Wtf.. “If I wAs KoReAn I’d Be PRoUd Of HaNgUl(But koreans are so pathetic all they can think of is to be proud of a boy group.)” THATS what he’s saying.. Why would you credit that on any level? You’re swallowing an insult because it comes with a pat on the head.
Nurul Nadia
Nurul Nadia 4 dias atrás
Im a Malaysian & Im prouldy said that Bangtan made me learn 한국. I also now can read 한국 and speak in 한국 better evennn currently I starting to learn satoori
Jawaria saleem
Jawaria saleem 4 dias atrás
BTS have high quality music 👌👍💕💕💕 its depend on ur taste which type music u like 🤔
Whitney Titus
Whitney Titus 4 dias atrás
Kpop IS just like McDonald's though. TBH....BTS is the first encounter of kpop by the growing majority of Western fans. BTS got lucky timing. Their dance practice video happened to go viral on BRvid and it catapult them into the eyesight of America. could have easily been GOT7, NCT, etc. Also, BTS isn't really unique tbh. With the exception of Kookie and sometimes Jimin, the vocal line isn't as great as other groups I've listened to. The dancing, besides Jin (though he's trying) is great...but again, many other groups I've watched are just as good if not better and that is ultimately what will push BTS out of the limelight in the West once more and more groups debut...we have to remember that Western fans are not like Asian fans. Their attention spans are not that long and they don't stan and aren't as dedicated like Korean fans are. So as soon as something younger and more pretty comes along, BTS will be forgotten by the new fans. I can honestly say that the only thing BTS has going for them is their rap line. Best rap line in any Kpop group hands down and that has a lot to do with the fact that Suga and RM were actual rappers in the Khiphop scene before creating BTS. At first I thought having 3 rappers in a group was overkill but their individual flow are so unique, it really lends well to the dynamic of the group. That's my two cents...@ me and I WILL drag you. I said what I said.
BTS'S favorite trash
BTS'S favorite trash 4 dias atrás
"who is promoting hanguk the most now?" Army's: yesss now say something man with yellow teeth!
Selene Cruz-Albrecht
Selene Cruz-Albrecht 5 dias atrás
*I can read 한글 and I'm learning 한국어 literally BECAUSE OF THE FACT THAT BTS INTRODUCED KOREAN CULTURE TO ME.*
Selene Cruz-Albrecht
Selene Cruz-Albrecht 5 dias atrás
I can read 한글. I'm a novice Korean language learner (using 현우's TTMIK books, btw). I know about Korean traditional clothing. I know about the drinking rules and traditions in Korea. I know about the culture surrounding age and power and how it relates to respect and respectful speech (존댓말). I know who the president of South Korea is (문재인). I can name at least 5 or 6 cities in South Korea. *I wouldn't know ANY of this if BTS did not first get me interested in the Korean culture/music/language.*
Selene Cruz-Albrecht
Selene Cruz-Albrecht 5 dias atrás
I get it if people think that BTS is overrated or if it's not their style, but comparing them to the most unhealthy worldwide fast food chain is just an insult to their hard work. They obviously don't make shitty music if they came from an tiny unknown company and amassed such a widespread empire of music, dance performance, loyal fans, international recognization, and charity work. This guy is saying that BTS is shameful to be seen as the "national pride," but if they're bringing the Korean culture and language to not just Americans but all people, then how can you think they are just a "shitty low-quality boy band"???
Serenity Sunset
Serenity Sunset 5 dias atrás
Honestly if it wasn’t for my undying love for bts I wouldn’t have been more open to other cultures..I grew up in a cultured home ..listening to music that didn’t consist of any other than English and my own language so you could say I was kinda narrow minded. So when I was first introduced to was weird idk but catchy that’s before I learnt about bts who btw do not have low quality music. They’re style of music is versatile and I loved every bit of it because it applied to every hearer depending on their own taste in music...I don’t know what I’m ranting about but I just want to say that because they were open to other diverse music style than what most musicians normally do got me. I’ve been more open to other things and not having a stereotypical mind about other cultures and races. BTS takes pride in being Korean and I take pride in my own country but they were able to break through language barriers because they love to perform and provide music for their fans across the globe, having the ability to connect to audiences through their music despite most fans not knowing language and its true ‘they are promoting Hangul’ and this is my bts UN speech lol
I don’t know anymore
This guy idea of music is really dumb. Music taste doesn’t define the quality of the music, BTS songs sound catchy and pop? Yes, but their lyrics are what makes them stand out. They have the widest spectrum of themes i ever saw an artists tackle on their discography. They have songs talking about the lost youth, pressures older generations push to the new ones, how the world seems to be flipped on it’s head, how hard it is to find self-love, toxic relationships, broken school system, crumbling relationships, missing a loved one that passed away, how it isn’t right to change yourself to make other people love you, healing from the wounds from the past, finding peace with yourself, trying to get over a hard break-up, finally being at odds with yourself, how yolo culture isn’t good, you shouldn’t revolve your life around your faves, pressures of being famous, flying high and reach your goals, depression, wanting to see your parents proud of you, to keep going ahead even if you’re down and feeling lost. It’s not common to see artists (even american ones) to talk about such a broad spectrum of things and, specially, such personal things as BTS does. And the songs even complement each other like: Lie by Jimin is all about him trying to escape this lie, that probably being his struggles with his weight cuz, during Wings era, he was doing extreme diets and was having the hardest time to love himself. His next solo was all about healing from these and it fits nicely because that’s exactly what he was (and still is) doing it. Awake by Jin is how he keeps hiding his weaknesses behind this persona of his because of the love he has for this girl. In Epiphany is when he was the epiphany of how HE is the one he should love first and foremost. The Love Yourself trilogy only makes sense when you follow up each title track and even the first 2 title tracks can have different meanings if you watch the MV along with the lyrics or just reads the lyrics. *JUST READING* DNA : They created this idealized version of themselves to please their lover -> FAKE LOVE: After a while the relationship starts to deteriorate (probably ends) because of the persona they created -> IDOL: They finally learn that before loving anyone else, they need to love themselves. Or *WATCHING THE MV AND READING* DNA: They force themselves into this fake self love to try to forget their past -> FAKE LOVE: This Fake Love starts to deteriorate because it wasn’t true self love and soon all of them are haunted once again by their past and begin to feel self hatred once again -> IDOL: Is when they finally see that, to genuinely Love Yourself, you need to be at odds with your past. You can’t suppress it or run from it because that is what created self hate. Ok in Conclusion The songs are all praised because they have amazing lyrics and that is also part of music. A lot of people may despise their sound because it’s too pop but BTS experience shouldn’t be just the sound but also the lyrics and the video. They are the representatives of not only Hangul but Korean Culture as a whole and praised artists by entities like the Billboard and the Grammys, this dude and his friends liking or not. Without BTS, Korea wouldn’t be as relevant in the music scene as they are right now. Blackpink, Stray Kids, Red Velvet ITZY, TWICE, Got7 and NCT wouldn’t probably be able to get the attention they get from the media if it weren’t for BTS and if those artists never got that attention than neither would Hangul nor Korea. (Yes BTS trailed the way others built but they are also paving the way) Literally K-Pop is making the tourism there RISE and making people more aware of Korea as a whole so yeah, Big BIG oopsie my friend. Specially since more than half of his international viewers must have found him because he was recommended because they like K-pop...
affdmirer xxx
affdmirer xxx 6 dias atrás
sk doremi
sk doremi 7 dias atrás
Frankly it was because bighit didnt put subtitles in english that i learned hangul!!!its because of kpop that i was intersted in 1night 2days with kang hodong and runningman introduced me to athletes and actors and comedian all the artistic side of korea!!i was one of those who did cry when 1night and 2days did a whole ep about theire martyrs in japan colonial time!the comfort women and the hope south korean have to be reunited with the north someday!!it was because of kpop so people who belittle some achievement just to prove something are *stupid* the Beatles were a proud nation to the UK and no one would say that its ridiculous to be proud of them because UK isn t just about pop music!!!they did reach the world AS korean singing in hangul with theire own culture! !i was mad super mad😠as an army it was disrespectful and he wasn t even a korean! !!he did get what he deserve and yes people in korea should be proud of theire kpop culture its not a shame!!💜
Eman Omer
Eman Omer 9 dias atrás
I agree abt the way he said it it's wrong he should get his point through without dissing them. They are promoting everything about Korea
Xarifa Taehyung
Xarifa Taehyung 9 dias atrás
I feel very for him he is just mentally unstable So get him some help And I'm not gonna watch his video or give him a view
Adile `
Adile ` 11 dias atrás
To be honest, BTS is like the only reason I care for Korea and they are the ones to spread that culture globally
Kristine Lane Rioja
Kristine Lane Rioja 11 dias atrás
If BTS has low quality Music... then why did they become one of the most successful boyband in the world? 🤨🤨🤨 Explain it to me.. 😂
syira irqin
syira irqin 11 dias atrás
i hope i would marry to someone who are very thoughtful like david.. sorry for my bad english
Pam Leal
Pam Leal 12 dias atrás
Mic drop 💣
HYUNJOO PARK 12 dias atrás
I'm korean and still learning hangul 한글 because of bts 💜💜💜💜💜🇺🇸🇰🇷
HYUNJOO PARK 12 dias atrás
Why did he use bts as an example? Rude as fuck
Sam Rao
Sam Rao 14 dias atrás
that speech man 👏👏
maria #
maria # 15 dias atrás
if YOU don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s bad. there’s no bad, although there are things that are politically wrong, the rest is just taste. people who actually believe their own likes are superior are just way too full of themselves.
Hazel Ann
Hazel Ann 16 dias atrás
Well said david!! Shame on him all he can brag about foreigner is mcdonald. While korean can just simply say "do you know bts?" and thats it.
Namjooniee Wifeu
Namjooniee Wifeu 17 dias atrás
I want to punch that guy so hard whose face is screaming "constipation" ☺️ "Low-quality doesn't even pair with BTS." "Who is promoting the Hangeul the most in the world right now?" Danny's smoll :- ooo.. 방탄소년단 Mic Drop! I LOVE YOU DAVID.!! 💜
Vanessa Acenas
Vanessa Acenas 17 dias atrás
Wtf. Low quality? Srsly? Foreigners is learning HANGUL because of BTS. Im gonna kill that guy!
BTS Zimik
BTS Zimik 18 dias atrás
Sorry🤶 old uncle I know BTS they are my Life .... you better shut your mouth don't talk shit about my BOYS... Peace
YeLLowCarDxGirL 19 dias atrás
5:50 to end: David being the pride of ARMY. I had this video playing in the background while studying, but I had to stop and replay the UN speech. Well spoken and well said!
The Scarlet Affection
The Scarlet Affection 19 dias atrás
Star Wars and Beatles, what any modern man would call a classic/legend today, were actually only loved by women when they were actually happening. The view on boybands/kpop being cheap/low quality is because right now their fandom has a majority of female following (BTS' is gradually changing, but still). This is why they hate on BTS, because it's fairly easy for society to hate on anything that has a female following (especially young female following). Rom-Coms, Boybands, Romance Novels, anything in that range is always shat upon by the society. Most basic example is Twilight. Yes, the movies/books were shitty and illogical and didn't create a good role model for young girls, but so were the 'fast and furious' series. You'd never see the same hate for them. We as a society love hating on young girls, and we wouldn't even give the things they like a chance before creating a judgment that it's shit. The same has happened and still is happening with BTS. And, honestly, I just feel sad for the people missing out because of their prejudice. Because years later, a whole new generation would learn how big of artists BTS were, they'd learn how their music videos and songs included complex world building, literary references, and so many beautiful and important messages. They'd learn that they ruled the charts, they sold out every stadium they stepped into and that they broke the language barrier. They started a wave of asian representation in today's media, spoke for the youth and created a global phenomenon. BTS would be remembered as LEGENDS and that's not my pride as an ARMY, it's the truth.
Aakshana M
Aakshana M 20 dias atrás
army bts tae tae v
army bts tae tae v 21 dia atrás
before he's talk about bts on camera you should brush your yeeth first😆😆😆
riya jat
riya jat 21 dia atrás
David😭😭😭😭 you just said everything 😭 to the point😭 BTS deserve to be the pride of korean culture, they are the reason why so many people around the world would try to know more about korea n then may be find out about hangul😭 aaah i love you😭💜 you say my words everytime 😭 aaah David 😭
Well he does have a point tho It gets really annoying but like Just don’t bash them for their liking If you don’t have anything else to say then you can keep quiet
Jacqueline Ramirez
Jacqueline Ramirez 22 dias atrás
Tev Lev
Tev Lev 22 dias atrás
BTS is a little pink box with a bow on it. At first you think it is just a usual thing, boy band. But when you do your homework and learn about them you can see how they changed kpop in front of our eyes, and not just kpop and Koreans, they are changing whole world. They are learning us how to be a great person, how to love others, no matter who they are, to see other side, to accept them, and also, to see in your own soul and acceot yourself. They found a best way to talk about all the things that no one is talking, they found they own way to outstand and be special by using the most catchy thing in the world, pop music. That is so smart move and I am so proud of them. They are not just Korean pride. They are pride for many of us. And these people saying nonsense out them are just not informed well or they have closed mind.
Tev Lev
Tev Lev 22 dias atrás
You can say that it is not your tipe of music, it is OK, but you have to be honest when you see how hard they work and how are changing our reception to world. The world in not about westerns anymore. That time is passed. Things are getting global and diverse. And we should enjoy that.
Yes, jimin got No jams
Yes, jimin got No jams 22 dias atrás
He just get himself into trouble.....*armys entered the chat
Stefani 23 dias atrás
Lol guy is a loser. No one is going to have a casual conversation about hangul. Its great to appreciate the korean language but really... in real day, if someone just brought up history as the talking point first thing...
eaindray Khin phyu
eaindray Khin phyu 23 dias atrás
👏👏👏 for the UN speech😂
army forever
army forever 24 dias atrás
Its good david you're a army....
Amethyst Cane
Amethyst Cane 27 dias atrás
As sad as it is, I can say hand on heart, a lot of people in the past thought that the only Korea that exists was North Korea because of all the negative publicity or they would associate South Korea as the country known for plastic surgery. It's sad but it's true. Chances are if you were a fan of anime you were more educated about South Korea than the general public. Now Koreans have something positive that not only promotes their country's existence but it's language and culture as well and you want to call that low quality? I think not.
victrola2007 28 dias atrás
The guy is a freak and really obnoxious. In fact, he gives Americans a bad name. I write this as a naturalized US citizen, having grown up on classical music, extensive art and literature knowledge (3 languages/cultures in my immediate family). Never had any interest in any boy groups or k-pop. Absolutely adore BTS and am twice their eldest's age. Of all music groups to dis, BTS who are spreading Korean culture and inspiring millions to be learning Korean/tourism to appreciate landmark, food, nature and LITERATURE, he picked the wrong group. They share social commentary, incorporate cultural references, play with language and make cultural/historical references uneard of in k-pop, promote philanthropy and are unapologetic about not bowing to Western norms like all other kpop groups. This is a reason why they deserve the national medal of honor - it's not generic bubblegum nonsense, but a beautifully alternate way of sharing S. Koreas cultural heritage. I pity the arrogant You Tuber who presumes to know more than he really does. His is a sophomoric comparison. It's embarrassing. Suga or RM rapped about starting as an Idol and becoming an Artist. Even the guys recognize their metamorphosis or, rather, coming to terms with the fact that they could still be artists in spite of initially becoming Idols. This is what made them different. What a beautiful way to share their country's heritage in a novel way - just use of traditional instruments, dance elements and symbols is innovative and traditional at the same time. RM's acceptance speeches are gems onto themselves, partucularly the ones given at the medal ceremony and UN.
tash. 29 dias atrás
what is the music called that they used for david's UN speech?
Axel Star
Axel Star 29 dias atrás
Jfc the mcdonalds video is down already you guys DO NOT PLAY AROUND LMAO
Megan9689 Mês atrás
LOL @ Danny's complete turn-around from the beginning and the end of David's "UN speech"! His shocked and realization face hahaha
Kim Tae
Kim Tae Mês atrás
BTS is the one who put everyone together with music ... 💜💜we purple all💜💜
Jennifer salas
Jennifer salas Mês atrás
I literally know how to read hangul because of bts and I’m hispanic 😅
Out of all the things he said the most annoying was his dried out voice he sounded like he hasn't drank any liquid for a week and it also did annoy me for him saying BTS has low quality music and i just wanna slap his red-ass face with a chair right now but tbh if BTS' music is really low quality then how the fuck do you think they have the whole world in their hands rn? I really hope karma gets him
Yada Yada
Yada Yada Mês atrás
I have to agree, if it wasn't for bts I probably would not be as interested in Korean language and other Korean content.
HJ Ban
HJ Ban Mês atrás
I totally agree with you. He doesn’t have to put down BTS to appraise Hangul. I am sure he had never really listened to their music or how much their music is bringing positive effects to younger generations in worldwide. I think that when the person decide to criticize about somethings to public at least try to remove your preconceptions before saying something !!! It makes he/she seems like narrow minded people & if that’s so he/she should not comment other people’s hard working. Also Next time at list do some research about the subject that he/she wants to talk & criticizes about!!!
Inae Kim
Inae Kim Mês atrás
WHAT? Oh, I remember him, he is the one lived in Korea as English teacher for a while. He used to "Hallelujah!" for anything in Korea. Wow! what had happened to him? How he got so old so quick? Had he kicked out from Korea for some reason?
Crisdel Punzalan
Crisdel Punzalan Mês atrás
i cried
Irene 95
Irene 95 Mês atrás
Actually.. I'm learning Hangul.. And I'm going to visit S. Korea this October, thanks to BTS.l want to learn more about Asian culture in general.. My Asian friends are very well educated, respectful to one another, but most importantly.. They are the most humble people I've EVER MET.. I intend to visit Japan, Tokyo, the Philippines..ect just because one group woke up my curiosity to expand my mentality outside my little world.. And I can't WAIT for those adventures! Love BTS! (That "american" guy is an idiot with a capital I!)
Deborah Ding
Deborah Ding Mês atrás
Well said... Well said....👏
ilapynbiang warjri
ilapynbiang warjri Mês atrás
well he's wrong i just focused many things in south korea even languages because of BTS they spread their culture so they have the right to be called then Nation's pride Sooo what's his channel i just wanna say hi! & nothing else i promise
Gina Kim
Gina Kim Mês atrás
I think BTS music is low quality too
moist apple
moist apple Mês atrás
Haha your hair looks like it was chomped off cause of the green screen😂
moist apple
moist apple Mês atrás
I kind of really wanted to punch him in his crusty face
Your girl Q
Your girl Q Mês atrás
This guy was sooooooo cringyyyyyyyyyyy 🤢🤮 BTS is low key promoting Hangul 🤔😂 That didn’t seem to be the point to me with the clips you showed .. he didn’t have to bring BTS down to promote Hangul 🙄🙄🙄🙄
송J1N洪 Mês atrás
I stopped at 3:38 to comment this (I will be watching the whole thing). Koreans are very proud of many other things, Koreans are very proud of so much other things than BTS, but what other relevant subject that's big and large and impactful than the biggest K-pop group that has broken into many foreign countries, BTS, and if not then you might know Gangnam Style, it's more-likely to talk to A foreigner about those things, imagine as A korean you start saying "Hey you know our writing system? It's super unique and easy to write and is simple to understand yet has features that are complex! It's amazing!" It is cool I would say but it's less intriguing to when talking to a foreigner about just that, I wouldn't imagine His context being that, that korean person's first few things were do you know BTS or do you know Gangnam Style, that would be annoying, but I think saying that BTS or these other boy bands (and I guess "Boy band" has A cheesy or negative connotation) but when there is something different and there is something innovative yet He only sees it from the outside, yes I would somewhat agree that if A foreigner were to watch the past recent MVs, based off the style and beat it is quite too poppy and too mainstream-sounding at many times and appeals to many people like American Pop, but taking pride in the biggest Korean thing right now is A good choice especially when it might be more-likely that the person you're talking to may have an interest in your topic or is involved in it. I think He sees BTS from a very outside and limited perspective, ofc First impressions are important and this pop style that has been recently there might be A big factor to His observation that BTS is "low quality music" (as the american guy He is, from that perspective.) He should look more into the lyrics into the message, and perhaps He might think all those are still the factory-made pop stuff, make Him look at their personalities, them as people, them as artists and as idols and how much hard work they have put to embed information into (to many people like him) are simple lyrics yet tie into the meaning of all their albums, I guess it really is A risky move that BTS does this with their music as it may drive away people who from the first impression think it's just another one of those big boygroups, it looks the same but is completely-different, and I'd rather marketing call them differently from older "boygroups" who broke into america and made A lesser image when many Korean Boy groups are to be honest, do better, work harder, and aren't what you think from just the first impression which drives many people away instantly. I guess the other main indistinguishable factor are the fans, many fans carried over and brought the really really loud "being a fan" type of fan which is only seen in the biggest boy groups, and if most of the fans that these people see in the comments, they might be misled to think that the fans or the group are sending A lesser than reality message like A simple love song or A simple emo rock song that you always hear when it's clearly not when you dig through it not that deep even. It really takes An open perspective. I guess because BTS is seen more as A typical pop boy band in the first impressions, especially being called "Boyband" in America, drives away people and makes them not even try to learn more, Korea isn't always just proud of one thing, Korea is proud of all it's contributions and all it's amazing people or services, don't categorize their pride with simple talk, We are prouder about more things that you are proud of the things you(the guy in that vid) have not considered and rather haven't realized. BTS can never be Low-quality if you haven't even considered everything that they have made and how. I am not calling ignorance but rather not taking into consideration enough things.
A Kgl
A Kgl 2 meses atrás
Not at how so many ppl visit Korea bc of bts, learn about the culture bc of bts watch kdramas that are IN korean bc of bts. And millions of ppl learn how to read Hangul bc of bts. Almost all of my friends know how to read it and many ppl even learn the language so what’s this man even on. Eye have to laugh
태츄 2 meses atrás
Me: I’m so proud of them BRvid: Here’s your boys *BTS’s ad* Me: *tears*
Khushi Shah
Khushi Shah 2 meses atrás
I completely agree with David!!
Khushi Shah
Khushi Shah 2 meses atrás
PREACH DAVID!! SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE HATERS AT THE BACK?!?! Also yeah I'm not gonna go and hate on that guys video because I don't wanna waste precious time out of my life on him! I'd rather spend it watching these videos or BTS videos or something else
MyPenicillin _ParkJimin
Hallelujah!!!!! 💜💜💜💜
지혜 2 meses atrás
I hope this doesn't sound like a hate comment but there's nothing wrong with taking pride in an amazing group as BTS. Koreans do take pride in other areas of Korea, BTS is just a popular element in Korean culture.Just because someone is proud of BTS doesn't mean that's the only thing they focus on. Why are we proud of BTS? Because they convinced millions of people all over the world to love themselves. The first sentence out of their mouth whenever they win an award is about ARMY and how thankful they are and that they couldn't have mae it without ARMY. BTS have broken language barriers, and inspired people to follow their dreams, after the harsh criticism they received early-debut of being called water-down versions of hip hop, but making it through those treacherous times and bringing themselves up to worldwide level. The word low-quality shouldn't exist beside BTS.
TzuKook JiMina BamLisa TaeSana
Can't find the vidd
flie 77
flie 77 2 meses atrás
I think that American guy needs to brush this teeth before showing up his teeths 😂😂
Ne Si Lee Han
Ne Si Lee Han 2 meses atrás
First of all it's weird he, a foreigner, tells what South Koreans should be proud about their country? Secondly, i know about at least 100 people who love and really appreciate the korean language and cousine and the only fucking reason for it is that they either listen to kpop, especially BTS, or they love kdramas. I am from Turkey and I've been a k-pop fan for about 5 years. I know and stan BTS since their hyyh pt.1 album. Back then k-pop was not so popular in Turkey. Right now tho, BTS, Blackpink and EXO are huge in Turkey which made almost all of the country acknowledge that seoul is the capital of south korea and turkish soldiers fought in korean war. Almost all of the k-pop fans are trying to learn korean alphabet and language. During the last year a lot of korean restaurants were opened and fans are not satisfied with it yet. Now everybody not just the fans but their families and friends hear so much about south korea. I myself even made kimchi at home and i sometimes cook some korean food and my family and my friends enjoy tasting new food. This is what BTS does. They promote korea really really well.
Bashi Cool
Bashi Cool 2 meses atrás
This man is a racist !!! He mocked BTS because ,he knows he will be popular and he will get a lot of views. ARMYs, don't be tricked with this guy.
victrola2007 28 dias atrás
Not racist - the term is overused and misused here. He is just an arrogant prat who thinks that he has the right to dictate what should be appreciated in S. K. and fancies himself an expert, yet is tone deaf to the real cause of S. Koreans' pride in these men. They became SoKo's pride only AFTER their country saw tangible benefit to itself including economy, not until then. He lacks even understanding of the role BTS's music plays in cultural pride as it extends beyond a generic k-pop band image, like opening a set of huge doors vs a small narrow window to explore what this country has to offer. If he was a racist he would not belittle BTS and rudely try to point out that South Korea has more to offer than a k-pop group, i.e. he is the one to determine this nation's source of pride. He has it backwards, of course. BTS is a catalyst to the rest of the world to explore EVERYTHING S. Korean, including what he values. The man is not a racist, but an arrogant fool with a very narrow focus and a closed mind, who can't see beyond his work as a language teacher. Sad arrogant small person.
العـنقود ٰٓ
العـنقود ٰٓ 2 meses atrás
The Korean wave introduced me to Korean culture, heritage and language ~
العـنقود ٰٓ
العـنقود ٰٓ 2 meses atrás
If the topic is BTS, Who cares what a white american says 🤷🏽‍♂️ his facial expressions were really funny though 🤣
Cherry Chubbz
Cherry Chubbz 2 meses atrás
Low quality music? Fuck their music saved my life especially from the shit we hear in pop music today. And if 'BTS' music and messages are 'low quality,' Then I'm happy I was apart of that because they sure taught me ALOT. and often it's only is considered "low quality" by those who can't comprehend their intellectuality. Bitch.
mabchi 마브치
mabchi 마브치 2 meses atrás
I live something like the other side of the world, and I am very proud of BTS :v I suppose that BTS and k-pop have made me feel so much curiosity about the rest of the Korean culture, but it's very hard to do it right because I have absolutely no source to do that
Paul Jeon
Paul Jeon 2 meses atrás
BTS should fine him and teach him Han gul. Foreigner thinks only what he knows. Should Korean only promote hangul?? Do you know hangul??? BTS is promoting hangul million times better than him. What kind of foreigner support him???? Even a ghetto and shithole is part of country Hope he becomes homeless to only eat mcdonalds and trying to appreciate it. McDonald is shit but has room to improve.
rochy04 2 meses atrás
Y lo dice un gringo sin cultura ni raíces jajaja ... La ofensa está en que ese tipo de personas tenga acceso a Internet...
Shf Adr
Shf Adr 2 meses atrás
I'm crying while david's UN speech. Thankyou
theGeekOut Girl
theGeekOut Girl 2 meses atrás
2:17 awwww Jenna and Peter lol
김혜영 2 meses atrás
Damn! David... I'm speechless. *Stands up and claps loudly and proudly*
untrueparkjimin 2 meses atrás
gosh I chose the wrong time to watch this I'm eating and he's making me wanna throw up :'(
BTS XARMY 2 meses atrás
And fucking ass I m back after there new mv song and listen they have 10000 of millions they don't need u fucking licking asss
BTS XARMY 2 meses atrás
I can just say fuck up I should not waste my time just talk to my ass👅
* itbrnm
* itbrnm 2 meses atrás
People have diff opinions on everything its ok to say somethings but pls dont use harsh words for a band that has been very popular just dont be mean
byeolkimbap 2 meses atrás
what does a white guy know lmaooo
byeolkimbap 2 meses atrás
love the un speech
Alain Gion
Alain Gion 2 meses atrás
Peter Capaldi is a mood
jungshook 2 meses atrás
big yikes
tash. 2 meses atrás
i live for david's UN speech!! and could someone tell me what song is playing at 5:50?
Ay Vaj
Ay Vaj 2 meses atrás
I hope that ignorant guy sees this video and sees the ending msg. Without BTS i wouldn't even be interested in korea or the ways and how much more koreans takes their tradition, especially when it comes to manners, more seriously or their language, history and politics. Honestly, without BTS, i wouldnt bother with Korea.
cutie rEN
cutie rEN 2 meses atrás
Insert seokjin: DO YOU KNOW BTS? 😅 im sorry baby jin, but i love you😊😊😊
cutie rEN
cutie rEN 2 meses atrás
How much payola did he get frm😂😂.
Dini Sustiono
Dini Sustiono 2 meses atrás
The very last part 👍 mike drop indeed
chaewon the third wheel
*extremely offensive* American artists (not just American artists tho) : *sings about sex and love* BTS: *sings about loving yourself and the problems the entertainment industry and THE WORLD is facing rn*
NJ Cruz
NJ Cruz 2 meses atrás
i can proudly say that I subscribed to the right channel.
lj l
lj l 2 meses atrás
My theory: White guy sees "boy bands" as low quality because women like them. Sometimes, things that are perceived to be liked by women or young girls are considered ridiculous or boring. That is disgusting, of course, and wrong. (For one thing, BTS has a very diverse fan base, and sexism is bad.) But the most amazing thing is how he clearly hasn't even listened to BTS. BTS has amazing music with incredible musicality. Their influences are varied, and they are tremendously talented. They got me really interested in pungryu and other things in Korea as well. Anyway, he's ridiculous and dismissive, and I'm troubled by his desire to define someone else's culture, and that's exactly the opposite of what BTS and their music seem to stand for. Just my thoughts.
Kyra Denyel Seares
Kyra Denyel Seares 2 meses atrás
Who is this man
Mariam Gattwinkel
Mariam Gattwinkel 2 meses atrás
He is so stupid!! BTS forever!!! Kpop Forever!!! U can be proud:)
Isabella Pauxis
Isabella Pauxis 2 meses atrás
"You smell bts?" "YES"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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