"BTS is low quality music."

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Someone on the Internet calls BTS low quality music - and David gives out a UN speech.
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9 Jan 2019



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Comentários 5 441
DKDKTV 2 meses atrás
한국 분들은 자막 꼭 켜고 보세요! :)
sharron roe
sharron roe 26 dias atrás
Loved David's UN speech. Nailed it. BTS is introducing at a MINIMUM a curiosity of Korean language, culture, & history. But more importantly, they are proud of their heritage & it shows, and they are absolutely responsible for inspiring many to learn Korean & hangul. I can't count the number of recommendations I've read to not get confused by the romanization & just learn hangul instead. They make fantastic ambassadors who are well-spoken, poised, and interested/ respectful of other cultures & the world around them. They are receiving Elvis/Beatles/Michael Jackson level mania-not for no good musical reason- and like the Beatles, they bring the Korean Invasion of their generation. "Hallyu Wave"? More like a Tsunami. Personally, I would prefer they NOT do all English albums or song versions. It's more than enough for me that they've learned it to speak well during interviews, but I'd be fine if they always just used an interpreter. Sure it'd be easier for me to learn the words, but not only would they be less comfortable singing it, but globally we fans are united in learning to sing along in Korean. I think that's pretty cool. I just want to remind that older generations didn't understand what the big deal was for Elvis, the Beatles, or Michael Jackson either. Dude needs to recognize that his shitty taste in music isn't relevant to BTS' popularity.
wafa wafa
wafa wafa Mês atrás
+Moni Muppet oh good I was going to humiliate him down there lol 😂😂
Moni Muppet
Moni Muppet Mês atrás
+wafa wafa The BRvidr removed it!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What else could he do though? Army doesn't play around 🤣! I checked it out before it got removed and he got dragged to hell in the comments.
wafa wafa
wafa wafa Mês atrás
Can someone give me the link of the video they reacted to it I couldn't find it ???
Sanjia_ V
Sanjia_ V Mês atrás
정말 감사합니다 😭💜💜 사랑해용
ILOVE BTS 12 horas atrás
all i know is that this man surely did have a lot of MacDonalds just look at his teeth
ILOVE BTS 12 horas atrás
The topic of the point isn't that he said BTS music is shit or low quality because that's his opinion and he has the right to voice it. The main point is the sheer irony in the fact that he purposely hurts the sentiments of people who's culture he's trying to promote. He honestly just called Koreans cringy ass people immediately before calling their language the God's gift to mankind. What kind of double standards is that? Half his video is about how Koreans try to talk foreigners about BTS, WHICH FYI IS something they both can relate to and by that they are just trying to start a friendly conversation. Their is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so and I personally think its really sweet of them to try to converse in a way in which both people can relate.It just shows their kind nature. If something like BTS, which is a global phenomena, can be a potential topic of discussion who the heck is going to start a conversation with "Oh how are you, do you know that any person who learns hangul is the angel of mankind and you are satan's spawn if you don't know the language"?? Dragging BTS into this topic of discussion where he could just speak positive things about Hangul and leave is just a pointless tactic. We don't need to spread so much negativity man.
말얀라인 14 horas atrás
I salute you david
hueningning 15 horas atrás
Im studying hangul because of BTS.
Allumni.b Dia atrás
Did he delete the video ??
V3X Dia atrás
1:23 (sorry i was not trying to be mean or anything but i cant control it anymore).YOU LISTEN HERE BOY ,SHITTY BOY GROUP YOU SAY HUH.YOU ARE REALLY PROUD TO TALK WITH THAT SET OF SUNNY YELLOW TEETH.-calms down- sorry for my bad english
Nicole Montealto
Nicole Montealto 2 dias atrás
I completely agree with David. I was not a fan of BTS way back in 2016, but when they got bigger in 2017, I started loving and supporting them even their advocacy to "Love Yourself". And that is why I'm now learning Hangul. Thanks to BTS!
I’m not even mad about the bts slander but more the god damn elitism, why can’t Koreans like their own pop music, not everything has to be DEEP man.
Joy Lan
Joy Lan 2 dias atrás
Maybe its not that his kind of thing i believe.... Every person had their own kind thing, but it's so shaddy for me... I believe he got attacked by army XD Lol i'm not an army, but BTS music really good music especially RUN.
diktei sailo
diktei sailo 2 dias atrás
Mic drop💜
Yeah...not sure I would take taste advice from a geezer. That guy's favorite bands probably are Winger, Foreigner, and Nickelback.
Veronica Wo
Veronica Wo 2 dias atrás
Low quality music? The man is only surface viewing the BTS music. I think it may be the case of him not taking the time to fully appreciate and analyze the work. Possibly because he hasn’t searched what experts in the various aspects of the art form are saying about the music, art, dance and story lines. He also needs to hone up on Korean and world history, as well as current events. Maybe then he will be able to appreciate just how high quality BTS music really is.
Thaakirah Gabriels
Thaakirah Gabriels 2 dias atrás
David's speech at the end... Beautiful.... Worded perfectly
hello43110 3 dias atrás
Woahhh standing ovation
가브리엘GABRiELLE 3 dias atrás
I dunno why but the dude judging BTS makes me laugh for some reason, I think he just wants views and attention ㅠㅅㅠ 😂
Julia Gibbons
Julia Gibbons 3 dias atrás
Just discovered this channel; it's incredible and I loved David's speech!
Molly Goode
Molly Goode 3 dias atrás
Koreans can be proud of BTS. Through BTS different ages and generations of people became interested in other aspects of Korea and its wonderful culture. Think of all the people that started learning Korean, learning how to read Hangul because of BTS. It’s an amazing language. I get the same sense of pride when a New Zealander is recognised in a movie. It’s a small step for people to see my amazing country. He should realise this, and clearly can’t see this beyond his own opinions. How sad for him.
AllyCat 3 dias atrás
The first thing u ask a foreigner is "do u like Hangul?" If it's the best thing you hate the music but it's the language is Korean..yknow..I'm Hangul? Duhm And ur a foreigner..why would u decide what other Nationals would be proud of? How can u say it's low quality u have a degree in music? More importantly, who I this guy anyway??
Genesis Aishi
Genesis Aishi 3 dias atrás
Meghan Ceynas
Meghan Ceynas 3 dias atrás
David speech 😘😍
Sneha Dureha
Sneha Dureha 3 dias atrás
All this is okay, but am I the only one that feels offended that he called McDonalds low quality? I LIVE ON THAT SHIT
Josephine Setiawan
Josephine Setiawan 4 dias atrás
his hair is not feeling so good today
Nero Avilio
Nero Avilio 4 dias atrás
I saw him in Twitter a while back... this dude, I have a lot to say about him.. like A LOT,, his teeth itself is enough for me to insult him for ten years; but I’m not. I’m proud of myself for not lashing out on this person even though he made my blood boil. It’s good that he’s confident with himself, I guess.
heaux kage
heaux kage 4 dias atrás
the reason why i actually started recognising hangul characters and became more interested in it is BECAUSE of bts so idk what this white man is on about but bts is probably the reason why more people are getting into hangul rn
heaux kage
heaux kage 4 dias atrás
well done david 👏🏾 when you asked who was actually promoting hangul the most rn, i actually started clapping. idek why the foreigner tried to criticise how a country takes pride in itself 🤷🏽‍♀️ like worry about your damn country and how you take pride in it and just leave it at that
Thien ._. An
Thien ._. An 4 dias atrás
2:18 I...Is th.. that jenna coleman??? holy fuk
pikacoeg 4 dias atrás
but why u put his face in the background omg i cant stop looking at his face XD rip english im sorryyy
Pornesian Parapio
Pornesian Parapio 4 dias atrás
Old dude gives me creepy vibes.
Sherina Destajo
Sherina Destajo 4 dias atrás
MIC DROP!! haha I can't stop binge watching all your videos
Pamela Kalidasan
Pamela Kalidasan 5 dias atrás
5:31 - 5:47 Tae sipping on the "tea". He knows what's up.
Barbara Ellis
Barbara Ellis 5 dias atrás
I really wish some people knew the difference between facts and opinions 😑 calling them low quality is subjective, how we perceive different music artists is relative to every single person.....that's why individuality exists. So ignorant
Cristal Rodriguez
Cristal Rodriguez 5 dias atrás
Davis is such an intellectual
Sun Lee
Sun Lee 5 dias atrás
This guy looks shitty. Why listen to the jerk's comment? What does he know about Korea. I don't think he is not in a position to judge Korean's value.
DarkForrest Gaming
DarkForrest Gaming 5 dias atrás
Bts i think help people love themself, maybe help people with their depression...and what does mcdonalds do?
Melanie A
Melanie A 5 dias atrás
Two months ago, as an Australian I knew nothing about South Korea.. thanks to BTS and DKDKTV I've now learnt a lot about the culture, history, and language of the country. Not only that, but I have been talking to people from all different countries who speak different languages, but share common love for BTS and the messages they carry in their songs. That guy and others shouldn't hate on something that is educating, connecting and making people happy just because they don't understand it.
Emilie Bhowmik
Emilie Bhowmik 6 dias atrás
R.i.p. to the guy in 0:00. He was burried by armies.
Anahi Valdes
Anahi Valdes 6 dias atrás
Ha but BTS spreads Hangul too...
Catalina 6 dias atrás
he looks like he is in pain every time he says something...maybe he should shut up
Yusha Min
Yusha Min 6 dias atrás
When you start to grr and clap and laugh like Jin 😂
Advika Iyer
Advika Iyer 6 dias atrás
I get it that that dude wants people to think about Korean culture instead of kpop when they hear about Korea but by saying BTS music is low quality is definitely not right. His message is right but shaming BTS because of it is wrong.
Kunali Jawas
Kunali Jawas 6 dias atrás
1)tell him pls- half of the world is trying to learn korean and sole reason is to hear/understand BTS people try to learn english for global communication/job/economy......but korean kpop is only reason 2)somebody just go and lock him with really shitty MV,s he will know the diffrence between low quality 3)like common-people making songs on drugs ,.......etc.that is good !!!! and BTS making low quaility...! just wow
Batya Peter
Batya Peter 6 dias atrás
I really appreciate the way you guys do your videos. Its mature and unbiased and relies on facts. Keep it up!
Asiel Ladera
Asiel Ladera 6 dias atrás
haha he "this white guy" was just saying this rubbish to get views??! his msg was great but wrong start of saying his point though(well catchy at the same time, maybe just his tactic to get him heard). . . I don't think those (especially Korean's) who mentioned "BTS" doesn't mean they're not proud of other things Koreans is just that BTS is very a common denominator or an ice-breaking subject to start a conversation.
sassyEst 6 dias atrás
sassyEst 6 dias atrás
"Music now is consumed by the ears, eyes, heart, smell--" "What, you smell BTS?" "YES."
Adriani Putri
Adriani Putri 6 dias atrás
That guy is desperate for viewers or what lol
Chris Fo
Chris Fo 7 dias atrás
Although I understand the “message” (cause honestly even though I’ve been living in Japan my whole life, Americans (yes not Japanese but Americans) ask me “do you know AKB48?” “Why do you kill whales?” Things like that and it gets super annoying. BTS IS NOT ON THE SAME LEVEL AS AKB48. just want to put that out there. Very different levels of talent right there. But like he could have made a video about the message without bashing BTS. OR McDonalds for that matter. There was no need for that (*cough* false *cough*) diss against BTS. They are proud of it. I all honesty...I was...just wondering what is America proud of? Right now? I’m American too so please don’t diss me
Chris Fo
Chris Fo 7 dias atrás
Did the dude delete the video?
Chris Fo
Chris Fo 7 dias atrás
I can hear seungkwan in the distance LOW QUALITY? LOW QUALITY??? L O W Q U A L I T Y???
Jessica Ray
Jessica Ray 7 dias atrás
wonderfulrosa 7 dias atrás
Yes! I totally agree with David at the end.💗💗 the ending message of the dude’s video was understandable but there was no reason to degrade BTS in the process.
Brittney Richardson
Brittney Richardson 7 dias atrás
I’ve seen a lot of international army debate about if bts can still be considered kpop or not. I’ve seen people call it racist and xenophobic to call bts not kpop or “btspop”. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this as Koreans.
Mariana Iksnilwag Ihcnarf
I live in Brasil and I’ve started taking Korean classes last year bc of BTS (and bts only).
Cadi Levox
Cadi Levox 8 dias atrás
Yeah. I hate that shit. "Do you like BTS?" "Do you know Kpop?" "Do you know kimchi? " Dude. Like Wtf. People asking that question kind of comes off just as ignorant as the person they're asking those questions to. and worse, pretentious. So anyways, this yellow teeth youtuber is making some good points. But he never should have criticized bts like that. I myself am not a fan of BTS and have grown up listening to classical music, but i actually love spring day and Mic Drop. Just listening to some of their songs, there are a lot of layers in it. Not just haphazardly but together just to have a full sound to it, but the layers are actually tied together quite well. That's not low quality. I don't prefer most of BTS songs to sit down listen to, but there are also songs my favourite artists i don't dig. Even if you dont like the songs, sit down and listen to its quality first and find what makes it low quality. If there's none, then it's quality is quite good, you just dont like the melody and rhtyhm of it. Preference and quality are two different things. Beethoven for example. I dont like his orchestra pieces, but i love his piano pieces. Now that doesn't mean i dont appreciate the quality of his orchestra pieces. This tar teeth man is just being biased. What a cunt. Just because things like Boy Band and KPOP and "Manufactured" are attached to BTS, he already calls them "shitty". Why? What makes them shitty? What makes their music low quality. If he can answer these strictly musically speaking, even if he's a layman, and he makes sense, then his argument will be valid for serious consideration. But if he calls them shitty and low quality just basing on things that has nothing to do with their music itself, then he has to expect repercussions of his opinions when he says them out to millions of people. I think this guy is kind of doing a movie review of a movie that he only watched a trailer of. It's meandering opinions based on nothing. For a guy who seems to represent openminded, educated, middle aged population, he's not gaining any respect from doing this
"Don't go to that channel and do that" I wasn't going to, why spread more hate? : )
MinSohee 88
MinSohee 88 9 dias atrás
I think it's okay to voice your own oppinions on music etc, but just because you doesn't like it, you can't call it shitty or low quality, then what about the people that like them? I don't like some music from EXO nor Monsta X nor beyonce even michael jackson, but i don't call them low quality. Because I know there's people who likes that type of song, think about the effort and the meaning from the song, if you don't like it than you can just hear another song, you don't need to insult or hate on it, no matter what type of music it is, the producer must spend their time to make that music. So please think first before you speak.
Reed Wei Wei
Reed Wei Wei 10 dias atrás
If I could just punch him through my mobile screen😤😤😤👊👊👊👊
Mac Angus
Mac Angus 11 dias atrás
Mmm koreans are proud of bts BUT SO ARE AMERICANS YOU ASSHOLE
♡marie passion♡
♡marie passion♡ 11 dias atrás
I’ve almost gone to his channel and punch him with comments but I thought about bts and that’s definitely not what they want and i wanted to represent their message and be as honorable as them :)
I purple BTS
I purple BTS 11 dias atrás
Vaishu Venu
Vaishu Venu 11 dias atrás
sxndra xoxo
sxndra xoxo 11 dias atrás I want to play Bts Superstar...WHAT THE HECK
Misty Modhu
Misty Modhu 12 dias atrás
I didn't know anything about korea before I knew about BTS. Obviously I know korea (S. Korea), korean beauty, korean youtubers (including you {DKDKTV}) only cause of BTS. Whatever people say .. it's better to ignore them as they have nothing I LOVE YOU BTS💜💜💜💚💚
Misty Modhu
Misty Modhu 12 dias atrás
Where is the real video???? I'm gonna report that video
Super normal ARMY passing through
Now I can read hangul bc of BTS so...
samory8280 12 dias atrás
There are a lot of kpop goups I could compare to McDonald's but BTS is definitely NOT one of them. They are not fast food, they are an expensive rib eye steak!
seok 12 dias atrás
legit gave 3 salutes when david said THAT. stan an intellectual
potatochip 12 dias atrás
Shruti Sarkar
Shruti Sarkar 12 dias atrás
What's with the expression of that yellow teeth guy? Is he normal ?
Shining Moon
Shining Moon 13 dias atrás
*highkey appreciates the tae drinking tea meme background* 5:32
hankakah 13 dias atrás
As a side note, he could be doing it just for the views. So by making all of you go there to hate on him, he is still getting views. Just let it go, he's not going to be popular on his own, IGNORE HIM!!
hankakah 13 dias atrás
First of all, that youtuber used the wrong analogy and comparison. Mcdonalds? If he compared it to other musical groups, then maybe it would be a fair comparison. Stupid analogy. He should be comparing other burger outlets to Mcdonalds, he's an idiot!!
magroves 13 dias atrás
Hangul is awesome. I'm learning it and it makes so much sense. I also really think BTS is inspirational and exciting. They're walking a very difficult tightrope with grace and dignity. And songs like Baepsae, Gogo, Anpanman really touch on important issues. Even Ddaeng was responding to so many different things on so many levels so cleverly. And let's face it, it makes me and others read translations and learn about Korean culture to understand these references ... for once it's not just the koreans who have to do the work to relate or see themselves represented. Just because it isnt your thing doesn't mean it isn't valuable.
Amber Ocando
Amber Ocando 13 dias atrás
i agree with him about bts... and yes, he is very brave for say it.
Paul Engelhard
Paul Engelhard 13 dias atrás
When it comes to American cultural pride, does the average American discuss great writers like Eugene O'Neill or great painters like Andrew Wyeth? Is the average American proud of Nathaniel Hawthorne or Zora Neale Hurston? Please. I mean, I'm a snob, but I realise people have cultural encounters on certain levels. And that level is usually not "postgraduate". I'd love to talk to non-Koreans about the Nanjung Ilgi, or about Richard E Kim's books, or about Choi Young-rim's art, but how would that work as a conversation starter? Like, does the gentleman know about, say, Elvis? Like every American abroad in the 1950s was not asked whether they'd seen him? That aside, just musically speaking, how is BTS "shitty"? That gentleman must be a lot of fun at parties, if he won't discuss any music beneath Chopin...
Miss dArmy
Miss dArmy 13 dias atrás
It's okay if he said there's a lot of things to be proud of Korean culture but not like drag BTS. BTS cannot be compared to McDonald's coz first of all MCDONALD'S is sooo common and BTS is not. Remember more people is even now interested in Korean culture because of BTS tbh. It's okay not to be a fan of BTS if you don't like the group but to say their music is shit is unacceptable. PS. I've never been a fan of K-Pop before I thought it was too cheesy and soo manufactured till I saw BTS video on BRvid. I heard of them, but no one actually convinced me to become a fan I convinced myself because they are truly authentic.
Afifah Kasim
Afifah Kasim 13 dias atrás
My exact first thought when the dude said Korean people should be proud of Hangul: "isn't that what BTS is doing right now?" They wrote their songs in Korean and sing in Korean with millions of fans from all around the globe listening to their music. They even chose to sang in Korean at American award shows. I personally learn a lot abt Hangul through their lyrics. BTS, the people whose music is described as "low quality" are promoting Hangul to people who might have never even thought abt learning it, or don't even know what it is in the first place. And, he should have tried to listen to their music with his heart before saying they're of low quality. I'm impressed when he said Koreans should be more proud of Hangul, but he made a slight mistake with that one comment.
Amy Park
Amy Park 13 dias atrás
You know what is low quality his camera and face expressions
The Pile Of Clothes In Spring Day
Your opinion is kind of..... low quality I'm not sorry to say
Rhoda Dodoo
Rhoda Dodoo 13 dias atrás
Lol i feel like the comment section makes more sense than the video.😂😂 um america is known for their pop music basically entertainment as well so i don't know what this idiot is saying.
Pandora Zhang
Pandora Zhang 14 dias atrás
Omg David ur speech is so deep. I feel u. Thx you at least u understand and took the words right out of my mouth
Pandora Zhang
Pandora Zhang 14 dias atrás
That’s offensive, he’s low quality. Not exactly, u now know now days it’s the opposite. Omg here’s a Korean person. Do u listen to Kpop a-American person
Issa Rekis
Issa Rekis 14 dias atrás
He's low-quality js
[•NOONA A.R.M.Y•] 14 dias atrás
The thing is BTS speaks Hangul and they're spreading it around the world and bc of them a lot are learning Hangul, so why not be proud of BTS when they're spreading their own culture around the world?! BTS are far away from being low guality & that man have no logic tbh 😒
Seo Yoon
Seo Yoon 14 dias atrás
Let david become the vice president (namjoon is the president, yeah)
Seo Yoon
Seo Yoon 14 dias atrás
"You don't know annyeonghaseyo?" -kim seokjin of bts
Tae Tae
Tae Tae 15 dias atrás
Finally i subcribe ur chanel, bcos ur statement on the last video 😭 seriously.. the reason i learn hangul is BTS 😭😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜
Aisyah Ariffin
Aisyah Ariffin 15 dias atrás
now i stan you david..........
Hawaii Kkojiri
Hawaii Kkojiri 15 dias atrás
M B 15 dias atrás
i love u guys i almost started crying at minute 6
spacenoke 15 dias atrás
You know what comparing bts to mcdonalds reminds me of? Those stupid comparisons people use like for example: if youre not gonna do your bed everyday because youll mess it up again why wipe your ass? Or if your friend jumps in to a well will you do it too? This just remids me of these dumb comparisons. I guess they make a bit of sense but at the same time its obviously not true and its a dumb comparison to things that are obviously so different from the thing they are being compared with.
vishal GB
vishal GB 15 dias atrás
I unfollowed bts fan pages in my country (INDIA) because it was too much for me, they keep on making things even when a member just drank water somewhere. lot of ARMY are hyper exciting about bts, There are really awesome things about bts which needs to be covered but those things happen less... Sometimes times they go out of control or may be even the universe... I request Army to concentrate on real life, get better and meet bts in a fansign personally, instead of spamming msgs in social media and to your friends Because they will feel annoyed if its repetitive... U can support your idols through social media and educating your friends but dont take it too far... Be proud of everything.. You, your country, your culture, your ppl... Etc Note : I LOVE BTS, I LOVE KPOP, I LOVE KOREA Sometimes I wish India would adopt something from Korea really soon...
Jaybirdie 2
Jaybirdie 2 15 dias atrás
your captain in this ship
but honestly tho, if that guy wanted koreans to promote the culture, they're already doing it. that's through bts. i've learned many things sbt korea bcs of bts. their song references can't be neglected okay lmao
your captain in this ship
david we stan
Gabi 16 dias atrás
The world is BTS' stage, nearly every country on the globe listens to them, and because of this, that also means that Korean culture, folk tales, the language, the people, the foods, the traditions, all of this, has also now touched nearly every country in the world. Its such a vast spread of one culture to so many different places that no other culture has achieved the same. And thats far to big of an achievement for this dude to call them "low-quality"
Nandhini Singh
Nandhini Singh 16 dias atrás
We purple y'all !!!
Anna Parry
Anna Parry 16 dias atrás
I agree with all your comments. Since discovering BTS I am trying to learn Hangul and have become interested in Korean history, of which I knew nothing, apart from the tragic events of the last century.
Karen Robles
Karen Robles 16 dias atrás
Why is Danny's "mmm" sound so soothing?? lol love u guys!
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