BTS (방탄소년단) WINGS Short Film #2 LIE

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BTS (방탄소년단) WINGS Short Film #2 LIE

Short film credits:
Director: YongSeok Choi (Lumpens)
Assistant Directors: Wonju Lee, Edie Ko, Nuri Jeong, Jihye Yoon
Director of Photography: HyunWoo Nam
Art Director: Moonyoung Lee
Special Effects : Yoseop Park
Original story by: Linn Choi
Choreography by: Markus Pe Benito
BigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved.
Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea

Connect with BTS:
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5 Set 2016



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Comentários 44 666
퀸!!제이플라 2 horas atrás
지민...^^ ❤❤❤
Ana Liza Torres Durán
Ana Liza Torres Durán 2 horas atrás
퀸!!제이플라 2 horas atrás
지민아 사랑해~ ❤❤❤
Kael 3 horas atrás
i love LIE 🔥
Fariha Hyder
Fariha Hyder 3 horas atrás
2:07 Can’t get enough of that smirk 💜
stephanie barr
stephanie barr 6 horas atrás
Maya Hartlieb
Maya Hartlieb 7 horas atrás
1:54 rip headphone users
Nick 9 horas atrás
Jilan 13 horas atrás
11,786,064 Jimin fighting!
Harpreet Kaur
Harpreet Kaur 19 horas atrás
1:13 I saw an angel.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
7 cups of Tae with Jb’s face on the cup ples
This deserves more views tbh
Vero MRS
Vero MRS Dia atrás
2019 bitch IM CRYING 😭
Kael Dia atrás
I miss Jimin performing LIE ❤
stephanie barr
stephanie barr Dia atrás
Moumita Sarkar
Moumita Sarkar Dia atrás
2:07 is it an angel ?
Jilan Dia atrás
11,777,733 Jimin fighting!
WengTheLioness Dia atrás
stephanie barr
stephanie barr 2 dias atrás
stephanie barr
stephanie barr 2 dias atrás
kayeeelala_ 2 dias atrás
1:25 familiar concept? still dont get it? does seokjin and epiphany ring a bell?
kayeeelala_ 2 dias atrás
what on the sign board says: 풀 꽃 수 목 원 what it is when translated: full throat of one flower what it is when rephrased: one throat full of flowers whAt thE fOOk
kayeeelala_ 2 dias atrás
0:50 wtf he's smaller than the table
Jane the shipper and more
Wow even I'm a liar but I still love BT's 💜💜💜💜
Hope World
Hope World 2 dias atrás
Wings was jimin era I REPEAT wings was jimin bitch
Vanshika Dhawan
Vanshika Dhawan 2 dias atrás
That high note just kills me..not even the high not but every single lyric sung by jiminiiiee oppa make me fall for him even more...His voice is just so facinating..Love ya Jiminieee oppa....You are a really beautiful soul which has a really pure and big heart..Army is blessed to have you..Love you oppa....Saranghae😘😘
B_lack oh
B_lack oh 2 dias atrás
Vine después de leer las teorías, bastante acertada, estaria súper bien si el fandom de BTS no estuviera lleno de niñas que no comprenden nada de lo que realmente vale BTS
yessi rdz
yessi rdz 2 dias atrás
La mayoría del fandom está entre sus 20's y 30's obvio también hay niñ@s y también admito que el fandom tiene ese lado cringe.
Jules Thompson
Jules Thompson 3 dias atrás
*RM needs to be a movie narrator*
kim Haru
kim Haru 3 dias atrás
Love jimin
Ngân Nguyễn
Ngân Nguyễn 3 dias atrás
Park Bushra
Park Bushra 3 dias atrás
Jimin was physically abused in the flower arboretum. Allow me to explain. . . . . . . . . If you watch his movements carefully after the hand shows Jimin the three cards, you'll notice that Jimin does two things. 0:45 , Jimin covers his mouth with his hands. An obvious connotation for this was that he was gagged. Then, at 0:50 , her wraps his hands around his neck, suggesting that he was strangled. The notes stated that at the back of the arboretum, Jimin remembered spotting a warehouse. I don't know about you guys, but warehouses scream shadiness to me. It hasn't been confirmed what Jimin saw that day exactly, but I'm speculating that there was some human trafficking or drug cartel happening. Whether that is true or not, I can guarantee you that something dark and violent happened back there. It's 21:57 pm here and my parents are assuming that I'm asleep lol which is why I'm on mute. So correct me if I'm referencing this incorrectly, but I believe at 1:18 there was a gunshot? Jimin mentions in the notes that there was blood shed somewhere. Here, I'm assuming that someone was killed in the arboretum, in front of his eyes. This could be a potential reason why he reacts so frantically when he sheds blood from bumping into his dancing partner in the highlight reel. For those of you who are confused as to why Jimin supposedly has aqua phobia, it was raining that day he visited the flower arboretum. Hence the reason why he associates water with the traumatic experience. One day, maybe Big Hit will tell us what Jimin saw. Maybe not. But one thing is for certain, no child should have to go though Jimin did on that rainy day in first grade. My commiseration goes out to fictional Jimin T-T. Like, Jesus Christ and I aint even christian.
fan_of_the_pals 3 dias atrás
Y'all my friend got the notes book and she theorised that jimin was involved in a warehouse incident which caused him to be traumatized and be afraid of blood. And the poses in the dark scene could possibly suggest that jimin was chocked and gagged by someone. (the warehouse theory is in the book aswell but didn't have much detail about it)
JenniPlayzXOX 360
JenniPlayzXOX 360 3 dias atrás
This kinda creeped me out
Jilan 3 dias atrás
11,762,960 Jimin fighting!
Hωαи Mιи
Hωαи Mιи 3 dias atrás
¿Quieren entender está obra de arte? Lean «Demian» de Hermann Hesse y notarás la diferencia.
army julieta
army julieta 3 dias atrás
marty chan :3 fuentes flores
2019 :v
Najla Alqader
Najla Alqader 4 dias atrás
Guacira Melo
Guacira Melo 4 dias atrás
zoe Clair
zoe Clair 4 dias atrás
Evangelin Emmanuel
Evangelin Emmanuel 4 dias atrás
Theory: Jimin is looking for jhope. At 0:56 ,you can see two beds (one is jimin's.other is jhope's)and jimin reaching for it but notices that jhope is gone. In run video, both of them have a pillow fight. Here jimin plays alone with the pillow as jhope is gone. In begin, jungkook looks at suga's picture as the picture catches fire. He recollects suga's house getting burnt but regrets not being able to do anything.
Alexandra Rodríguez
Alexandra Rodríguez 4 dias atrás
Mi favorito ❤
i hated jennie kim
i hated jennie kim 4 dias atrás
Ok but who's eva?
j-hopes eyebros
j-hopes eyebros 2 dias atrás
I think in BTS' storyline eva is J-Hope.He remembers him and needs him...That' s just my thougt💜
mygddaengddaeng 4 dias atrás
I wish I was in this era.
RMMO 111
RMMO 111 4 dias atrás
Ana keller
Ana keller 5 dias atrás
READ TO UNDERSTAND THE SHORT FILMS: The wings album is based on a Hermann Hesse book called Demian. And here Jimin, is a representation. Jin is the person (Sinclair) and in case you want to understand this is what happened on the book "One day Sinclair was hanging out with some of the neighborhood locals, including the large and commanding Franz Kromer. The boys were laughing it up, trying to one-up each other in talking of misdeeds they had done. Pressured by the boys' chatter, Sinclair invents an intricate story about having stolen a sack of apples from an orchard near the mill. Kromer badgers Sinclair, making him swear to God that the story is true. As the boys are dispersing, Kromer pulls Sinclair aside. Kromer tells Sinclair that he has known about the apple robbery for quite a while and, further, that the owner of the orchard has offered a reward of two marks to anyone who can tell him who stole the apples. Kromer then tells Sinclair that he needs the money and would, of course, rather just get the money from Sinclair and not turn him in. If Sinclair brings him two marks the following day, Kromer will agree not to tattle on him. Sinclair protests that he does not have such money, but Kromer will hear nothing of it. They agree to meet in the market the following day after school. nSinclair returns home a changed boy. He chastises himself for having been so influenced by Kromer and is certain that this act of deception will lead him to innumerably further misdeeds" Here jimin is a representation of Sinclair (Jin) feelings, the camera is a representation of the pressure kromer put on him to like. When he moved th camera that means that he's finally done with that, and he's moving on. The water is a connection to chapter 2, based on First Love short film. So basically, Jin is the person. and the boys are the thoughts and also Demian. So yeah, this video is a representation of such an amaizing book, im so proud. I spent hours trying to understand and connect everything tho, hope I help u to understand a littl bit
Jilan 5 dias atrás
11,742,879 Jimin fighting
Meryland Alice
Meryland Alice 5 dias atrás
If army/someone want to understand the theory,first read Demian book. Then give your theories this some bases, not with Superfluous ideas.
Rina's Reviews
Rina's Reviews 5 dias atrás
Does the monologue at the beginning go specifically to this video because that explains a lot of things...
au 5 dias atrás
i'm inlove again
yasmeen Ahmed
yasmeen Ahmed 5 dias atrás
I saw a theory the theory is that jimin and j-hope went to a hospital but j-hope got cured first (they went there for mental illness)so he lift jimin to go help taehyung so that empty bed next to jimin resembles the bed that was for j-hope but now j-hope left him so the bed is empty and when jimin was playing with the pillow is because in his mind j-hope is there (like he is seeing him in his mind but he thinks it's real)And when j-hope was there he used to play with him with the pillow(if u don't understand the pillow part there was a video of jimin and j-hope together in the hospital and jimin was playing with j-hope by the pillow) soooo yeah this is the theory that I saw and sorry that this was so tall
Wow, it's so creepy....😫
Wahibah Mehreen
Wahibah Mehreen 5 dias atrás
It doesn't matter where are you from. It doesn't matter what age you are. It doesn't matter if you are a girl or a boy. It doesn't matter who is your bias. Everyone has a weakness for Jimin
Ray __
Ray __ 5 dias atrás
(2019/03/16 )
Infires army
Infires army 5 dias atrás
2019 anybody?
Mabel Cariliman
Mabel Cariliman 6 dias atrás
Im newbie army here what the title of the song? I want to know ilove jimin so much.
Sn Dg
Sn Dg 5 dias atrás
The name of the song is Lie.
V Kook
V Kook 6 dias atrás
Puff 6 dias atrás
this song is too sad for my soul ;-;
Sugar Coated Savage
Sugar Coated Savage 6 dias atrás
*hol up.*
Chminy Chminy
Chminy Chminy 6 dias atrás
ILove you jimin
Jan Setha
Jan Setha 6 dias atrás
Masterpiece ❤️
ARMY HIDDEN KARD 6 dias atrás
1:05 esa señal aparece en el capitulo 12 del webcomic de bts
Jose Lugo
Jose Lugo 6 dias atrás
Diganme que no soy el único que vino por danna :v
Vero MRS
Vero MRS Dia atrás
Éste álbum y el trabajo de los vídeos es magnífico
Mery Dia atrás
Yo mas bien por BTS fui a su canal, a observar su argumento... Necesitaba mas respuestas a las teorias...
XxxAna xxX
XxxAna xxX 3 dias atrás
Quien es esa? Xd, ahre no
Juliana Guacaneme
Juliana Guacaneme 4 dias atrás
Ño :v
vope jv
vope jv 6 dias atrás
Claro que no! JAJAJA samee
Jilan 6 dias atrás
11,731,801 Jimin fighting
_ itbrnm
_ itbrnm 6 dias atrás
Jimin might be the smallest of them all but his voice is higher
Enixus 6 dias atrás
Demian... Ahora lo entiendo todo. Definitivamente Wing es mi era fav.
F E R 7 dias atrás
Vengo del video de Danna Alquati :3
Nadine Almeida Torres
Nadine Almeida Torres 6 dias atrás
美桜 7 dias atrás
Jimin=transición Jimin es el pensamiento de jin Todo esto se basa a la novela "demian" de herman hesse ,basado en el sico análisis de Carl Gustave jung y el significado de los sueños. Lie =cap 1 "los dos mundos " Créditos = dana alquati :)
Person of ur nightmares
this gave me chills
park paula
park paula 7 dias atrás
J Ji Jim Jimi Jimin Jimi Jim Ji J
Victoria Ware
Victoria Ware 8 dias atrás
I can't understand what he is saying but somehow i feel it instead
Jilan 8 dias atrás
11,719,144 Jimin fighting
Ana maria Ramírez granda
Que bonito
Brayden Foo
Brayden Foo 8 dias atrás
cookie & oreo
cookie & oreo 8 dias atrás
lustpink 9 dias atrás
I still don’t understand
Okie but like ik I'm late My theroy is the camera is facing Jimin right? Then when the camera isn't there and the part where he's throwing away his pillows and he looks upset and just sad wut if he's in public he's happy and smiling but when he's away from everything he's in pain that's my theroy srry if I'm 2 years late
Angel Ibi
Angel Ibi 9 dias atrás
I just came back here after watching all of their short films and Jimins one got the most views out of all of them(except for boys meets evil, because thats the intro),and I can see why..
AshleyAmerie Vlogs
AshleyAmerie Vlogs 9 dias atrás
He literally killed me at 2:07
x_Autumn_Leaves_x 10 dias atrás
cookie & oreo
cookie & oreo 10 dias atrás
A. Ch.
A. Ch. 10 dias atrás
Anyone else hear the gunshot at 1:17?? Im thinking it sounds a bit like [COMIC SPOLIER] the traumatic event they keep mentioning that Jimin went through as a small child??
Veronica segura gomez
Veronica segura gomez 10 dias atrás
me gustan sus videos loovee
Mika Satai
Mika Satai 10 dias atrás
That music is amazing 😮
BTSNinja 14
BTSNinja 14 11 dias atrás
Pills in a cup... Interesting.
BTSNinja 14
BTSNinja 14 11 dias atrás
0:34 Hmm..a forest painting with blue fog/mist.
A N G E L G A C H A 11 dias atrás
His voice is like the singing of an angel 😭💕
Jilan 11 dias atrás
11,694,901 Jimin fighting
Army_Rosariana OT7
Army_Rosariana OT7 11 dias atrás
Park ChimChim amor da minha vida todinha!!!
Felix has small hands
Felix has small hands 11 dias atrás
If you are here after reading the webtoon raise your hand 🖐🏽
Pooja 11 dias atrás
What's with the apple? Someone explain.
LARA MB 11 dias atrás
Jimiiiin você quer que eu morra manoo que homem cara que homem a pessoa mais linda que eu já vi to até sem ar misericordia jimiiin você quer matar as armys com sua beleza sexy e fofa ao mesmo tempo mano jimin você é inesplicavel 😍😍😍😍
Julia Renee Gomez
Julia Renee Gomez 11 dias atrás
Y'all I'm new to this Army fandom so someone help me out here... but what was the song playing in Jimin's video when he was dancing. Also there's so many theories down below and I just wanna know if these apply to them actually like in real life, or if it's all part of the storylines which are fiction...
Jimochii :U
Jimochii :U 9 dias atrás
The theories are part a story line and the song playing in this video is lie by jimin :>
Julia Renee Gomez
Julia Renee Gomez 11 dias atrás
^^I'm referencing the specific theory by @Jenna Hong
Bellinha Kookie
Bellinha Kookie 12 dias atrás
REPARE no piano pegando fogo(n lembro o mv), na banheira de I NEED U O sorriso que foi "perdido" ele tendo uma guerra de travesseiro com o "ar" como no MV de I NEED U, na parte que ele é o jhope tem uma guerra de travesseiro, AS ARVORES E A NEBLINA A musica se refere como se russo isso que ele estivesse passando FOSSE UMA MENTIRA. Big Hit e Bangtan Sonyeondan, O que essas teorias se referem?? Todo MV tem uma teoria.
stephanie barr
stephanie barr 12 dias atrás
stephanie barr
stephanie barr 12 dias atrás
Eylül Nisa ÖZSOY
Eylül Nisa ÖZSOY 12 dias atrás
ข่ม ความเจ็บปวด
น่ากลัวไปนิดนะหนู แต่ยังไงก็รัก
sasha king
sasha king 12 dias atrás
this song makes me cry every time because its telling us about chimchim's (jimin) struggles in life how he struggles with his diet how he struggles with appreciating himself how he struggles with his mental health his physical heal how he struggles with keeping A.R.M.Y happy forgetting that he is as important to us as we aree to him please like if seeing chimchim(jimin) struggle everyday breaks your heart
Jilan 12 dias atrás
11,684,090 Jimin fighting
Swensen Lopez
Swensen Lopez 12 dias atrás
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