BTS (방탄소년단) WINGS Short Film #2 LIE

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BTS (방탄소년단) WINGS Short Film #2 LIE

Short film credits:
Director: YongSeok Choi (Lumpens)
Assistant Directors: Wonju Lee, Edie Ko, Nuri Jeong, Jihye Yoon
Director of Photography: HyunWoo Nam
Art Director: Moonyoung Lee
Special Effects : Yoseop Park
Original story by: Linn Choi
Choreography by: Markus Pe Benito
BigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved.
Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea

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5 Set 2016




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paper heart
paper heart 22 minutos atrás
I was terrified by the effects. Omo. Its 10:30, lights off and I'm alone. But I still choose to watch this till the end. Lol. I just love this Mochi so much💜😂
Lua Sol
Lua Sol 2 horas atrás
2 0 1 9
myshticly 3 horas atrás
came here because of Junghwan and Hyunsuk
Paro Joon
Paro Joon 3 horas atrás
Angela Estebane
Angela Estebane 7 horas atrás
steph Barr
steph Barr 10 horas atrás
steph Barr
steph Barr 10 horas atrás
love maze
love maze 12 horas atrás
Maxie S
Maxie S 12 horas atrás
what does the apple represent!?
Maxie S
Maxie S 12 horas atrás
why's he in the hospital!?
Sarah 14 horas atrás
Who's here after the webtoon
ProtectHobifromSnakeu 16 horas atrás
Anyone else read the HYYH notes and are really curious about what happened to jimin at the Flowering Arboretum? Im pretty sure he expeienced something traumtic there, which would explain his seizures and why hes in the hospital all the time. I really hope the webtoon will talk about Jimins story since not much is known about him. If you havnt read it, in the HYYH notes Jimin went to a Flowering arboretum for a picnic day at school, in the notes all of Jimin's friends and their moms came, but no one came for Jimin as his parents were too busy. After the picnic's over, all his friends & their moms left, so Jimin went home alone. It started to rain hard but he couldnt find any house or shop for shelter. He went to the flowering arboretum and found a warehouse for shelter. And i guess it was implying that Jimin went into the warehouse but then the story stopped and noone knows what the hell happened to him there. The reason i think something traumatic happened to him there is because whenever a Flowering arboretum is mentioned in the HYYH notes he gets supper nervous and starts acting strangely. Also at 1:05 the sign says Flowering arboretum in Korean. Idk what do you guys think happened to him there?
Cj Argonza
Cj Argonza 16 horas atrás
What does the sentence say at 1:58 and 2:12 😣😣😣
Derin Karakter
Derin Karakter 19 horas atrás
2019? 🌹
BTS Fan 19 horas atrás
THEORY: Jimin is Billie Ellish Boy version.
Isabella Phelps
Isabella Phelps 20 horas atrás
ok so jimin said that he was faking depression . So everytime that he does something that seems suicidal it him “wanting “ to die because he needs to seem depressed to stay with hoseok. So he says he’s caught in a lie because he is :( and him recording the picture is him trying to keep a good image
Nay R.
Nay R. 20 horas atrás
Me confundo más con las teorías v':
Daniela Laveriano Arevalo
BTS makes good music
Fernanda Clv
Fernanda Clv 23 horas atrás
Evita Yamin
Evita Yamin 23 horas atrás
2019 and still can't get over jimin's awesomeness on this (◐∇◐*)
PERIODTT 23 horas atrás
Mãrãm BTS
Mãrãm BTS Dia atrás
*Who is watching 2019* ??
moon lovers
moon lovers Dia atrás
Mxxnmin. •
Mxxnmin. • Dia atrás
1:54 ME CAGUÉ.
Tatiana Guzman
Tatiana Guzman Dia atrás
En este video también como euphoria jimin es como el enfermo o el que está en una camilla y esta la tina atrás creo que ahí muchas teorías aca
Did anyone else get a Jimin add and think it was the video??
steph Barr
steph Barr Dia atrás
Maria Fernanda
Maria Fernanda Dia atrás
Ejuirn the pigeon
How can someone be so perfect ?!
Kikko San
Kikko San Dia atrás
Wings resembles the time travelling power jin currently has. Jungkook started this. Jungkook was the first to have wings, but then jungkook dies, if you have read the webtoon you would understand, so tae is given the powers of time travelling. but tae was seen to kill his father, and to get powers, he most likely got it from the so called magic shop. maybe his pay was controlling his anger? i dunno.but whatever it was, it was seen as a STIGMA, aka a disgrace, so tae was no longer having his time travelling powers which were given to jin. I suspect that using those powers jin's lifespan becomes shorter because at the end of blood sweat and tears, jin's face starts cracking, after he kissed the angle, and sometimes kisses are seen to seal a promise. I googled the definition of singularity and the first definition was being singular but if you scroll down to the 3rd definition, it states that singularity means: when artificial intellengence has gone so highly advanced that it gives humanity a irreversible change. THATS MAGIC SHOP. if you look at the song 134340, if you add each digit to each other you get the number 15. and in the webtoon jin time travels to the date of april 11th. If you add the month april=4 and 11 you get 15. On august 24th 2006 pluto was announced no longer a planet. on august 24th 2018, love yourself answer was released, coincedence? Boy meets what: wonder=w her=h answer=a tear=t, i wonder if her tear is the answer. if you look at the outro: tear, rapmon states, i call you her, her,cuz your my tear, tear. the girl from the highlight reel drops a notebook. maybe its her troublesof meeting all 7 boys and she wants to help but she doesnt know how, so she is in 'tears.' and i wonder if her tear is the answer, would then completely make sense. In suga's solo song first love, he talks about his piano and everything, but at the bridge he says hyung, i miss you. and since jungkook is dead, i think that's what yoongi is trying to say. and in begin jungkook says When hyung is in pain, it hurts more than when I’m in pain, which is the lyrics, so jungkook is telling yoongi to not be sad anymore, and stop mourning over his death. in stigma by v, tae states,"i'm sorry i'm sorry ma sister." and he repeats that phrase but with ma brother instead. he's probs apologizing for killing his father, which is seen as a disgrace, hence why it's called stigma. then u here v say are u calling me a sinner, and in the webtoon ppl kept asking tae why he killed his father. tae believes they r claiming he is a sinner. also. i believe, us, the ARMY, is what is young forever. army stands for Adorable Representative MC for Youth, and we represent the youth. we keep'regenerating.' as we continue with our generation. but after bts is gone. their gone. they don't just keep passing on the name bts. but we, us, we are young forever. thx for reading this long theory! i'll edit this comment once i find more stuff!
azumi vlog
azumi vlog Dia atrás
He looks psycho in here 😅😍
Kikko San
Kikko San Dia atrás
Lorens Reales
Lorens Reales Dia atrás
Mi jimin tu voz es tan hermosa❤❤❤❤ i love😍
yulinda sevilla
yulinda sevilla Dia atrás
Maleesha Paris
Maleesha Paris Dia atrás
W🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗W.I ❤ U CHIM CHIM 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Sele Evelin
Sele Evelin Dia atrás
LilUziFart Dia atrás
jimin is so fucking beautiful
Hanna P.
Hanna P. Dia atrás
1:55 Heart attack
Sydney Arguello
Sydney Arguello Dia atrás
After reading save me and watching videos about the story and time line, everything makes sense
Ranin Army Stay
Ranin Army Stay Dia atrás
+Bts Army too can someone explain
Bts Army
Bts Army Dia atrás
I'm still confused tbh
Gunel Gunel
Gunel Gunel Dia atrás
DaNeZz LoPez
DaNeZz LoPez 2 dias atrás
These were released in 2016 nd am here in 2019 trying to figure out what it all means....!!!
Chi Quynh
Chi Quynh Hora atrás
DaNeZz LoPez smthing bad happened in the arboretum that made him got seizures
Aliyah Roberts
Aliyah Roberts 2 dias atrás
2 0 1 9 ?
Yellow Tan
Yellow Tan 2 dias atrás
I got scared at 1:55 I don't want to go out in my room rn 😂😭
Akhum Chang
Akhum Chang 2 dias atrás
I can listen to Namjoon's voice all day without eating or drinking anything
Park Jimin
Park Jimin 2 dias atrás
A.R .M.Y
A.R .M.Y 2 dias atrás
im here for some Jibooty... Or Jieyes
Juvy Roa Galao
Juvy Roa Galao 2 dias atrás
He's definitely the sexiest member of BTS😍
MaevaVTae 2 dias atrás
*Wow ChimChim ❤️😍😝*
Alma Sucianti
Alma Sucianti 2 dias atrás
ITU LUKISAN APA!!!!! :")))))))))
merly ryan
merly ryan 2 dias atrás
can you make movie for the ARMY pleasssssssssssse
erena park
erena park Dia atrás
merly ryan pemandangan~😂😂
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