BTS (방탄소년단) 'Stay Gold' Official MV

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BTS (방탄소년단) 'Stay Gold' Official MV
Written by UTA
Written by SUNNY BOY
Written by Melanie Joy Fontana
Written by Michel "Lindgren" Schulz
Written by JUN
Written by KM-MARKIT
Director:Ko Yoo Jeong
Big Hit Entertainment. Rights are reserved selectively in the video. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by Big Hit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea.
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26 Jun 2020



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Comentários 80
Napaa D
Napaa D 13 segundos atrás
stay gold
Amrita Mohan
Amrita Mohan 17 segundos atrás
This song will always STAY GOLD ! 💜💜
ŁÏŅÃ ĄŘMÝ 36 segundos atrás
مستعدين ل اوست كوك لو لا اني عن نفسي لا لأن كوك قال انو الأغنية حزينة و رومنسية بس اذا تعمقتم بها سوف تعرفون معناها واني نشفو دموعي بأغنية ستيل وذ يو ●_●
Selina Rong
Selina Rong Minuto atrás
This is a message to BRvid: Why did you pause the fucking views now we won’t know when we have reached our goal!!!😠😡😤🤬
Aicha Banna
Aicha Banna Minuto atrás
I LOVE YOU Bts army morocco 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Umudum Taehyung
Umudum Taehyung Minuto atrás
Yt yine yorumumu sildi, çok sinirleniyorum neden durmadan siliyor
JJPlayz 2 minutos atrás
I hate the people who first started spamming...
Pari Jain
Pari Jain 2 minutos atrás
I feel my heart💜💜
shirin shiri
shirin shiri 3 minutos atrás
*No One.,* LITERALLY NO ONE, *ARMY:* "I Want To Be That DOG!" "I want to be that Book" "I want to be that Chair" "I want to be that Scooter" *I want to be that Bus" Etc..& Goes on...!!!!
Umudum Taehyung
Umudum Taehyung 3 minutos atrás
Bu akşam gelmiycekler herhalde :( İyi geceler Army
vale osses
vale osses 5 minutos atrás
kokoro - e
IVON_AMRY PEDRAZA_NOZA 5 minutos atrás
I love you bts💜💜💜💜💜💜
-jung hoseok wifu-
-jung hoseok wifu- 6 minutos atrás
Sope :,0
shirin shiri
shirin shiri 7 minutos atrás
*A R M Y.. Str33m "EGO", "WAB The Eternal" &"SHADOW" also*
Sabry Paz
Sabry Paz 7 minutos atrás
Stay gold..!!
choucha salem
choucha salem 7 minutos atrás
#Youtub -stop -deleting - views - of bts 😠😠 # يوتوب توقف عن حذف مشاهدات بي تي اس يلا ارمي ولعوا كل تعليقات بكل المواقع لحتى شركة تعرف
•That• •Demon•
•That• •Demon• 8 minutos atrás
I feel jealous for that dog-
Jenox Hendrix
Jenox Hendrix 9 minutos atrás
bts are really brilliant omg I really admire them
Shalissa Morgen
Shalissa Morgen 10 minutos atrás
Idgaf if BRvid is removing this mv's views all I know is.... This song is amazing, WE WILL SHOW EVERYONE WHAT WE CAN DO! LET'S STREAM THIS MV 5 TIMES A DAY ARMY! I purple you!💜🥺
np ttaurusch
np ttaurusch 10 minutos atrás
Kim momo
Kim momo 11 minutos atrás
Omy god
재스민 속
재스민 속 11 minutos atrás
Yorumlara cevap vermekten vazgeçtim
Yağmur 10 minutos atrás
Neden army
Adel Adel
Adel Adel 13 minutos atrás
Baby kookie i want to see u
Malak Emad
Malak Emad 13 minutos atrás
هاي ايم باك
Malak Emad
Malak Emad 5 minutos atrás
bts my life
bts my life 12 minutos atrás
اهلا وسهلا اكيد انتي من البانسي
Rayan Aridj
Rayan Aridj 13 minutos atrás
Rayan Aridj
Rayan Aridj 9 minutos atrás
bts my life
bts my life 12 minutos atrás
لا مو واو واووات
sara ouni
sara ouni 14 minutos atrás
Stay gold
Glenda Diaz
Glenda Diaz 14 minutos atrás
Me encantó los amo con tido mi corazon 😍😥😭🥰
jordia the amble
jordia the amble 14 minutos atrás
Rm bts
Rm bts 15 minutos atrás
Stay glod
Augusto Cesar Rossi Neto
Augusto Cesar Rossi Neto 16 minutos atrás
I'm a boy and became a huge fan of them. V is my favorite. Nothing else mather
DollRin 13 minutos atrás
even if your a boy it doesn't matter BTS's music has no gender boundaries :)
ᴊᴜɴɢᴋᴏᴏᴋ sᴀɴッ
خراتوب متى رح توقف عن حذف مشاهدات BTSهاااا؟
bts my life
bts my life 10 minutos atrás
والله مابعرف بس ماتهتموا روحي على المتجر واعطي تقيم وعطي نجمة وحدة الادبسزية الحيوان السافل استغفر الله خليني ساكتة ارمي ماعليكم من الخرا هذا واستمروا بالس*ر*م ارمي فايتينغ
Army Girl
Army Girl 18 minutos atrás
Rm smile so cute
bts my life
bts my life 10 minutos atrás
Karla Galleta
Karla Galleta 18 minutos atrás
Que tal si llegamos a los 100M antes que sea el comeback japonés uwu
Mohammed Othman
Mohammed Othman 19 minutos atrás
Yara Haikal
Yara Haikal 14 minutos atrás
ممكن ما تستعملي ايموجي او هاشتاغ في التعليقات لانو هيك مو منيح --
Yara Haikal
Yara Haikal 19 minutos atrás
Army -BTS
Areli Noemi
Areli Noemi 19 minutos atrás
Beautiful song
Marcela torres
Marcela torres 20 minutos atrás
Vamos por los 70M!!!!
Aliyse Maier
Aliyse Maier 20 minutos atrás
This was supposed to be their goodbye to us. They were reminding us to stay gold even without them releasing music and without their concerts. There is still happiness without them, but don't forget them and hold their legacy with you. We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal hinted at their leaving I feel like. Saying that because of us they were able to be happy through most of their journey and that they were thanking us for being here with them. "Throw stones at us, but we're not afraid anymore. We are forever bulletproof (we got to heaven)" all because of us. This is just a theory soooo
Army Girl
Army Girl 21 minuto atrás
Park So
Park So 21 minuto atrás
احبكم ارمي بصوت تاي لاتنسو التصويتات
Hsgsfddhgf Tftt
Hsgsfddhgf Tftt 21 minuto atrás
💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜وووووووووواااااااااووووووjinةbts💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜rm jungkook hope Jimi v sUVa💜💜💜💜💜
bts my life
bts my life 9 minutos atrás
يبنتي قلنا بدون ايموجي يجمد المشاهدات اتركوا الهاشتاقات والايموجي اتركوهااااااا
larissa beltran
larissa beltran 21 minuto atrás
Eu vi essa música a uma semana atrás e tipo muito boa uma das minhas preferidas!!!😘😘😘😘
אורה אלן
אורה אלן 22 minutos atrás
You will stay gold for all of my life and you're life too seriously ❤️ the song is the best song ever you are the best wow I love you are gold for all of the life
Iva Jelčić
Iva Jelčić 22 minutos atrás
You guys,this is certainly a farewell song for Jin. So, ARMYs know that Jin,the oldest member of BTS, is going to military on 4th December this year. And this new album is on Japanese,right?? On Japanese (or chinese), word 'gold' is pronounced 'jin'. When the members sing words 'stay gold', through singing they say they want Jin to stay in the group (ofc they do,they are great friends). In this MV, members are in dark rooms all alone, and they are sad. When they are all together, as 7 members group, everything becomes bright and happy again! And when they were in the dark rooms, they are all remebering Jin... I'm crying y'all...
Evillin vivi
Evillin vivi 23 minutos atrás
Amei sou army
jimin y yeonjun
jimin y yeonjun 23 minutos atrás
Aaaaaaaaaa me morí con el grito de jiminnnnnn aaaaaaaaa💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😭😭😭😊
M Ⴎ Տ i C N ᝪ ᗯ.
M Ⴎ Տ i C N ᝪ ᗯ. 24 minutos atrás
bts my life
bts my life 9 minutos atrás
يبنتييييي خلاصصصصص قاعدين نقولكم لاتحطوا ايموجييي خلاصصص
sofi -ot7
sofi -ot7 24 minutos atrás
Y'all plz stop using emoji ...
sangeeth satheesh
sangeeth satheesh 24 minutos atrás
330k more to 69 million...
Samantha Sanay
Samantha Sanay 25 minutos atrás
100 million by next week !!!
Umudum Taehyung
Umudum Taehyung 25 minutos atrás
Ah bana film önericek Army gelmemiş :(
Yağmur Minuto atrás
@Umudum Taehyung hm anladım
Umudum Taehyung
Umudum Taehyung 5 minutos atrás
@재스민 속 tamam izliycem teşekkürler Army
Umudum Taehyung
Umudum Taehyung 5 minutos atrás
@Yağmur korku filmleri hariç istiyorum , Armylerin önerileri harika oluyor
재스민 속
재스민 속 18 minutos atrás
Exam filmini izlemelisiniz
Yağmur 22 minutos atrás
Nasil bir film istiyorsun korkutucu fln mı
Konnichiwa Konico
Konnichiwa Konico 26 minutos atrás
Hamza Sacman
Hamza Sacman 26 minutos atrás
Boooooooooo I don't love this
Hamza Sacman
Hamza Sacman 11 minutos atrás
@Army Girl No Bot way read my تعليق
Hamza Sacman
Hamza Sacman 14 minutos atrás
ام انا مو فهمان شي
Army Girl
Army Girl 17 minutos atrás
Get out
sangeeth satheesh
sangeeth satheesh 25 minutos atrás
Did anyone asked your opinion??btw thanks for the vi*w
valeria sanchez
valeria sanchez 26 minutos atrás
Bts unico
valeria sanchez
valeria sanchez 26 minutos atrás
Bts 7⃣🎤💞💘
BTS army Anzila
BTS army Anzila 27 minutos atrás
Army please stop using emoji
valeria sanchez
valeria sanchez 27 minutos atrás
Kaveenya EM
Kaveenya EM 24 minutos atrás
pls don't use emojis they freeze the views
bts TXT GOT7 EXO BLACK PINK twice itzy
Bts love
Negri Romanoduday
Negri Romanoduday 28 minutos atrás
Bts patrones
A.R.M.Y FORΣVΣR MOA 28 minutos atrás
Te amo bts
Eliezer Oliveira
Eliezer Oliveira 29 minutos atrás
Jimim so cute ❤️🇰🇷 BTS
Y /N
Y /N 30 minutos atrás
We all should appreciate all the members not just one of them we all need to appreciate all of them and love them like how we love are bias we need to love them too and help them fight over the hate they get cause they are humans too and they have feelings but I guess the haters don't know that so love all them and appreciate them bye
ANA PAULA ZHU 30 minutos atrás
Pq tão pouca visualização????????? :(
Canal blog da Helen lanes
Canal blog da Helen lanes 31 minuto atrás
V Te amo aáâãàäåæāăßą
Bukhari Muslim
Bukhari Muslim 31 minuto atrás
A.R.M.Y FORΣVΣR MOA 31 minuto atrás
Y /N
Y /N 31 minuto atrás
They are all so freaking handsome, Cute, Amazing, And everything
Sonia Fernandez
Sonia Fernandez 32 minutos atrás
I love you BTS 🌹❤❤👑
BTS army Anzila
BTS army Anzila 29 minutos atrás
Don't use emoji please
apromiseu 32 minutos atrás
I love You BTS
Hate TWICE & BTS for better life
Its stay shitty@ more like it
my name
my name 13 minutos atrás
에효 얼마나 할짓없으면 방탄 뮤비에 이모지 테러나 하누;;ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㄱㅋㄱㅌㅋㅋㅋ 니같은 놈들이 잘먹고 잘산다는게 너무 싫다 어휴 지가 이짓거리 했다는거 10년후면 잊어버릴거면서
legit me
legit me 28 minutos atrás
You do realise that if you were that hurt in past hating on random things won't help you fix your past, right? So I offer you to maybe try to join the fandom? You will get attention but in a good way, you will feel better listening to their songs (because they're known to have healing lyrics) and won't be lonely anymore.
Alma Alpizar
Alma Alpizar 34 minutos atrás
💜😭love it too much
Savannah Guevarra
Savannah Guevarra 34 minutos atrás
Savannah Guevarra
Savannah Guevarra 34 minutos atrás
Kim seokjin!!!!!
Savannah Guevarra
Savannah Guevarra 35 minutos atrás
Savannah Guevarra
Savannah Guevarra 35 minutos atrás
Joa Blood
Joa Blood 35 minutos atrás
Vamos chicas, no se detengan nostras podemos lograr más e incluso en el siguiente come Back vamos a batir récords y vamos hacer historia. No nos desanimemos por lo que nos hace el hijo de perra de YT. Nosotros somos un ejercito inmenso y saldremos adelante para llevar a BTS a al Cima
delos patojos
delos patojos 32 minutos atrás
Compartamos mucho el video 😊 ARMYS manos arriba
ᴀᴋɪʟᴇsᴜ 36 minutos atrás
Çok güzel
charlie brinley
charlie brinley 36 minutos atrás
Bts is so cool
JEON JUNKOOK 37 minutos atrás
내 채널이 곧 튜브에있어 저자 : Jungkook Official. Traducido al español Are mi propio canal en you tube depronto lo are chicas las amo si quieren pueden preguntarme lo que sea Autor: jungkook official
Fun with elizabeth
Fun with elizabeth 38 minutos atrás
some will say I am obsessed with than but I listen to them I go 2:37 to 2:45
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