Bruins-Leafs Game 4 Highlights 4/19/18

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Highlights from Game 4 of the 1st round playoff series between the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs, on April 19, 2018.


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20 Abr 2018



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11 16 10 meses atrás
Mashutchyodumbass up Jack Edwards headass
brian Terry
brian Terry Anos atrás
steve hardman
steve hardman Anos atrás
Funny, haven't saw a video of highlights from a Bruins game in a while, why is that??? I would be greatly amused to see Jackoff Edwards reaction to the Backes elbow that should get him suspended(but won't), or to Bruin players playing with broken sticks and Leafs getting penalties out of it
hissinggoose Anos atrás
Get your golf clubs ready. Bruins couldn’t finish if they were screwing a supermodel.
12345tg1 Anos atrás
Where's game 3/5??
trlprk Anos atrás
Great video.......cept it has Jack Edwards talking
de wiou
de wiou Anos atrás
Fuck you Bruins
Krawtch Anos atrás
6:54 fragile boyfriend alert
hissinggoose Anos atrás
Nazem ‘the manic Muslim’ is back for game 5. Leafs in 7.
BarfyMan 362
BarfyMan 362 Anos atrás
Wtf was Morgan Rielly doing? He looked like Sean Avery waving his stick around yeesh
Josh M
Josh M Anos atrás
do u have gam 3 highlites? cant find
antigonish63 Anos atrás
Can you imagine what kind of life you must have to stand outside, at night, to watch the fucking Leafs? They haven't won a Cup in over 50 years, suck dick much?
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace Anos atrás
You da man Fooms..
iAJAXBEATZ Anos atrás
7:36 Wtf is he even trying to do?
Tyler Stoudt
Tyler Stoudt Anos atrás
Kinda surprised Edwards didn't get more animated about that blown icing that led to that big hit on McAvoy.
Gavin Wilson
Gavin Wilson Anos atrás
Toronto< Boston wins series 4-1
Bryce Bellerose
Bryce Bellerose Anos atrás
Bruins are my favorite team
M 10
M 10 Anos atrás
Tuukka had one hell of a game last night. Can’t wait for Bergeron to return and continue to watch this team accomplish amazing things. GO BRUINS!!!!
How do you find a NESN stream? Also, you are a god, thank you for these vids.
Mattrick 64
Mattrick 64 Anos atrás
TABBYFINSTAH if you are trying to watch a live game just google "NHL live streams reddit"
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz Anos atrás
Does dafoomie edit these himself??? I've been watching his videos for the past week and I gotta say, they're all awesome. Better than the TV networks a lot of the time. And it's still mindblowing to me that NHL isn't more popular. I do like NFL but even that is harder to watch and less exciting IMO than hockey let alone baseball which is straight up boring tbh, and basketball which is the most boring and gay sport there is. MMA's still my favorite sport but hockey has always been my #2, especially to see in person. Nothing better than seeing a bruins game in the garden
Owen Real
Owen Real Anos atrás
1:45 hahahahaha jack calling out the delusional leafs fans
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz Anos atrás
Jack Edwards is the GOAT. I feel like we won this game because of goaltending. Rask played great, made some great saves while Anderson really played terribly on those 2 2 on 1 goals. The first goal, idk wtf happened there, so can't blame him for letting that one in but the other 2 he could've stopped but wasn't even close to it.
Dragon King Z
Dragon King Z Anos atrás
I just imagine that one of the Maple Leafs pushed Rick Nash and his Canadian sides takes over "I know this is hockey but can you please not push or I'll knock on your ass"
Theo 80126
Theo 80126 Anos atrás
Woo HOO!!! Let's Go BRUINS!!!!!!
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt Anos atrás
Hahahaha at 7:45 you got Morgan Reilly trying to be a funny guy with his stick, Brad Marchand comes over and teaches him how to be that Funny Guy with a little kidney shot, Shifty little Rat Brad is Iove it.
George V
George V Anos atrás
Toronto chokes each and every year!
George V
George V Anos atrás
Watch the video above.All you do every year is choke! I love the pathetic fans who actually think they will win!
Tracy Morgan's Belly
George V how are they choking? The Bruins are the better team going into the series
Tainopisno1 Anos atrás
Rask was the star of the game last night and if Bruins didn't miss like 3 or 4 sure goals monday night leads would of been swept. Also 5 yrs ago in 2013 1st rd game 7 in boston leaf fans thought Bruins were gonna lose and there leafs were go and win but the come started that game with 10 mins left when leads were up 4 to 1 and then leafs and there fans hopes n dreams were crushed in ot in Boston in game 7 20131st rd. That's why Kessel got that fucked out of toronto and won 2 cups in 2016,and 2017.
1234Peacekeeper Anos atrás
Tuukka was solid "stand on his head" no. Solid.
Cameron Kennedy
Cameron Kennedy Anos atrás
Goddamn, had Marchand converted on that beauty of a spin, goal of the series.
BarfyMan 362
BarfyMan 362 Anos atrás
To even pull that off so effectively should shut the nay sayers up
1234Peacekeeper Anos atrás
maybe playoffs thus far
Bruins fan here. Is it just me, or does it looks like Marchand's goal never went in?
1234Peacekeeper Anos atrás
Yeah watching it live i was Like, why are you stopping to celebrate it didn't go in get the rebound!
Aidan Lynch
Aidan Lynch Anos atrás
I think it hit the net cam and bounced out quick
Starboss05 Anos atrás
Let’s go bois at home finish them off
SSM360 Anos atrás
Starboss05 naww
Life in the 413
Life in the 413 Anos atrás
Tuukka stepping it up with the loss of Bergeron. Hopefully Bergy won't be gone too long but with a 3-1 lead now he doesn't need to be rushed.
HeroTheyCallMe Anos atrás
That Krejci sauce is beautiful
counterfit5 Anos atrás
Thanks for trading Tuukka, Toronto!
brian Terry
brian Terry Anos atrás
Go bruins go
brian Terry
brian Terry Anos atrás
counterfit5 thats a true bruin fan
Jared Zollo
Jared Zollo Anos atrás
Lmao 6:53 watch the one maple leafs fan get so angry at the bruins fans high fiving
Lamprey Lightning
Lamprey Lightning Anos atrás
Lmao I saw that
BarfyMan 362
BarfyMan 362 Anos atrás
Lmaooo good eyes man, the camera man deserves a bonus for getting that in
Steve M
Steve M Anos atrás
He's afraid he's gonna lose his Bruins fan girlfriend.
SilentGamer Anos atrás
Jared's Zollo ikr thanks for pointing that out
Bill Elms
Bill Elms Anos atrás
Being a B's fan (spent my first 35 years in MA and RI) living in Seattle I'm very grateful to be able to come home and watch your highlight break down! Thank you!!!!!
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz Anos atrás
Yea dude. He does excellent highlights.
Brotherhood Anos atrás
I was just there for work. Great city. Still upset I missed a Thunderbird game. They were away that entire week go figure.
BootlegFightVideo Anos atrás
Battlemode Tuukka is the guardian of the cage.
Mr. BO55
Mr. BO55 Anos atrás
holy shit I will never understand why defencemen slide on 2 on 1's. Stand up, stay in the middle and take the fucking pass away. Let the goalie deal with the shooter. Why slide and take yourself out of the play completely?? Poor Andersen, two 2 on 1's that he literally could do nothing about.
Bruins Boy
Bruins Boy Anos atrás
OsamaDaLlama true
BostonSportsFan Anos atrás
Love it when NESN shows the Toronto fans outside all sad😂
SSM360 Anos atrás
Pats Nation#BradyGOAT#BlitzforSix and how does it feel like when you have only 5 superbowls wins and lost 5 at the same time?
BostonSportsFan Anos atrás
Video Dude oh you’re a Steelers fan. How does it feel to always be the Patriots bitch and be the 2nd best team in the AFC
SSM360 Anos atrás
Pats Nation#BradyGOAT#BlitzforSix what team has 6 rings?
BostonSportsFan Anos atrás
Video Dude sorry I’m straight. Also this coming from a person who likes Canadians team😂. Must suck. Btw where is your football team🤔
AII American Chutzpah
The coliseums are still full as western culture and civilization is destroyed from within.
ApeHead Anos atrás
Rask was an ace
Vilgot Norén
Vilgot Norén Anos atrás
When i hear ”Bozak” it sounds like ”Ballsack”.
SoftBank47 Anos atrás
I just call him "Bozo." Because he's a clown. ^_~
Eric Forsyth
Eric Forsyth Anos atrás
Bozak - Ballsack Lupul - Loop hole Nazem - Nose'm (might have fit Marchand better, but fuck Kadri) Gardiner - well, too obvious Hyman - again, too obvious, though nice touch with the "a", do men have hymens? Rielly - How do you misspell a fucking surname? Also, Polak is a Czech, not a Polak. And a few years back they had Grabovski - Grab-arse-ski as well. Got to love hockey names.
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz Anos atrás
when I hear it I think of that Dying Light game. Only other time I've heard the name Bozak
Dragon King Z
Dragon King Z Anos atrás
Vilgot Norén that is a nice burn on Toronto there
Steve M
Steve M Anos atrás
I've been saying that ever since I first heard his name...I want to upvote this 5 times!!
Andrew Anos atrás
Put a donate link in your video description! You put so much work in, and deserve it.
iBrxdleyy Anos atrás
Love the quick upload! Lets go B’s!!!
Buddy Guy
Buddy Guy Anos atrás
It was all Tuukka tonight! That assist by McQuaid on Marchand's goal was so dirty.
Brotherhood Anos atrás
Even Pasta gave credit to McQuiad for that assist
Edgar Allan GLO
Edgar Allan GLO Anos atrás
mcquaid started that play gotta respect it
airforce9872 Anos atrás
lol I think you mean pastrnak not mcquaid, he did chip it up to the point but pasta got it past the dman for the 2 on 1.
snarf boarder
snarf boarder Anos atrás
dafoomie is a legend
Max Forsey
Max Forsey Anos atrás
Adam mcquaid played so well tonight . Also So grateful for the NESN upload too, had to watch on NBCSN tonight and missed jacks calls. Thanks dafoomie
Max Forsey
Max Forsey Anos atrás
Let's fucking go Bruins
Miikka Koskela
Miikka Koskela Anos atrás
Rask stole this game
Miikka Koskela
Miikka Koskela Anos atrás
Whats up with bergy ?
Steve M
Steve M Anos atrás
I wondered that too but he's been losing at the faceoff circle lately so I'm assuming it's something that's been an issue for a little while.
Miikka Koskela
Miikka Koskela Anos atrás
Yea no reason to rush him at this point. Game 5 is ours !
iFinlander Anos atrás
Nvm hes actually "doubtful" about game 5. I guess they dont want to rush him cause we're up 3-1 now
iFinlander Anos atrás
Cant say for sure but I heard he was dealing with a head ache so he sat out with "concussion-like symptoms." Should be good to go for game 5.
Andrew Anos atrás
Miikka Koskela Upper body, day to dat
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