Browns vs. Steelers Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2020 Playoffs

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The Cleveland Browns take on the Pittsburgh Steelers during Super Wild Card Weekend of the 2020 NFL postseason.
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10 Jan 2021



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Corey Potter
Corey Potter 5 horas atrás
It's very disappointing that the nfl is sports entertainment and not a competitive sport like it used to be. It is so obvious how Pittsburgh is losing on purpose. Look at it closely from beginning to end. The NFL is hyping up the Browns fans to generate money for a stadium. The NFL Is WWE FOOT BALL. They get paid a ridiculous amount of money no matter any outcome .These players do not care as long as they're getting money.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 22 horas atrás
Steelers: We got defeated. It’s not like we’re gonna lose again next week Browns: Are you sure about that?
Alexus Crawford
Alexus Crawford Dia atrás
if the Steelers don't go to the Super Bowl, i will cry.
Alexus Crawford
Alexus Crawford 13 horas atrás
@Bleak dang
Bleak Dia atrás
they already lost.....
Madison Kinion
Madison Kinion 2 dias atrás
Hey browns I am glad you all won “hennething is possible” ;)
DeltaFoxTrot13 8 horas atrás
Lmao browns are still a good team? Unlike someone who finished 1-5 final games of the season
WDB Sports network
Why u bully me
WDB Sports network
Joseph Rikers
Joseph Rikers 2 dias atrás
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WDB Sports network
The hell?
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 2 dias atrás
This is the most I’ve ever rooted for a team I’m not a fan of.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 22 horas atrás
This madden match making games are getting out of hand
Jenita Maurin
Jenita Maurin 2 dias atrás
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ashoka samart
ashoka samart 2 dias atrás
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bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 2 dias atrás
Jacob 2 dias atrás
Chubb is a bowling ball
Music World
Music World 2 dias atrás
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Logan Enriquez
Logan Enriquez 3 dias atrás
people predicting this in 2017: Everyone: man you've been drinking too much
Rayburn Neal
Rayburn Neal 3 dias atrás
Why didn't Roth jump on the ball lol
Vøid 3 dias atrás
Damn as a former Steelers fan I have to say I’m disappointed the Steelers aren’t the same anymore I’m a Chiefs fan now but one thing I can say I’m a Fan of the OG Steelers, Ben, Antonio, Le’Veon, and JuJu I miss that team man
CoolKid BraDude
CoolKid BraDude 3 dias atrás
Only a collapse this big could let the Browns win.
Tom Peters
Tom Peters 3 dias atrás
Well I guess they had to win EVENTUALLY. Maybe a rivalry worth having with Cleveland. Been like 30 years
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Charming nowhere to hide
Nice job guys?
Tricky Dicky Ball
Tricky Dicky Ball 4 dias atrás
The Shitsburg Sqealers.
lionel bedard
lionel bedard 4 dias atrás
Hard to bealive the browns have not won a championship since 1955
Renea canady
Renea canady 4 dias atrás
Since 1964
Janetta Jackson
Janetta Jackson 4 dias atrás
This madden match making games are getting out of hand
Charming nowhere to hide
Even a squirrel gets a nut every now and then.
Janetta Jackson
Janetta Jackson 4 dias atrás
If COVID-19 was a game, Steelers would represent almost everyone's 2020 year
TsuTsu 4 dias atrás
corvette corvette
Puertorriqueño Taino
Puertorriqueño Taino 4 dias atrás
Hey hey hey ... good bye 👋 sorry about your short lived playoff run sorry but not sorry 🤣😂 like I said browns not going anywhere go sit at home an watch the rest of the playoffs
Tony Pallotto
Tony Pallotto 4 dias atrás
Nosy Rosie
Nosy Rosie 4 dias atrás
How come the Browns can't catch passes from far away? ☹️
Nosy Rosie
Nosy Rosie 4 dias atrás
😆😆😆 Chubb gets FREE PASSES!
Joe Biׂden
Joe Biׂden 4 dias atrás
The Cleveland Brown's will win
Nosy Rosie
Nosy Rosie 4 dias atrás
Mayfield, has to remember to throw further.
Nosy Rosie
Nosy Rosie 4 dias atrás
Steelers don't just keep falling down instantly. You should be pushing forward to get further yards closer to the touchdown!
Nosy Rosie
Nosy Rosie 4 dias atrás
Chubb, did it this Season! I forgot, he was the best supportive player! Let's go, Chubb! Congratulations! 🎉
because reasons
because reasons 4 dias atrás
So. The Browns are back. Cool
stunna. tyyy
stunna. tyyy 4 dias atrás
When it was 10 seconds 2nd quarter they didn't een start the clock
John Doe
John Doe 4 dias atrás
Not only the steelers have the terrible towel they have also have terrible this is what they called alternate universe.haha
mralexthe2 4 dias atrás
steelers first half the season were untouchable while now they are vert touchable
Metal Steel
Metal Steel 4 dias atrás
Even a squirrel gets a nut every now and then.
Daniel Cotter
Daniel Cotter 4 dias atrás
Go Browns
trevor 4 dias atrás
during this game i was so worried that the steelers were gonna win in the fourth quarter😅
Jeremy Subasic
Jeremy Subasic 4 dias atrás
That start was as bad as SB 48 between Denver and Seattle lmfao
ShadowWarrior& Shockwave
“Browns is Browns”-Famous last words
aoffredo541 4 dias atrás
Leave a like if your a browns fan
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 4 dias atrás
Hey! I loved the video!!
shizzyg53 5 dias atrás
And you better hand it soff
Adnan Dahir
Adnan Dahir 5 dias atrás
Imagine the browns just come and upset every team and end up winning the super bowl
Mykol 5 dias atrás
Brownheart: In the year of our Lord 2021, the Browns of Cleveland, injured and outnumbered charged Heinz Field of Pittsburgh. They fought like warrior poets, they fought like Browns and won their first playoff game.
Lina Waltz
Lina Waltz 4 dias atrás
Mykol you are a warrior poet. Thank you for that beautiful analogy
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 4 dias atrás
Awesome video!
Mario 5 dias atrás
The Steelers coach sucks. No running game .. who cares about the win streak. They suck. The coach destroyed the foundation of Pittsburgh. No balance. It looks like a vikings team basically worthless. Until they realize there coach was gifted a great team but since then it's been slowly eroding it's idenity.
Basem Ali
Basem Ali 5 dias atrás
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Maureen Gochett
Maureen Gochett 5 dias atrás
I'm proud of the Browns!!
Linden Keith
Linden Keith 5 dias atrás
I'm surprised browns weren't 2-14
Basem Ali
Basem Ali 5 dias atrás
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Bobby DeNezza
Bobby DeNezza 5 dias atrás
Typical Tomlin Team! Never ready to play! 3-7 in the playoffs since 2010 with losses to Tebow and Bortles! Embarrassing losses in the regular season every year! Players aren’t held accountable! 💩They won't fire him. Rooneys are too satisfied with a consultation prize like winning the regular season division championship every year and losing in playoffs!
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Mike R
Mike R 4 dias atrás
Settle down Spock
Steve White
Steve White 5 dias atrás
Cleveland Brown Beating the Steelers that's a Win
T Loco
T Loco 5 dias atrás
The only place the browns are going to is the toilet bowl 💩💩💩😂🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭💯
Greetings 5 dias atrás
3:11 WTH is dude doing in the bottom right
Jordan Wright
Jordan Wright 4 dias atrás
lol.. high knees
red88alert 5 dias atrás
Too bad the NFL went full retard. Nobody is watching the games lmao 🤣🤣🤣
Jeff Corey
Jeff Corey 5 dias atrás
Haley Wrubluski
Haley Wrubluski 5 dias atrás
That first snap had Peyton Manning remembering the Seahawks
Justin Bellamy
Justin Bellamy 5 dias atrás
Big Ben was literally running and telling James Connor not to recover the ball
tractor fone
tractor fone 5 dias atrás
Ben wanted no part of getting that ball, then the rb backed off too. TD Browns.
Shane Smith
Shane Smith 5 dias atrás
Steelers played like they were without a head coach and players. Browns played like they had rested their starters and were used to being in the playoffs. Congrats to the Browns! Also Steelers lost this game when they didn't go for that 4th and 1 halfway down the field. Bad call.
Tre Hamilton
Tre Hamilton 5 dias atrás
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My house Is haunted
My house Is haunted 5 dias atrás
Imagine paying the refs for a win
AIDEN PLAYZ 5 dias atrás
Steelers fans like me upset
n g
n g 5 dias atrás
whatitdoOU 5 dias atrás
The Browns is the Browns!
Derrick Libroia
Derrick Libroia 5 dias atrás
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shocktrauma85 6 dias atrás
You ever turn on a game in progress and look at the score where it surprises you to the point you have to blink to make sure you're seeing it right? I did that when it was 28-0.
Greg Coll
Greg Coll 6 dias atrás
Big Ben sitting on the sideline after the game had to be thinking I threw for 500 yards and we STILL Lost- would you come back for another year at his age?
Vikings fan
Vikings fan 6 dias atrás
Umm. Was ben telling his running back not to recover the fumble that went into the endzone at the beginning? What was he saying to him though?
Vikings fan
Vikings fan 4 dias atrás
Ok. But they both completely whiffed on recovering that fumble lol.
Mike R
Mike R 4 dias atrás
He’s looking to see the defense coming after him, not talking to Conner
Eugenia Arroyo
Eugenia Arroyo 6 dias atrás
Can't believe the Steelers lost😭😭😭
صّبًيَ بًعٌقُلَ عٌجّوٌزٍ
Manorin, O birth of the sister
mistermatt moose
mistermatt moose 6 dias atrás
as a fan since 1976, my reaction: YESSSSSS!!
jason voshall
jason voshall 6 dias atrás
When Ben failed to even attempt to fall on the ball at the goal line after the snap all I could think of was Roger Dorn from Major League - "What's that ole' bullshit???"
muhmonsta 6 dias atrás
The Game was close. Then the game started.
Ajjjaxx 88
Ajjjaxx 88 6 dias atrás
Steelers Fans: They did it?!?! The World: They did it... Browns Fans: We did it...? Finally?
JHATDRUMMER1976 6 dias atrás
JHATDRUMMER1976 6 dias atrás
from a bengals fan this is the greatest game ive ever saw
Andre Cummings
Andre Cummings 6 dias atrás
fkalf 6 dias atrás
I keep forgetting that football still exists. Between Covid and the chosen one leaving New England, it's like sports just vanished.
Julio's DIY
Julio's DIY 6 dias atrás
Holy smack this is a good games.go browns!
ActOfLove *
ActOfLove * 6 dias atrás
.“Look within and be depressed. Look without and be distressed . Look at Jesus and be at rest.”
Fenny Whopper
Fenny Whopper 6 dias atrás
Ladies and gents, them nameless gray faces sure know how to play football
Kyle Haynes
Kyle Haynes 6 dias atrás
DAMN 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬 pittsbugh
Lovejoy Santina
Lovejoy Santina 6 dias atrás
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Monster Wobster
Monster Wobster 6 dias atrás
not to sound like a hater but i td everybody the steelers wouldnt be able to keep it up
Brent Wilmot
Brent Wilmot 6 dias atrás
if it werent for the browns dropping into a prevent defense for 3 quarters they win by 30 instead of 11.
Codename Zero
Codename Zero 6 dias atrás
How did the worst football team get this far? Covid changes everything
Mr. McCann
Mr. McCann 6 dias atrás
Its not Covid,them boys hungry.
MAXYI 6 dias atrás
Who came here after the “corvette corvette” music video ?
Ituboybigstick 6 dias atrás
Seattle haulcy
Seattle haulcy 6 dias atrás
jonathan wright
jonathan wright 6 dias atrás
Imagine browns fans we still don’t have our full roster with the op outs and delpit and greedy along with some free agents and drafts we bout to be nasty these next couple years
Kenny Wills
Kenny Wills 6 dias atrás
Play number 1. Watch how Ben overruns the ball instead of diving on it.
Jeris SportsTakes
Jeris SportsTakes 6 dias atrás
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 6 dias atrás
Reese's Pieces boys stepped it up big against the most overrated team in the NFL.
ur dumb
ur dumb 6 dias atrás
i just wanna know how are they overrated when nobody rates them high?
Aaron Koch
Aaron Koch 6 dias atrás
I see why the Browns O-line is so good. Massive holding. Almost every run, almost every pass.
ur dumb
ur dumb 4 dias atrás
@Mike R he speaking facts
Mike R
Mike R 4 dias atrás
You’re delusional
ur dumb
ur dumb 6 dias atrás
Matthew B
Matthew B 6 dias atrás
Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang 6 dias atrás
A Potential Browns vs Packers Match Up For the Bowl
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 6 dias atrás
2020: titans beat pats ending their Dynasty 2021: Browns become an underdog team
rockyfrost 6 dias atrás
We need so bad at the start and then we started coming back we still lost
Jerardo Contreras
Jerardo Contreras 6 dias atrás
Yinzer rage... I can feel it
likee Pikachu and red bear master
Dang it i was hoping pitt would win
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