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Bronny James just SNAPPED in a crazy triple overtime game against his old teammate Jayden Nicholson and Team Griffin.
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Comentários 100
Dominic Vargas
Dominic Vargas 14 horas atrás
So we ain’t gonna acknowledge the clutch ass shot by the white boy at 17:14
TJ Hays
TJ Hays Dia atrás
White boy cold
Mario Garcia
Mario Garcia Dia atrás
What kind of fucking jump ball was that
Eazy_ Lou
Eazy_ Lou 2 dias atrás
Can’t till Jr starts dunking like his father
Suck my Skittles
Suck my Skittles 3 dias atrás
3:20 no travel???
Kyng Symba
Kyng Symba 3 dias atrás
7:30 When Bronny gets knock down and turn into B.James ✌
Jack Xiong
Jack Xiong 4 dias atrás
Camera man sucks!
Jamie Farlow
Jamie Farlow 5 dias atrás
He's not soft.. kid you are just a jealous trouble maker! Like period, and your kind never get far in life. So focus on getting your body and shape for the next step/phase in your career, instead of harassing someone who was born with even bigger bulls eye than normal!! Also.. let's just acknowledge that he is a fellow African-American, aka. black, brown. You can have tenacity within the game, but don't tear down your #fellow man! PERIOD 💪🏾 WHEN WILL THESE PATENTS LEARN!
Dick Head
Dick Head 6 dias atrás
That fat ass nigga ended Bronny’s career
Bangungot 17
Bangungot 17 6 dias atrás
I wish that lebron change bronny’s name,.. lebron james jr. how can he make a name in the NBA like that,.. better change it to Skip Jameless,..
Math 7 dias atrás
Gg boyss
Steve SIPUL 7 dias atrás
Can we please get the footage from the guys with the professional cameras standing down there???
FIJI drunk
FIJI drunk 7 dias atrás
Comeback lol
mario mckinnie
mario mckinnie 8 dias atrás
HCT check them out AAU travel team Haven’t list one game yet that what team I play on
Landon Justice
Landon Justice 9 dias atrás
My teams plays at like twice the pace of these two teams (it doesn’t work)
Aspect _-Tae
Aspect _-Tae 9 dias atrás
he wouldnt do that if bRon was there
Siege 10 dias atrás
White team: home Bronnys team: visitor
NITRO DRAGON 10 dias atrás
Yooo who else heard that at 5:45
sean 3x
sean 3x 11 dias atrás
Who else was tired of hearing that lady in the background🤦🏽‍♂️
Joe Sanders
Joe Sanders 11 dias atrás
Ight Russ with the rock-a-bye 8:40😂😂😂
Joe Sanders
Joe Sanders 11 dias atrás
6:47 my boy has potential, watch for him later
Joe Sanders
Joe Sanders 11 dias atrás
Just imagine your Dad being LeBron...
Joe Sanders
Joe Sanders 11 dias atrás
Lamelo on his way out, so now Ballislife has a new cash🐮
Joe Sanders
Joe Sanders 11 dias atrás
Bronny is that dude✊🏾 glad to see he isn't soft.
Parker Gaming raps
Parker Gaming raps 12 dias atrás
Jerseys suck
Irony Got The Juice
Irony Got The Juice 13 dias atrás
I replayed 7:20 - 7:22 at least 10 times on the lowest speed. He does not travel! He catches the ball mid-air then lands on a half step (his right foot). Then, just as he's about to take his first step he drops the ball to the ground. It looks like it but it's not a travel.
Scythe Girl
Scythe Girl 13 dias atrás
1:29 white boy got so hyped for that three
Aspect _-Tae
Aspect _-Tae 9 dias atrás
daniel lin
daniel lin 14 dias atrás
OkayPeriodt !!!
OkayPeriodt !!! 15 dias atrás
7:30 yea ! Bae was bouta fuck him up 🤷🏽‍♀️😭♥️😂
Blake Hamlett
Blake Hamlett 17 dias atrás
Big kid who blocked bronny is names David he from the kongo affrica and he goes to my school
J Eazy
J Eazy 17 dias atrás
D wade son is soo much better that lbj son
lordkhaled7 17 dias atrás
Nice shot...Game winner? Ok
Trevor Hunt
Trevor Hunt 17 dias atrás
Ref had something against that fat white boy. Some were fouls of course but he called him on bs several times.
J J 10 dias atrás
Maso Cattin
Maso Cattin 17 dias atrás
You can tell bronny cuts that shit on when he wants 💪🏽
Juan DelaCruize
Juan DelaCruize 18 dias atrás
The white kids 3 tied the game
Oxterdrome - Gaming & More
D up!!!
Randy Jackson
Randy Jackson 19 dias atrás
Like father like son!
Rebecca Simmons
Rebecca Simmons 20 dias atrás
You mad Bro !!!
poopsiclemcgee 21 dia atrás
I’m sorry but the little kid playing point guard with bronny is trash and shouldn’t be out there unless bronny needs a rest
Irony Got The Juice
Irony Got The Juice 13 dias atrás
The kid who arches his back?
Dave Red
Dave Red 24 dias atrás
Most important part of the video and the camera man is pointing it at the scoreboard lmaoooooooo
Alex the Kobe lover
Alex the Kobe lover 25 dias atrás
Who else thinks lebron should've named bronny lebronny
Eli Scott
Eli Scott 25 dias atrás
Al El
Al El 24 dias atrás
Alex the Kobe lover
Alex the Kobe lover 25 dias atrás
Every time the other team got the ball there is a woman always saying Women:"oh yeahhhh oh yeahhhh".
Gaven ツ
Gaven ツ 25 dias atrás
So y’all telling me that’s not lavar ball in the red shirt
Youngan from the South
Youngan from the South 26 dias atrás
Why y’all spoil soo much in the intros 😂😂
thi nguyen
thi nguyen 26 dias atrás
God damn that white boy cold as hell
Trollysavagegamers 26 dias atrás
When bronny got pushed his teammate came in like Jared Dudley😂
Kevin Parker
Kevin Parker 21 dia atrás
Trollysavagegamers what time?
Waves1K 27 dias atrás
3 PAC 27 dias atrás
That tip dunk was sexy tho no cap
What are the odds
What are the odds 27 dias atrás
Number 1 on white is Zion Williamson little bro
Ahmad Rizwan
Ahmad Rizwan 28 dias atrás
But still they lost a big player, Mikey
Amir Rayman
Amir Rayman 28 dias atrás
Number 1 on the white team trying to be like Zion
skylar kovach
skylar kovach 28 dias atrás
What game winner? They was up by 2 lol
Kamari Gray
Kamari Gray 27 dias atrás
skylar kovach sudden death whoever scores first wins
long老龙 28 dias atrás
it not bug it is golden ball
newzay50 28 dias atrás
this is a jv game if im not mistaken
Benny Jolly
Benny Jolly 28 dias atrás
i’m confused if the lady is saying “T.O” or “THEO”. 😂
Reed Jackson
Reed Jackson 26 dias atrás
Pretty sure she says "D UP ! D UP!
J&P bang
J&P bang 28 dias atrás
Where are they playing ? Like as in what state? Anyone
Randumb online person123
J&P bang bagdad
Rhino Fitzgerald
Rhino Fitzgerald 28 dias atrás
Number 9 on Blake griffins team goes to my school
Camden Yt
Camden Yt 26 dias atrás
Rhino Fitzgerald rlly?
AddythePanda 4
AddythePanda 4 29 dias atrás
To this day i still dont know which team was home or away😂 -JK😂
AddythePanda 4
AddythePanda 4 28 dias atrás
Caleb Foster i ment my comment as a funny joke so excuse me. RUDE! Like damn, if u were even gonna say which team was who, you would not call someone a dumbass. Like... 🤦‍♀️
Caleb Foster
Caleb Foster 28 dias atrás
AddythePanda 4 blue chips are away they’re wearing black dumbass
beastmode 12221
beastmode 12221 29 dias atrás
16:20 😂yah your cameras so f^cked up
Incxrnxte 29 dias atrás
Damn those rims are stiff
Annalisa Mistretta
Annalisa Mistretta 29 dias atrás
That lady screaming “travel” is gonna make me lose it
Mike Poole
Mike Poole 29 dias atrás
R these 14 year olds
Joshua Collins
Joshua Collins 29 dias atrás
bronny james arnt gonna be his dad and thats just facts. He's gotten to where he is today because of his dad.
dynamiteSANTA 27 dias atrás
Joshua Collins imagine hating on a 14 year old kid lol
Jam Tv
Jam Tv 28 dias atrás
Learn some english first
Joshua Collins
Joshua Collins 28 dias atrás
the dudes 5'10 and overrated as.
Caleb Foster
Caleb Foster 28 dias atrás
Joshua Collins yup because of his dad he hasn’t put in any sort of work at all you sound retarted
Ears Pierced
Ears Pierced 29 dias atrás
1 for the other team he played for blue chips against CP3 team he was the one got fouled but it got reclassified
Fabian Moye
Fabian Moye 29 dias atrás
White boy hit that clutch shot to keep than in it
ITZ YO BOI VLOGS 29 dias atrás
16:17 😂😂
ITZ YO BOI VLOGS 29 dias atrás
That fool was all like brr brrr brooo iiii iiii jjjjj-uuuu-sttttttt swwwwww-attt-ed llllll-beeeeee-jaysssss ssss-o-nnnn
Infinitenhl Mês atrás
Oh yeahhh
I'm no Longer A Scared of the dark
Wade kid is so much he has great handles and feel for the game.
CleveHenny 06
CleveHenny 06 Mês atrás
Do ppl watch the whole vids like did u watch the whole 19mins ? Serious question
Mitzqua Mês atrás
Blue chips look robotic and disinterested to me
Exclusive Mês atrás
can you start getting the score more?
F1ARE WAVE Mês atrás
What happened to all of the good blue chip players it looks like there are barely anymore like the fuck
Jerome Lewis
Jerome Lewis Mês atrás
Bronny done got BETTER 😳
Wixxyr Mês atrás
"D UP D UP D UP D UP D UP D UP D UP D DUP D DUP" That woman probs don't know anything about basketball but her son is playing so she wanna sound smart
AddythePanda 4
AddythePanda 4 29 dias atrás
Wixxyr 😂😂😭😭 facts😂
Floyd Wang
Floyd Wang Mês atrás
13:06 He aint movin
Julien Bert
Julien Bert Mês atrás
They really 14 years😱
Flight Tahshi
Flight Tahshi Mês atrás
Will u ever let us now who is who on the score board
Ty Dixon
Ty Dixon 28 dias atrás
Flight Tahshi Lmfaoo fr
Taha Khan
Taha Khan Mês atrás
#1 A whole smaller version of Zion
Jaquan Davis
Jaquan Davis 28 dias atrás
You took my comment😂
JONATHAN BURYJ 29 dias atrás
i literally scrolled in the comments to find someone that saw that too lol
Thats Sawcey
Thats Sawcey Mês atrás
Can anybody tell me if bronny’s team is home or away?
Telly Gst
Telly Gst Mês atrás
He's so smart for his age, usually you see ppl his age chunk up shots all day and dribble alot, he plays fundamental basketball
Connor Spurling
Connor Spurling Mês atrás
#1 on white next Zion
Kenshiro Mês atrás
The big man could be so dominant if he work on his post moves... Little head fakes n pump fakes would be hard to stop..
르브론 제임스 아들은 돌파 능력도 느리고 디펜스 자신감도 없는긋
BDSG Mês atrás
3:08 is that lonzo kid😂that jumpshot
lebronjames13ify Mês atrás
#1 looks like he could be Zion williamsons son
Jayvonツ Mês atrás
he a god
Maybis Castro
Maybis Castro Mês atrás
Where’s bring arguing ?
A’Mya Hodges
A’Mya Hodges Mês atrás
7:30 is what your here for
Kyng Symba
Kyng Symba 3 dias atrás
A’Mya Hodges Facts 👀
Christopher reid
Christopher reid 7 dias atrás
Thank you
Muss_ .1
Muss_ .1 12 dias atrás
A’Mya Hodges THANK YOU I never watched the link yet but Ik ur right😆😊
David Vice Bangura
David Vice Bangura 12 dias atrás
ace mok
ace mok 25 dias atrás
haha exactly
Hamza Emir
Hamza Emir Mês atrás
What's the color of the shoes?
Ren Ren
Ren Ren Mês atrás
Amesthy Mancinas
Amesthy Mancinas Mês atrás
The ending of second quarter broony was gonna shoot it at the buzzer and i can see everyone getting out there phone to record😂damn he fine asf 😍😍
pink man
pink man Mês atrás
Bronny uses time wisely
Jasteven Whitt
Jasteven Whitt Mês atrás
Number one on tha white time he built like Zion
Nathan Pa
Nathan Pa Mês atrás
Where's rodney Gallagher
Wyatt Blake
Wyatt Blake Mês atrás
that person needs to stop saying d up
Thomas Powe
Thomas Powe Mês atrás
i honestly didn’t expect that white boy to make that 3😂
Colton Harris
Colton Harris Mês atrás
10:28 oh he hiked him😂 like she needs to just stop talking
Brian Love
Brian Love Mês atrás
Where's the other big dude that can dunk?
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