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From Joseline’s final Atlanta showdown to Kirk’s ultimate infidelity, and all of the break ups and make ups in between, season 6 of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta was one for the books.

0:00 - Intro
00:52 - Stevie J and Joseline
19:26 - Tommie
30:50 - Sierra and Shooter
41:06 - Kirk and Rasheeda
1:02:06 - Jessica Dime and Shawne
1:05:12 - Tammy and Waka

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9 Mar 2020



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VH1 Love & Hip Hop
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TIMECODES 00:52 - Stevie J and Joseline 19:26 - Tommie 30:50 - Sierra and Shooter 41:06 - Kirk and Rasheeda 1:02:06 - Jessica Dime and Shawne 1:05:12 - Tammy and Waka
Angelina Gomez
Angelina Gomez 2 meses atrás
My girl she's not the 1st. Alcoholic
Angelina Gomez
Angelina Gomez 2 meses atrás
Oh yeah
WALLA BOSS 2 meses atrás
Rasheeda is Really stupid ain’t no way in hell that man will be talking to my mother that way
bdgauthia918 3 meses atrás
Kizzy Spratley
Kizzy Spratley 4 meses atrás
A aww w
Ruth Frank
Ruth Frank 17 horas atrás
Hopefully tammy has learnt her lesson now!
Mahogonykisses 3 dias atrás
Watching Kirk lie made my stomach hurt... no lie!!!!
MyaRay Gavensbert
MyaRay Gavensbert 4 dias atrás
57:10 ! Period !
Naomi Butcher
Naomi Butcher 5 dias atrás
Kirk is mad at everybody except his self 🙄🙄 total idiot
Pachinko 5 dias atrás
No wonder why the weave industry is so big. All I see is weave, to cover up the bald heads.
Mbololwa Mundia
Mbololwa Mundia 5 dias atrás
No matter how much she fights or gets buck. Tommie is a little girl who was abandoned. Psychological abandoned. Tommie is the textbook example of what happens when instability is your norm.
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith 6 dias atrás
The issue with Tommie and her mom I had the same problem I never got an apology before she past away this year but she showed how sorry she was through my kids she treated my kids way better than she treated us so I took that as her apology some parents don’t know how to apologize they just know how to say sorry through actions but I for gave her 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith 6 dias atrás
Tommie need help periodttttt
Shalondia Polk
Shalondia Polk 7 dias atrás
In. My. Opinion. RASHEEDA. U. A Very. Gorgeous. Lady. &. I. Feel. U. BETTER. Off. Without. Kirk. He very Very. Cold hearted. PERIOD. 💯👌
“Some drunk broad stumbling at the bar” Kirk was the drunk broad.
Ms. Smith
Ms. Smith 8 dias atrás
K Michelle was right about Kirk! 🤣🤣🤣
Ms. Smith
Ms. Smith 8 dias atrás
I love Rasheeda's mother "Well quit fw Rasheeda!"
light canales
light canales 9 dias atrás
That how I be.
light canales
light canales 9 dias atrás
Joseline... You know u can't.. Beat me. Right. Lol... is she for real. Lol
Sammi E
Sammi E 10 dias atrás
Kirk the only one not crying 😂😂
Cellia Mugwanyi
Cellia Mugwanyi 12 dias atrás
"i feel like you need to button up your shirt"
Shada Robinson
Shada Robinson 12 dias atrás
Rasheeda can cry all she wants. I feel no sympathy for her
Jeannette's world
Jeannette's world 14 dias atrás
Stevie j look what you created
Esther Farris
Esther Farris 14 dias atrás
Kirk went out there cheated an got a baby now he putting it on everyone else. He is dirty and nasty
ayana terry
ayana terry 15 dias atrás
He really said Rasheedas mom is breaking the family up???
late night hub
late night hub 15 dias atrás
i’d be PISSED to come home from jail with people in my house YET they can’t answer the phone
Melyssa Revilla
Melyssa Revilla 16 dias atrás
"Kirk, what do you think about that? Do you agree?" The shadiness. "No, I don't." The nerve. "You better don't." The hope.
Brittney Sharp
Brittney Sharp 16 dias atrás
Why she let him talk to her mom like that
You Tube
You Tube 17 dias atrás
I can't stand joseline but her look at 18:46 is absolutely STUNNING
You Tube
You Tube 17 dias atrás
The BBLs on this show look ridiculous , they look like diapers
NC Okeke
NC Okeke 19 dias atrás
Rasheeda must have signed a shitty prenuptial because I don't understand why she would stay with Sid from Ice Age.
Johnna unicorn
Johnna unicorn 20 dias atrás
Sad these women don’t understand cheating should be a deal breaker not a normal ups and downs of a relationship
Johnna unicorn
Johnna unicorn 20 dias atrás
Joesiline is a idiot for being with that man , working with that man and having a child with that man
Leslie Garcia
Leslie Garcia 21 dia atrás
Dimes praposal was so BEAUTIFUL And the Highlight of this episode!🥰
Nontu X music
Nontu X music 21 dia atrás
I can't believe kirk did the funky two step with rasheeda like that...
Farah Smith
Farah Smith 22 dias atrás
This made me cry yeow, Tommy and her mom shit is real your yow!
Charmaine Rodgers
Charmaine Rodgers 22 dias atrás
Jasmine why u so calm?????
lolyeishian fowler
lolyeishian fowler 22 dias atrás
lol its sierra fa me "i just feel like you need to button up your shirt" lol
Animales Todos
Animales Todos 22 dias atrás
Guettor girl
Animales Todos
Animales Todos 22 dias atrás
Joseline , send they Farr , very Farr 👉🏾
Rocio Monserrátt
Rocio Monserrátt 23 dias atrás
Miss Deb is the realest.
Cori’s World
Cori’s World 24 dias atrás
Salema West
Salema West 25 dias atrás
"First of f###ing all " 😂😂😂
>.< 26 dias atrás
Moriah looks like Azeala Banks.
Lakia Williams
Lakia Williams 26 dias atrás
Stevie j daughter need to sit tf down somewhere
MysticMaven 666
MysticMaven 666 27 dias atrás
Kirks face just gets on my nerves lol. Not a thought behind those eyes.
Torrence Shaw
Torrence Shaw 28 dias atrás
Kirk baby momma looks JUST LIKE a young Rasheeda, that shit is weird. Then the way he handled being exposed about the baby is straight f*** nigga behavior.
Nhlayo Nkuna
Nhlayo Nkuna 28 dias atrás
Tommie’s mom is really pissing me off. Why can’t she acknowledge that she’s a horrible mom and then take it from there
Realist2192 Fasho
Realist2192 Fasho 28 dias atrás
This was the best season
Spanishjazz Nazario
Spanishjazz Nazario 28 dias atrás
I'm the Puerto Rican Princess you know who the fuck I is
Spanishjazz Nazario
Spanishjazz Nazario 28 dias atrás
Love Jocelyn!!!!
Myriam Santiago
Myriam Santiago 29 dias atrás
Wow joshline your getting to b a punkk
Shareene Poole
Shareene Poole 29 dias atrás
Tommie will eventually grow to respect her mothers G. Joseline a beast. Sierra and rasheeda ridiculous and fareal karlie need to bust rasheeda in her shit
Youtube Viewer
Youtube Viewer 29 dias atrás
The most narcissistic parent my god
Amelia Hernandez
Amelia Hernandez 29 dias atrás
Toxic ass moms
Lucas Caudle
Lucas Caudle Mês atrás
All this cheating is crazy. These men spent a life time building a relationship & having kids then throwing it all away for 15 minutes or a year, what ever. Then saying the affair meant NOTHING. Well it must have meant something because these guys throw away their wife & children for this NOTHING. Was it really worth it???? NO, it NEVER is. Some men just don't think.
Bellarina Mês atrás
Fk love and hip hop, I AM MFN LOVE AND HIP HOP
Rachel rae
Rachel rae Mês atrás
Dimes proposal really made me tear up , SHES been through so much ! She’s grown ,and matured so much throughout the years , she definitely deserves happiness ever after .
Danaja Taylor
Danaja Taylor Mês atrás
Kirk is supposedly the head of the Frost household... tragic.
Shontay Jones
Shontay Jones Mês atrás
She did apologize. But that spoiled ass brat starts talking crazy like she grown. They just don't like her
whiteheart68 Mês atrás
I love Waka, but kirk I would of put his ass out with the trash.
Lacy MacDougall
Lacy MacDougall Mês atrás
The look on Tommie's face at 28:28 when her mother walks out on her yet again is fucking heartbreaking.
G'M Mês atrás
I didn't like josselyne always laying and blaming and a homwrecker 2 and yes Stevie is also to blame
ddbangtannim Mês atrás
So we gonna sit here and act like Kirk didn't call "Jamaica" "Jamaicer"?
Lakeshia Ball
Lakeshia Ball Mês atrás
Karlie a mess and messy but I love her inspector Karlie don’t play no games 😂Kirk lying not a drunk chick stumbling at the bar🤦🏾‍♀️Jasmine ain’t stumble nan lol 😂 time he needs to stop it frfr
Kiana M3701
Kiana M3701 Mês atrás
Kirk hurt Rasheeda to the depth of her soul I know it take a lot of praying for her to forgive him one thing I can respectfully say Rasheeda never took anything out on jasmine and Kirk child family is family no matter what the circumstances are this is why I have much love for Rasheeda
Melanique Rose
Melanique Rose Mês atrás
Kirk is literally🗣🗣🗣 THE ONLY ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR F'KING UP HIS is he talking about?
Kimberly Lennon
Kimberly Lennon Mês atrás
Yall are really cussing at Evie’s daughters are they not allowed to defend their sister??? God forbid yall sisters get in a fight or anything cause yall will let them get beat tf up😭
Patricia Thompson
Patricia Thompson Mês atrás
Kirk is a very very lucky man whew is he very lucky and Rasheeda is a very blinded woman by this man I have absolutely no respect for nonsense such as this
Diss-Abled Gamer
Diss-Abled Gamer Mês atrás
Somebody please help me understand.. why do some of these bustas cheat on their fine ass females. Rasheeda is fine as fkkkkkkkkkk, why would anyone wana cheat on a dime like that?? She work, she clean, she keeps her self fine, like wtfff
Vera nwoye
Vera nwoye Mês atrás
Can we just take a minute to talk about how hot waka is....I mean those eyes got me fucked up
joy elisabeth
joy elisabeth Mês atrás
why were dime & shawne in here, their clip had no breakup. & they weren't in no drama on love & hip hop
Kadienne Henry
Kadienne Henry Mês atrás
Tommy's mom is so manipulative...
Betty Boo
Betty Boo Mês atrás
Joslinne was dead fucking wrong lying saying stevia melosted Eva y’all crazy I would of went the fuck of two shid plus calling cps on meme so if y’all saying his daughters wrong yall fucking stupid she came for a child dummys
Samantha Fleming
Samantha Fleming Mês atrás
Narcissistic people never take accountability and blame everyone ... He literally blamed EVERYONE for messing up his family 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kirk is a true narcissist... I love Rasheeda’s mom in this situation. “What are u getting out of breaking my family up?”.... UMMMMMMM SIT YOU DID THIS! 🗣 NARCISSISTIC!!!!!!!!
Notice EVERYTIME Kirk lies ... he closes his eyes
Why did Joc call her really really pretty ... WHERE ?!!!!!... someone please tell me where bc I’m beyond unimpressed
That moment between Tommie and her mother was beyond beautiful... tommie was hugging the 17 year old her mother was. Her mom has been through so much and it trickled down to Tommie. It was unfair to tommie yes, but her mother broke her the same way she was broken. Her mother had a hard time apologizing bc she is also a victim. Then she came to the realization that she also victimized Tommie as an innocent child regardless of what she’s been through ... and that’s what made her apologize
Joseline is a Scorpio #TheEnd
Francisco Jimenez
Francisco Jimenez Mês atrás
How can anyone be attracted to kirck and then for him to say to the mistresses knowing dame well you new you were married aka confident Liar that tried to put down a female rather than facing your own infidelity in your marriage. And man then Rashida ashida thinks she had a bad ass all figured out marriage girl your husband is gross and your gross because you stay with a man to support your enhanced life style who cheats as long as you agree with aka still with him I've never liked Rashida and also she sits here and puts other females down for thier insecure delisons only because she is the most saddest loser on love and hip hop of them all keep saying you don't look out for money boo no amount of money can erase that delusional idea period
Francisco Jimenez
Francisco Jimenez Mês atrás
Them check must be good Daddy D aka scrappy scary looking parent went from a town home to a whole house and did it on his own
Nomvula Sikhakhane
Nomvula Sikhakhane Mês atrás
Rasheeda is such a beautiful woman inside out.She is top tier a 10 in fact a 💯 I just dont understand how she put up with this man for so long😏
Jen Garcia
Jen Garcia Mês atrás
Yung Joc is so fine 😍😍😍😍😍
ladivinapr Mês atrás
15:19 mns Estelita looking like she has a pamper on!!! 😂😂😂😂
Yonnah Mae
Yonnah Mae Mês atrás
If Stevie daughter don’t sat down 😂😂😂
Sanijah McCrimmon
Sanijah McCrimmon Mês atrás
Cant believe joseline said she wants to keep stevie away from his own child
Yuki’s Diary
Yuki’s Diary Mês atrás
Am I the only one trying to find out who the hell is a Panamanian goddess
trinity mae 🦋 ; add my tiktok
as sad as it is to say, stevie is gonna get his karma through his daughters. he’ll see what it’s like on the other side of the fence once one of them get a shitty man like him.
Bali Mami
Bali Mami Mês atrás
estelita still aint got no music out tho
Chesherl Fears
Chesherl Fears Mês atrás
Scooter is a trip he's not handsome at all and that little Wendy want to be Houston is a bony tripped too lady I would have kicked that man to the curb you are the CEO not him and then he got such an ugly voice
jodyjo jo
jodyjo jo Mês atrás
I really hope these people have a backup plan for this show
Chastity Huffman
Chastity Huffman Mês atrás
I hope that Tommie and her mama fix things. Being a parent doesn't come with a book no matter what they need to fix their relationship because you only get one mom and once she is gone that's it. There will be no more anything. I know because my mom and I have a rocky relationship but I've been working on it for years. Even if my own mama doesn't want to try I do do I'm keep on trying til her or I pass that way there are no regrets on my side.
These “men” are talking turds.
Sandy Navarro
Sandy Navarro Mês atrás
No matter what kirk does rasheeda will always stay!!!! She's not leaving him!!!!!
Lacy MacDougall
Lacy MacDougall Mês atrás
To say that your husband cheating is about your kids, and point at them saying it's about him, it's about her, makes the children feel like it's their fault. Even if that isn't what your intention was, they WILL feel that it is, 100%. Stop doing that to your children. They don't care if mom and dad aren't together, as long as mom and dad don't care. They mirror their parents' emotions to the fullest. If mom is sad and angry at dad, so the kids will be too. And if you don't know how feel your emotions to deal with them, instead of suppressing and projecting them into the other person, then at least make sure you tell your kids it has nothing to do with them and never ever do what Rasheeda did and point them out like that. I'm not judging her. She doesn't know this. But it's her responsibility to get educated on how to properly raise children.
VikingRollo IsHot
VikingRollo IsHot Mês atrás
Kirk used reverse psychology one Rasheeda with them papers lol omg he knows how to spin her around...
VikingRollo IsHot
VikingRollo IsHot Mês atrás
Kirk is a disgusting liar omg.. wow!!! He really acted like he didn’t know jasmine!!!
VikingRollo IsHot
VikingRollo IsHot Mês atrás
Why men love getting multiple women pregnant or have babies by multiple women then talk bout they do not want the mess smh y’all men love drama
Shania Janay
Shania Janay Mês atrás
It’s How Kirk Went Home To Try To Flip It Like She Drunk Saying I Gotta Baby With Her So Before You Hear It I’m Telling You😂
Shyanne Young
Shyanne Young Mês atrás
Tommie is her mother's mother💯
Metro Tmobile
Metro Tmobile Mês atrás
What are these guys talking ,about these people are breaking up his family .What a narcissist play the victim much. Being sarcastic.
heda gabriel
heda gabriel Mês atrás
Sometimes i think the audience cheer on and applause at just bout anything😅,like even if it might not make much sense or its just ridiculous🤦🏽‍♀️some of these women on LHH are just so self-serving,hypocrytical and lurrvz to dwell in denial.That ridiculous pride and righteous act they play when most of em are in the same place or basically going arround in circle🤷🏽‍♀️💯.So much pretense,deception & manipulation;everybody seem to have an angle🤷🏽‍♀️...and most of em have one thing in comment too👉🏽 as beautiful as they are, *They dont know their self-worth.* ... thats just me keepin it real✌🏽💯😉
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