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This week on Basics, I'm teaching you how to make bread. This process takes little more than plain old flour and turns it into something delicious that you can actually eat.
Ingredients & Grocery List:
Bread flour
Olive oil
Special Equipment:
KitchenAid mixer with dough hook attachment
Cast iron dutch oven
"Melt" Broke for Free
My first cookbook, Eat What You Watch, is available now in stores and online!
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27 Jul 2018

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Comentários 2 760
Dustin Freeze
Dustin Freeze 10 horas atrás
Accidentally yelled out "Daddy!" When Babish looked at the camera like that with that bread in his mouth. 3:41
Michael Cuellar
Michael Cuellar Dia atrás
Back when Tiny Whisk was just cute little whisk
Nathan s
Nathan s 2 dias atrás
Did part 2 ever happen?
Chaos Gilleon
Chaos Gilleon 2 dias atrás
Focaccia looks just like breadsticks from pizza hut. Can I actually make those at home?
TheMillertimeFilms 4 dias atrás
Made my first bread today from babish’s no-knead recipe. WOW, that’s incredible and so easy.
George McElhinney
George McElhinney 6 dias atrás
This cooking show has taught me more then ANY food network show
TheGamingNoob 008
TheGamingNoob 008 7 dias atrás
Part 2?
Apurva Kumar Joshi
Apurva Kumar Joshi 8 dias atrás
Bread with olive oil or olive oil with bread. Regardless, it looked fabulous. I hope I get to a point in my life when I can commit time to indulge in baking.
Elliepopcorn 10 dias atrás
3:41 That was actually... quite hot
Stormgoblet 10 dias atrás
Squarespace offers the best dough-mains
Kirby Le
Kirby Le 10 dias atrás
Where did you get that watch Babish?
tunderstorm272 11 dias atrás
Im sorry if im annoing but i cringed every time you said focaccia (im native italian) becouse you pronounced it like fikaccia and not fo`caccia
The snick snack
The snick snack 12 dias atrás
Don’t you mean bread with babish
Tricky moon
Tricky moon 14 dias atrás
7 minutes and 30 seconds all over *B R E A D*
meme reveiw
meme reveiw 14 dias atrás
Could you substitute the cast iron with a pot
Victoria Kathleen
Victoria Kathleen 15 dias atrás
Will we EVER get bread part 2??
Rocco Cioffi
Rocco Cioffi 18 dias atrás
Did my guy really just eat a spoonful of RAW flour?!
Frank Jones
Frank Jones 11 dias atrás
Rocco Cioffi Babish is on a whole new level
Dolphinboi 18 dias atrás
My favorite way to eat focaccia is with marinara sauce.
thelordofzelda 18 dias atrás
Where’s part 2?! It’s been a year! Lol.
Peacemuser 19 dias atrás
Part 2 with whole wheat bread please?
Huang Ziwei
Huang Ziwei 21 dia atrás
cmon babish where is bread part II its been a year
Waluigi the meme Lord
Waluigi the meme Lord 22 dias atrás
Dom A
Dom A 23 dias atrás
Top tier intro XD
KuraiMuin 24 dias atrás
Babish, raw flour can give you salmonella, I hope that was treated in some way :c
Ash Menon
Ash Menon 24 dias atrás
Babish, what's the benefit of preheating an oven for an entire hour? Wouldn't it rise to that temp in the first 10-15 minutes anyway?
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 16 dias atrás
Its for the dutch oven to heat up to temp.
404 Error Not Found
404 Error Not Found 25 dias atrás
Give me the CARBS
Andreas Bjerregaard Ælmholdt
0:08 "Hey why are you holding the flour in a spoon?" 0:12 "NO NO NO NO!!! BABISH!"
Jarjar Rodriguez
Jarjar Rodriguez 29 dias atrás
There should be a compilation where it's just Babby eating bad food/raw ingredients
Sorley Walker
Sorley Walker Mês atrás
Still waiting for part 2
Ryan Murtagh
Ryan Murtagh Mês atrás
Duuuuuuuude part two has to have a sourdough in there. I just made my first batch and it was soooo good. Keep up the great stuff Babish!
silvia costanzo
silvia costanzo Mês atrás
mi sfugge il motivo per il quale negli states c'è di tutto ma a quanto pare non abbastanza panifici. qualcuno lo sa? perché è più diffuso il pane in cassetta?
FatduckTV Mês atrás
Haha I’m bred I’m so funny and random and I have lots of comedic valiu I chase people around and fucking annoy everyone haha
Veron X
Veron X Mês atrás
Next episode : Cocaine
Magick Li
Magick Li Mês atrás
Ben Keys
Ben Keys Mês atrás
My favorite thing is litterally just flour with water some salt and sugar and cooking on a flat surface mid way flipping and coating with oil/butter and salt/sugar
Nazwa :P
Nazwa :P Mês atrás
Skip to 0:52
ScrubSoba Mês atrás
And then he never made a part 2
Snorro Jetje Biersma
Where's part 2?
O_Snipez_O Gaming
O_Snipez_O Gaming Mês atrás
Rebecca Elliott
Rebecca Elliott Mês atrás
😂 I love your videos!
saschasciandra Mês atrás
Did you ever do bread pt2?
Garrett Porter
Garrett Porter Mês atrás
Still waiting for part 2....
Tony Hollingsworth
Tony Hollingsworth Mês atrás
So, is using the instant yeast and fermenting it technically sourdough?
colonel cornflake
colonel cornflake Mês atrás
ive only just realised ive been binging babish for 6 hours straight now
RDR Mês atrás
Where's Bread Part 2?
Hiei Zoldyck
Hiei Zoldyck Mês atrás
Part two?
Dan Mês atrás
Part 2 when?
Ezra Neal
Ezra Neal Mês atrás
Leonardo Nasir
Leonardo Nasir Mês atrás
Some balsamic vinegar would go great in that olive oil dip
Auri AU
Auri AU Mês atrás
When is part 2?
Alien Barnacle
Alien Barnacle Mês atrás
Gordon ramsay wants to know your location He can smell the amount of olive oil that is in that ficcotcha
Joshua Sullivan
Joshua Sullivan Mês atrás
When is there going to be a Bread part 2? would love for brioche to be one of the recipes
Joshua Sullivan
Joshua Sullivan Mês atrás
@noliverk i searched for a long time before i made this comment. yes hopefully one day part 2 will be made.
noliverk Mês atrás
I was worried my search skills were crap. Maybe one day...
Shadsy The Hedgehog
Wtf is that tiny whisk!?
Shadsy The Hedgehog
This man actually shoved a spoonful of flour in his mouth...
technoguyx Mês atrás
4:04 that tiny whip is the cutest thing everrr
TOIS TOIL Mês atrás
When I tried the no knead bread, the dough was super sticky and didn't want to stay in a round ball shape. Did anyone else have the same experience would really appreciate if someone could answer my question : )
Lilly like da flower
Wheres bread pt 2
Meanie Weenie
Meanie Weenie Mês atrás
and if you think about it, that's pretty cool.
dunkaccino Mês atrás
It’s 1 AM and I’m starving
Im a Magician
Im a Magician Mês atrás
B̷̶̴̷̡͢ ̸̷̕̕Ŗ̵̵̧͏ ̵̸͜E ͏͘҉̵̢͜Á͏̨ ̴̛͜͠͝D̛̀͟͞͠͠
Miriam Mês atrás
How about flour that is natural without all of those toxins?
Artoricle Mês atrás
>800 grams of bread flour >105 degree water Fuck off. I'm not Gordon Ramsay
Dolphinboi 2 meses atrás
There's no knead to overcomplicate here, it's Basics with Babish with this beautifully baked bread
2017 ford f150 Platinum edition
Jim layhee from trailer park boys?
Carmen Mencar
Carmen Mencar 2 meses atrás
What happened to part 2?
Carmen Mencar
Carmen Mencar 2 meses atrás
What happened to part 2?
celticgaurdian1400 2 meses atrás
I could see an episode with guest star Bob Ross, May he rest with Steve Irwin and Fred Rodgers. One can imagine.
Thomas Dequasie
Thomas Dequasie 2 meses atrás
this video is great and all but who im sure isnt just me wants bread part 2
Thomas Dequasie
Thomas Dequasie 2 meses atrás
sorry for the grammar but im not kidding
B 2 meses atrás
Mmm bread. My favorite food group
super snacks
super snacks 2 meses atrás
Bread part two please!
Abby Rood
Abby Rood 2 meses atrás
is there any way to cook the first one without a dutch oven?
Jonh Dory
Jonh Dory 2 meses atrás
Salt dehydrates the yeast.
jedrake100 2 meses atrás
...Where is part 2???!!!
Nico Nettles
Nico Nettles 2 meses atrás
I know I’m late but I love your videos I watched damn near all of them within a week
Its Smithy
Its Smithy 2 meses atrás
Can you do the no knead method without the Dutch oven pot?
Kat Gat
Kat Gat 2 meses atrás
Where's part 2????????
Tim Schlütz
Tim Schlütz 2 meses atrás
I precisly followed the recipie but the dough is super runny. I used bread flour
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez 2 meses atrás
would you like some bread with your olive oil?
Owen N-W
Owen N-W 2 meses atrás
3:41 twenty minutes into babish and chill and he gives you this look
Ash Menon
Ash Menon 24 dias atrás
And once he makes eye contact with you like that, you know you knead to be bread.
Josef Bapira
Josef Bapira Mês atrás
The sexiest look in the world
aidan sabatinelli
aidan sabatinelli Mês atrás
He bout to tiny wisk you
Nessie Mês atrás
Ya know its time to generously oil the dough
aaron kisitu
aaron kisitu Mês atrás
You could say he had you in his bread
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