Brazil 1-7 Germany | Extended Highlights | 2014 FIFA World Cup

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4 Jun 2020



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FIFA 3 meses atrás
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ferlin dees
ferlin dees 22 dias atrás
@prathamesh oak78
Moshe Mordechai Levi
Moshe Mordechai Levi 28 dias atrás
@AARONGAMEZ30 I'm german
AARONGAMEZ30 Mês atrás
@Moshe Mordechai Leviwhy because you can’t handle a Brazilian loss?
George Fernandez
George Fernandez Mês atrás
Bonus Dis
Bonus Dis Mês atrás
Khedira was magic ! He quickly gave the insurance to his team in this match.
Daniel N
Daniel N Mês atrás
That Germany team was something else... Klose, Muller, Ozil, Neuer, Podolski, Lahm, Kroos, Boateng, Schweinsteiger, Hummels , etc.. Holy moly
Ish Rendon
Ish Rendon 3 dias atrás
@Internet dude bro eveything wrong with being politcallt correct lol
Felipe 4 dias atrás
You didn't even pass the group stage 😂 enjoy the video, because apparently Germany will never play in the world cup mata again
Levitationable 5 dias atrás
@Abs Babs Probably because they already showed the world they have the power to win a World Cup and they don't have to prove otherwise. Pretty sure that's also why 4 of the 5 most recent winners have all been knocked out in the group stages apart from France.
Qqprxl 17 dias atrás
Launders 28 dias atrás
@Vishy mad that france is built different, id also be mad if germany got destroyed 2018
RoofTopMariner Mês atrás
Not only did Germany humiliate Brazil in their own home turf in a world cup but miroslav klose broke Brazil Ronaldos goal record, that's just kicking a dead horse
Felipe 4 dias atrás
You didn't even pass the group stage 😂 enjoy the video, because apparently Germany will never play in the world cup mata again
Nicholas Benge
Nicholas Benge 28 dias atrás
And blocked Brazil from playing at their traditional home for the entirety of the tournament. While Brasilia is the capital of Brazil, the national team has always called the Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro their spiritual home (they played in Brasilia twice, Belo Horizonte twice (this is one of them), Fortaleza twice, and once in São Paulo).
Boll N
Boll N Mês atrás
@Ptite Came bro their team was overly powerful 😭😭😭,still coukd have trued
Boll N
Boll N Mês atrás
@Alanood Alhameli brazil
Boll N
Boll N Mês atrás
@Alanood Alhameli they were on some flu and yeah but they played Hella well beast mode, in finals they conked off otherwise they had clear chances of winning, could beat brail
chupapimunyanya Mês atrás
3:51 I remember when they showed this grandfather, I almost cried. He was holding that trophy so tightly that my heart almost jumped out of my chest. He certainly wasn't prepared for such a failure.
¡Knight of The Wind
¡Knight of The Wind 5 dias atrás
@Altervation Welp, even if it wasn't Brazil who did it, i hope that guy's happy that at least, their neighbors and rivals since birth can hold it up...
Altervation 15 dias atrás
@Mr Samehhe isn’t a random man, he is a famous fan that would always hold a replica of the World Cup throphy, he did this since somewhere in the 1990s I think, and he did actually die from cancer, and his sons did go to Qatar and bring the trophy to honor him
Dark. 23 dias atrás
@Vladimir Khazinski 🤡
Badr M
Badr M 23 dias atrás
And it will get worse haha
therussianspy 25 dias atrás
This was edited into this replay, as the shot of the older gentleman clutching his replica World Cup trophy was definitely not shown on the original/live World Cup broadcast after the second goal. Helm said "tears from Brazilian supporters already" after the shot of that woman's face immediately before 3:51. Same with the third goal - 3:58 to about 5:00 was exactly what was shown on the live broadcast, along with John Helm's commentary. The shot of Thiago Silva watching on at 5:04 was not shown in the original live broadcast after the third goal, and like 3:51, looks to be a transitional edit made by FIFA for the purposes of this match recap.
Wurstwasser Mês atrás
this was the team that could beat anyone. It has grown smarter and more mature over the years. The best team germany has ever had. I will never forget that
Laziz Gulyamov
Laziz Gulyamov 22 dias atrás
@Patricio Flores Difilipo calm down. Germans say you deserved 2022 WC. But 2014 is ours. All happened is happened. We don't say in 2022 has too many wrong penalties
Peru 28 dias atrás
Yea..only to get kicked out of the group stages in the next two world cups...LOL
Jean Marco Díaz
Jean Marco Díaz Mês atrás
I think 1974 was better. Argentina played better in the final and germany from 1974 beat one of the best teams ever
@aiti_ funny how argentina fans hype themselves up even if they know that they always lost against ger in wc regularly whenever they face.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
aiti_ Mês atrás
@Patricio Flores Difilipo 😂If there was di Maria playing in the finals it would've been a game over for Germany.
Bagwell Ross
Bagwell Ross Mês atrás
As a Germany Fan I’m going to watch this for the next 4 years
Youtubo 4 dias atrás
a failure to advance due to a defeat by South Korea a failure to advance after losing to Japan (Laughs)
Felipe 4 dias atrás
You didn't even pass the group stage 😂 enjoy the video, because apparently Germany will never play in the world cup mata again
Samuel Samenstrang
Samuel Samenstrang 11 dias atrás
After the last world cups i don´t watch anything else.. The recent german team is a shame.
Lukas Simon
Lukas Simon 11 dias atrás
Dito bruder 😂
Beni Mattos
Beni Mattos 21 dia atrás
Bruh group matches💀
Hasan Khurshid
Hasan Khurshid Mês atrás
I’ve never seen such amazing futbol, the team dynamic, unselfishness, and lack of egos is profound. It felt like no one cared who scored the goal, they just made all the right passes, absolutely breathtaking. You see players today trying to go 1 on 1, taking difficult shots, caring more for individual accolades than team success. This Germany team was legendary and for them to do this in a quarter finals match is the cherry on top.
Bithy shah
Bithy shah 3 dias atrás
@Felipe In last 50 years, they played 6 finals. And it’s highest! They will make a comeback 😘 soon
Felipe 4 dias atrás
You didn't even pass the group stage 😂 enjoy the video, because apparently Germany will never play in the world cup mata again
Adrian Arenas
Adrian Arenas 19 dias atrás
Not to mention the incredible talent top to bottom. No doubt one of the best football teams club or national of all time
seaweed666 24 dias atrás
*Semi finals
Bithy shah
Bithy shah 27 dias atrás
Victoria Mês atrás
What a match this was. I remember going to the kitchen to get myself a drink, coming back and Germany being two goals up. Insane. Edit to elaborate - I missed the Klose and the first Kroos goal.
Victoria 4 dias atrás
@Felipe I'm not German, if that's what your comment is supposed to imply.
Felipe 4 dias atrás
You didn't even pass the group stage 😂 enjoy the video, because apparently Germany will never play in the world cup mata again
Iqran Edzereie
Iqran Edzereie Mês atrás
The craziest thing was that Kroos’s two goals came in such quick succession that I thought I was literally seeing replays
Victoria Mês atrás
@MD I know, I watched the match.
MD Mês atrás
@Victoriathere was a twelve minute gap between the first goal and the second goal. and then you get a consecutive run of 4 goals 20-30
Jonas Wittenstein
Jonas Wittenstein Mês atrás
I felt so sorry for Brazil that time - they got absolutely smashed by Germany - Got smashed at their own World Cup - Klose broke Ronaldos record - Germany broke Brazils all time World Cup goal record in 26 minutes 😂
Felipe 4 dias atrás
You didn't even pass the group stage 😂 enjoy the video, because apparently Germany will never play in the world cup mata again
Felipe 4 dias atrás
@Brian Denaro You didn't even pass the group stage 😂 enjoy the video, because apparently Germany will never play in the world cup mata again
Gia Bảo Nguyễn Hồ
Well they lost in their home, so I guess they didn't have to go back by plane? That's a positive thing
XG 19 dias atrás
Remember 2002 worldbcupb😅😂
Arvind Kugan
Arvind Kugan 19 dias atrás
@Miya Lee Tbh 2018 Belgium was a great squad with Hazard, De bruyne , Lukaku and courtois in their best possible form. Unlucky that they met the better French squad else they deserved to win that world cup. The loss against Croatia was the worse one.
nathan13 2 anos atrás
its a tradition to watch this every once in a while
She Rock
She Rock 11 dias atrás
german out early 2022 😂
MAST3RCHIEF 2 meses atrás
Kinda like when you back to 9/11 clips every now and again
Eggmund 2 meses atrás
The Commenter
The Commenter 2 meses atrás
For the rest of my life
Vic Rattlehead
Vic Rattlehead 7 meses atrás
Absoletely. I think everytime Brazil lose, their players must be watching this game again aswell so they could console themselves (at least we didnt lose this bad) .
LeeL Vein
LeeL Vein Mês atrás
It's football tradition to watch this match once a while
Felipe 4 dias atrás
You didn't even pass the group stage 😂 enjoy the video, because apparently Germany will never play in the world cup mata again
For The Win
For The Win Mês atrás
Every summer and XMas for me xD
Al-J Mês atrás
Especially now😂😂
ishaan singh
ishaan singh Mês atrás
Yeah, the Great Germany shot up and sent home in next two World cups lol
Kaur Karu
Kaur Karu Mês atrás
I happened to be in Germany when this game was played. Watching it live with the germans. HUGE, no other words
Yugant Samal
Yugant Samal 6 dias atrás
@evin but I know that whose moms are prostitutes, their kids can't be father.😅 Don't get angry bro, the reality is bitter, just accept it peacefully
evin 7 dias atrás
@Yugant Samal my Stinky son don't worry you have just one father that is me, and your mom's body is a blessing for me
Yugant Samal
Yugant Samal 7 dias atrás
@evin Can you count ... how many fathers do you have?
Caio Tchola
Caio Tchola 20 dias atrás
@evin huh?
Dose Diária de Internet
MFL_2K19 Mês atrás
Really miss when Germany used to play like this. Outstanding.
MFL_2K19 4 dias atrás
@Felipe bro I dont support germany, I'm not from there I'm just talking about how well they used to play 😂😂 what you talking about you helmet 😂
Felipe 4 dias atrás
You didn't even pass the group stage 😂 enjoy the video, because apparently Germany will never play in the world cup mata again
Susanna Marker
Susanna Marker 13 dias atrás
@TheSongWriter Stop being annoying ffs.
TheSongWriter 13 dias atrás
@Susanna Marker stop being annoying ffs
Susanna Marker
Susanna Marker 13 dias atrás
@alnokitchen No it isn't.
Steven Robert
Steven Robert Mês atrás
Coming here to ease my anger after Germany's exit in group stages.
Felipe 4 dias atrás
You didn't even pass the group stage 😂 enjoy the video, because apparently Germany will never play in the world cup mata again
She Rock
She Rock 11 dias atrás
well didn't make them go through 😂😂
αστρον 29 dias atrás
@walter wachsi #KDG Naja dismal ist es nur die em also wird es hoffentlich nur das Achtelfinale
John Howard
John Howard Mês atrás
@toot toot Not laziness. German players lack class. Look at France who are playing well.
Teemu Vesala
Teemu Vesala Mês atrás
Argentina deserved the world cup this time around.
Almir Merovic
Almir Merovic 2 meses atrás
"they're all gonna score at this rate" lol. I love this announcer
YouTube user And chef
YouTube user And chef 4 dias atrás
@Felipe Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Croatia, will all do well in 2026 It's forty eight countries after all
Felipe 4 dias atrás
You didn't even pass the group stage 😂 enjoy the video, because apparently Germany will never play in the world cup mata again
Georgek19 7 dias atrás
YouTube user And chef
YouTube user And chef 20 dias atrás
Imagine if lewandowski was German and was present here 🙃
Koi Koi
Koi Koi Mês atrás
12:09 when Özil was a real fair sportsman and gentleman passing the ball next to the goal, an 8th goal would have been too much.
Mahanidhi Banakar
Mahanidhi Banakar Mês atrás
One of the worst nightmare a team could have faced in a world cup
Felipe 4 dias atrás
You didn't even pass the group stage 😂 enjoy the video, because apparently Germany will never play in the world cup mata again
¡Knight of The Wind
¡Knight of The Wind 5 dias atrás
@Mano Z I sincerely hope they're happy right now!
DarkGreenEra 24 dias atrás
What is worse, this or the 0-3 they lost against France in 1998?
Som Mês atrás
@Mahanidhi Banakar not 5
Mano Z
Mano Z Mês atrás
@excessive but then in this world cup I heard the Brazilians were supporting Argentina. Probably tired of seeing Europeans win the World Cup lol
illHate Mês atrás
I remember watching this live, and being completely astonished with what I was seeing. Germany just blew them away. Neuer was immense in that WC. He was unbeatable at times. You saw that in this match. In the 2nd half, I felt that Germany took their foot off of the gas. Even then there were chances for Germany. Had they pushed the ball as they did in the first half, they could've doubled their first half goals.
David Schiebel
David Schiebel 4 dias atrás
@Felipe yeah the team now is messing up... back then this was just legendary.
Felipe 4 dias atrás
You didn't even pass the group stage 😂 enjoy the video, because apparently Germany will never play in the world cup mata again
David Schiebel
David Schiebel Mês atrás
@John Howard yeah thats tough tho. But that game was unmatched. Cant compare this. Btw why are you hating against them so much? xD
John Howard
John Howard Mês atrás
@Ricky Still the German team is too weak now. It is doubtful whether Germany can ever win the WC again.
John Howard
John Howard Mês atrás
@David Schiebel Germany can't get out of the group stages. That is another humiliation.
Lukas Abramovich
Lukas Abramovich Mês atrás
Not gonna lie, I enjoyed Brazil's defeat more than anything, but seeing their fans like this just hits different even after all these years
Lukas Abramovich
Lukas Abramovich 4 dias atrás
@Felipe For a country that’s only 30 years old, we have more than we could’ve ever hoped for!
Felipe 4 dias atrás
@Lukas Abramovich Ohh Tudo bem então... There's nothing to imply with a Croatian, since he doesn't have that much history in the sport.
Lukas Abramovich
Lukas Abramovich 4 dias atrás
@Felipe Wrong again. I’m Croatian. Don’t like England either
Felipe 4 dias atrás
@Lukas Abramovich England invented football and still manages to be smaller than France, Italy Germany, Argentina and Brazil in the sport itself 😂😂😂
Lukas Abramovich
Lukas Abramovich 4 dias atrás
@Felipe I’m not German, I just didn’t like Brazil at that WC
Lloyd Mês atrás
One of those "you remember where you were" moments. My friend who knows soccer told me Germany had the edge....his face watching, something I'll never forget
Felipe 4 dias atrás
You didn't even pass the group stage 😂 enjoy the video, because apparently Germany will never play in the world cup mata again
Mc_ben Mês atrás
Can’t lie he got a point
kenneth parker
kenneth parker Mês atrás
@omhhwell there aren’t two sports called baseball. football in America is American football wether you like it or not so shut up
omhh Mês atrás
@Scuba Steve no they can't I can't call baseball something else just because I wanted to
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve Mês atrás
@Excalibur Sword it doesn't matter. everyone knows what it means. if you say football for soccer in america it just sounds like you're forcing it. people can say what they want to
Luis Fernando
Luis Fernando Mês atrás
Magnificent performance. It brought tears to my eyes. Will we witness something like this ever again?
Felipe 4 dias atrás
You didn't even pass the group stage 😂 enjoy the video, because apparently Germany will never play in the world cup mata again
Sam Leite
Sam Leite 12 dias atrás
Lucas Santos
Lucas Santos Mês atrás
@NCT's grass I underestimated them lol
NCT's grass
NCT's grass Mês atrás
@Lucas Santos you really had low expectations of morocco huh
Lucas Santos
Lucas Santos Mês atrás
@Luis Fernando Maybe France v Morocco.
Efrain Gomez
Efrain Gomez Mês atrás
The Germans during their prime years. The passing back and forth. They would take their time to score a goal The majority of the time. Speed and skill is what made them so dangerous in that world cup.
Felipe 4 dias atrás
You didn't even pass the group stage 😂 enjoy the video, because apparently Germany will never play in the world cup mata again
@thecoolan NishatK. Blitzkrieg my friend
Roachawker Mês atrás
Iron and mental 🥶
thecoolan NishatK.
thecoolan NishatK. Mês atrás
>Speed and skill >WWII
ERTH Mês atrás
8 years later, this scoreline is still in memories of all..
Ryan Beckett
Ryan Beckett Mês atrás
In my humble opinion, the 2022 World Cup Final is the only world cup match in the same league as this. These two games are different levels of quality altogether
dl6urk Mês atrás
There is a difference. 2 teams played in 2022.
Geri Mês atrás
This is history, that Germany was nice to them, they could have scored at least 3-4 more.Oh man i feel so sorry for them.
BipBip Mês atrás
@Quanessha the seventeenth yeah I think past goal number 10 some people would have legit gone mad with grief
Entertainment X100
Entertainment X100 Mês atrás
@Silentstorm i think you need to read about germany history. 1v1 they are too much to handle.
Quanessha the seventeenth
@Silentstorm atp the Brazilians in the crowd would’ve got on the field to jump them 💀
Warish Zafar
Warish Zafar Mês atrás
The German manager told them to be not that aggressive in Second half,else they would have scored 10-12 goals easily
Silentstorm Mês atrás
If they did, they probably couldnt leave brazil after the world cup
Jonathan V
Jonathan V Mês atrás
Dude.. Germany definitely had an INSANE team. Oh how times have changed …
Aviation lord
Aviation lord Mês atrás
I’m Australian and I remember watching this game early in the morning. My father was getting ready for work and I remember yelling at him that Germany had scored their 4th goal and he came running as he was being ready for work. He’d only left the room for 2 minutes
hayden piano covers
I remember sitting in my basement at age 9 watching this game live. Absolutely blew my mind, it is what got me into soccer. Still remember it 8 years later.
Mr. Han
Mr. Han 2 dias atrás
@Felipeon’t cry now😂😂 close the video if it makes you cry
Felipe 4 dias atrás
You didn't even pass the group stage 😂 enjoy the video, because apparently Germany will never play in the world cup mata again
Jeet 29 dias atrás
@Human idc bro soccer still sounds odd 🤷‍♂️
Jeet 29 dias atrás
@hayden piano covers People there around you must be calling it soccer that's why you also use the word soccer now lol I can understand bro 😂
Human 29 dias atrás
@Jeet the Brits called it soccer first, it's an abbreviation of association football that we Americans adopted to refer to the exact same sport, because it just so happens we enjoy a different code of football that is more popular here. Idk why it's a big deal
Mungbiaksiam Suante
As a Germany fan it's a tradition to come and watch this once in a while.
William Johnson
William Johnson Mês atrás
It was clear that Germany would win this year's WC. The early to mid-2010s Bundesliga was amazing
Morly Mês atrás
@Глухов Дмитрий well 2022 will heal the 2014 loss at least lol
Глухов Дмитрий
Thanks to Higuain and Palacio😅
sudeep00007 Mês atrás
Can never forget this game...watched in office and was completely fav WC game of all time!
J B Mês atrás
As an England fan you gotta respect that German squad they destroyed us 4-1 in 2010, pure class not surprised they lifted the trophy 4 years later
Jacob jason
Jacob jason 25 dias atrás
They also beat Argentina 4-0 in 2010. They were a ruthless side
Reqaus Xobi
Reqaus Xobi Mês atrás
@Davider Team strategy when you're down versus being tied after halftime.
Davider Mês atrás
It was 4-2…
Bruton Gaster
Bruton Gaster Mês atrás
@Audi A6 saying that as if hungary didnt beat england twice this year
Reqaus Xobi
Reqaus Xobi Mês atrás
England got robbed though. It should have been 2-2 at half.
Simoun O'Brien
Simoun O'Brien Mês atrás
Khedira's goal is by far the funniest because of how it started to get into business the moment the slide kick came. What a badass!!!!
Malte. Mês atrás
@Simoun O'Brien I agree
Simoun O'Brien
Simoun O'Brien Mês atrás
@Malte. I agree hahahah. Still, the Khedira Goal made me laugh only for that Slide Kick. That was phenomenal in terms of tactics and risk taking. The First Goal I thought was just a No Chance scenario. Brazil literally left Muller open for a free goal. Where was the Defense?
Malte. Mês atrás
The first one was funny too because it was the easiest goal to score from a corner I’ve ever seen. Even Muller was probably like "How did this happen?"
AroundTheWorld Mês atrás
I remember this game so much. I was dating a Brazilian girl, after this game she cried so much that was the time I realised, it’s more than just football for Brazil.
JX22 Mês atrás
Same here....I didn't get puxxy for 2 weeks after that
Sabbir Hasan Emon
Sabbir Hasan Emon Mês atrás
11:06 even the germans looked shocked and frustrated at brazils display
Burns mac
Burns mac Mês atrás
They're thinking about their trip to the bathroom
BipBip Mês atrás
tbh I'd be annoyed to see a team play this badly in a demi final of a world cup too, it's not just about winning I want to see struggles and challenges, here there's just nothing... the difference in skill level is nuts, germany wiped the floor with them
michaelmaccrazy Mês atrás
That's the crazy part. Germany wasn't brilliant per se, Brazil was just unbelievably bad.
Silentstorm Mês atrás
More like they would have literally been beat down to ashes by brazilian fans if they started cheering
Martwo Mês atrás
Hermoso momento.
Partha Pratim Ghosh
Germany wanted this World Cup badly for Klose... I was happy for them watching them to get it 💖
Carrma Mês atrás
First game of football I ever watched as a kid, and what a way to get into it
Svyat Sviat
Svyat Sviat Mês atrás
Germany showed all of us that football is a team game 😁 Watching this match every year
Night King
Night King Mês atrás
From this to getting knocked out twice in a row, Germany gone to dumpster fire.
Marianne B
Marianne B Mês atrás
Exactly!! And losing to "Japan"
MugenZ Mês atrás
It's the "7-1 Curse"
Ehtesham Ul Haq
Ehtesham Ul Haq Mês atrás
Heart breaking moments 💔 4:21 5:21 5:53
Antonio Turdo
Antonio Turdo 11 dias atrás
Wrong!!! Fantastic moments!!!! hahahahahah
Netrum兴 12 dias atrás
Oh no
_ Chris
_ Chris Mês atrás
hashfoot Mês atrás
Ehtesham Ul Haq
Ehtesham Ul Haq Mês atrás
@pixxa 😂😂
Mujtaba Juya
Mujtaba Juya Mês atrás
Just look at how strong Brazil's squad is now 2022. Insane.
Landstalker Mês atrás
Yup that Brazil's pigeon dance was insanely strong. Legend has it that Richarlison and Tite pigeon danced all the way to Brazil. 😂😂😂
Milo Kat
Milo Kat Mês atrás
@Nature Lover loosing to asian team is not a big deal. Loosing 7-1 in semi finals at home is the worst. After WC people remember champions and the teams which loose in big margin like 7-1
Nature Lover
Nature Lover Mês atrás
@Milo Kat German team is at an all time low losing to Asian teams like SK and Japan. Not even able to qualify from the group stages.Meanwhile German football fans are still stuck in 2014.
Milo Kat
Milo Kat Mês atrás
@Nature Lover reaching quarters won't get any trophy. Winning trophy matters. Germany won in 2014 and Brazil still getting knocked out against Europeans in knockouts from 2006.
Vigilante` Mês atrás
Mister Abel_90
Mister Abel_90 Mês atrás
This is the Germany that needs to come back
reynaldo yl
reynaldo yl Mês atrás
titus bramble
titus bramble Mês atrás
At around 6:40 I wonder what Scolari was actually saying. At that point the team had completely crumbled and conceded four in ten minutes only a quarter of the way through, I just can’t imagine what he would have to say.
Lázaro Mês atrás
11:02 This goal is underrated
Futebol de Povo
Futebol de Povo Mês atrás
This is the Germany squad that Ghana tied 2-2 with. World Cup matches always come with surprises
andurit Mês atrás
Futbal bude vždy týmová hra. Neviem čo sa tu stalo, ale je zrejmé, že niekde to nefungovalo. Je mi ľúto Brazílie, takáto potupa a doma sa bude ťahať storočie. Strašne by som chcel vedieť čo sa stalo? Nemci mali dobrý tím, ale aj Brazília. Jednoducho neviem prečo sa toto stalo.
MV Rz Mês atrás
Stay My Blink
Stay My Blink Mês atrás
came back to this, germany played really well at that time
Stepfordtransport Mês atrás
Fun fact : at half-time the Germany manager told them to slow down at the second half but a hurdle was at the toilet so that’s how he scored the two goals
Som Mês atrás
HeadshotaZ Mês atrás
0-5 in 28 minutes, if Germany went 100% the whole match would've been 20-0
HeadshotaZ 25 dias atrás
@BCC0495 Yes, there was no reason for them not to go complete 100% as they'll be fatigued in the final. Although in the 2nd half, if it wasn't for Neuer, Germany could've easily conceded maybe 3 or 4 as well as it happened against Sweden.
BCC0495 Mês atrás
Had it been the final match maybe 😂
MiNeRaLs Mês atrás
If only we still had this Germany team today…
marco Mês atrás
that was epic! and almost as pleasant to watch as germany being kicked out from this world cup
Down to Earth
Down to Earth Mês atrás
Julio Cesar was a great GK. He didn't deserve to be let down like this
João Paulo
João Paulo 23 dias atrás
he used to be a great GK, not in this WC
N N Mês atrás
absolutely. seeing that happen to king julio was cruel
batal brutal
batal brutal Mês atrás
The biggest defeat so far in history of Brazilian sport!
Shehzad Latif
Shehzad Latif Mês atrás
Just look at the quality of football they played.
Brooks Andrew
Brooks Andrew Mês atrás
I want this Germany back!!
Galbator1991 Mês atrás
legends tell they were told to slow down but schürrle wasnt there
D-Pain Mês atrás
This should happen in every world cup to Brazil. I just love their reactions 🤣🤣
sodvar Mês atrás
@Swazzer Cool lol specially NOT in Qatar. We might lose, but not like this.
Swazzer Cool
Swazzer Cool Mês atrás
@MR OLYMPIA not even in World Cup in Qatar?
D-Pain Mês atrás
@MR OLYMPIA I know, but I'm just saying. Otherwise we all know Brazil is a strong team.
MR OLYMPIA Mês atrás
You'll never see this again
Marianne B
Marianne B Mês atrás
Watch your mouth....wishing others evil will come back to haunt you. Karma baby!! Nothing to play with!! May the law of karma take care of you and your evilness.
Himadri Mandal
Himadri Mandal Mês atrás
As a Indian fan of European Football this match give me full energy and motivation 🔥🔥🔥
Nikhil Majukar
Nikhil Majukar Mês atrás
5:21 "the little boy is crying his eyes out" Got to feel the pain
Dr Masood Eshani
Dr Masood Eshani Mês atrás
This German team was amazing .
SJB TV Mês atrás
Ich frage mich ob die Jungs oder einer der Jungs sich dieses Spiel mal wieder anschauen als Inspiration, taktisch nochmal genau so zu spielen, wie damals… das war einfach über krass.
sense Mês atrás
How things have changed. Germany now out in 2 World Cups in the group stage… in a row. It’s still nuts looking back on this, definitely my most vivid memory of football.
@Marianne B Oh, why don't you keep crying about it?
James Mathew
James Mathew Mês atrás
@Bill Froz Am British. Not because of curse. Think German team is quite weak now.
James Mathew
James Mathew Mês atrás
@yddub bud Maybe they need younger players.
Marianne B
Marianne B Mês atrás
@Joao Rodrigues Brazil was under HUGE pressure. They were even receiving threats to win or get their "butts kicked". And the Germans knew that and kept scoring one goal after the other while watching little innocent children cry in the stadium. This is disrespectfull!! Not celebrating goals like the Brazilians did in the game they played with South Korea. I would say the Brazilians were more respectful with South Koreans. If Brazil wanted to they could have scored 10 goals in the game! Notice how they slowed down in the second half?? They did it out of respect!
Joao Rodrigues
Joao Rodrigues Mês atrás
@Marianne B Neymar was unfortunately injured before that match. We were under pressure. But Brazil got over it long ago.
Ano nym
Ano nym Mês atrás
coming back here to alleviate my grief after Germany got knocked out of the WC22 yesterday
Raviteja Ayyagari
Raviteja Ayyagari Mês atrás
This match was over within the first 30 mins. Rest of it was just a formality. "They are all gonna score at this rate" sums up the match in one line
Ed Ward
Ed Ward Mês atrás
2:29 “they look ominously dangerous” The announcer had a vision into the future
Billi Hawk
Billi Hawk Mês atrás
I swear Klose would still score like crazy today...
Sophomorechance Anos atrás
Notice how selfless the germans play. Team above everyone. They don't have any ego maniacs trying to take all the glory. This was one of the best teams ever to play tournament football.
fulano1017 Mês atrás
@RyanStecken no because this match was obviously bought
Anh PHAM Mês atrás
@RyanStecken very likely. 7-1 is far from 1-0. Look at how France 2006 relied on Zidane, the 1 player, and too many ppl have commented that France's far advance in 2006 was thanks to him.
RyanStecken Anos atrás
@Dylan Goldstein yes ur Right ✌️
Dylan Goldstein
Dylan Goldstein Anos atrás
@RyanStecken 7-1
KLK Anos atrás
@Y U NO Nah it would've been 10-0 with those clowns.
Sand Life
Sand Life Mês atrás
hands down the greatest football game of all time , even thou it was 7-0 germany , brazil was the strongest team here
(R)yu(n)jin Mês atrás
the greatest football game of all time is now argentina vs france or should i say mbappe vs argentina 2022.
西門慶 Mês atrás
I think it should be tradition for every football fan to come back here every world cup(:
Tu resumen al toque
Anzac Mês atrás
Haven't seen Germany dominate another nation like this since... nevermind
Anzac Mês atrás
@Ryan Xiong u said it not me... but yes poland, France, Italy and a few others
Ryan Xiong
Ryan Xiong Mês atrás
Since Poland?
Pedo Bear
Pedo Bear Mês atrás
brazil finally scores* announcer: "i've never seen a goal less celebrated in my life" this announcer is hilarious
DJhGO Anos atrás
Neuer getting furious after receiving the 1-7 is like the most German thing ever.
Felipe 4 dias atrás
You didn't even pass the group stage 😂 enjoy the video, because apparently Germany will never play in the world cup mata again
Davider Mês atrás
I would have deliberately passed the ball to a Brazilian player and let him score
ModernCzar Mês atrás
@troppmannit was a joke with bad Taste bud
Shouvik Ghosh
Shouvik Ghosh Mês atrás
That was Boateng...he was left alone at the defensive third....
Filmatic Productions
If they had shut Brazil out 7-0, they wouldnt have left alive.
Shahar Levy
Shahar Levy Mês atrás
For some reason I feel bad for neuer for getting the goal on the 89th minute more than brazil getting 7 (4 in 7 minutes)
Lucas Linares
Lucas Linares Mês atrás
As an Argentinian I love rewatching this game at least twice a year. It really cheers me up
Elias Roy
Elias Roy 18 dias atrás
@Chile i guess lolArgentina has 3 World Cup while Chile doesn’t 😂
Myronidas Vestarossa
Myronidas Vestarossa 28 dias atrás
Lol it’s fun watching these South American rivalries.
John Matheus
John Matheus Mês atrás
Messi > CR7 > Neymar
Hil Mês atrás
Wow that's so nice of you boludo
Chile i guess lol
Chile i guess lol Mês atrás
Como chileno igual me gusta ver la tandas de Penales en 2015 y 2016 Para recardar la Mejor Roja...
Syed Rahman
Syed Rahman Mês atrás
Captaincy was the biggest problem in 2018 and 2022 I think....after 2014 nuer was out of the team for most of the 4 years for injuries when the team was doing great without him and with a newer captain and then he shows up and got selected as captain for just being a senior player with no concept to lead a team or to perform in a world tournament....he got older the replacement goalkeeper is way better than him but again he is the captain..whole blame goes to the german soccer management team
Bodhideepto Raychaudhuri
I refuse to believe that the Germans couldn't score more than 7, I think that they went easy on Brazil, and that Neuer deliberately let Oscar score. Also, at 12:25, Özil deliberately let go... he is not someone to miss an empty goalpost from the penalty box.
Levitationable 26 dias atrás
Yes! Actually, Löw gathered the Germans for a small meeting in the dressing room during halftime, he told them if they had kept scoring, it'd be a total humiliation for the Brazilians, and so he told them to go easy on Brazil. Schurrle, which, was using the bathroom during the meeting, had no clue about it, hence, he was the only German to score in the second half.
Som Mês atrás
nineninex Anos atrás
As a Brazilian, the worst part of this was to actually have to cheer for Germany in the final because it was against Argentina
J S 15 dias atrás
@Elias Roy It's the 2014 final I referred to Germany vs Argentina! why Germany was expected to win and deserved it most!
J S 15 dias atrás
@kurukshetra war However this 2022 world cup Argentina deserved it.
J S 15 dias atrás
@kurukshetra war Just watch the 2010 match Germany vs Argentina you'll see why Germany was expected to win and deserved it most!!! Spoiler Germany won 4-0 even though the great Messi played the whole match and did nothing! not even scored a goal to save his team from such humilliating loss. Since then Messi was nicknamed Pecho Frío Messi, Fressi "cold Chest Messi" but was forgiven after winning the world cup last year.
Elias Roy
Elias Roy 15 dias atrás
@J S Who cares about the 2018 match? Argentina defeated Croatia 3-0 in a semi final. That’s what matters!’
J S 15 dias atrás
@kurukshetra war Argentina was so not the most deserving! It's the champions of that world cup Germany! Germany defeated all the most difficult teams! France, Brazil, Argentina, Argelia, Portugal and only one draw against Hungary a very difucult team to defeat. Argentina defeated Netherlands with much difficulty by penalties the only way Argentina can beat Netherlands same happened in 2022. Besides Germany always beats Argentina since 1990 It's not a surprise Germany won!!! Most people expected Germany to win that final.
Eddie Corado
Eddie Corado Mês atrás
This Germany team was simply stacked beyond belief and Thiago Silva was beyond missed.
hhuang Mês atrás
LOL, i'm still watching! can't stand the Brazilians!
Gigashrek Mês atrás
And Pele and Neymar
kokopelli Mês atrás
looking back at this german squad... 2010-2014 was a top 2-3 roster ive ever seen.
Seni Itu Indah
Seni Itu Indah Mês atrás
i think is amazing match, no one can predict the bombardir goals by germany to the ..
Max Ryder
Max Ryder Mês atrás
The fact Ozil could have easily squared it to make it end 8-0 aswell
aditek Anos atrás
I can't believe Ghana was the only country to give Germany a tough time in this world cup
Landstalker 15 dias atrás
But even Ghana couldn't score against the legendary goal keeper Luis Suarez.
Vinicius The GOAT
Vinicius The GOAT 4 meses atrás
@_TheNeit123_ not in 2014 that was in 2010
Stream Spoart!
Stream Spoart! 5 meses atrás
And i can't believe bunch of boyband beat Germany just after they butchered Brazil
Ernesto Gasulla
Ernesto Gasulla 5 meses atrás
Argentina could have easily won that final... but all of their finishers took the day off.
BigotGaming Anos atrás
Brighton Kyaruzi
Brighton Kyaruzi Mês atrás
The Merciless Germans🔥🔥
Juan Alonso
Juan Alonso Mês atrás
This was one of the saddest loss in alll of football
Fifa Wc fan
Fifa Wc fan Mês atrás
After Mesut Ozil, German team is finished......Love for Mesut Ozil
Im Phanta
Im Phanta Anos atrás
In germany, this game is more famous than the final.
retroboy15 2 dias atrás
@Fabian Huber la final q los argentinos realmente sufrimos pero que pudimos sanar con la copa del mundo 2022 ⭐⭐⭐ De todas formas Alemania fue un gran equipo en 2014, nosé q les paso en 2018 y 2022 para terminar de tal manera. Una pena q un rival tan histórico haya quedado en el camino. Por otro lado, acá en Argentina también es uno de los partidos más famosos de los últimos años. Aunque nunca me pondría a discutir con nuestros hermanos brasileños, en mí humilde opinión siguen siendo los reyes del fútbol a lo largo de la historia, y nosotros tenemos un fanatismo de proporciones gigantescas. Ambos países tenemos leyendas en la historia del fútbol, Sudamérica es la cuna de muchos héroes en la historia del fútbol, aunque si admito q Alemania siempre ha sido un dolor de cabeza para los países americanos
Im Phanta
Im Phanta 4 dias atrás
@Felipe Are you so vain that you have to throw hate on smth that doesnt really relate to whatever you're talking about? Pretty weak if you ask me :/
Felipe 4 dias atrás
You didn't even pass the group stage 😂 enjoy the video, because apparently Germany will never play in the world cup mata again
Suman Sil
Suman Sil 17 dias atrás
Because they know, final was dominated by Argentina.
TO乂I匚 Gaming
TO乂I匚 Gaming 19 dias atrás
Of course because they killed brazil that day
Patrick Weisback
Patrick Weisback Mês atrás
Love seeing Brazil lose!! No defense at all - David Luis standing around! Great seeing all the crybabies in the stands 😂 😂😂😂😂😂.
Robin M Nene
Robin M Nene Mês atrás
I always come back to watch this when i am having a bad day 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Probhat Halder
Probhat Halder Mês atrás
@Mary BB ok but nothing gives me and I guess u too more pleasure than watching England lose and their disrespectful fans getting frustrated 😁
Mary BB
Mary BB Mês atrás
@Probhat Halder My best therapy is watching the games of the 5 world cups Brazil won 😉👍
Probhat Halder
Probhat Halder Mês atrás
@Marianne B Germans winning 7-1 and Eng losing the penalty to Italy in euro finals is the best therapy 😁😁😁
Fez Mês atrás
@Marianne B I bet you’re crying now hahaha L
Marianne B
Marianne B Mês atrás
When when I am having a bad day I watch the game of Germany losing to Japan and going home early 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Deez Noots
Deez Noots Mês atrás
Anybody else here after Brazil choked against Croatia?
Probhat Halder
Probhat Halder Mês atrás
The_ j4cker
The_ j4cker Mês atrás
here i am
Jonas Jørgensen
Jonas Jørgensen Mês atrás
I remember watching this when i was 11 years old and knowing i had witnessed history lol
When you realize that the Germans stopped trying to score in the second half, as not to embarrass the Brazilian more than they already had
@Ghada Smeda it was the finale
Ghada Smeda
Ghada Smeda 18 dias atrás
It’s probably to preserve stamina for the finals
@Mirko Jorgovic it was the final match
Mirko Jorgovic
Mirko Jorgovic 23 dias atrás
I think they stopped to secure distance and prevent injuries and kept condition for final match;
Black Night
Black Night Mês atrás
Ya ur right. It could have been 10 nil had German te really wanted.
Who is here after Brazil lost to Croatia in the quarter finals?
Agent Mês atrás
Manuel Neuer at the Brazil Goal was like: Ok I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see it.. Lol 😂
kcya530 Mês atrás
massive respect to the Brazilian fans who stayed till the end
Ligma Mês atrás
@Batman I was talking about germany cuz germany played against brazil
NOBITA Mês atrás
@Batman france lost haha. where is mbappe?
Batman Mês atrás
@Ligma That u lost to croatia
Krishna Widardjo
Krishna Widardjo Mês atrás
@sodvar :((
sodvar Mês atrás
@Krishna Widardjo Lots of people left early. I was watching the game in a bar across my home and even there people were just up and leaving, lol. Had never seen something like this in my life.
Camcolito Mês atrás
'He does have goal in his locker' - That's not a locker. THIS is a locker!
No one
No one Mês atrás
They destroyed Brazil's defence that day. After the second goal, Brazil just couldn't.
Shahed Ahmed
Shahed Ahmed Mês atrás
Brazil lost in midfield. Germany midfield: Ozil, Sweinstiger, Sami Khedira and Tony Kroos Brazil Midfield: Oscar. Plus Neuer, Lam, Boatsng, & Hummels at defending and Closa and muller at striking
OverEngineer Mês atrás
Brasil will remeber Germany and Croatia for a very long time.Respect
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