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Brawl Stars is getting a new update, and it's packed with content! Watch it now and tell us your favorite part of the Brawl Talk! #brawlstars #brawltalk #starrtoon #brawlidays
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8 Dez 2023



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@BrawlStars 2 dias atrás
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@toonix1148 2 dias atrás
Cuphead ahh pin 👍
@BernardoCrow 2 dias atrás
Muito obrigado brawl Stars, Dani manda salve ai pra mim só muito seu fã
@bleday_san5027 2 dias atrás
Thx for the pin🐧
i got it thanks just needed to download samsung internet
@aligamermain Dia atrás
5v5 is gonna be extremely chaotic
@gnome2812 Dia atrás
League of legends for kids
​@@gnome2812League of Legends is for kids 😂
but everyone is MİCO XD
@4RILDIGITAL 20 horas atrás
Super stoked for the new Brawlers, especially Mico with his incredible jumping ability! And those Skins are beyond cool.
@astroviki3849 18 horas atrás
1.2k likes and no comments? Lemme fix that
@a.aa.9 13 horas atrás
Bro.. A new skin for COLETTE... I'm afraid to imagine how much content 34 will be with her 😮
@menacingrock750 12 horas atrás
I’m very excited for toon spike
@connernielsen 17 horas atrás
I think you should keep the tokens instead of xp. It makes the game seem more original and unique and not like it's just copying every other game. Plus, it sounds just cooler.
@ozgurruh2535 16 horas atrás
It confuses new players. And brawl stars have been bleeding players for a while, until starr drops came at least. The game will die if they get no new players you know, tokens make it sound like you can buy stuff with them
@Alexbell-gt6er 15 horas atrás
​@@ozgurruh2535Not that deep bro
@ozgurruh2535 14 horas atrás
@@Alexbell-gt6er oh, the devs actually said that, i am just saying what the devs said
@gustavogrineberg2999 6 horas atrás
i like ur idea
@i_saidmeow2469 9 horas atrás
The game is healing itself -Edgar recieved Hypercharge and is actually good -Winstreak -Easier to complete pass -5v5 so it matches most MOBA games -Progression is not nerfed -More Legendary Starr Drops
@user-st1ei6zj8b 15 horas atrás
Fang hyper charge should also let him hit enemies twice with his super so it hits 3 people 2 times each then goes back to the first one he hit
i think that would be too op but its an good idea
@FinesseHer 13 horas atrás
Way too much. The going through walls is enough.
@ducksix5471 12 horas atrás
And remove the ability going through walls. Then it’s ok.
@user-hl7yh4sl5l 9 horas atrás
por primera vez estoy muy emocionada por la actualización❤ pero en serio me siento mal por que ya no podré conseguir el brawl pass con gemas 😢😢 pero al menos se compensa un poco con la mejora que le pusieron a las recompensas gratis, aún así gracias supercell❤❤
@hirobrkkj Dia atrás
Esperamos 3 longos anos pra você dizer isso Dani, 🇧🇷😂
@LukInsn Dia atrás
ele é Br? Nem sabia
@brenoabreu7544 Dia atrás
@Vit_Lynx Dia atrás
​@@LukInsnsiii, ele é brasileiro kkkkkk
kkkkk melhor parte
@black10904 Dia atrás
"Aqui é Brasil #####" muito bom kkkk
@kazap6690 11 horas atrás
first time in ages I am really hyped and looking forward to the changes, especially the brawlpass, if you play daily you always finish the pass 1 month before the end, my only worries are the huge costs for upgrades as always 😅
@-TheRealTrueGamer 21 hora atrás
1:35 I think Mico has a star power/gadget so that he can load 33% of ammo when landing on enemies (ammo went up from 2 to 3)
@stippo2586 20 horas atrás
I think it’s just he gets a fourth attack everytime that bar fills up. I think he will have 3 attacks naturally and his star power will allow him to to do 4 every so often
@-TheRealTrueGamer 20 horas atrás
Maybe yeah
@buffshrekboy 9 horas atrás
The bar steals an enemies charge and uses it for himself
@samsoma8766 8 horas atrás
​@@stippo2586Maybe this and this will be a new star power for Miko
@neilwesley568 7 horas atrás
I think that is just the red bar
@Danilo.176 8 horas atrás
5:45 A skin da collet é referência a Ram de Re:zero. Ficou incrível
@luiscarlosprat9396 17 horas atrás
Me encanta que le pongan tanto empeño a su juego, así se hacen las cosas Supercell, hacéis los mejores de juegos móvil, estoy deseando la actualización.
🎉\0/ ameeei demais ❤ quanta atualização ❤❤❤❤❤ ansiosa
@Dark_3333 Dia atrás
Larrie and lawrie should switch places with the super, the gadget or a whole new button. So the player can chose wich playing style he prefers in the situation
@lidorgaming1793 Dia atrás
@mv408-mobile8 Dia atrás
instead they should be two separate brawlers with but larries super is just lawrie and lawries super is just larrie
@MrPloco Dia atrás
@@mv408-mobile8like bonnie?
@LanZy10 Dia atrás
The only thing missing would be voice audio to communicate with friends in each game
@Dezlite 20 horas atrás
Discord: Am i a joke to you
@PinkSuitMan 17 horas atrás
Brawl stars would be such a mess with voice chat of random people, without mute button you DO NOT need that, also kids could get bullied through it
@user-gp8je1wv3y 16 horas atrás
Não concordo...acho que se colocarem o áudio o jogo vai ficar uma bagunça!!
@alpha576 16 horas atrás
@@PinkSuitMan But it would be great to chat with friends, plus you can choose to mute whenever you want
@fwryuga 15 horas atrás
@@PinkSuitMan What about voice chat with only people from your party, not random people
@EagleFighterJet 11 horas atrás
Super excited about the new heroes, especially Miko, who has incredible jumping abilities! These skins are very cool.
@MY-PROFILE-IS-CUTE 7 horas atrás
🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝 *I don't know why but I would love to see a half season being added to the game that would be good because there are so many brawlers being added to the game*
@TerraTheBlade 23 horas atrás
i feel like brawl is going to be fun again.
@hallucinationsss_ 21 hora atrás
@user-om5es2zp7k 16 horas atrás
no itll be worse
@user-cr9ef1xx6r 7 horas atrás
Ya it will be worse
@ector752 7 horas atrás
Man, first thing that came to my mind when i saw Larry and Lawrie, is that they remind me of Omega 1 and 2
@guygeorge9188 Dia atrás
From the moment I saw Mico, I knew there needed to be a Sun Wukong skin, and I am sooo glad they made it!
You're not alone sir
@viyon Dia atrás
@onver0097 Dia atrás
I mean for monkey it was kinda obvious
@LordShen200 23 horas atrás
no way, the kung fu panda monkey is in brawl stars
@Im_brain_dead_but_ 22 horas atrás
I can’t wait to play Doomfist
@ryangilida8009 17 horas atrás
Hands down the most excited about being able to share replays. What a great way to get people enthused about the game
@crackheadv1nce251 23 horas atrás
Finally after 2 years we finally get Kit and let me say his mechanics DO NOT disappoint
@estazzzz 22 horas atrás
which is alsmost exact copy of yuumi lmao
@ucannn2711 19 horas atrás
​​@@estazzzzriot and supercell are owned by Tencent this is still family
@AnonimousLOLHayDay 9 horas atrás
​@@estazzzz Como dijo el de arriba las 2 son compañías hermanas xD. Que ridículo tu comentario "copia" xD.
@laytonmunro1480 7 horas atrás
Crow’s hypercharge is gonna be waaay too good
@legovi-jw1rj 14 horas atrás
ahorrare para la skin de CCTV poco, solo me gustó que por fin agregarán una versión humana y más el origen de poco antes de ser un esqueleto. ❤
@uozod 7 horas atrás
а сколько он стоит?
"O Mico é o primeiro Brawler que pula com o ataque principal" Dynamike com poder estrela:é mesmo é?
@BlackYT117 Dia atrás
Dani falou o que todo brasileiro queria dizer ao ver essa homenagem
@safie01 Dia atrás
@campnite Dia atrás
What does it mean
@Derik599 Dia atrás
​@@campnitesignifica, aqui é Brasil porra
@gilmaria5134 Dia atrás
Falou tudo 🎉🇧🇷🇧🇷
@musicaman8683 15 horas atrás
Okay this update is WAAAY bigger than I thought it would be! Three new brawlers is insane, and I think these reworks and new features might be very beneficial in the long run.
@BDew7079 14 horas atrás
we did miss one brawler for Charlie's season so nothing really changed, they just moved content now to the new brawl pass so your stored up credit will expire
@zetenykacz5691 10 horas atrás
Idea for teaming: Make a Report Button, so if the teamers kill you you report them and they get banned for a day, but IF they won't stop teaming the ban time gets longer
@estrophy 9 horas atrás
Good idea
@pablito1658 9 horas atrás
People can abuse this
@rokogaming9369 8 horas atrás
Nah it doesn't work like that people could report others for no reason at all and it would be even more work for supercell as they would need to watch games to confirm the teaming
@KING-lu8yf 9 horas atrás
Amazing update!!! Revolutionary changes are breathtaking, with respect for the past!!! The atmosphere of winter 2020-2021 combined with completely new content that motivates to play, dizzying cartoon skins in new graphics (especially Spike, this is so cute 🥰 ), it looks fresh and brings new impressions to the game. The most successful work of Supercell for 2021, 2022, 2023, there is a completely new level of approach to updating, where the emphasis is on the quality of each skin and background environment. By the way, the 5v5 mode is exactly what I have been waiting for in the game for so long, beautifully designed winter locations, with a cheerful snowman Spike. 😊 Dear developers! With this update you made me feel all the wonderful things that I expected and what I was shocked by in this update!!! The new brawlers look very unusual, I was especially impressed by the new brawler Keith, who is simply lovely) Thank you and the entire Supercell company for one of the most sincere and most enjoyable updates in the entire history of the game!!! I have been playing this game since the beta version (01.12.2018), and I can say that you are great, and this is the coolest New Year’s atmosphere in all 5 years!!! Best regards, and thank you so much for your work❤️ Happy New Year and Christmas 2024!!!☃️🎄
Mucho contenido nos dieron hoy, y me impresionaron. Lo malo es que aun me costara entender el brawl pass plus.
@ElLeos_B0T 17 horas atrás
Solo es un upgrade al brawl pass si lo compras.
@nitoe3900 17 horas atrás
Quedo como el pass de clash royale bro
@gamerulsuprem753 10 horas atrás
I have a question... If you already claimed part of the trophy road, do you also get the Starr drops when they get added?
@RealLex Dia atrás
_in Buster Voice_ *It's Time to start the show!*
Yooo ❤❤🎉
So hyped!
@user-wb5no5nh2r Dia atrás
@HJ_H Dia atrás
@NguyenHuy-ym5ir 19 horas atrás
I'm so glad to see this big update. It's gonna be the best since I was off the game for 2 years.
@gabrielcornelio543 12 horas atrás
I feel like Edgard's hypercharge doesn't make up for all the counters they have.
@TheJerehh 7 horas atrás
Que atualização incrível! O "hype" é gigantesco! #santastu 🎅
@Thomas_Angelo 15 horas atrás
I love how brawl stars team updates every facet of their game in major updates. it's something Clash Royale should take a note of.
@Oyuncushort 7 horas atrás
Hello, producers of Brawl Stars, I would like to share an idea with you. You have brought many beautiful modes to the game so far and you are still doing so. My opinion is that you said that you will bring a 5v5 mode this season, you can bring a survival mode in one of the next seasons and the best thing would be like this: Let it be 1 player, each More creature robots etc. will come in the wave and each wave passed will give +1 trophy. I am calling out to the producers here, please read my comment and ask you to make such a mod.
@DFTG_Official Dia atrás
Kit finally came out after escaping Hoot Shelly (formerly Witch Shelly) for 2-3 years I think
@buffyneto1 15 horas atrás
Faltou combate 5x5, seria top um campo de batalha com uma versão do modo combate.
@anso3886 16 horas atrás
8:07 they should have made them a legendary and their gimmick is that they would switch every time you die. The super is the same as it would just spawn the other bot not controlled by the player
@user-pg9hu5cw8u 8 horas atrás
#SantaStu This update is very beautiful and original. I really like the skins of the kit and the others, keep things going and always improving
@tarciogamer7959 21 hora atrás
O supercell uma coisa que pode acontecer é quando saísse brawlers cromático você poderia escolher um brawler cromático que se tornaria épico seria demais 🎉 mau posso esperar o mico ❤
@vintify 7 horas atrás
Did anyone realise that there was new gameplay because in the scene where they were showcasing 5v5 there was a part the map that was full with snow that acted like a lou super and also when they showing the new hypercharges if you look at the megapig there was a new modifer called frozen
@NiebonBluSky Dia atrás
I hope that Larry and Lawrie will get a gadget that switches which one you control, and the thrower becomes a bot, or it could be a starr power
I thought I was the only one who thought of this
@thomasnewman287 23 horas atrás
No way that will happen that’s way to op
@kent0650 22 horas atrás
Thats will be good
@ryanpark4856 22 horas atrás
it would kind be the lola gadget where she switches positions with her double
@Marisad 21 hora atrás
​@@thomasnewman287how so? Basically Penny isn't it?
@mangotimerz3000 21 hora atrás
The tree environment looks SO BEAUTIFUL. So natural looking. We need more of these.
@corgaplays 22 horas atrás
Dani falando sobre a skin do brawler brasileiro que todos Brasileiros esperavam
@glitchy_dimnin 9 horas atrás
I'd love to play Shelly after this update
@dunkerbugs9011 21 hora atrás
Kit se me hace tierno 🥰 ojalá lo pongan gratis o al menos en el camino Star donde consigues Brawlers con créditos para tenerlo
@youngrider101 9 horas atrás
When will this change to star drops in the trophy lane take place?
@devanluthra6519 Dia atrás
That's why I love Brawl Stars because it adds new events at regular intervals that makes it so fun
@fir1213 Dia atrás
@Zehraroutines_ Dia atrás
@roiymegre159 Dia atrás
That right there
@pedrofigueiredo5465 21 hora atrás
Loved the cartoon skins, can't wait to see spike 2d in action
@eliasguzman6987 17 horas atrás
Imagine just imagine that you could control the twins brothers like for example, if Larry die, you could control Lawrie if he still alive or in the map and Lawrie will have different star powers and gadgets than Larry have. But don't think it possible but just a suggestion. Right.
@ELYZ777XD 7 horas atrás
3:18 Las hipercargas no afectaban solo a la super?
@user-iu5jq6kf7q 17 horas atrás
No recuerdo muy bien cual fue el ataque principal que les dije de topo pero podría ser ultra manotadas uno de los brwlers es muy bueno
@Sebastian-fj2if 9 horas atrás
WOW, está temporada no juegue nada pero la próxima va a estar muy buena, ahora sí voy a volver a jugar
@raymondkwon1301 Dia atrás
2019: Rosa-Pocalypse 2020: Edgar-Pocalypse 2021:Stu/Grom-Pocalypse 2022: Grey-Pocalypse 2023: semi-Charlie-Pocalypse (Late)2023: Mico-Pocalypse I remember all of them.
@user-nz1ly5vf3s Dia atrás
@shadowy9057 Dia atrás
@Ytking384 Dia atrás
2018 leon😂
@iomar2007 Dia atrás
Even mico hehe
Hank too
@snow-kun4934 23 horas atrás
O CAOS está prestes a começar. Não é mesmo Dani? Que comece a insanidade nos proximos 3 brawlers.
@cpintergamin 19 horas atrás
Marzio y Dani díganle a Supercell que ya no se olvide de Bea, Bea también necesita una nueva skin🥺, ya que su última skin fue en 2021 en junio o julio
@awesome_aye 21 hora atrás
Yo Im so excited for the new comps and strategies that will come out because of 5v5 game modes
@nicolashota9948 6 horas atrás
Cara eu adoro o brawl talk é mt emocionante kkk adorei o kit valeu a pena
@Tigertobes5 Dia atrás
Poco’s face is what we should’ve all expected
@refineds767 Dia atrás
@riqaew Dia atrás
Thats from Coco movie
@Mrgolem2010- Dia atrás
La de Jessie doll se me hace a el anime de Violet everganden ya que la confunden con una muñeca 😮
@notsocoolname926 22 horas atrás
Mico’s super reminded me of doom fist 😂
@marshallburger8523 14 horas atrás
Same 😂
@angel7974 21 hora atrás
Ya quiero la Skin de doncella rosa Me recuerda a Ram de Re: Zero 🥺
@rasmus8466 9 horas atrás
In a long time, im actually super hyped about a new update! I will be looking forward to these updates😮🤟
@BLASTER_247 14 horas atrás
Grandes novedades que traes, eso es bueno, y impresiona tambien, saludos
@TiagoSanchesManfroi 6 horas atrás
Eu amei o visual brasileiro da Piper! Vlw Supercell! Inclusive acho melhor o 5v5 do FUTEBRAWL
@datszalami8689 Dia atrás
It would be fun if it would be chosen randomly if you play Larry or Lawrie after respawn or joining a match 😀
@cobefriend7797 Dia atrás
Star Power Idea: after using your super, switch which brother you control
@user-bm5lf9uj4p Dia atrás
​@@cobefriend7797wow! That's so cool
@mopiz5914 Dia atrás
@@cobefriend7797 should be gadget
@cybanix6905 23 horas atrás
@@mopiz5914 yeah switch with lawrie for like 10 seconds
@pudimgamer404 22 horas atrás
9:41 Dani representando os br quando o brasil quando ganha uma partida de futeboll
@bielzadass 22 horas atrás
Essa temporada promete🎉🎉🎉❤ #SantaStu
@Darknick-cv5jk 9 horas atrás
I always thought that Mico was based on Sun Wukong
@VascoRengoku 18 horas atrás
This game gave me things I never thought would happen to me. Many friends, many thoughts, fun, sadness, and much more. I'm happy with the evolution he's had, one of the reasons for my happiness lately is him. I hope Brawl has more years to come.
@ozgurruh2535 15 horas atrás
I feel the same way, it kinda feels weird to be this connected to this game. But it genuinely connected me to so many people and it was honestly a large part of my life, i am 17 now and I have been playing this game since its lauch
@norbertkazsmer7626 14 horas atrás
About the same, but every friend of mine (even players with high trophies)is quiting brawl stars cause it's getting worse and worse...
@ozgurruh2535 13 horas atrás
@@norbertkazsmer7626 eh, games naturally decline in popularity with time. I personally wouldn't say the game is getting worse, from what Frank said the game experienced grow first time in a while. Although i can accept it is going through some turbulent times recently
@tomascampos1462 8 horas atrás
Cuando será la actualización?
@sebasxk4. Dia atrás
I honestly think the devs are doing a good job on making the game look cool, even though, the game takes a bit long to upload but thats okay for me
@skyzd3744 Dia atrás
@beags9995 Dia atrás
@Lucas-us1jd Dia atrás
when they said christmas skins will come back, it includes the Sledge Griff and Snowman Tick, for example? Will they come back?
@sebasxk4. Dia atrás
@@Lucas-us1jd maybe..
@luci_abr 21 hora atrás
Impressionante como vcs sempre capricham em todoas as atualizações incrível 👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👍
@Leon2010-be1xd 21 hora atrás
This is one of the coolest brawl talks in recent times😍 I love Supercell ❤
@caramodesto2358 7 horas atrás
8:22 It would be cool if we could choose which one we would play with and which one we could call in super.
@meezor4101 11 horas atrás
9:07 Why don’t you put a new version of the arkad skin to keep the exclusivity of the old one as for the halloween skins of Shelly and Leon or as Lola and Fang ?
@MrKillerxD17 7 horas atrás
Finally after so long they are going to add a Frank skin... After years of asking for it it became a reality
@KAMIKAZES Dia atrás
2024 Será un gran año para nuestro querido Brawl Stars 🤩
@Ladynoire01 Dia atrás
@user-gi1sz2kl8r Dia atrás
você e um BRvid
@yovani4927 Dia atrás
Soy tu fan
@irenerojas1980 Dia atrás
Aque si 😮
@kpaskpas Dia atrás
Pregunta... Ahora el pase se va a comprar por mes es lo que entendí 😅
@Banconzinhum 20 horas atrás
Isso ta incrível agora o bixo pega so caos... ESQUECE ESSE BARW STAR TA LINDO VOCÊS SE ENFORCÃO MUITO
@starfieldkor 17 horas atrás
5vs5 모드가 기대됩니다
@herberthgamer 22 horas atrás
Vou gostar dessa atualização!
@ericlin4567 7 horas atrás
It was me or I see barley was running like a human 😮
@edwintb2256 Dia atrás
Felicidades al equipo de Brawl Stars por tanto cariño y dedicación que le dan al juego. ❤
@jhasifin3835 14 horas atrás
Que bueno está en español ya no tengo que adelantarlo para ver los personajes directamente buen video
@yoZUBOR 21 hora atrás
It's a great time to play this next year coming !
@ferdi7686 7 horas atrás
This got to be one off the best update ever.
@db13_988 15 horas atrás
C'est juste phénoménal !!! Depuis la sortie j'ai toujours espérer un Brawl ball en 5vs5 !!! C'est le meilleur cadeau de Noël, même mes proches auront du mal à faire mieux 😅
@Kevin456-ol2th 6 horas atrás
Esta chida la brawl talk pero cuando ya los creditos cromaticos se pasen a creditos normales me sobran muchos y no quiero que se vayan a la fama es específico deben agregar una opción donde guarde los creditos que te sobran espero que lo agregen❤❤❤
@bakihanma5433 20 horas atrás
Soy main Frank, y creo que se me ocurre una forma de como bufearlo un poco para que sea mejor. A partir de ahora, que Frank sea el unico brawler inmune al control de masas, relentisaciones, aturdimientos, etc. Sin embargo, que ya no pueda cargar su ultimate al ser atacado, y que su nuevo gadget amplie el tamaño de su ultimate
@kinzazaazaza 17 horas atrás
И как он тогда будет заряжать ульту? Как эдгар?
@Mr_som1024 17 horas atrás
5대5 모드. 그것은 매우 기대가 되는!
@user-jy4gh2hr9d 7 horas atrás
essa é disparada a melhor atualização
@zoomaster1305 15 horas atrás
Why did witch shelly and werewolf leon get a completely new design with completely new effects and the new virus 8-bit skin is just a slightly different color variation? They could have made him so much better with new effects or at least given him a better color variation where the arms and face would have a different color. I mean virus 8-bit is the coolest skin in the game, they could have done so much more with it. Still, it was a cool Brawl Talk with lots of cool new features.
@zoomaster1305 15 horas atrás
Another suggestion for improvement is that the killing animation could have been done differently. This K.O. is quite cool, but doesn't fit the skin. A virus that spreads on the ground would fit much better.
@PinkSuitMan 8 horas atrás
Honestly I prefer Werewolf Leon, just with different colours that hopefully wouldn’t be trash
@omarhussein7 10 horas atrás
This is the most season that made me hibe too hard like a crazy, this is insane
@raynbow115 Dia atrás
I honestly think this might be my favorite update I love how every aspect of the game, like cosmetics, progression, etc, is getting reworked for the better
@lolforever9 Dia atrás
Except the brawl pass
@jewlz1355 Dia atrás
@@lolforever9thé only really noticeable difference are cosmetics and bling
@carbmof99 Dia atrás
This one of the worst updates ever. Except 5v5
@enderp4552 Dia atrás
Bruh this colette skin
@Sam-jw4mu 19 horas atrás
Una pregunta Los créditos si o si hay que reclamarlos ahora o todavía podemos guardarlos?
@Mungirang 11 horas atrás
편집도 게임도 아주 완벽!
@efixty 10 horas atrás
and now question of the year: should i keep all my chromas to be converted to credits and unlock a new brawler? i have all the brawlers and don't want to increase the fame, but rather have a new brawler the other side of the coin is that if the brawler release will be late and all converted chroma will go to fame anyway, its better to do it now, manually, because conversion rate 1.8x and chrome contribution is 2x
Com certeza a Skin do Miko Wukong vai ser uma das melhores
I believe 5 vs 5 will be an epic game. No regrets😅
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