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Bon Appétit Test Kitchen Manager Brad Leone is back for episode 35 of “It’s Alive” and this time he’s making the highly requested miso. Join Brad as he ages a red miso, advocates for blade safety, and forgets why he went to the walk-in.

Join Bon Appétit test kitchen manager, Brad Leone, on a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, to kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to make fermented and live foods yourself.
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Brad Makes Miso Paste | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

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26 Jul 2018

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Comentários 2 385
Brad Leone
Brad Leone 10 meses atrás
I LOVE MISO.. I currently have one thats almost 2 years old, aging at room temp in the fermentation station! It smells like chocolate in a way. whats your favorite thing to do with miso???
Joe Weintraut
Joe Weintraut 4 dias atrás
So, Brad, I was wondering... Could you make Miso Paste out of Peanuts? Have you ever tried? Do you think you could try for us?
Gabriella Velasco
Gabriella Velasco 7 dias atrás
@mynameisal7 the ez
Nathaniel Rudman
Nathaniel Rudman 10 dias atrás
Brad you are the only tiny beanie boy whose opinions I will accept
Brad 12 dias atrás
Res Q I opened this comment thread looking for this response, glad someone provided
Engei 23 dias atrás
Miso soup is the one of the best soups on the planet.
Andrew Harper
Andrew Harper 11 horas atrás
First miso to include ball bearings in the recipe!
Justin Whisenant
Justin Whisenant 3 dias atrás
Hey Brad, I would love to learn how to make Chow Chow. Hot or regular. Thanks
Darrian Weathington
Darrian Weathington 3 dias atrás
"THIS WHOLE SHOW IS A LIE!" *Wakes up and unplugs myself from the matrix* my immersion is ruined
Eliza Hunt
Eliza Hunt 4 dias atrás
Koisuru Marionette
Koisuru Marionette 5 dias atrás
Should definitely do a sweet miso dish! Like sweet miso glazed mochi. Love a bit of white miso mixed with mitarashi for dongo 🍡
Colin Few
Colin Few 8 dias atrás
I love Molly's rompers. Are they rompers? Whatever. Her outfits are cute.
superbuffguy100 8 dias atrás
Brad is an AdHd icon.
Miss GIJoe
Miss GIJoe 8 dias atrás
JoshuaApathy Miller
JoshuaApathy Miller 9 dias atrás
Were coming up on a year next month on the miso...are we going to have a brad video update & hopefully a recipe to go with it?
Kameelah Williams
Kameelah Williams 10 dias atrás
I want a mashed together video of brad just saying “oh god” under his breath. Has that been made?
keffasteffa 11 dias atrás
felixuality 11 dias atrás
Tiffany Kleinsteuber
Tiffany Kleinsteuber 12 dias atrás
you could use it around devil eggs i saw that in a Netflix program.
Luca Ortolani
Luca Ortolani 13 dias atrás
Brad called Vinny a "flat bottom" BRANNY IS CONFIRMED AND BRAD IS TOPPING LET'S THE FANFICTIONING BEGINS Edit: Brad also said it's going to make miso out of Vinny... Now, I don't to take this in the wrong way BUT I'M SMELLING SOMETHING
Yung Swaggot
Yung Swaggot 14 dias atrás
Brad has that Big ADHD Energy
Just Monika.
Just Monika. 11 dias atrás
hockey boy energy
jam magdalera
jam magdalera 15 dias atrás
is it just me or do i just have like an unspoken jOY when they say "fermentation station" toot toot fjjdjd
Blanchies 16 dias atrás
I enjoy all types of fermenting and pickling but I’m not sure I have enough self control over my excitement to let it sit for one year, I have a hard enough time when fermenting for 2 weeks. Great work Vin, Brad, and the legend behind the editing. 👍
day dreamer
day dreamer 17 dias atrás
Fermentation Station! That gets me excited, how fun! I've fermented things but never thought of doing miso, I want to try it now, it's delicious and so good for you :D
Chaz Morris
Chaz Morris 19 dias atrás
That's Osoma!
S 20 dias atrás
“Put that thing on zoom” grandpa vibes
Esther Sato
Esther Sato 21 dia atrás
Great video Brad!! Thanks
Punderful Things
Punderful Things 21 dia atrás
Brad, Vinny, and the editor (if it's not vinny) are such an amazing combination
Apple 21 dia atrás
I dont know why but that owl flying away with the paper got me
Lyra Madrona
Lyra Madrona 22 dias atrás
My favorite unconventional way to have miso is mixed with a touch of tahini, a bit of cumin, and then tossed with boiled baby potatoes. Yummm!! 💖
Jasmyn Prouty
Jasmyn Prouty 23 dias atrás
I wonder if someone has made a video of all the times brad has muttered oh god in these videos
kate li
kate li 23 dias atrás
11:34 i thought he was gonna hit the woah lmao could you imagine
Katy 23 dias atrás
Some people watch game of thrones. I watch bon appétit
Bram Aho
Bram Aho 25 dias atrás
Thunder Rhododendron
Thunder Rhododendron 26 dias atrás
The green recipe card fire effects when he corrects himself on everything 😂
Kevin Krenger
Kevin Krenger 28 dias atrás
But Brad where IS The Miso Episode?
McDucky 28 dias atrás
Typically miso also contains a grain such as rice, barley or rye. White miso is more grains than beans for example.
Patrick Chong
Patrick Chong 29 dias atrás
Hey Brad! Love your channel! Check out Maangchi's BRvid video on deonjang, it is Korean miso. It is a traditional recipe with relies on wild fermentation. Also, my mom told me as I was watching that miso isn't goog(ripe or ready) until at least a year. She said it has to really ferment to taste really good as Maangchi points out with her comparison of 4 year vs 2 year vs 1 year soysauce by product. Noticably darker and richer looking.
Leeza Soto
Leeza Soto 29 dias atrás
While making the miso can you put garlic in it as well or does it have to happen after the initial fermentation?
Veda Thipparthi
Veda Thipparthi 29 dias atrás
Andy Dwyer + Charlie Kelly = Brad Leone
kindest kai
kindest kai 29 dias atrás
he looks like he gives tight warm hugs
W Y J Mês atrás
Miso Hungy
BloomyDays Mês atrás
almost been a year let's see that puppy brad!!!!
Jazz Vazquez
Jazz Vazquez Mês atrás
I just want a compilation of every Ameil scene. Hes a cutie
ahmad badawi
ahmad badawi Mês atrás
Antoine Nouais
Antoine Nouais Mês atrás
Hey Brad ! Thanks for all your nice videos, i was wondering if you know were do "ceramic boxe with woody lid" come from ? The one you hold at the and of this episode [14:40] ! Thank you !!!
spoonfulofsmiles Mês atrás
is it possible to make this in a small batch?
Brandi T
Brandi T Mês atrás
I'd love to make my own miso. Do I have the patience? Absolutely not.
Peace Peace
Peace Peace Mês atrás
Let’s make a video where brad takes of his hat hahaha
Giotto Vongola
Giotto Vongola Mês atrás
id like to see in the its alive show more of the what to do with the fermented stuff. Like pasta with some miso sauce or a meat marinade or stuff
Li Quan
Li Quan Mês atrás
This editor is gold
Emmasue Lady
Emmasue Lady Mês atrás
Love you guys in the test kitchen. Would love to know how to make white miso.. is it just stopping the fermentation earlier? Or using different beans...? I want that beautiful nutty flavour..
Sapphire Mês atrás
Can you make soysauce?
recehan017 Mês atrás
Hey, Brad, you should try (if you haven't already tried it) Indonesian sweet soy sauce called Kecap. It's made from soy bean and palm sugar. If you have tried it, try to make it!
Alexis Singer
Alexis Singer Mês atrás
did anyone see that store-bought miso in the fridge 😂😂
Joel Bermudez
Joel Bermudez Mês atrás
Brad is 100% adorable 😍
James bruh
James bruh Mês atrás
Natto please!!
Dj Dino
Dj Dino Mês atrás Rock buddy..!!!
crystalfire294 Mês atrás
Show has been renamed to Its A Lie.
Sophia Garcia
Sophia Garcia Mês atrás
and to think we could’ve finally seen who vin was ):
Acid LinkTest
Acid LinkTest 2 meses atrás
where did you get your aprons from, help me out fella
Rebecca Perrin
Rebecca Perrin 2 meses atrás
"by no means is that underrated" .... so does that mean it's overrated??
Jacob Prince
Jacob Prince 2 meses atrás
Tbh I only watch this for the comedy😂
Kyle Mathew
Kyle Mathew 2 meses atrás
That miso done yet Vinny?
t officinale
t officinale 2 meses atrás
Y'all should do a natto episode!! Also, miso is really good in dark hot chocolate... it's like salted caramel.
James Morris
James Morris 2 meses atrás
Wanna go to Momofuko? What did you call me?
Talise Snyder
Talise Snyder 2 meses atrás
so-ey sauce
Amber Nelson
Amber Nelson 2 meses atrás
The Casablanca reference from the editor just made my damn day
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 2 meses atrás
This guy is a national treasure!
Mister. M
Mister. M 2 meses atrás
We need a vinie counter.
Alliyah Beharry
Alliyah Beharry 2 meses atrás
Jordan Stern
Jordan Stern 2 meses atrás
Is there an actual written down recipe for this out there somewhere? I keep searching but I'm coming up short. Any help would be appreciated!
Drunken Whaler
Drunken Whaler Mês atrás
There are other recipes for miso floating around on the internet but if you want the one in the video, looks like you'll just have to transcribe it
Worthless Piehole
Worthless Piehole 2 meses atrás
🎼Won't you be neighbor🎤😂
drew friedli
drew friedli 2 meses atrás
When i lived in japan they mixed it with mayo and ate veggies yum
Shanna Wolicki
Shanna Wolicki 2 meses atrás dogs name is koji this is so disorienting
StealthFundip 2 meses atrás
Brad's knife has a square top. In the Giardiniera video, it has a rounded top. What's going on?!
Rene Mandler
Rene Mandler 2 meses atrás
mine is now 2 weeks old and barely has any tamari. I didn't fully follow this video though; i used way less bean juice
CHRISTINE'S EYES 2 meses atrás
yeah man that was good. I feel like making some now.
THE KEKRONOMICON 3 meses atrás
So is miso soup made of miso and if so why does it taste like chicken broth does miso taste like chicken?
u2damoney 3 meses atrás
Miso wants this food.
Adam nottelling
Adam nottelling 3 meses atrás
I liked to make a miso Tare for my ramen :)
Gizelle Vidal
Gizelle Vidal 3 meses atrás
i love brad's all black fit, however he looks like he's about to rob a burger king
Gonietube NYC
Gonietube NYC 3 meses atrás
Rene Mandler
Rene Mandler 3 meses atrás
I set up some miso today. Let's see if it goes well
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth 3 meses atrás
5:25 his "Claire is having a crisis" senses tingled.
Darrian Weathington
Darrian Weathington 3 dias atrás
3.9 million people have this sense
rachel 18 dias atrás
yea i wanna know what poor creation she was pounding to death back there
Rhea Nathan
Rhea Nathan 3 meses atrás
I love that Brad has a pen in his special pen pocket AND THEN USES A DIFFERENT PEN TO DRAW THE CIRCLE
Troll [Sometimes]
Troll [Sometimes] 3 meses atrás
Pen vs marker
Kim Reuwer
Kim Reuwer 3 meses atrás
does he begin with canned or dried beans? i’m guessing dried.
deloreanfan81 3 meses atrás
Mi so need to try this
Cournioni 3 meses atrás
Oooh... missed a "wouder" edit at about 4:45!
Angel36930 3 meses atrás
Who else is secretly watching Clarie in the background to see wat she's up to?
Negan20 2 meses atrás
Angel36930 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 She is wonderful. Cant get enough of her videos.
Kriste Isopahkala
Kriste Isopahkala 3 meses atrás
I'd like to try making this, but I have no clue where to get koji for a reasonable price here in Finland.
cen lilith
cen lilith 3 meses atrás
I bought white miso and forgot about it and the one year later thought that I didn’t have it anymore and bought red miso to try it. Just recently I found the old one and it’s now red miso as well and I now have two badges of the same miso 😂
Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen 3 meses atrás
6:14 is anyone thinking what I'm thinking?
ReadTheShrill 3 meses atrás
And how does one prepare the beans? "I cooked'em". Great Brad, thanks.
Rebecca Greenwood
Rebecca Greenwood 3 meses atrás
I could never even attempt to make something that'll take 2 years to be ready
Jas M
Jas M 3 meses atrás
I’ll never be able to try miso i have a mushroom allergy so it would kill me
Yan Tse
Yan Tse 3 meses atrás
This is already half a year ago huh, I feel like I've aged a lot. So has my miso, it's getting there.
ProMachineRider 3 meses atrás
This series is just brad having a conversation with Vinnie 😂 can we meet Vinnie some time?
HiromiIchida 3 meses atrás
My mom used to make hamburgers with miso mixed in. (Traditionally we don’t have burgers with buns, it’s on its own with a Demi-glaze sauce) Super noms.
Ruth Hulthen
Ruth Hulthen 3 meses atrás
Miso is so expensive to buy. I’m definitely making this with chickpeas. And the tamari is a nice bonus! It’s a little hard to find soy-free products, so I try to make the substitutes from scratch. Thanks for the video!
Anna köstler
Anna köstler 4 meses atrás
Summer N
Summer N 4 meses atrás
Vinnie face reveal 2k19
Carol Morimoto
Carol Morimoto 4 meses atrás
About miso soup, what should be the wourder’s maximum temperature so you don’t kill the bacterias? Give me a number, please, if possible.
SonTyp OhneNamen
SonTyp OhneNamen 2 meses atrás
According to my understanding the fungi/bacteria don’t add to the taste by itself, they just break down sugars and whatnot, the end products of which are responsible for the taste. Killing that stuff off with hot wourder shouldn’t make the soup taste any different, so go wild.
Rene Mandler
Rene Mandler 4 meses atrás
Was the Koji not mixed with salt beforehand?
Adam 4 meses atrás
Gochujang? Please and thank yous! :)
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