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Bon Appétit’s Brad Leone is back for episode 54 of “It’s Alive,” and this time he’s fermenting citrus fruits! Brad tries his hand at fermenting kumquats, lemons, limes, and blood orange to give your average citrus an It’s Alive kick. Work them into vinaigrettes, top your squid salads with them, or get creative! The world is your oyster, whether you pronounce your oyster condiment mignonette or “min-yet.”

Join Bon Appétit Test Kitchen host Brad Leone on a wild, roundabout, and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to experiment with fermented and live foods yourself.

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Bon Appétit is a highly opinionated food brand that wants everyone to love cooking and eating as much as we do. We believe in seasonal produce, properly salted pasta water, and developing recipes that anyone can make at home.

Brad Makes Fermented Citrus Fruits | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

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22 Ago 2019



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Comentários 4 098
Baguio Byben
Baguio Byben 11 horas atrás
Brad fermentation is a process that involves yeast feeding on sugar. Limes don't have that much hence the result. Try adding same parts sugar as salt. 😉
Ben Woo
Ben Woo 12 horas atrás
brad the type of guy to ferment his toothpaste
TheKopakah 12 horas atrás
Those are some stanky math skills
Allison Lee
Allison Lee 18 horas atrás
Brad at the beginning of the video: "I like to do everything by grams, real precise." Brad when he actually starts: "Lets get a weight on that bad boy. 146? Lets just say 150." hahahaha
Emma Johnston
Emma Johnston Dia atrás
“ oh believe me they walk among us “
Kyle Kalasky
Kyle Kalasky Dia atrás
Again, another Trailer Park Boys reference made by Brad, my day just keeps getting better and better! 12:21
Faith Vinluan
Faith Vinluan Dia atrás
The subtitles on these are hilarious
Theories and Things
I love that it feels like brad just adds everything he sees whenever he makes something
SigZag 2 dias atrás
Brad just throwing salt at the scale with abandon is giving me anxiety. Like he's not even aiming for the lil bowl
Michael Rentfrow
Michael Rentfrow 2 dias atrás
Please get the trailer park boys on
Zero_Two_ 2 dias atrás
These are lost tapes of a man descending into insanity
4imee 2 dias atrás
Molly is mean with our golden retriever boy :(
Kelly _
Kelly _ 2 dias atrás
chris has the most perfect posture
Kai E.
Kai E. 2 dias atrás
This video is so wholesome! It's awesome!
SonistheFatherofMan 3 dias atrás
Amogh Vajramani
Amogh Vajramani 4 dias atrás
Other people: use words to explain Brad: use sounds to explain !
Victoria N
Victoria N 4 dias atrás
21:07 🖐🐙
Rae Esterlina
Rae Esterlina 5 dias atrás
Brad... Kumquat is Chinese for "little orange" lol.
Matthew B
Matthew B 6 dias atrás
Omg when the fly flew in his mouth I lost it.
Peta Morgan
Peta Morgan 6 dias atrás
The edits are perfection 😂
Maria Doan Trager
Maria Doan Trager 6 dias atrás
More Brad and Matty please
karan kapur
karan kapur 7 dias atrás
Recently started experimenting with fermentation and his videos have been an incredible learning tool..
Zharria Peoples
Zharria Peoples 7 dias atrás
finally decided to give up the mystery of what Vinny actually looks like and found his IG and I just want to say I'm disappointed they didn't show his face at least once because he seems even cooler in front of the camera!
SirWheelzAlot3384 7 dias atrás
Did brand ever get his boat called the JIG 'EM AT NIGHT⚓?
HugSeal42 7 dias atrás
Was looking through the comment expecting half the people linking 9:40 and yelling Pulp Fiction. I am dissapoint.
Kim Barbeau
Kim Barbeau 8 dias atrás
Online spoon shopping 😂😂😂😂🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄
TJeanSoul 8 dias atrás
To this day I still wish I was able to get my hands on the Big Boy knife Brad has. They sold out so long ago.
Benny Boi
Benny Boi 8 dias atrás
I feel like in some way, I was Vinny. We all were, really. We just need time to grieve, matt.
heyyo nick
heyyo nick 8 dias atrás
Brad is is too much, I love it. We all need a Brad in our lives.
Berk O
Berk O 8 dias atrás
It’s Brett not brad @pulpfiction
Cameron Blanchette
Cameron Blanchette 9 dias atrás
Percentages are really easy when the numbers are pretty rounded like 1% of 100 is 1 so 2% of 300 is 6.
PollyPrissyPants 9 dias atrás
I'll take care of your tool very well Brad
George vanderByl
George vanderByl 9 dias atrás
What happened to vinny
Gideion 9 dias atrás
I never thought i would binge watch food stuff specifically for a person lol...i love this man so much.
Nick O
Nick O 10 dias atrás
why can’t you ferment them in the jars in the first place?
Shea Deines
Shea Deines 10 dias atrás
pulp fiction! do they speak english in what?
Au Zzz
Au Zzz 10 dias atrás
Wish I could call my mother :(
Arianna Vitone
Arianna Vitone 10 dias atrás
Ngl, Brad is the whole reason I subscribed to this channel. Brad is the goodest boi.
o0Avalon0o 10 dias atrás
I trust Brad; I ate a bad squid as a kid so I'm still cautious, but seeing everyone enjoy Brad's cooking of them gives me courage!
L G 11 dias atrás
small lizards are too stupid to know what "big" is
(TX)(MENA) OPERATIONS 11 dias atrás
Calculator.... ? Grams x .02? Um...
GoneFresh 11 dias atrás
Trailer Park Boys! YES
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson 12 dias atrás
Anna is stunning 😍
David Guerrero
David Guerrero 12 dias atrás
Yeah that sound right? Lol love this chanel
JB 12 dias atrás
"just because its a controlled rot, doesn't mean you have to neglect it" well, neglecting it would make it not controlled anymore
Arlie 13 dias atrás
11-11-1980 cuz ya know.
Dezee Wezee
Dezee Wezee 13 dias atrás
Love the human interaction in this episode 😂
Kailynn McIver
Kailynn McIver 13 dias atrás
The editor is absolutely hilarious. Gotta give them credit.
LucasWerewolf 13 dias atrás
I'm born 1992 :(
Claire Dahl
Claire Dahl 14 dias atrás
Brad said to get really ripe limes, but limes are an unripe fruit guys. They become yellow, and bitter if allowed to ripen. 😂
Akram Mohamed
Akram Mohamed 14 dias atrás
Olive oil cured citrus? You’ll love it, ate it growing up
Zachary Power
Zachary Power 14 dias atrás
Brad is the ricky of bon appetit
Arwen Brimhall
Arwen Brimhall 14 dias atrás
Let’s hear it for 1974! Anyone? Just me?
Max Goldfaden OG
Max Goldfaden OG 14 dias atrás
BrAins WitH bRaD
Shrè P
Shrè P 15 dias atrás
"He's on his 12th vacation this year..It's April." Yeah I think I definitely knew a few people like that in college😂😂
Abeille Magique Dans Coquelicot
10/10 recommend a digital balance, super handy dandy.
Ty Katte
Ty Katte 15 dias atrás
Gabby looks like she works so hard 🥺🥺🥺
Koko Posts
Koko Posts 15 dias atrás
I was zoning out watching this video and zoned back in right in time for Brad to say "lizards dont like you they just wish they were big enough to eat you"
Copious Kittens
Copious Kittens 15 dias atrás
Learning that Brad is only 35 Knocked Me Out
Brendan L
Brendan L 15 dias atrás
What a cute, wholesome adult man
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