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Bon Appétit Test Kitchen manager, Brad Leone, is back with episode 14 of It's Alive. Watch as Brad makes his favorite, crunchy, half-sour pickles using a salt brine and a blend of tasty spices. Brad also discusses the solar eclipse, takes a crash course in film history, and recaps his vacation.

Join Bon Appétit test kitchen manager, Brad Leone, on a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, to kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to make fermented and live foods yourself.
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Brad Makes Crunchy, Half-Sour Pickles | It's Alive | Bon Appétit
Will Smith photo modified and courtesy of Gage Skidmore
Martin Lawrence photo modified and courtesy of Angela George

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14 Set 2017



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Comentários 4 440
Deborah De Groot
Deborah De Groot 17 horas atrás
bay leaves for da crunch!
Maja Tørstad
Maja Tørstad 2 dias atrás
i think i just changed my name to vinny
Goofy Fandango
Goofy Fandango 4 dias atrás
More Brad and Andy
Duncan Urquhart
Duncan Urquhart 6 dias atrás
"Certainly still very well... seasoned all the way with through..."
Bob Hadley
Bob Hadley 7 dias atrás
What pain head
Chastin Gray
Chastin Gray 7 dias atrás
Half sour pickles. For the people who are not able to put in the work for a full sour pickle.
Clare 7 dias atrás
wow the birth of half-sour saffitz
Dayana Zahari
Dayana Zahari 8 dias atrás
Goshhh im addicting with "its alive- brad" . the editing /video and brad's personality just soooo awesome
Camille-H. Fournier
Camille-H. Fournier 8 dias atrás
Omg snow globe pickle would be great merch!
Victoria Wardrop
Victoria Wardrop 10 dias atrás
I need a video all about scoby... I need a whole video on how to make starter for yogurt... I need a video on how to create a more solid yeast
kristoph 11 dias atrás
Whomever edited this is a genius! 🤣🤣🤣
mrswhugy J
mrswhugy J 11 dias atrás
great personality
Joey Clough
Joey Clough 12 dias atrás
I spent the entire video hoping that the camera-person's name isn't actually Vinny.
Kouzina Sophia
Kouzina Sophia 12 dias atrás
This guy 😂😂..and vinny’s edits 😂🙌🏼🙌🏼
Matthew Drysdale
Matthew Drysdale 12 dias atrás
Andy is a mood
Cael McMahon
Cael McMahon 12 dias atrás
Nobody: Absolutely no one: Brad: "CLAIRE-"
Berto Andon
Berto Andon 13 dias atrás
Stop crunching hing them you’re making me hungry 😋
Gabby Wright
Gabby Wright 13 dias atrás
Why don’t you make these kind of videos anymore brad ):
Mi Pe
Mi Pe 14 dias atrás
4:00 lol 5:35 the editing 7:02
PHCKU 16 dias atrás
"Claire, what ARE YOU DOIN'?" - Tribbiani, Brad.
Indushika Ks
Indushika Ks 16 dias atrás
Massive LOVE to the editor!
Paul Danaher
Paul Danaher 16 dias atrás
" A little dab will do ya! " 😂
Jim P
Jim P 17 dias atrás
I would like to know do you need to burp them in the fridge????
SkullySkies 17 dias atrás
All the hugs for Andy
LifeOfEm 19 dias atrás
Whoever edits these videos needs a bonus
mixed beauty
mixed beauty 19 dias atrás
Love the editing lol
Jacqueline Fink
Jacqueline Fink 20 dias atrás
I cannot stand the way he says the name of the person he's talking to 50+ times. We get it. STFU! VINNIE, VINNIE, VINNIE, VINNIE, VINNIE, VINNIEEE, VINNIE, VINNIE... STAHHHHP!
kyla marie
kyla marie 21 dia atrás
Claire and brad are like my best friend goals. Their chemistry is great and it’s not one of those things where it’s like “they should be a couple” it’s just like great perfect platonic fun
Hayden O
Hayden O 21 dia atrás
Are these pickles supposed to taste really really salty, like wayyy too salty
emptyangel 22 dias atrás
stellar editing
Xjr5rjX 22 dias atrás
Does Vinny not do camerawork for BA anymore? Brad hasn't mentioned Vinny in any of the new videos!
Grzegorz Cichosz
Grzegorz Cichosz 22 dias atrás
omg ogórki małosolne?
Ghostinthedark100 23 dias atrás
bring our pickles downstairs
SIgaming 23 dias atrás
just put my first batch of cold brine half sour pickles in the fridge today, but I added cloves lol thanks for the instructions!
Holden Street
Holden Street 27 dias atrás
Half Sour Saffitz! 😂
Kristin C
Kristin C 27 dias atrás
Aaahh. The origin story of the great Half-Sour Saffitz.
Josiah Tucker
Josiah Tucker 28 dias atrás
This on acid is too fun
Jameson Oof
Jameson Oof 28 dias atrás
This guy strikes me as the one character in a horror movie, where you think he is just another character who is going to die. Then, as you watch all these character die and he seems more and more as the center of the movie and is the main character. Then he kills the monster/killer and lives through the who ordeal and ends up with the girl and that girls boyfriend is dead sometime in the movie.
lubna s
lubna s 28 dias atrás
Wait who’s Vinny?
lubna s
lubna s 28 dias atrás
Give the editor a raise please
Isaac Daniel Reyna
Isaac Daniel Reyna 28 dias atrás
I wish Brad was my best friend.
Ly Kri
Ly Kri 28 dias atrás
I made these pickles. I am missing the sour taste. It is just sweet. I did not have a hot pepper. Is that what I am missing? How can I have stored peppers on hand to use just when I need them and still have the heat? I am not a cook.
starshipper22 29 dias atrás
wild claire in the back 2:03?
victor kasprzak
victor kasprzak 29 dias atrás
Spicy pickled Okra would be awesome!
Simon Barhanko
Simon Barhanko 29 dias atrás
Brad should try making Turkish pickles.
peachie peach
peachie peach Mês atrás
LMFAO omg andy is too cute here asking to have one 😂💕💖
goose7834 Mês atrás
Editing skills are on point ;)
Thomas Boss
Thomas Boss Mês atrás
Why can't he say water right?
911shotJFK Mês atrás
Does this recipe include Adderall? JESUS!
PlayaSinNombre Mês atrás
Allison... my love is true!
Jennifer Fischer
Jennifer Fischer Mês atrás
You need tannins to keep them crunchy. Tea leaves, bay leaves, and grape leaves work well.
Nina Hecht
Nina Hecht Mês atrás
wourder count for this ep?
error ASMR 🍭
error ASMR 🍭 Mês atrás
way too many dumb lil edits imo
Paulo Zhuk
Paulo Zhuk Mês atrás
Chop chop chop sound weirdly familiar
Mark Nasatka
Mark Nasatka Mês atrás
Dude, this is America. How much is 66 grams.
xclusive Mês atrás
67 grams
jnathan09 Mês atrás
"Certainly still very well"
Mike Hubbard
Mike Hubbard Mês atrás
Go away Andy....He's so pathetic
Luisa Paloma Heller
the editing is on point!!!! Love the ba kitchen!!
Atiny Remi
Atiny Remi Mês atrás
The editor of these videos is fantastic lol I love this channel
Miss Marie Boo
Miss Marie Boo Mês atrás
Good concept of video, but the excess of editing kinda distracts me from the actual content. Maybe just keep it simple and avoid all those sounds, letters and things appearing on the screen every 2 seconds
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