Boy Bands v. Solo Artists Riff-Off w/ Liam Payne

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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When James shares how he fell into a boy band wormhole recently, Liam Payne shows up with The Filharmonic to challenge Corden's claim that boy bands are superior to solo artists, settling it with a riff-off featuring music from *NSYNC, George Michael, Hansen and One Direction.
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6 Set 2017



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Comentários 100
J5F18 TANG Matthew Yin-yat
J5F18 TANG Matthew Yin-yat 17 minutos atrás
Liams responsibility: stealing the show... lollllll
Natalie Dominguez
Natalie Dominguez 45 minutos atrás
Liam Was Awesome In One Direction & Being Solo ! Can't Believe They're All Grown Up ! Boy Bands Rock 😂 We Can All Visit Here For All The Awesome Memories Of Anyone's Music 🎶 It's Fun To Share Our Thoughts All Over The World - Can't Imagine Life w/o Anyone Of These Guys & Their Journeys They've Shared Growing Up Together & The Success They've Had ! 😍
Audrey Rasmuss
Audrey Rasmuss 3 horas atrás
אלין אמר
אלין אמר 7 horas atrás
james really good
Sophie Withey
Sophie Withey 14 horas atrás
9:56 glad nice to see the fans didn’t forget the oww
Akaliza Ritah
Akaliza Ritah 20 horas atrás
Liam😍 best of all
Dilasha Dangal
Dilasha Dangal 20 horas atrás
James, we need a carpool karaoke with Liam Payne
?? Dia atrás
liam is so adorable omg help this is putting me in payne 🥺
Gamingwithplop 2 dias atrás
Hits different
David Griffith
David Griffith 2 dias atrás
Who are the Philharmonic?
Priya Goveas
Priya Goveas 2 dias atrás
Was it only who found Liam's voice different
Jesse 2 dias atrás
Ok but fr I want to hear Liam & the Filharmonic make a full cover of Shape Of You. They sang that so freakin good!!!! 😍😍
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer 2 dias atrás
Only James can bring one D BACK #kidnapthemjames
Aina Fatiha Lokman
Aina Fatiha Lokman 2 dias atrás
I cried watching this. I mean if you’re a directioner it would hurt in a different way.
Heaven Aguirre
Heaven Aguirre 3 dias atrás
When that started singing best song ever I literally screamed 😂
Mariah Dedeaux
Mariah Dedeaux 3 dias atrás
How is here is December.25, 2020
Abbi Heywood
Abbi Heywood 4 dias atrás
please do this with Harry
Rabi Lamichhane
Rabi Lamichhane 4 dias atrás
Plzz kidnap every members 🙏 😢
Emma Hanson
Emma Hanson 4 dias atrás
Not me in 2020 watching this because Liam is so much smaller.
Jenna Lavender
Jenna Lavender 4 dias atrás
I like how james can tell a 1D song from aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Aleeza Zaharan
Aleeza Zaharan 5 dias atrás
James and Liam: * flirting * Me: i fuckin ship this
Lena B
Lena B 5 dias atrás
4:58 why did I thought he's going to sing Anna (harry styles)
Luisa Taria
Luisa Taria 6 dias atrás
Liam payne 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🌈😍😍🌈😍🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
Chaylee Krsnak
Chaylee Krsnak 6 dias atrás
did anyone hear i am in one and not I used to be in one?!?!?!?!?!?
anna masse
anna masse 6 dias atrás
okay but can we talk about liam trying to hide the smile pls he'so cute 🥺🥺🥺 3:39
Dojo DJ
Dojo DJ 6 dias atrás
anyone else notice that liam's voice basicly sounds the same as it did in 2010? XD
Dojo DJ
Dojo DJ 6 dias atrás
James when are u gonna do a carpool with Liam??!!!
Ishmael Styles
Ishmael Styles 7 dias atrás
Niall- laughing Harry- uhhhhh well so um i think... Zayn- awqward laughing Louis- *sass*
Cassandra Meza
Cassandra Meza 7 dias atrás
laim that is good what u did and that is this cute
I like Kiwis
I like Kiwis 7 dias atrás
The title should be: James Corden and Liam Payne aggressively singing love songs to each other
AB Lovely
AB Lovely 7 dias atrás
yeah, im a directioner
James do you realize how much power you hold? You are the chosen one. We, as a whole select you as our champion. You’ve got the capabilities, the resources, the connections, but most importantly, the bravery. I understand this is not an easy task and it would be the feat of the century. But if anyone is right for this incredible task, it’s you James. I, as a representative of the One Direction fandom, beg you....bring them back together. We have an intricate plan prepared for you, all you have to do is say yes. If you do choose to accept your mission, you can find us in many places: You will find the Harry fans loitering around any Gucci store, wishing their bank accounts were full enough to purchase the sacred fabrics. You will have to pry their hands away from the store windows, but they will be waiting for you. You will find the Niall fans flooding golf courses in search of Mr. Horan. You’ll be able to spot them because none of them will actually be playing golf. They will simply be humming Viva La Vida and wandering. You’ll need to break their trance by screaming “POTATO” in their face. Only then will they listen. You will find the Zayn fans crying in their bedrooms. You will have to coax them out by repeatedly shouting “VAS HAPPENIN?!”. Do not be phased by the puffy eyed, tear stained faces of these poor souls, for when they hear that you’ve accepted your mission, they will be fully supportive of you. You will find the Louis fans running as fast as they can around various cities, yelling “STREAM WALLS BY LOUIS TOMLINSON” at the top of their lungs and flipping off those who won’t listen. While they are very intimidating, Louis fans can be momentarily quieted by hearing the intro of “Only The Brave”. Catch them in this state of vulnerability and they will be behind you and willing to do things The Tommo Way™️. You will find Liam fans attempting to destroy every single spoon in the world. They will have already heard the news of you rounding up the fans due to the constant refreshing of social media. When you find them, say your favorite album is LP1 and they will instantly Adore you. (See what I did there?) I hope you are up for the challenge James. We are ready to support you in any way we can. Good luck. Sincerely, Directioners
Savage Girl
Savage Girl Dia atrás
Malea Golumbeck
Malea Golumbeck 7 dias atrás
I mean liam knows what he's got. So he does his little trusting thingy
Izzy C
Izzy C 8 dias atrás
At 0:48 bruhh one direction don’t got no Choreographed dances.
Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis 8 dias atrás
you know, I cried from the moment Liam showed up till the end
maddy winger
maddy winger 9 dias atrás
this may or may not be making me fall in love with liam
Ruhaani Chahal
Ruhaani Chahal 9 dias atrás
Did anybody else’s panties just automatically drop to the ground when Liam dropped to the ground and growled like ‘YAS DADDAY’ HOLY JESUS IM NOT EVEN A 1D FAN😭😭😭
Yara ._.
Yara ._. 8 dias atrás
Shilpa Dhaneshwar
Shilpa Dhaneshwar 9 dias atrás
The way crowd cheered when Liam said , ” boy bands are great obviously “
Rose Koma
Rose Koma 9 dias atrás
James did this to tell Liam to go back into 1d
Ariana Kanji
Ariana Kanji 9 dias atrás
i’m IN a boy band *starts sobbing*
Ariana Kanji
Ariana Kanji 9 dias atrás
i’m IN a boy band. *starts sobbing*
Rainbow and sunflower
Rainbow and sunflower 9 dias atrás
Ok no one is saying about how flustered Liam is by James🤣🤣🤣
Maya 9 dias atrás
Liam is looking so f**king good in this video ♥
Tagam Yoka
Tagam Yoka 10 dias atrás
Who want a collab of Liam, Zayn,Louis,Harry and niall
Aryadne Espine
Aryadne Espine 10 dias atrás
It’s jamesy for me
Jay Babe
Jay Babe 10 dias atrás
so cute 😍
Ranelka Abeywardena
Ranelka Abeywardena 10 dias atrás
When Liam Payne sings Liam Payne better than Liam Payne😘😘😘😘
Karime Navarro-Gonzalez
no one can replace 1d
Sabrina Nascimento
Sabrina Nascimento 12 dias atrás
best episode of the program without a doubt, I never tire of watching, and liam's smile is the most beautiful thing in the world aaaa 😍
Nesha Ayra
Nesha Ayra 13 dias atrás
Subscribe to Liam Payne!!! Also let's stream to his album LP1. xoxo
Keerthi Sri Sarella
Keerthi Sri Sarella 13 dias atrás
4:33 one more reason to love James
Aadya Pawar
Aadya Pawar 13 dias atrás
Okay James, if you get the boys back together you can be the 6th member! Deal?
Muskan Agarwal
Muskan Agarwal 10 dias atrás
Thats a great deal....he should agree for this😂😂
kaiya ward
kaiya ward 14 dias atrás
Greta Dwyer
Greta Dwyer 14 dias atrás
I would also just like to clarify that they are ON A BREAK. I REPEAT, A BREAK. There’s still hope.....there’s still hope.
Greta Dwyer
Greta Dwyer 14 dias atrás
I don’t know what the heck just happened but I really wish it happened again.
Lu Passetti
Lu Passetti 14 dias atrás
The jawline, the accent, the eyes, thE FUCKING VOICE, I love Liam Payne so fucking much I could cry every time I watch this video.
Cornelia Luszczek
Cornelia Luszczek 15 dias atrás
Alternative title: Liam Payne making James Corden question his sexuality, five angelic voices accompanying them, the crowd having Harry´s part in BSE covered ^^
Maharani Zein
Maharani Zein 15 dias atrás
Sofia Delprado
Sofia Delprado 15 dias atrás
Filharmonic! Filipinos represent! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Arwa Pearson
Arwa Pearson 15 dias atrás
We love Liam
Cornelia Luszczek
Cornelia Luszczek 15 dias atrás
This little concert is incredibly well done, just like most of the 1D collabs. Also, James fucking Corden is living the 1D fangirl dream. He got really intense moments with 3/5 of the boys 😭 😁♥️
Sarah Agnihotri
Sarah Agnihotri 15 dias atrás
James loves our boys❤️❤️ Proof 10:58
Sarah Agnihotri
Sarah Agnihotri 15 dias atrás
Who noticed the mic flip❤️❤️
Mikey Kerin
Mikey Kerin 15 dias atrás
It’s not nothing to do with being a true directioner
Mikey Kerin
Mikey Kerin 15 dias atrás
Janes has his own type of music that he likes, at least his own music isn’t always cheeky about girls
Mikey Kerin
Mikey Kerin Dia atrás
@Savage Girl because he’s not. He just likes old music compared to young music. He has a point tho about solo-singers, they don’t do as well as boy bands tho. Liam just thinks that solo singers are better, when they don’t have the same tendency as being successful as compared to bands that in general do
Savage Girl
Savage Girl Dia atrás
@Mikey Kerin and what makes you say that and why would it be a problem if he was a directinor
Mikey Kerin
Mikey Kerin Dia atrás
@Savage Girl leave him alone, he can likes the music that he likes. Doesn’t make him a directioner
Mikey Kerin
Mikey Kerin Dia atrás
@Savage Girl he likes the type of music that he likes, doesn’t mean that he is a big directioner
Savage Girl
Savage Girl Dia atrás
@Mikey Kerin you really won’t understand ❤️
sandra 16 dias atrás
REAL ALTERNATIVE TITLE: *_blaine the warblers (glee)_* but make them asian
unlike James, i feel the pain without One sad now😥
Angelique Vitale
Angelique Vitale 16 dias atrás
I love how the crowd went AHW in the Best Song Ever
Zoe Olvera
Zoe Olvera 16 dias atrás
I love how Liam (or should I say Leeroy) still does that PER - FECT mic flip Every Directioner will understand that, hahaha
Kaelyn Star-123
Kaelyn Star-123 16 dias atrás
A bunch of groups just walk in and James in just in awe
uranne 16 dias atrás
The Filharmonics guy who says 1 2 3 4 is always so smooth ...
Arsenal Rex
Arsenal Rex 17 dias atrás
They were a boy band
george weasleys wife
george weasleys wife 17 dias atrás
Did anyone catch how Liam said "I'm in one" instead of saying "I WAS in one" brb I'm gonna go cry 🖐🏼😭
Parth Khandelwal
Parth Khandelwal 17 dias atrás
It is a fact that 1D was better than all of them being solo
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 18 dias atrás
Megan Lee
Megan Lee 18 dias atrás
Meredith Vazzana
Meredith Vazzana 18 dias atrás
I think that James should tell them all separately to come over. He should blindfold them, make them listen to music loudly so if they speak they can't hear each other and then put them together. It's as simple as that.
Ashlee's Life
Ashlee's Life 18 dias atrás
1st Round: Boy Bands 2nd Round: Solo Artists
Anam Mukhtar
Anam Mukhtar 18 dias atrás
The blushing Liam is 🥰🥰🥰
Sofia Janowski
Sofia Janowski 18 dias atrás
ellie 18 dias atrás
liam: “i’m in a boy band” me: **cries in 18 months**
Aiman Tahir
Aiman Tahir 18 dias atrás
Liam the dancer!!!!
Aiman Tahir
Aiman Tahir 18 dias atrás
Liam should've singed all of 1d solo songs
Aiman Tahir
Aiman Tahir 18 dias atrás
"I've got boyband hits of my own,mate" "And your beard is very soft" 😂😂❤payno
Harper Jose
Harper Jose 19 dias atrás
Notice how Liam said he is in a boy band instead of he used to be in one
Citlalic Ruelas Ortiz
Citlalic Ruelas Ortiz 19 dias atrás
i like how liam came in like ah whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa james face when liam comes in this is so weird i wanted him to sing strip that down and i got what i wanted so thank you liam the second i heard the music i'm like oh strip that down and i immediately started to sing and of course liam won me not feeling bad for james me just singing to best song ever and strip that down
Angel Rose
Angel Rose 19 dias atrás
liam was part of a boy band did he forget that
Ishan Subedi
Ishan Subedi 19 dias atrás
Who got this recommended out of nowhere 😂? 👇
fallen_girl 19 dias atrás
You know u have a problem when you are singing 'number 5' in the middle of I want it that way😅😅😅
Tawheed Chitbauhal
Tawheed Chitbauhal 19 dias atrás
I am a dorectioner and I cannot say on which sode I am
Elizabeth Renier
Elizabeth Renier 20 dias atrás
"Im in one" crying but like... in a cool way
Kaylie Sherman
Kaylie Sherman 20 dias atrás
Liam: “I’m in a boy band” Me: Cries in a One Direction Infection way Only real 1D fans will remember the One Direction Infection
Kaylie Sherman
Kaylie Sherman 20 dias atrás
Ironic how he picks one of the 1D members, btw, last video I watched you said that you can’t kidnap them all to get them back together, so can you at least PLEASE get them ALL in the same area?? One last hope? 💗🦋
Dionne Murry
Dionne Murry 20 dias atrás
Whenever I hear faith I just think of broccoli rob
Miah Wolf
Miah Wolf 20 dias atrás
James: crying Liam: “ I am on a boy band “ James: ** stop crying** Me: ** starts crying**
it's amenaaa
it's amenaaa 20 dias atrás
Ayesha Qamar
Ayesha Qamar 21 dia atrás
Ayesha Qamar
Ayesha Qamar 21 dia atrás
beef nugget
beef nugget 21 dia atrás
Are we looking just going to ignore James low key nice signing voice? Well are we?
beef nugget
beef nugget 21 dia atrás
Who else wants to get Liam arrow tattoo on there arm? I'm not old enough yet. But it's awesome
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