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This is PART 3 of Bohemian Rhapsody 2018 Movie [ALL SONGS]' dedicated to the LEGEND.
You can watch PART 1 at
You can watch PART 2 at

Here in PART 3 [LIVE AID SCENE], the songs 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love'' & 'We Will Rock You'' cut from the movie for time constraints but included as extra scenes on Digital and BluRay copies, are incorporated here for a complete Queen Live Aid 1985 recreation.

Bohemian Rhapsody movie 2018 is a Golden Globe Awards 2019 Best Picture.
Rami Malek, acting as Freddie Mercury, was also accorded the Best Actor Awards by The 2019 Oscar Awards Night, Golden Globe, Screen Actor's Guild Award 2019 and BAFTA

Enjoy these great songs from one of the great bands, QUEEN, and a tribute to a great legend, Freddie Mercury. This video is a side by side scene comparison of the movie with actual QUEEN performance during LIVE AID 1985 Concert.
Kudos to a brilliant performance of the leading actor Rami Malek for this movie BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY 2018
00:46 Bohemian Rhapsody
02:56 Radio Gaga
06:15 Hammer to Fall
09:18 Crazy Little Thing Called Love - DVD BluRay Extra Scene (movie deleted scene)
13:07 We Will Rock You - DVD BluRay Extra Scene (movie deleted scene)
14:27 We Are The Champions...
. Jonathan Reginald


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27 Jan 2019



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Comentários 43 032
John Michael Briones
andrada 8 dias atrás
@Mike's Bakes I think Rami is better.v
andrada 8 dias atrás
@Weerwolfboy Banzai Why?
andrada 8 dias atrás
@Cassel Yes, Rami Malik.
andrada 8 dias atrás
Perfect bands, original and actors..
Becky Berger
Becky Berger Anos atrás
If Freddie Mercury were still alive I believe he would tell Rami, “absolutely stunning job darling”
SlappedHamGaming 4 dias atrás
Too everyone agreeing with this I would just like to say that Freddie Mercury would probably not celebrate with the actor as if you cared to bother the actor after this film was made never said anything about Queen never said how much of a British icon they are nothing I think Freddie would call him a prick
Kalentros 4 dias atrás
The music still lives therefore Freddie Mercury still lives.
q q
q q 5 dias atrás
He would probably say something like "darling you played me better than I could play me"
Martina Koníčková
Martina Koníčková 6 dias atrás
Áno pravda videl si aj ten film
Rndm007 Mês atrás
The Fact the Movie also did the entire 20min concert with out cuts is also a unique experience.
wakawaka 22 dias atrás
@Particul4r Music what he means they did the concert without making any mistakes which lead to a perfect snyc also they cut it bcuz there are some scene that needs to be cut after the actor perform
TheEarlHaight 29 dias atrás
Yes. Perhaps they could have used some of the time to document their gig in Sun City prior to Live Aid
Walter White
Walter White Mês atrás
@Particul4r Music there’s a director’s cut.
mOZERix - Instrumentals
@Particul4r Music cause you gotta get the director's cut.
Particul4r Music
Particul4r Music Mês atrás
@mOZERix - Instrumentals nah man anything I try to watch it on they are cut
Congruent Crib
Congruent Crib Mês atrás
Honestly, it’s so impressive on how accurate they got the movie. The fact that the choreography matched perfectly, and the characters we almost complete lookalikes… just astonishing
KRAZEEIZATION 3 dias atrás
The film has accuracy in the props but the story is rubbish.
rick jatel
rick jatel 9 dias atrás
listen some of the songs they wrote were out of timing on this movie
Congruent Crib
Congruent Crib 15 dias atrás
@tbird81 ? I was not made aware of this. I'd love to know more!
Ken S
Ken S 16 dias atrás
The concert portion was accurate. Everything else wasn't even close.
tbird81 20 dias atrás
Another problem was that smug James May used the movie to elevate himself.
Eric Von Beagleburger
I can only imagine how many times Rami must have watched Live Aid to get down all Freddies mannerisms & movements, awesome job of acting
Sanquinity 6 horas atrás
@Chris Parsons Damn that's some dedication... And during the concert scenes he definitely did right by Freddie. As close to perfect as you can get.
Chris Parsons
Chris Parsons 15 dias atrás
According to an article in the New Yorker magazine, he watched the Live Aid performance over 1500 times.
Vivian Black
Vivian Black 29 dias atrás
At first they hired a choreographer for Rami and that didn't work, so they hired a movement coach and that worked. (Of course, Rami studied Freddie's act as well.) They filmed Live Aid before the rest of the movie because if the concert didn't come off, then they would have to find a different lead. Good thing it worked... one of my favourite movies of all time.
Hannah Fuller
Hannah Fuller 24 dias atrás
It's crazy how similar the performances were. Like, even down to the breaks and cracks in Freddie's voice.
T Garcia
T Garcia 9 dias atrás
@Mr. Floyd it was also mixed with Mercury’s as well.
T Garcia
T Garcia 9 dias atrás
@Mr. Floyd Rami actually did a lot of singing in the movie and it was mixed with the voice of Marc Martel. Both recorded in the studio and it was blended to create a voice close to Mercury’s.
secret folders
secret folders 18 dias atrás
@Mr. Floyd uhmmm marc martel?
Adam Someone
Adam Someone 18 dias atrás
@Mr. Floyd He did some of it, they kinda blended the audio, just to give a hint of rami in the singing, so it isn't a massive jarring difference between the singing and speaking. It's kinda hard to tell the difference listening to both because you brain can't help but listen to the notes that match, but there is some rami in there to some extent.
nickyc777 20 dias atrás
@Zion Lim nonsense, how you think that i dont know??? there is a reason they matched up the videos so both mirrored each other as freddie sang... only one person sounds like freddie, its freddie.
1959Berre 17 dias atrás
It was a privilege to have seen the original Life Aid concert. I was totally flabbergasted by Freddy. Shivers all over my body. I mis him dearly.
Solo para Playstation
Solo para Playstation 2 dias atrás
C-Martz 12 dias atrás
You are one of the few privileged souls on this planet
¡BlueFlame!🦋🔥 15 dias atrás
You lived my dream
Ellia Lee
Ellia Lee 16 dias atrás
That would be my most prized memory.. do you remember where you were sat watching by chance?
Kelly Srdar
Kelly Srdar 7 dias atrás
How Rami managed to play Mr robot as an antisocial introvert then move on to play one of the most charismatic, larger than life singers is amazing. Definitely deserved that oscar
Kelly Srdar
Kelly Srdar 3 dias atrás
@Luke Timewalker even more impressive
Luke Timewalker
Luke Timewalker 4 dias atrás
not to mention his The Pacific gloomy soldier... by the way Joseph Mazzielo was there too (John Deacon here, bass player). In fact if the guy he portrayed, Eugene Sledge, the soldier turned bird watcher, had not written With the old Breed - at Peleliu and Okinawa, starting off the Pacific series half a century later, we might never have seen Rami Malek act as Freddie.
JAY BEE 5 dias atrás
Rami definitly did a wonderful job as Freddie but seeing this concert side by side and how he practicly mirrored Freddie's on stage movements... WOW is all I can say. Incredible job!!!
Mindy Vaughan
Mindy Vaughan 2 dias atrás
Not just Rami, but the rest of the actors who played the band members, they all did an amazing job!!!!!
ode 3 meses atrás
no one can radiate the same energy as freddie, but nobody could've come as close as rami. perfect person to play freddie in the movie
Елена Нинглис
@Валерий Кравченко полностью с вами согласна! Думаю точно так же! 👍
Валерий Кравченко
@Елена Нинглис и нет той пластики, которая есть у Ф.Меркюри, Меркюри двигается очень легко и естественно - в своей стихии как рыба в воде. Малик напряжён и скован, немного деревянный, а внешне скорее похож на Леонсио из сериала "Рабыня Изаура", чем на Ф.Меркюри. Я уже не хочу писать, что у Ф.Меркури чувствуется стать, мощ - сразу ощущается, что он глыба, чего и близко нет у Малика, они вообще словно из разных весовых категорий. Ф.Меркюри очень органичен во всём, что он делает, от него исходит некий магнитизм, видно, что выступление приносит ему удовольствие - он заряжается из зала и при этом отдаёт свою энергию. Когда люди пишут или говорят, что благодаря фильму мы узнали, что есть такая замечательная музыка - мне их немного жаль, музыка Queen стала частью мировой культуры и останется ей независими от этого фильма.
RedTop Cosplay
RedTop Cosplay 22 dias atrás
@Hendri Turaswa he’s also mixed in with Freddy‘s vocals for the movie anyway
RedTop Cosplay
RedTop Cosplay 22 dias atrás
@Hendri Turaswa not in the face he can’t
RedTop Cosplay
RedTop Cosplay 22 dias atrás
@Daniel Kántor it went wrong because he wanted to make it a fucking comedy.
Maria Sunshine
Maria Sunshine 22 dias atrás
This is absolutely amazing, I didn't know how spectacular Rami's performances was until I watched this side by side. He nailed it to the latter
hospitalcakewalk 21 dia atrás
letter* and not really. The entire time he looks like he's wearing a mouthpiece..
Aranżacja Wnętrz
Aranżacja Wnętrz Mês atrás
fantastyczne porównanie
Jose Luis Vicencio Albino
@Fatima Aguinaga yes!
Fatima Aguinaga
Fatima Aguinaga Mês atrás
The CWE Mês atrás
I'm so glad that they replicated the performance so brilliantly. I've seen many people say that Queen at Live Aid was one of the greatest rock performances ever, I'm guessing all those working on the movie felt that way as well. Why mess with perfection? :)
Ira Rosenberg
Ira Rosenberg 18 dias atrás
@TheEarlHaight first of all, how dare you But also, yes, legends were there for that concert. But Freddie is the Queen.
TheEarlHaight 29 dias atrás
It wasn’t even the greatest that day. Queen had no business being there. Sun City was more their vibe
meha hssai
meha hssai Mês atrás
the biggest mistake in the film is that Rami doesn't have a drop of sweat!! he did not sweat throughout the concert!!! How has no one thought of this important point????!!!
William Vega
William Vega Mês atrás
If a time travel machine existed. This would definitely be the first place I would go. Damn I wish I had the honor to see them live. What a band man. Queen will always be one of the greatest band in the history of music.
Laurie Dengel
Laurie Dengel 14 dias atrás
I was lucky enough to see Queen live... Knebworth House in 1986, their final live performance, it was incredible.
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 15 dias atrás
If a time machine existed I too would go back to a Queen concert. But it would be the Christmas Eve concert at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1975. What a night!
madzangels 21 dia atrás
Same here! My Dad used to listen to Queen religiously, he died when I was 11 of cancer and I think I'd probably just cry through the whole thing xD Queen were, still are incredible
digwillhachi Mês atrás
yeah, same. Its the one concert I wish I could go back and see.
rand :D
rand :D 6 meses atrás
This isn't a concert, this is a historical event.
ben mannion
ben mannion 9 dias atrás
I 100% agree, best concert in history
NickStoleYoGurl 15 dias atrás
Couldn’t have said it any better
キルKiLLAKAME-赤目 25 dias atrás
@Thy45sGuy Every Artist that ever lived without bias fans
Thy45sGuy 25 dias atrás
@キルKiLLAKAME-赤目 1. It helped raise money for famine relief 2. Millions have watched this broadcast and live 3. The performance was truly one of a kind and was one of the best gigs in history clocking in at just 20 minutes Elaborate on who you think would even come close to this performance
pixlrik Mês atrás
Fun fact - Brian May and Roger Taylor are in the movie watching Rami in the background on stage. Look to the left of Rami's shoulder at 1:20 - see the two people sitting up high? That's them.
Elyssa Brecher
Elyssa Brecher 29 dias atrás
I can't fathom how many hours Rami sat and watched the tapes from LiveAid.....he clearly studied Freddy's every move, every facial feature, every nuance, in order to give the most authentic performance he could. And he DID. Rami Malik IS Freddy Mercury in this film......he embodies the's as if Freddy's spirit took over Rami's body. It was an amazing performance. ❤️
Chief Ph.D.
Chief Ph.D. Mês atrás
This man had the entire world in the palm of his hands...absolute legend.
TheEarlHaight 29 dias atrás
Geldolf did
vladcampos 21 dia atrás
So many talented artists in both sides of the screen. Singer, band, crew, audience, actors, director, editor, etc.
Major Shrimp
Major Shrimp 7 meses atrás
Can we put Rami's incredible performance aside a sec and congratulate the casting director that found the other three members? Brian, John, and Roger's actors are uncanny!
Michelle Espino
Michelle Espino 14 dias atrás
And bassist in the movie was the kid from Jurassic movie
suman dhakal
suman dhakal Mês atrás
exactly i am also thinking the same
meha hssai
meha hssai Mês atrás
the biggest mistake in the film is that Rami doesn't have a drop of sweat!! he did not sweat throughout the concert!!! How has no one thought of this important point????!!!
John Connell
John Connell 2 meses atrás
I was just thinking the exact same thing!
Helen Kish Miller-Lindholm
@McKendree Cochran I couldn’t agree more
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 7 dias atrás
17:27 the way he has given kiss to crowd.....the energy the passion the God of every performer ❤️👍🙏 Legend of legends 👏👏👏
Jamie Brown
Jamie Brown 29 dias atrás
The attention to detail on everything speaks volumes. Like everyone understood the assignment and respected Freddie to the point they knew they had to be gunning it at 110%. That's what Freddie deserves.
Jaake 7113
Jaake 7113 10 dias atrás
EVERYONE was sooooo good in this movie! Great casting and Rami just straight-up killed it as Freddie. All these years later and I STILL get the "Euphoria + Broken Heart = Freddie" feeling every time I hear any of my favorite Queen songs. RIP Fred. You were, are, and will always be the very best.
logan iosa
logan iosa Mês atrás
Me imagino que estar en los zapatos del productor que hizo revivir cada detalle del concierto de QUEEN , fue lo mas grandioso , hasta los bellos se le han de ver puesto de punta al ver el resultado, muy buena escenificación. En los particular son fanático de QUEEN , y el que hizo este trabajo de revivir esos momentos mis respetos .
R0NALD 11 dias atrás
Breno Tresoldi Minzon
Breno Tresoldi Minzon 3 anos atrás
I imagine how many times the actor watched the original, in order to copy EXACTLY the same movements, at the same time. More than deserved Oscar!
adam newman
adam newman Mês atrás
Rami Malek won the best actor award at the Oscars for this
Igor Belinello
Igor Belinello Mês atrás
Same here.
Neil Clark
Neil Clark Mês atrás
except for the tuning on the piano, Freddie left hand, Rami right hand.
Dench Ness
Dench Ness Mês atrás
Too right!
meha hssai
meha hssai Mês atrás
the biggest mistake in the film is that Rami doesn't have a drop of sweat!! he did not sweat throughout the concert!!! How has no one thought of this important point????!!!
Gemma Equine
Gemma Equine 23 dias atrás
Queen was a rough road to something amazing and eventually they made "Days Of Our Lives" ... This was Freddie's goodbye to us all! What a wonderful group of human beings after all that they had been through, that they supported him till the end! It's a shame we all can't take a leaf out of Queen's book and realise that no matter 'what' we are troubled by... we are all human!
No one can really imitate Freddy. One of kind earthling. No disrespect to Rami Malek he did a great job.
Doktor McNasty
Doktor McNasty Mês atrás
Sacha Baron Cohen could have done it but the remaining members of Queen were too interested in their own legacy to allow such a perfect imitation to take place.
Ollie Mês atrás
I’m jealous of the people who were at this concert
Sam Weldon
Sam Weldon Mês atrás
Shame they didn't do, "We will rock you" in the film. Still an incredible performance by Rami Malek though. Fully deserved that Oscar!
Gio Kspa
Gio Kspa 14 dias atrás
Some people in the comments said there is a scene but it was cut out, you can find it in the directors cut
Brenda Cherry
Brenda Cherry Mês atrás
They did but not all if it toward the end.
Kilianechka 3 meses atrás
Everyone praises the actors, but can we have a moment to appreciate the set crew for their amazing attention to the details
Beverly Glover
Beverly Glover 19 dias atrás
@소우주 We don't feel FORCED! We are just sick of the "lets take a moment to appreciate/ can we take a moment to appreciate/ can we have a moment to appreciate etc. Just stop it already!
소우주 19 dias atrás
lmao i love how people here are acting like the op is really forcing them to appreciate the staff's hardwork as well. They could've gone on with their day ignoring the comment but they just had to let everyone know about them and their opinions.
RiverPlays 23 dias atrás
Like the cups Pepsi
LuCas Mali
LuCas Mali 29 dias atrás
Yea the movie paid great tribute to Queen and the legend of what they had done.
Beverly Glover
Beverly Glover Mês atrás
We don't need you to tell us to have a moment to appreciate anything! We don't need you! Stop the moment to appreciate crap! It is so TIRING!
D.B. Mês atrás
This was a RARE (sadly) occasion where they really did justice to the real life character in the movie. It was amazing to watch.
Arturo García
Arturo García 4 dias atrás
La película fue un gran y digno homenaje sin faltar al respeto mis gran admiración a la productora 20th Century Fox hicieron un excelente trabajo y Freddie Mercury es inigualable en todo una gran persona en todo su esplendor me erizó la piel esas presentaciones... Saludos desde Panamá 🇵🇦
sankar anand
sankar anand 15 dias atrás
Thank you Freddie ❤, You will be remembered for a long long time.
Copper Kettle
Copper Kettle Dia atrás
I can't get enough of this. Queen was one of the greatest bands of all time. Freddie one of the best front men ever! Good lord I miss him.
Christensen K
Christensen K 5 meses atrás
There was indications that Freddy was having difficulty with his voice....this concert was a huge risk. but he totally nailed every note. It was a massive success thanks to QUEEN.
Julie Ann Diorio
Julie Ann Diorio Mês atrás
@nnn nnn I know this is an older comment, but I had to reply to this. Everyone here was saying how much he looked like Freddie and those eyes just did not do it for me and when I saw your comment, I couldn't stop laughing! His teeth also were too big! Freddies teeth were big, but they weren't popping out of his mouth like Rami's.
Metaphorically I'm A Whore
@Nell Gainey he would absolutely loathe today’s world
Tara J. Fitzgerald
Tara J. Fitzgerald 3 meses atrás
When he realized he was having difficulties with his voice he knew he had to perform one more time! Amazing performance and energy from every living soul there! He lived to perform and left us with a sweet goodbye!
Syd Addams
Syd Addams 3 meses atrás
@Karolis stl Well during the actual Live Aid I don’t think he realized how iconic this performance would become and acted like he normally would, the actor had to recreate the performance with the knowledge of how beloved it is so yeah, it may seem like he is. But I’d say he did a pretty good job.
Edgar Iván Fragoso
Edgar Iván Fragoso 4 dias atrás
Se me enchina la piel solo de ver el concierto en vivo 🙂🥲
Cii Pan
Cii Pan 12 horas atrás
I am so proud on the achievement of the QUEEN. And if I could turn back the time, I would probably one of those fans watching this performance. 🥺
Nikki M
Nikki M Mês atrás
Can't believe I passed on this movie for 4 years. I just saw it yesterday. It was great!
Living Decay
Living Decay 21 dia atrás
Amazing performance, no one could have played Freddy better- the only thing that annoyed the shit out of me is that Rami doesn't have a drop of sweat on him from start to finish and looks like he's been dusted with flour other than that unreal...
Mavicbagnes Lazaro
Mavicbagnes Lazaro 14 horas atrás
Nothing beats the this movie so much...❤️❤️❤️..Freddie Mercury is one of a kind performer❤️
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 2 dias atrás
Shivers down my Spine! Rami really nailed that role... Its great to see the comparison, thank you very much!
Wriggly & Dogg
Wriggly & Dogg 13 dias atrás
Perfect airband. i am so happy they did this at he end of the movie, amazing performance with a worthy tribute. I am a Metal head, Metallica first concert. How can anyone deny the talent. so many good performers gone before they got to show what they were really capable of. thanks for this tribute.
sams 16 dias atrás
gotta appreciate the fact that not only they remade the concert stage, not only that they had actors for every single person in the stage, but the fact that they nailed every single move in the actual concert
Carolina Ocana
Carolina Ocana 2 anos atrás
It’s crazy how Freddie probably didn’t think about how his every move that day was going to be imitated in a large screen film for the world to see decades later. Life imitates art.
Henny Sy
Henny Sy 20 dias atrás
@Jean Andre you're right
meha hssai
meha hssai Mês atrás
the biggest mistake in the film is that Rami doesn't have a drop of sweat!! he did not sweat throughout the concert!!! How has no one thought of this important point????!!!
Yovas 3 meses atrás
domdecosa 3 meses atrás
That’s not what that phrase means.
Eduardo Melo
Eduardo Melo 2 meses atrás
Queen foi a melhor banda da história... todos os integrantes eram compositores, excelentes músicos e teve o maior e melhor front man de todos....
MARTOX k Mês atrás
Led Zeppelin>>>>
Irene F.
Irene F. 2 meses atrás
All of them very intelligent and kind hearted as well.
LC 19 dias atrás
This song brings me back to a 13 year old me hearing this song for the 1st time because of Wayne’s World. Still moves me 30 years later.
Antonio Soffici
Antonio Soffici 15 dias atrás
Lorraine dh
Lorraine dh 18 dias atrás
Marian Velasquez V
Marian Velasquez V 2 meses atrás
No me canso de verlo, escucharlo es impresionante me eriza la piel del corzon. inigualable Freddie..inmortal...
Marco Covarrubias
Marco Covarrubias 2 meses atrás
Freddy was a rock n roll God, there is no comparison, just a tribute. The most powerful voice in rock. From Zanzibar/England to the world, share the love, stop the hate.
Arani Kaeding
Arani Kaeding 3 anos atrás
Despite the problems I had with the movie, this part of it was done flawlessly. Rami Malek deserved that Oscar
Logan Palmer
Logan Palmer 29 dias atrás
@BlackForestBrian No, you’re right. The movie skips *a lot* of what happened in the 70s, shows things out of order, leaves important people in the band’s history out while fictionalizing other things.
BlackForestBrian Anos atrás
I didn't appreciate how Freddie went from initially joining Queen, then all the way to Queen having a record deal and a U. S. tour all in about 5 minutes of movie time. Or is that how it actually went down? Sorry, not a Queen expert, just a casual fan, but it seemed pretty hokey to me.
KevAng039 Anos atrás
@Arani Kaeding The angry lizard scene where they meet with John to convince him to sign them gave me a headache, it was atrocious. I loved the movie flaws and all but not doing the whole concert because it would have made it a little longer was a bogus excuse as well as the we didn’t want to repeat some songs used earlier in the movie, big mistake, everyone I know agreed that the whole concert would have been no problem at all and seeing the movie cut Radio Gaga in half, skipping all of Crazy Little Thing Called Love and We Will Rock You along with multiple cuts to Bob Geldoff probably annoyed me more than anything else in the movie.
Maria Guadalupe Castro Jimenez
Abandoned_Ballbag 3 anos atrás
@lem0n dem0n Except you can speak into pickups. If the gain is high enough. I expect from the strings vibrating due to speaking/shouting/singing onto them.
Pri3rak_KoMMyHu3Ma 2 meses atrás
Я открыл для себя Queen только после просмотра Богемской рапсодии. Автор, спасибо тебе, за то что сделал такой видеоряд. Фредди бесподобен, но и Рами не подкачал) Всем добра!
ESZON 2 meses atrás
Yo fui a ver la película en su estreno,fue increíble cómo el público de la sala,cantaba las canciones y al final se aplaudió,jamás había visto semejante reacción en un cine
Joanna Ch. D.
Joanna Ch. D. 2 meses atrás
No me canso de ver éste vídeo y no puedo dejar de decir que los 4 actores que interpretaron a Queen lo hicieron genial y gran parecido a los originales... Excelente 👍
SEAR VER PE Mês atrás
Graias Juan Dela Cruz por realizar este duplicado de las dos interpretaciones, magnífico.
Orange 2 anos atrás
I'm one of the crew during this aid 1985. It's a honor to participate in this memorable event. Now my age is 59. Fredie will remain alive in each of Queen fans. Such memorable moment ☺️
Dominic G
Dominic G 2 meses atrás
@Tuco Salamanca bro plenty of older people watch one piece
Deacys Cheese on toast
Deacys Cheese on toast 3 meses atrás
You’re so lucky to have been there.. I wasn’t even alive then yet I would do anything to be there.
Tonberry Creative
Tonberry Creative 5 meses atrás
@Jokubas Bridikis my aunt who is in her 60s watches anime and has anime profiles on Facebook XD soo what’s your point?
Jun-jun Tabili
Jun-jun Tabili 8 meses atrás
lucky you #David.... Queen's fan here.
Siri Kornelie Ulvestad
Siri Kornelie Ulvestad 20 dias atrás
Rami did such a good job and i think Freddie is possibly one of the hardest people to act as
Vikkitee Mês atrás
I just watched the movie again. He did an amazing job in portraying Freddy. I can't fault it. It's an incredible portrayal of his life. He did him justice and I can't think of anyone who could have done it better. What an honor for him to play Freddy. He must have studied him for hours to get his movements
Diane Phelps
Diane Phelps 2 meses atrás
I remember watching Live Aid. Queen blew away all the rest. I was on my feet for there whole performance.
Lourdes Suárez Villasmil
perfect side by side and perfect performance of the actors in each detail of the real concert. A true art piece.
Tamara Tavelidze
Tamara Tavelidze Mês atrás
Fantastic performance, just unbeatable!
Wynne Lewis
Wynne Lewis Mês atrás
The best ever , queen is the best!!!!!!
Han N2fam
Han N2fam Mês atrás
3 yrs later. I look back to remind me of the pure joy of music and the legends that precede us. The comparison is 👌💋
Steam Driven Doll
Steam Driven Doll Mês atrás
Wow there's almost no flaws in the performance by Rami, he did so well!
Lucy Coughlan
Lucy Coughlan 5 meses atrás
my dad was at this concert at 15. MY DAD WAS HERE. I will always be jealous of him. Long live Queen
Lucetta Butt
Lucetta Butt Mês atrás
I was there too!! Well .. not actually in the audience, but I was 15 and saw this " Live!" On T.V. the entire weekend!! I am so blessed to witness this historical event!!! Queen was the Best!!!
Vincenzo Farina
Vincenzo Farina 2 meses atrás
i was in London with the school
Red panda
Red panda 2 meses atrás
@Lucy Coughlan What does he thinks of the movie?
Manish Soni
Manish Soni 3 meses atrás
Ninja technique to get likes on your comment
Chareesh Lingala
Chareesh Lingala 3 meses atrás
@Albin antigay go watch bts twitter user
Israel Fonseca
Israel Fonseca Mês atrás
👏👏👏👏 sem palavras pelo trabalho que o ator teve para fazer esta cena na perfeição!!!🏆
Mía Kimberly  Onzari
Mía Kimberly Onzari 2 meses atrás
Como desearía estar en ese consierto para presenciar ese momento hermoso son unas leyendas 💙🤩😁
Gareth Wilkinson
Gareth Wilkinson Mês atrás
It seems that no one will ever do better than this man. I had no idea as a child watching Live Aid.
利先生 Mr. Lee's woodwork DIY
Hey, buddy, what's up? You okay?
Warren Filer
Warren Filer 15 dias atrás
Loved this film, seen it three times, loads I didn’t know, but what a showman. We seem to lose these types of amazing, one off entertainers who are recognised by their all round greatness👍
Friendly 5 meses atrás
Do you think Freddie ever imagined that years later, someone would be memorizing and choreographing his every move and mannerism for an amazing performance in a film?
[wet squelch]
[wet squelch] 3 meses atrás
@Coolcatsandthe70schick ofc the original can never be beaten. don't fucking disrespect the people who took effort to make this film though. it was nowhere near bad.
Zack is the man
Zack is the man 3 meses atrás
@Coolcatsandthe70schick not even true
Veli Alp Yavuz
Veli Alp Yavuz 3 meses atrás
Nope He was having fun too
Coolcatsandthe70schick 3 meses atrás
It wasn't an amazing performance though. It was a poor copy
Virginia Stirnweis.
Rami was flawless in this scene, you know he was perfect in every other scene of the movie
Dayana Mês atrás
Freddie siempre vivirá en nuestros corazones. Su música nunca morirá 💫
Célia Maria Vidal
Célia Maria Vidal Mês atrás
Amei, este filme de arrepiar!👏👏👏🥰❤❤👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Terry P. G.
Terry P. G. Mês atrás
Absolutely love this, watch it over and over again, and again
Helene Giansante
Helene Giansante 3 anos atrás
I watched this concert all day with my Mom, who was really impressed by Freddie. She is gone now, but when I watch this, it's as if she is still beside me watching it, too.
JM Production
JM Production 6 meses atrás
@Shreyas Srivastava who needs likes?
Helene Giansante
Helene Giansante 7 meses atrás
@Kitty Catyness You, too, Kitty, and for a healthy and happy 2022, as well.
Basho Matsuo
Basho Matsuo 7 meses atrás
Same same.
Stilmis 7 meses atrás
Ok Helene Giansante
Kitty Catyness
Kitty Catyness 8 meses atrás
I understand you. For me its the same❤️ I remember that day: I was in the living room with my mom. She was ironing the laundry next to me. We watched the concert all day long....we danced and laughed together. She passed away 2 years ago. I miss the time. I miss her 😢 Im sending you good energies ❤️
-Michael's Lil’ Admirer-
Nothing beats Queen in Live Aid. Brilliant! Both in the movie and real life!
Darryl Flinch
Darryl Flinch 28 dias atrás
14:30 I just love this whole sequence
Lars Larsgubben
Lars Larsgubben 24 dias atrás
The amount of details in this movie, I LOVE it!
Célia Maria Vidal
Célia Maria Vidal Mês atrás
Este, ator arrebentou com a atuação, parabéns!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Nabi Nabiev
Nabi Nabiev 8 meses atrás
Respect Rami for the work done, he's probably the best who could play Freddie. BUT Freddie's confidence in his eyes, in his movements, in his voice, it's just impossible to repeat or play, it's something inside.
Azerim 5 meses atrás
The calm confidence is gone in the movie. Also Freddie isn't smiling much in the real concert and they wanted to show he was happy in the movie and it takes away from the performance.
Kurt Castillo
Kurt Castillo 5 meses atrás
Marc Martel was the one responsible for the singing voice
Герман Шелевой
@Maria Ester Siccardi perfecto? Non c’è questa parola in Italiano. Esiste il perfetto! Guarda il pianista Peter Bence che davvero lo stesso temperamento. // perfecto? There is no such word in Italian. There is the perfetto! Look at the pianist Peter Bence here in BRvid who really the same temperament and face. And his playing shows that he understands what a passion for music is.
Maria Ester Siccardi
Maria Ester Siccardi 6 meses atrás
Rami Is perfecto!!! The movie excelente!!!!💪💪💪❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
Black Bass
Black Bass 6 meses atrás
@Ron S I don't think that it should go as far to ruin the film, but it sure was a big part of it
Debbie Simpson
Debbie Simpson Mês atrás
He got the twinkle in his eye spot on. Nobody beats freddies twinkle
Kaitlin __
Kaitlin __ 25 dias atrás
The movie was spectacular. Loved it. I always cry during the concert.
Ini Umoh
Ini Umoh Mês atrás
I paid my dues....... When that line in the song came at the end, that was emotional
MrBeans 2 meses atrás
Rami was absolutely PERFECT for this role!!! He looks EXACTLY like Freddie! Even his performance is Identical! mannerisms and all! This movie was so incredible! What a time to be alive!
ttc • 60 years ago
ttc • 60 years ago 16 dias atrás
I watched the movie just a few months ago and i kinda teared because of all those hardwork and struggles theyve been thru and now theyre all legends that we remember
Richard Gauto
Richard Gauto 2 meses atrás
Impresionante video de verdad... Para todos los amantes de la verdadera música esto es una joya. Ojalá la plataforma jamás borre esta obra de arte. Agradecido de verdad...
L R 2 meses atrás
Amazing!!! Thanks for the side by side comparison of the movie to the real thing...awesome!
Gypsy dancer
Gypsy dancer 19 dias atrás
Great casting!!!!!! Simply Amazing
Sandra Pd
Sandra Pd 2 anos atrás
No one can rock a stadium in less than 20 minutes like freddie did
micki nimaj
micki nimaj 4 meses atrás
@sᴀʙʀɪɴᴀ ʙᴏᴛᴇʟʟᴏ-ʟᴏᴘᴇᴢ no way you compared jungkook to Queen 🧍‍♀️
I’m dat weeb yoongi stan
@sᴀʙʀɪɴᴀ ʙᴏᴛᴇʟʟᴏ-ʟᴏᴘᴇᴢ please don’t compare them. BTS is phenomenal in their own way but Queen is forever a legend
jkj10 4 meses atrás
@DCENT Mike didn't sing live at the Superbowl. That's not called 'talent', usually.
Prateek Panwar
Prateek Panwar 2 anos atrás
@DCENT Well, They exist. We just need to find them
angie adoranti
angie adoranti 16 dias atrás
Fucking amazing! Ans I am so glad to have watched the movie and to have learned the story of QUEEN!
Clay Four
Clay Four 2 meses atrás
It's as if Freddie's spirit was guiding Rami through the concert - Amazing !
Maria Francisca Muñoz
Maria Francisca Muñoz 28 dias atrás
Simplemente,, ESPECTACULAR,,,, Grande para siempre,, y por siempre una leyenda,, FREDY
Daniel McLoughlin
Daniel McLoughlin Mês atrás
Took my mom to this movie on opening night. She loves queen! And i have a huge love for queen because of her. But seeing this, this edit, really puts into perspective how good this film was. Shame it lost to another film. Amazing acting and choreography and production here
Matt Morrow
Matt Morrow 28 dias atrás
Absolutely perfect 👍🏻
Vida de Motorista de App - Por Roberto...
Eu simplesmente amo suas músicas. Vc era o cara!!!
bluesfun 9 dias atrás
7:38 I've always loved this moment. Some technician is pulling away the microphone's cable and Freddie grabs it in such a cool and theatrical way so that nobody notices :-)
Diana Alvarez
Diana Alvarez 2 meses atrás
La termine de ver en Netflix y de verdad una actuación maravillosa de este hombre mis respetos.. una historia que recomiendo verla para entender sus canciones y letras tan profundas.
Keir Blank
Keir Blank Anos atrás
Rami Malek absolutely deserved every award he won for his portrayal of Freddie.
olivier muller
olivier muller 6 meses atrás
he is not an actor, the time show me right, eh eh
Leslie A West
Leslie A West 7 meses atrás
Wow, glad I watched this. Loved it. Also loved the 2018 movie. Got the DVD. One of best things Queen did was the 1985 Live Aid, at Freddie's instance. Rami M did a wonderful job as Freddie Mercury. I remember Rami M from all 3 of the Smithsonian movies. Such a bittersweet movie.
Adrian Zieniewicz
Adrian Zieniewicz 9 meses atrás
Absolutely not. Rami should stick to playing nerds and other people with impaired emotions (which he does great). Freddie was the literal opposite of him. It's great he could move and all but he felt like a mannequin. So there you have it - casting him in this role destroyed the character of Freddie Mercury. I love them both separately but not in this cringe worthy union. Go ahead and hate me now.
Daniel Fozzard
Daniel Fozzard Anos atrás
@Free Mankind then this film would of probably never of been made for that reason. Unfortunately in similar words to Freddie we don't all live forever .
ElleCee62978 Anos atrás
@Simon der Weduwen He and Joe had amazing chemistry in The Pacific. Adding Joe to the cast of this was phenomenal. He resembles John so much that he even asked his mom where where was in 1983.
Adalgisa Sales Cavalcante
Curtir Freddie Mercury é sempre uma emoção 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Janne Mês atrás
incredible the filming of the live aid concert, literally they are identical to all the members of the band, incredible Rami
Rosina 2 meses atrás
i remember watching this live from New Zealand. the 80s ruled!!!. and really loved the movie
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