BLACKPINK Talks "Kill This Love", Coachella & How They Formed

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#BLACKPINK stopped by the studio to talk #KillThisLove , #Coachella , and how they formed!
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16 Abr 2019



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Comentários 80
Mik Nicolas
Mik Nicolas 2 horas atrás
Buhat na buhat ni rose HAHAHAHA
Aaliyah Williams
Aaliyah Williams 11 horas atrás
I like that he made a point to ask Jisoo a question and wasn't just like she doesn't speak English well so I'll ignore her
Mr Stone
Mr Stone 15 horas atrás
Blackpink are my favs. First time watching Zac and his mate and they were such cool interviewers.
Can altıntas
Can altıntas 16 horas atrás
Why they are talking so quietly and slowly ?
Clarissa L
Clarissa L Dia atrás
Aul Saa
Aul Saa Dia atrás
Jisoo was so pretty and cute at this moment😍
Meona Kiram Lampatan
Kawawa nman si Jisoo 😫
Rosie Cheeks
Rosie Cheeks Dia atrás
*her accent is stronger than my internet connection*
pickled IceCream
pickled IceCream 2 dias atrás
There is black but where is pink?
Cherlyn Chong
Cherlyn Chong 2 dias atrás
we stan humble queens
typicallysammy 2 dias atrás
jisoo this whole interview: just smile & nod
Fatima Mellado
Fatima Mellado 2 dias atrás
Z: why did you do it? R: Cause my dad told me to THE BEST PART HANDS DOWN
Mermaidliciois Mermaid
They look like literal angels tho 🤧
: DearD'sArtChannel
: DearD'sArtChannel 2 dias atrás
Mary Moe
Mary Moe 2 dias atrás
the only kpop i listened to was 2NE1 and now BLACKPINK they have raps and its hate but other GIRL kpop groups do cutesy songs u feel me?
yeni wispa
yeni wispa 2 dias atrás
Rose so well spoke
Riska Dwinda
Riska Dwinda 3 dias atrás
I LOVE JISOO'S VOICE SO MUCH 😭 REALLY Im waiting she's talking in this interview she's voice is so beautiful😭
sakuntala Devi
sakuntala Devi 3 dias atrás
Is it only me who saw this video in 1.5X speed ??? 🙄😂
Daph Soriano
Daph Soriano 3 dias atrás
Rosie is so cute teaching Lisa on how to speak in English 😍😍
Javiera Mansilla
Javiera Mansilla 3 dias atrás
With HYLT promotions I hope they can comeback go this show, this is my favorite interview of BLACKPINK ever, they look so comfortable and happy, I'm glad they can show this beautiful side of them!❤
Althena Vue
Althena Vue 3 dias atrás
Blackpink the juniors of 2NE1... I love them so much... Jennie is CL’s daughter, Jisoo is Sandara’s Daughter, Lisa is Minzy’s daughter, and Rose is Park Bom’s daughter lol I wouldn’t say that they replace 2NE1 because no one can not replace no one but they are the claim daughters of 2NE1 lol... although I kind of think They should give Jennie more Rapping lines in Blackpink’s Songs... Since Jennie like it when other people raps
Novfiya Putri dewani
Novfiya Putri dewani 4 dias atrás
Its difficult to be in Jisoo's position when se cant speak english and respon the questions as much she wanted but she did very well
Rhu iggzdefense
Rhu iggzdefense 4 dias atrás
no one: Jisoo: just nod and smile y'all
Jacob Chavez
Jacob Chavez 4 dias atrás
Jisoo: 🤨🧐🤔
Maggie Wang
Maggie Wang 4 dias atrás
this guy is such a bad interviewer and he's very obviously making all of them uncomfortable
levi 3 dias atrás
Maggie Wang didn’t know 15 year old girls could be incels😍that’s new...
levi 3 dias atrás
Maggie Wang incel? who’s an incel lmaooo. you definitely have a problem i see.
Maggie Wang
Maggie Wang 3 dias atrás
@levi nothing else i have to say to an incel
Maggie Wang
Maggie Wang 3 dias atrás
@levi and its called professionalism. they're not outright uncomfortable. some people 🙄🙄
levi 3 dias atrás
Maggie Wang i’ve watched this interview well over 2 times. you’re problematic if you find something wrong with this interview. this is their best and most informative interview so far. nothing he is doing or saying is making them uncomfortable. stop with the negativity.
Dewi Sofiana
Dewi Sofiana 4 dias atrás
woa he is the best interviewer ever. research them first, getting interact with all members, having a nice questions and speaking politely. GOOD JOB ZAC
Sarah Aksar
Sarah Aksar 4 dias atrás
I want Lisa to speak more it’s probably her confidence and that she barely gets asked anything but I wish she spoke more she knows English aswell
Jayhan Yusoph
Jayhan Yusoph 5 dias atrás
It’s the most viewed of all the videos here in this channel🤭❤️👌 5.1M!!
Purna hang Rai
Purna hang Rai 5 dias atrás
Jiso i love you how you confidante you speak your country language with out hesitation in every international show appreciate ❤️❤️❤️
jichu's jendeuk
jichu's jendeuk 5 dias atrás
the way jichu look at jennie that's melt my heart
Simo Dacanay
Simo Dacanay 5 dias atrás
Watching this right after HYLT hit 100M. Man, I wanna cry!
LEWI K 5 dias atrás
they are down to earth beyound gorgious 👸👸👸👸
I want to be a rock in my next life
Listening to this interview I really want the girls to express their feelings like moving away from home and dropping their whole lives to become trainees. It seems like something extremely difficult to do and they could express their dreams through their songs like writing their own songs they are so talented and they should express their stories through their songs in my opinion. I just wish they could write their own songs 😞
Mary Grace Moral
Mary Grace Moral 5 dias atrás
You Know Nothing Jon Snow
you are a great interviewer i swear!
jhemimeitch 6 dias atrás
TKW Nakal Arab saudi
TKW Nakal Arab saudi 6 dias atrás
I love blackpink. 3 angel only help jisoo for speaking ..
black pink
black pink 6 dias atrás
so cute jennie
ISLP DTX 6 dias atrás
I actually loved this interview. You can tell the interviewers really did listen to Blackpink and became fans prior to shooting this. The questions were interesting and flowed well. I got tons of background info on the members that I never knew. Dopeness!
Today's A Gift
Today's A Gift 6 dias atrás
I love them but I feel like the should be more inclusive with Jisoo and translate for her like how RM does for BTS. I really wanna know her opinion.
Saria 6 dias atrás
Zach: *asks something to jisoo* Jisoo: yes thank you
shaira sevilla
shaira sevilla 7 dias atrás
What is the name of the other guy?
Tam Nguyen
Tam Nguyen 7 dias atrás
I feel like Jisoo was always left out when on English shows 🥺🥺
Chris Tolani
Chris Tolani 7 dias atrás
Ashton Irwin: gets mentioned Jennie: fangirls inside
tymoonlightbae 7 dias atrás
They are literally sweet angels ❤️ it's a shame that some of thier fans are so toxic 💔
Mark Laurence Januario
i really like this interview
blink link
blink link 7 dias atrás
I think, Jennie is very fluent in english, but she shies, cause she didn't speak in english long time. You know, she moved to Korea about 10 years ago. But i love and prefer Jennies english more❤❤❤
bloeee 7 dias atrás
I hope they get interviewed by Zach again.
whatchu jus say?
whatchu jus say? 8 dias atrás
I just became a fan. These girls are so talented. The annoying bit is YG doesn't give them the opportunities. Like YES, they are doing great but I feel like if they weren't so restricted with keeping up with this 'image', it would be better. I love them.
kaytelyhn i guess
kaytelyhn i guess 8 dias atrás
when rosé said she REALLY enjoyed it all i could think of was “ThiS sONG is CaLlEd aS If iTS yOUr LAsT ANd i wAnT yoU tO dANce liKe It’s YouR lAst”
Zahidah Azmi
Zahidah Azmi 8 dias atrás
When the others laugh; Jisoo: I want laugh too 😢
Bex Howells
Bex Howells 9 dias atrás
They are all so precious 😍
Muhamad Anwar Jaelani
Muhamad Anwar Jaelani 9 dias atrás
I feel bad for jisoo :(
lavender 9 dias atrás
jennie during this interview is me in school
WONHOE CHILL 6 dias atrás
Their name is Blackpink not BTS
Azura M Dao Records
Azura M Dao Records 9 dias atrás
This interview made me like Jennie so much more she’s so sweet
Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle 9 dias atrás
*I think Lisa speaks at least as good english as Rosé and Jennie but why doesn't she speak at all? Because she was ashamed?*
WONHOE CHILL 6 dias atrás
She's not confident rosé was born in new Zealand and Jennie used to live there so they're confident meanwhile Lisa had to learn it by herself
Yuisan Joa F
Yuisan Joa F 9 dias atrás
And now I’m obsessed with them
Marya Margaretha
Marya Margaretha 9 dias atrás
I just realized that Rose is so fucking good at speaking English omg
Балгын Дюсенкулова
Jennie is so fake in this video. O can see how she trys a lot to look good
WONHOE CHILL 6 dias atrás
Lmao STFU she's good she doesn't have to try unlike u 😏🤮
Laxmi Lama
Laxmi Lama 10 dias atrás
Not gonna lie that I can listen rosé speaking english whole day 😚it's cute and sexy at the same time
Vaibhav gupta
Vaibhav gupta 10 dias atrás
Most followed k-pop artists on insta thanks to junkook and V for not having their own accounts.
WONHOE CHILL 6 dias atrás
Stop mentioning ur boys everywhere we don't give a f it's a fcking blackpink interview why are u here TF
Bo_Jelin 10 dias atrás
They're like: 5 Seconds of Summer who??
Bo_Jelin 10 dias atrás
@Moonlight M yeah lmao
Moonlight M
Moonlight M 10 dias atrás
Ikr!!! And he was acting like he is a BIGG celebrity so they have to act like they know him
Bo_Jelin 10 dias atrás
Jisoo be like: just smile and nod y'all
Pavalachi Nicoleta
Pavalachi Nicoleta 10 dias atrás
14:49 corona virus era 😖
Clyde Karyll
Clyde Karyll 11 dias atrás
rosé sounds like hermione
cherryone 11 dias atrás
cherryone 11 dias atrás
Blackpink are comingggg
cherryone 11 dias atrás
June 26th How You Like That
HarmonyLife 11 dias atrás
i love these american interviewers that are so alienated from kpop they ask idols "forbidden" questions and idols panicking faces
ambercoversandsongs 11 dias atrás
i feel sorry for jisoo my cute little baby
johnny lucas
johnny lucas 11 dias atrás
Anju tmg
Anju tmg 12 dias atrás
7:00 who noticed rose being ignored?
Rekha gourannavar
Rekha gourannavar 13 dias atrás
Rose is soo fluent in English
Ahgase Roth
Ahgase Roth 13 dias atrás
I cant imagine how awkward it will be without Rose
pinkoned ً
pinkoned ً 22 horas atrás
Ahgase Roth
Ahgase Roth 2 dias atrás
@BloodHuntress99 yeah but not talkative like Rose
BloodHuntress99 2 dias atrás
jennie is pretty fluent tho
Meena Waqar
Meena Waqar 13 dias atrás
Jisoo: i am fine 😄 cutie*😘
Meena Waqar
Meena Waqar 13 dias atrás
Rose: 🌹 Lisa: 😘 Jisoo: 😍 Jennie: 😚
jetina matthews
jetina matthews 13 dias atrás
za warudo
Tanya Meléndez
Tanya Meléndez 13 dias atrás
Zach was soo obvious w his crush on Lisa I live for thattt
Claire LS
Claire LS 13 dias atrás
Tiffany said "Part of being human is really working hard and not sharing your process", I know some people will disagree and some will agree, but I wanted someone to say something like that because that's what I've been thinking about BLACKPINK. They share a lot of "We worked really hard" and "how hard the trainee life was" while other groups don't mention it that much, or at least it is mentionned very few times but at the same time they have like 3 comeback everyyear with full album. They share positivity and try to be role models. I think it's toxic to always expect people to be perfect though, but it's just that BLACKPINK never really gave any good example to follow, they act like stars and despite nit having many come backs, they always say how hard they worked. But let's not forget TEDDY who's behind their songs, and the staff, and the choreographers. What Tiffany said here really hit me because BLACKPINK now definitely don't look like good celebrities to me now. Not as people, but as celebrities. They are not altruist celebs, compared to ITZY, TWICE, BTS, ATEEZ who don't forget to mention everyone that needs to be. For example when Jennie said that the monthly trainee evaluation was "such a cold world..."and she said it in english, I now have friends who think BLACKPINK are the ones who had it the hardest in the industry which is not true because we can't compare. But I'm used to see my favorite idols say" And that goes for almost everyone in the KPOP industry, we have to work all the time blablabla" but BLACKPINK never have the intention to mention other KPOP groups. I would have liked Jennie to say that they had a hard time, and that it was the case for a lot of trainees un the KPOP industry, this YG hadn't forbidden her to say I'm sure. They act like they aren't part of KPOP, but I think it is at least their responsibility to pay honor to everyone in the industry. They always say they debuted 4 years ago already and such, and they consider themselves as seniors since 2 years ago. twice for example haven't take themselves for granted as celebrities for a very long time, even now they give their best like rookies and never indulge on themselves. Some groups never do. I like this humility and support in KPOP, that I don'r get with BLACKPINK. And if there's something that BLACKPINK can control, it's their image, and they don't have to, but they could have acted with huge humility and spread positive energy, and not materialism and hollywood star vibe. Those who aren't really into KPOP can't understand that because they don't have real comparison, and it doesn't matter at all, I just wanted to say that in reaction to Tiffany's words. If there's a good side in KPOP, it's this non stop humility and hardwork in silence, a silence that is sometimes broken, but that is replaced with huge motivation each comeback, they give us the best energy they can, and never forget to mention their sunbaenims or idols fellows. One of the only really good thing about KPOP that Western pop doesn't ha e as a general pattern, BLACKPINK doesn't have it. And this star vibe (in a bad way because they're influencers and I like people to see everyone as equals) that almost no one has in KPOP, BLACKPINK has it. Girl's generation were stars.
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