BLACKPINK Talks "Kill This Love", Coachella & How They Formed

Zach Sang Show
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#BLACKPINK stopped by the studio to talk #KillThisLove , #Coachella , and how they formed!
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17 Abr 2019

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Comentários 13 470
Jo Asus
Jo Asus 47 minutos atrás
Low energy
Жанна Нальтаева
He looks SO excited! I love it! 😂
Nornajwan Nornajwanbinshazali
wow I blink blackpink I love you 💖💖💖💖.
MewDenise 8 horas atrás
The production questions were akward
直美 9 horas atrás
They know nothing about their own music... 🙄
Sydney Lizardo
Sydney Lizardo 15 horas atrás
"I think best things come when its unexpected" -Rosie 2019❤ It touched my heart 😭
Rias Gremory
Rias Gremory 20 horas atrás
it’s so sad to see how they don’t know what to say when they’re being asked about the writing process. like u can really see how yg doesn’t let them write anything and how they are not a part of the creative process behind a record. they just do what they r told to and i would love if that changed. they should be able to decide too, cause they r 4 beautiful humans who deserve it🖤💗
Wiam El hassani
Wiam El hassani 21 hora atrás
Edward Banks
Edward Banks 21 hora atrás
Lisa : Ash brown? BP: i think its. . Grey Zach : either way its beautiful. . Lisa : i just let my body move take control Zach : beautiful. . . Rose : always beautiful I think she notice 🤣
Amanda Bentes
Amanda Bentes 21 hora atrás
just here to say that i love and appreciate Jisoo sm 💞
Grace 22 horas atrás
This Jennie really is just a spoiled little brat and the worst about this is that no one stops her This is what usually happens when parents have only one child. My cousin and the girl in my street are also like this. They tend to care a lot more about themselves than others.
rummie 21 hora atrás
please stop saying negative and hatful things towards jennie i you don’t have something nice to say the don’t!!
Margot Beniamin
Margot Beniamin 21 hora atrás
it’s sad that yall see her that way, jennie is such a beautiful person with a selfless and genuine personality. Especially in this interview, i don’t know what she did wrong to you? She answered well to the questions and wasn’t at all rude or sumn
lalalalisa _
lalalalisa _ 22 horas atrás
y’all- are you really that bored?? please find the door and go watch some more vkook videos. imagine being so hateful towards a person😩😩
Zuzanna Resiak
Zuzanna Resiak 22 horas atrás
They are really cute 💜 I wish them the best
Blackpink in your area
*Blackpink is the best girl group and that's the mf tea*
And it's HOT. The tea is HOT.
callum 6098
callum 6098 Dia atrás
zach: jisoo, i haven’t forgotten about you! Hi. jisoo: ʰⁱ
alex amherst
alex amherst Dia atrás
This interview feels awkward
Malencia Vale
Malencia Vale 2 dias atrás
Did anyone else notice how Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa all three their heads back and laughed then swayed to the right and back again?? 8:14
Just Peachy
Just Peachy 2 dias atrás
*I LOVE how Zach is including jisoo! Our precious jisoo is getting noticed! Since most interviewers don't include jisoo a lot, she LOOKED kinda shocked that she was being included a lot. Glad he includes all the members*
Thorn Wall
Thorn Wall 2 dias atrás
you must know they all are intelligent girls.
Nothing Fun
Nothing Fun 2 dias atrás
Rosé being colour blind😂😂 Interviewer:What colour is ur hair Lisa? Lisa:I think it is ash brown Rosé:No it is grey 😂😂
grande 2 dias atrás
I hate when people tell me you're really skinny but I feel like they are
The Noobpro
The Noobpro 2 dias atrás
Turn on english subtitle at. 4:50 ;D
Uzma Anwar
Uzma Anwar 3 dias atrás
23:00 shows the reality
Vanya Sefiyanti
Vanya Sefiyanti 3 dias atrás
olivia foxwood
olivia foxwood 3 dias atrás
4:55 BRvid okay buddy?
kevin aska
kevin aska 4 dias atrás
kasian jisoo cengengesan doang 😂
Jihyo is My twice Bias
Rose sounds british
Mucefita Donelly
Mucefita Donelly 4 dias atrás
I'm sorry, do these girls have a mental disability? The semi coherent one is the long haired blonde, coherent yet not smart. I feel sorry for Zach.
Jasmine 4 dias atrás
Zach: so, what is the writing process like? You guys ever try and produce your own music? BP: *wii music intensifying*
andrea 4 dias atrás
*Stream dddd to one billion! Say yes to girls, say no to boys*
bbb2013 4 dias atrás
so jennie isn’t originally a vocalist, wow
ALI Aziz
ALI Aziz 4 dias atrás
awkward as hell
Sarah P
Sarah P 5 dias atrás
I love Jisoo’s raspy voice ❤️
mayra flores villegas
mayra flores villegas 5 dias atrás
Rose lets Jennie talk to her, stopping her when she speaks, you are the opaquator of the group🙄😒
Elise Green
Elise Green 5 dias atrás
Jisoo- Shy & Adorable Lisa- Talks really well but loved those white chocolate m&m's Jennie- Shy but will talk when she has something to say Rose- GDay mate! How's u fucking going? You wanna go down into the out back and put a shrimp on the barbi
Aqshal Maulana
Aqshal Maulana 5 dias atrás
Jisoo marry me ya, nanti aku ajarin bahasa Inggris
Aqshal Maulana
Aqshal Maulana 6 dias atrás
Sini jisoo aku ajarin bahasa Inggris
FER HERNANDEZ 6 dias atrás
mihi collection
mihi collection 6 dias atrás
I noticed how perfect jeenie's face is....and those eyes!!!!!!!!damn💞💞
ariana grande fan
ariana grande fan 6 dias atrás
I felt like jisoo and Lisa should speak more
Multifandom sucks because of stupid imma fans
Rosé:I was a terrible singer Me:If your voice is terrible,what about mine?A curse or something😅
SIA KIM 7 dias atrás
귀여워 지수..
Tasheena Scarth
Tasheena Scarth 8 dias atrás
Rose is a very good spokesperson for the group
Yuda Defriana
Yuda Defriana 8 dias atrás
I like Lisa's expression when she says "what no way", it looks so cute.
Silvia 9 dias atrás
😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍
Komik Ku
Komik Ku 9 dias atrás
i'm bitch, nice to meet you
I love that guy, he made all the members feel included. 😤❤️
azlina sulistio
azlina sulistio 9 dias atrás
I think Jisoo can understand but can't speak it
rezanne Ly
rezanne Ly 9 dias atrás
Marivic Servito
Marivic Servito 10 dias atrás
Brillia Nogena
Brillia Nogena 10 dias atrás
Pause it at 0:18 and you can see Jisoo feeding Lisa🥰🥰
ed shereene
ed shereene 10 dias atrás
Rose's legs are sooo thin daaaamn. Doesn't look healthy
ns kharbanda
ns kharbanda 10 dias atrás
Guys maybe rose is not eating look at her knees they are so slim I am worried about her please be fine rose
kras kap
kras kap 7 dias atrás
maybe you should watch 'blackpink's house"
LunarSpace 10 dias atrás
Jisoo looked so confused tho. But she kind of understands. Hopefully they'll teach her some more English. It's fine if she speaks Korean tho. She's so cute she got excited talking about Blackpink 💞
Daisy Peepz
Daisy Peepz 10 dias atrás
one of the best interview of blackpink!
Sujata Dia atrás
So they're all this awkward?
sakshi shihra
sakshi shihra 10 dias atrás
Sabreena Khan
Sabreena Khan 11 dias atrás
This dude is hardcore crushing on them.
Orbs Domingo
Orbs Domingo 11 dias atrás
When Lisa said, "I don't wanna think about anything" I felt that 😂
Fahmi Zakaria
Fahmi Zakaria 11 dias atrás
Felicity Darcy
Felicity Darcy 11 dias atrás
12:13 is soo cute to me. They make my heart go boom boom😭💗🖤
Gạch Hong Vlog
Gạch Hong Vlog 13 dias atrás
14:29 speak it out ROOSE
Daily Gaming Grinds
Daily Gaming Grinds 13 dias atrás
If your bias is Lisa, I dare you to reply.
Chun Li
Chun Li 13 dias atrás
Miftakhul Fikri
Miftakhul Fikri 13 dias atrás
You're all smart girls. Fluently speak english. Love u all
editsxkimi 13 dias atrás
Not trying to kill the mood but Rosé's legs kind of scare me...I know she's naturally skinny but I hope YG lets her get on a diet to help her gain some weight in the future :(
เอกชัย สายสร้อย
Sheryl Paredes
Sheryl Paredes 13 dias atrás
Real Talk: I love Jennie's accent and way of answering the question though straight to the point. I also like Rose's accent, but I hope she minimizes the word 'like'. I think it would more precise if she'd answer straight to the point.
Force Cat
Force Cat 14 dias atrás
Lisa acts kinda weird idk
Remington_L 14 dias atrás
I live for Dan low key fanboying over them 😂
SecretCommie 14 dias atrás
Zach said they were all anorexic and being tortured by Kpop. He judge their lives?? Inappropriate.
Monsta M
Monsta M 7 dias atrás
Well it’s kind of true tho🤷🏻‍♀️
rosiechan 14 dias atrás
Wait, really? When and where did hey say that?
Lizbeth Lucas
Lizbeth Lucas 14 dias atrás
This is like my first time watching this interveiw and when jennie said "my mom wanting me to move to the states....was is it Florida...." I was like yo wait a sec FLORIDA THAT'S WERE I LIVE!!!!! Edit: i'm happy jennie did what she loved to do for her rest of her life😊
Gamer Chaeyoung997BP
Gamer Chaeyoung997BP 15 dias atrás
Rose is probably good at English because she's from Australia
rosiechan 14 dias atrás
Rosé is actually fluent in English. It's pretty obvious. And actually, she was born in New Zealand but moved to Australia.
Apis Vlog
Apis Vlog 15 dias atrás
Love the fact that Jisoo doesn't speak english that much! That makes her so cute! Love you, Jisoo
Ceren 15 dias atrás
You can hear my babys voice is not sounding well. She was sick ....
mardhatillah aflyandri
mardhatillah aflyandri 16 dias atrás
Zach : how many times do you think you guys performed boombayah? Blackpink : ?!?!?!?! THE SHAAAADDEEEEE.. DO YOU HEAR THAT YG?
Ariana MoonChannel
Ariana MoonChannel 16 dias atrás
Zach : How about doing the whole record in English ? Rose : Oh...I mean , we're down.😂 18:38
nayelly narvaez
nayelly narvaez 16 dias atrás
HONESTLY THIS IS MY HONEST OPINION ON BLACKPINK!! "blinks" only have a few songs to stream, and it adds a lot of views. I personally dont think they deserve the views they get!! why?? watch there mr removed, they cant sing at all choreography is the exact same, not what your thinking, I mean even there hair flips are the exact jennie's lazy dancing when yg gives them a song to sing its not naturally from them!! example bts they make, produce their own music (rm, j-hope, and suga) people and more people are starting to notice it, and dont start thinking its hating, cuz its not! I once was a blink but not anymore please stream BTS - DNA they actually deserve it!!!
svetlana armlink
svetlana armlink 5 horas atrás
BLACKPINK absolutely deserves everything. Do you really trust MR Removed videos ? some mr removed channels are so biased.
lalalalisa _
lalalalisa _ 22 horas atrás
blackpink aren’t allowed to produce their own songs because of their company. and you’re bringing points from angelinas video into this, as if they matter. you’re getting pressed because they are doing their choreography like would you rather them have no choreography at all? blackpink deserves everything they have gained. you can stream dna and stop comparing your faves to groups that have literally done nothing to you. thank you🙂
rosé is a cute chipmunk not a goat
I dont believe u became a blink.
Lio J
Lio J 11 dias atrás
Cut your BS!
Ken Michael Perez
Ken Michael Perez 16 dias atrás
You really believe that mr removed videos? Lmao. They distorted blackpink voices to sound bad. Ariana, Rhianna, etc. don't compose their own songs yet you only hate blackpink? Obviously you're a hater. Get a life. And ps, bts is so overrated.
P. S.
P. S. 17 dias atrás
*take a shot everytime rosé says like*
Kristina Natalia
Kristina Natalia 17 dias atrás
that's what music should be, need the taste of freedom even it starts from Korean minds so we speak of a little bit of instant soul touch..
oof idk
oof idk 17 dias atrás
jisoo bias wrecked me here despite not saying anything
TheGoodwolfe 17 dias atrás
Amazing that Zach's interview with Blackpink, a K-Pop group, has over 4 million views!! No other interview is really even close!
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