BLACKPINK Talks "Kill This Love", Coachella & How They Formed

Zach Sang Show
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#BLACKPINK stopped by the studio to talk #KillThisLove , #Coachella , and how they formed!
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17 Abr 2019



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Comentários 14 017
Jiminie Pabbo
Jiminie Pabbo Dia atrás
I’m new here but it’s sad how Jennies mom was just trying to get rid of her
Paul Kolone
Paul Kolone Dia atrás
Their English tho....
Novitasari Hestia
I love Rose's natural voice. It's so deep and soothing...
Vi Eagle
Vi Eagle 2 dias atrás
Imma just put this in so I can always go back to this part about how Rosés dad was sick of her singing and piano and threw her to audition 9:30
taniaa F
taniaa F 2 dias atrás
I thought lisa was more fluent
Aisah Syah
Aisah Syah 4 dias atrás
Rose is carrying the whole team 😂😂
Shannen Saito
Shannen Saito 5 dias atrás
The blonde girl talks way too much.
S M 3 dias atrás
@Zer0w5 i just anwered to this guy who said that Rosé is talking too I was just defending her. I'm a blink for years, I perfectly know that they all speak english, but Rosé is the only native wich means that english is her first language while Jennie and Jisoo first language is korean even tho Jennie knows english very very well since she lived in US and Lisa first language is Thai so this is why it seems like she's talking too much. It's because she's the only one who is 100% confident with her english since is her native language.
Zer0w5 3 dias atrás
@S M lol how wrong you are, all of them can speak english fine, except for Jisoo but she's getting there slowly.
S M 4 dias atrás
She's the only english native speaker...the other girls can only speak korean and just a bit of english.
Tenisa White
Tenisa White 5 dias atrás
Moddangv Padcha
Moddangv Padcha 6 dias atrás
แปลไม่ออก ครับ
Sarah Beudeker
Sarah Beudeker 6 dias atrás
Rosé, the translator ;)
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 7 dias atrás
"We basically like new sister the each other"😍😍😍😍😍
이한나 7 dias atrás
love you guys♡♡♡
forever insFired
forever insFired 7 dias atrás
15:58 Can anyone tell me what Jennie said please, I can’t hear her properly😕
Hobi's sweat in bapsae
They couldn't answer properly
Sumi 7 dias atrás
I find them so boring 😭
chorvagee 12 horas atrás
boring enough for u to watch
Begum Calis
Begum Calis 8 dias atrás
Jennie is it diffrent...... Rose *I MEANNN ITS PREETY DIFFRENT* 😂😂😂
Nancy Larohlui
Nancy Larohlui 8 dias atrás
I love lisa so much
Juliana Antypas
Juliana Antypas 9 dias atrás
omg i love Lisa's voice she looks so cute and i love her so much as my 2nd Bias
Isabella Celis
Isabella Celis 9 dias atrás
When Rosie said that she auditioned cuz her dad told her. LOL
Kassey Leon
Kassey Leon 9 dias atrás
Rose sounds like Wengie when she talks in English;-; soooo much like her
Kassey Leon
Kassey Leon 7 dias atrás
Oliver Hughes she is a DIY person and she makes music too
Oliver Hughes
Oliver Hughes 7 dias atrás
Who is Wengie?
JaY 9 dias atrás
Their answers were very vague and it got awkward when Zach asked about the writing process and how the lyrics came to be. This interview also didn’t get as deep into them as artists as his other interviews too..
Flower Power
Flower Power 10 dias atrás
Kwan 關Sammy 惠如
Kwan 關Sammy 惠如 10 dias atrás
Rosé is too skinny.... Her legs.... I think she is even skinnier than Lisa....
chorvagee 10 horas atrás
@Kwan 關Sammy 惠如 u will have to get used to it, coz no matter how much she eats, she'll just burn it all off with all their activities right now and it doesn't help that her metabolism is fast. But as long as she can perform well, I don't think it'll be much of a concern.
Kwan 關Sammy 惠如
Kwan 關Sammy 惠如 11 horas atrás
@chorvagee I'm just concerned of her health issues.... Ok, calm down.... Bro
chorvagee 12 horas atrás
So ur just watching her legs for 29 minutes straight, how dedicated of u.
Swindle 11 dias atrás
goddamn jisoo's voice is so fucking nice and calming. it really hits my ear right, super relaxing
Alexa B
Alexa B 11 dias atrás
Oliver Hughes
Oliver Hughes 7 dias atrás
Only Jisoo has a Korean accent in English. And no, they don't sound British at all. Jennie learned English in New Zealand, where she lived for 5 years, going to school there. So her English accent has a Kiwi element to it. Rosé was born in New Zealand but grew up in Australia. So her English accent is an Australian accent. She didn't move to Korea until she was 16 (I think) so she is more Australian than anything else, similar to Bang Chan and Felix in Stray Kids. Lisa learned English before she learned Korean and her English teacher was probably American, and this is in addition to US media/TV/music etc that she picked up examples of English from. So her accent is more American. Jisoo was born in Korea and lived her whole life in Korea. So the limited English she had learned was still with a Korean accent. I hope that answers your question. Dunno why you felt the need to put it in all caps.
KpopXMy Mind
KpopXMy Mind 11 dias atrás
Rosès dad: ok were shipping you off to Seoul get packing!
Sumaiya Shaikh
Sumaiya Shaikh 12 dias atrás
I'm so surprised Rose is so fluent in speaking English.....I hate to say this but she is more fluent than RM from BTS(army please don't get mad on me...I'm an army too)
Rosie Posie
Rosie Posie 10 dias atrás
I mean ofc she was born in New Zealand and raise in Australia😂. Just a trivia
Sandra Hansson
Sandra Hansson 10 dias atrás
Rosé is Australian
s e b
s e b 12 dias atrás
FloweryMe FlowerMe
FloweryMe FlowerMe 12 dias atrás
Dan: how’s your solo going rosè ? Rosè:umm it’s coming around,we have a few songs in mind 6 months later : guys my solo is coming soon dont worry
BunuGamertag 12 dias atrás
Jennie and Lisa's attitude are literally the complete opposite compared to their music videos.
chorvagee 12 horas atrás
If you wanna learn more about them, watch blackpink house and diaries.
Ale Jm
Ale Jm 12 dias atrás
i was not expecting the aussie accent. pretty dope
Saima Tahsin
Saima Tahsin 13 dias atrás
I think I have never seen Rose being able to speak so much with so much freedom and independently considering the controversy related to her lately, so it was nice to see this.
Anime art online
Anime art online 14 dias atrás
Blackpink does not need intepreter but BTS needs, despite the accents. Most of the comments are about accents just told the fact😋😜🤩
pixiecouture731 14 dias atrás
bro so many cringe moments, that song writing part omg they have no freedom wtf
Gie Santillan
Gie Santillan 14 dias atrás
I admire Jennie's mom for being supportive of Jennie's decision. Like if it's my Mom she would definitely force me study and finish college.
steve bennetts
steve bennetts 14 dias atrás
like like like like like like
reaLISA- tion
reaLISA- tion 14 dias atrás
Zach: It's that b E a u T i F u L hair. Zach: What color is your hair? Also Zach: either way its b E a u T i F u L. Zach: What are you thinking about when you dance--? Also Zach: that's b E a u T i F u L. He's smitten. hkhkhkhk
Jisooisamazing subscribetolatteasmr
Kpop idols: It was dream to be a kpop star Rosè: My dad told me to do it 😂
Elif C
Elif C 15 dias atrás
Why no one talking about songwriting part?
Elif C
Elif C 14 dias atrás
@Yasmin i know, it's embarrassing.
Yasmin 15 dias atrás
It’s just way too embarrassing bruh😂
Lizkook jklm
Lizkook jklm 15 dias atrás
Idk if anyone notice this but THE WAY JENNIE LOOK AT LISA WHENEVER SHE’S TALKING DAMN💞🥰 she looks so proud💞
Mar 15 dias atrás
Not at Lisa eating kaabakans.
Ena Line
Ena Line 15 dias atrás
I wouldnt call myself a Blink but I love these girls they're adorable !
Muthia Elsa Fitri
Muthia Elsa Fitri 16 dias atrás
Lisaaaaaa 💜❤️❤️
Ana Leyva
Ana Leyva 16 dias atrás
Good interview
BangtanMyBangtan 16 dias atrás
Just came from Jackson interview. Zach should just interview every artist out there. I like his questions & attitude. Also kudos to the girls. They're super adorable in this. I don't know much about BP but I want to hug Jisoo coz she understand less English but tried her best to be part of the interview. Kudos to Zach too for noticing that too.
Jennifer Huynh
Jennifer Huynh 17 dias atrás
hello i’m watching this interview again bc i miss them so much😭
Yanne Moreira
Yanne Moreira 17 dias atrás
I can't just pass this interview when ever it appears to me, this is probably one of the best interview BLACKPINK ever had, Zach makes it so organic and they seemed to enjoy it so much ... Congrats on the awesome work !!
Yasmin 15 dias atrás
Organic...where? Zach was doing a great job! But this whole interview was a mess😕
Shiny J.
Shiny J. 17 dias atrás
Jennie 💖💖💖
The Waldo G
The Waldo G 17 dias atrás
Rosé's English is so satisfying, like music to my ears.
finxstar Dia atrás
parkrokosmos 17 dias atrás
Diplo must love the YG gals 😂💕💕
Ceren 18 dias atrás
5:52 omg poor jisoo, shes like what. she is so cuteee
kitai 18 dias atrás
12:14 다행히? Thankfully~ hahaha.. Very cute!
Devin Lockhart
Devin Lockhart 18 dias atrás
Dude is charming. I was trying to think of the perfect word to describe him annnd yup that’s it. ;) charming
Romarie Nepomuceno
Romarie Nepomuceno 18 dias atrás
I’m still waiting for Rosé solo song.
123 456
123 456 19 dias atrás
i fucking love Rosé's accent
Mike Poulin
Mike Poulin 20 dias atrás
This is by far the best interview of Blackpink out there yet...the host was really prepared and didn't ask stupid questions like most interviewers... I only wish Jisoo had told us her story about how she got into all this...but overall I learned a lot about them...good job!
Yasmin 15 dias atrás
I mean the interviewer was great! But it was just 30min of complete awkwardness tbh😕
JENNIE REEM 21 dia atrás
Jen nifer
Jen nifer 22 dias atrás
wow how come blackpink speaks english so well? but BTS is like.. you know.. even Jennie speaks better than RM lol
The Lazy Pig
The Lazy Pig 3 dias atrás
@Yasmin haters gonna hate die rat!
Sandra Hansson
Sandra Hansson 10 dias atrás
@Yasmin Oh it's you again. You're obviously a hater. Are you that bored?
my boo
my boo 14 dias atrás
Jennie is more fluent than your oppa...
my boo
my boo 14 dias atrás
Why are you arguing Jennie spend 4 years in New Zealand to study...Rose' is a native speaker because she was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia...
ant billionz
ant billionz 14 dias atrás
@Yasmin Dirir jennie is as good as a native speaker if you watch videos you will be shocked on how good she is . watch one of her v lives she uses words and express herself in English just like a native speaker , she even has sarcasm down . she was talking to rose about how when she hears English she get it right away no matter how fast or slow anyone speaks in English she don't have to translate it in her head lol that's how native speakers think , they know the language without having to translate it . she said that its easier to express herself in English because in Korean they don't use sarcasm
kookoo lezzgetit
kookoo lezzgetit 23 dias atrás
bro i now notice that when i talk i use hand movements.
Bhaskar Mistry
Bhaskar Mistry 23 dias atrás
Be together like a family, always
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