Black Aunties Try Other Aunties' Potato Salad

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"This is Baby Food"
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Potatoes Are Boiled In Boiling Water
k49red/Getty Images
Donna Crockett

Jo'nez Cain

Kashuna Perfected

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17 Ago 2019



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Comentários 16 121
Lucy Sapam
Lucy Sapam Hora atrás
They all got horrible personalities except for Donna.. It is just potato salad n look at all the unnecessary bitchiness
Leilah Burgher
Leilah Burgher 14 horas atrás
All of these looked gross
anam jameel
anam jameel 23 horas atrás
You all people over react a lot, some of us don't get food properly
Aries G. Raymundo
Those who spits makes the worst.
AYE YA Dia atrás
"Thank u ladies for not being haters" 😂😂😂 so ironic
Love Aqua
Love Aqua Dia atrás
Olivette is acting like she won because the other women liked it, but it was just because Donna was nice oof (she secretly hated it)
Ashking Dia atrás
I give donna 3000 points for being so generous and -3000 for all other aunties
Dave O
Dave O Dia atrás
Badade 2 dias atrás
Y'all got the wrong aunties for this episode. They're all too young, they still working out the kinks in their recipes...
Sherri Mignault
Sherri Mignault 2 dias atrás
When the girl Said: who would eat this Me:I would
Sumaya Abdi
Sumaya Abdi 2 dias atrás
Jo' nez had a lot to say but had the worst potato salad
jeyart94 2 dias atrás
They came for each other hard.
hello☺️ 3 dias atrás
how you gon' do Jo'nez like that
Margaret R.
Margaret R. 3 dias atrás
These women were so rude about each other's food, everyone except for Donna, I didn't really enjoyed watching this. 😂
23kensie 3 dias atrás
They are so annoying, spitting out food and looking at it crazy, its potato salad what do they think is going to be in it? A stem... seriously? it was probably just some rosemary woman!!! I like Donna best and her was probably the best cause she seems mature, they probably marker hers down on purpose to give themselves a better chance. Cant believe I am this annoyed with them either!
TacTicalGaming 3 dias atrás
Donna was the nicest one.
gabgrandy01 3 dias atrás
This was cringeworthy to say the least...Donna was very nice though
Envy_Fear -_-
Envy_Fear -_- 3 dias atrás
5:57 welp that was cringy
Juvenal Lombera
Juvenal Lombera 3 dias atrás
Her: This looks disgusting Me: Yours looks so creamy and white SHUT UP!
I'm A Watermelon
I'm A Watermelon 3 dias atrás
Nasty bitches, could have been nicer like Donna, hers looked the best tbh
Random person
Random person 3 dias atrás
Donna was the only one who was honest yet NICE. She wasn't being disrespectful.
Nikki Peoples
Nikki Peoples 4 dias atrás
Awww I love Donna
I am Beverage
I am Beverage 4 dias atrás
Donna won. Y'all did her so dirty, I know DAMN WELL hers was good.
Savage Morgan
Savage Morgan 4 dias atrás
I’m not sure why they rate is bad I say 10 for everything because my fat self loves food id be like can I get 10ths of this
Lora Larose
Lora Larose 4 dias atrás
Too white that one😂😂I like onions with the egg and the sweet relish and the mustard I like it mashed and yellow no salt 😁 I like some red pepper in it
Isaiah Kevin
Isaiah Kevin 4 dias atrás
They’re all so close minded except for donna
alejandro mendoza
alejandro mendoza 4 dias atrás
bias bias bias
Broken teletooby
Broken teletooby 4 dias atrás
"The presentation if this is um..." *D i f f e r e n t*
Aleena Das
Aleena Das 4 dias atrás
We need Donnas in this world
ZestyFruit Loops
ZestyFruit Loops 4 dias atrás
Why is that lady in a potato salad tasting competition if she DOSENT like potato salad unless she makes it her way?
이니나 5 dias atrás
I want all of these women as my aunties lmao
Azurite 5 dias atrás
6:00 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rhys Johnson
Rhys Johnson 6 dias atrás
That one lady can keep Jesus' name out of her mouth - acting so dramatic over a damn potato salad while trashing it the whole time. Also, "thank you ladies for not being haters." - Girl, you were one huge hater the whole video.
vsgfilmgroup 6 dias atrás
Where's the one with the bell peppers, celery and onion?
Brian Davis
Brian Davis 6 dias atrás
Donna was a generous soul💜 that’s why they got so high 😐
Hailey Wash
Hailey Wash 6 dias atrás
Does the color matter
Amanda Huginkiss
Amanda Huginkiss 6 dias atrás
Donna is such a wonderful lady!
Texas Highsider
Texas Highsider 6 dias atrás
Ms Tanisha is 🥰🥰🥰🥰..her eyes
SophiYah Yisrael
SophiYah Yisrael 6 dias atrás
I see everybody makes theirs differently
roger's falsetto
roger's falsetto 6 dias atrás
5:57 me trying to type on my keyboard
Arabia McMahan
Arabia McMahan 6 dias atrás
I should've been a contestant
Aaron Luna
Aaron Luna 7 dias atrás
2:35 I agree!!! I want a salad with texture and not a creamy potato.
sammo 7 dias atrás
donna is so nice, she legit cant bare to say anything bad.
ツDank Peep
ツDank Peep 7 dias atrás
Donna the type of black woman to give you a motivational speech in a movie
Eliana Lozandier
Eliana Lozandier 7 dias atrás
Olivette is one of those divas who think their all that.
Alayah Jennings
Alayah Jennings 7 dias atrás
They did Donna wrong. They all looked nasty 🤢
Mia AsMr
Mia AsMr 7 dias atrás
The first two both said about each other’s potato salad you get two points for effort
Jocelyne Lessard
Jocelyne Lessard 7 dias atrás
I need Canadian dads (or moms) making poutine, but will automatically me disqualified if they say it wrong.
Argentino ASMR
Argentino ASMR 7 dias atrás
Lol why some of them are scared to try those potato salads? I am sure they have put worse things in their mouths... But now they are acting picky? Okay
Taylor Essenpreis
Taylor Essenpreis 7 dias atrás
donna's the aunt that supports you no matter what and I'm all for her
Lisa320 7 dias atrás
Why are they so rude wtf?? Donna u win in my heart
Lisa320 7 dias atrás
They’re acting like potato salad is a gourmet meal?? Like relax it’s potato’s and vegetables chill
Patti Walsh
Patti Walsh 7 dias atrás
Who wants potato salad that is sweet? Is this a Southern thing?
Out of Spite Production
I hope the winners know they only won because of donna
Elena Yu
Elena Yu 8 dias atrás
Donna was so generous with her marks ☺️
Yellow Hearts
Yellow Hearts 8 dias atrás
0:18 my name is Donna Carroll Crackhead. It sounded like crackhead to me 😂😂😂 but she’s was the nicest
hiyoko idk
hiyoko idk 8 dias atrás
donna always eats her own food
comrade glutengreen
comrade glutengreen 8 dias atrás
1:19 ohhh ummm LUL!
MR DARE 8 dias atrás
Plot twist : it wasn't Donna's potato salad
Connie Hoffman
Connie Hoffman 8 dias atrás
This is where everyone discovers that everyone HATES potato salad 🤢
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