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After suffering a mortal wound, Bjorn defies all the odds and leads his people onto the battlefield once again.
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1 Jan 2021



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Amazon Prime Video UK
Amazon Prime Video UK 2 anos atrás
For those that have been asking since this clip was uploaded, the song is Snake Pit Poetry by Einar Selvik!
Mohd Hamzah
Mohd Hamzah 2 anos atrás
Jagdish Jorwal
Jagdish Jorwal 2 anos atrás
When will the series be available in India?
King Føxy
King Føxy 2 anos atrás
A Norwegian that made a banger.
Douge Glass
Douge Glass 2 anos atrás
What season and what episode?
Mohd Hamzah
Mohd Hamzah 2 anos atrás
@Douge Glass so6 ep12
badzii_G Anos atrás
This show wasn't the same after Ragnar died, but this episode was a 10/10 for me
MrTrueman01 Anos atrás
No it was still about Ragnar but you go to see Ragnars personalities through his sons
Jason Maxwell
Jason Maxwell Anos atrás
@MrTrueman01 I like that take. And agree. The soldier was born. The brain was ivar
Mens Hominis
Mens Hominis Anos atrás
Ragnar's arc was one of depression, and quite soon. I kinda liked that, and of course I missed him afterwards, but I couldn't have suffered another season with him either.
SaiyanJin85 Anos atrás
When I saw that the put him on his horse as a standing man in that grave.... that was amazing.. what a tribute...
GOD 6IX Anos atrás
Ragnars sons accomplished a lot more than he did really
Nuriel Rodriguez
Nuriel Rodriguez 8 meses atrás
Borned as a farmer, lived as a warrior and died as a king. Long live Bjorn Ironside, the true king of Norway!
Kindreed 6 meses atrás
Just to be clear Bjorn was son of Ragnar Lodbrok king of the danes, as a son of the king he was forced/sent away from his home to reinforce the king's authority later becomming king of sweden. so no he was'nt the true king of norway.
Buuhan 6 meses atrás
​@Kindreed You can also play him in CK3 as Sweden
jenisly jensen
jenisly jensen 4 meses atrás
I thought he was from Denmark 🇩🇰... But I am glad Americans know more about Scandinavia countries because of this show 😊
ROBBANSGAME 4 meses atrás
@KindreedI was at his grave in Sweden not long ago
Johan 4 meses atrás
So yeah. 1. King Björn did never fought any ”Russians”, 2. King Björn were a king of Sweden were he lived in Birka. Björn’s grave is also located in Sweden… But nice story bro, still enjoyed it.
Solarious 11 meses atrás
When he says “it’s impossible” that moment gives me spine defining chills
Annelise 8 meses atrás
Alejandro Jiménez
Alejandro Jiménez 5 meses atrás
Right? Especially coming from Iver, who is always looking down on everyone.
Wagner 5 meses atrás
and when the king crossed himself
Connor Buckley
Connor Buckley 4 meses atrás
Nothing is impossible when it comes to Bjorn (Ragnarson) Ironside
Avraham Dishi
Avraham Dishi Mês atrás
georgi 9 meses atrás
Bjorn deserves an oscar this performance of acting is stunning
Amazon Prime Video UK
Amazon Prime Video UK 9 meses atrás
Alexander Ludwig's acting throughout is just iconic! 👀
Minty Badger Productions
You don't get Oscar's for television.
Tee 9 meses atrás
Alright, calm down
Здравия друг ! Я так же писал в прошлом, под этим видео. Лучшего актёра и не сыскать на эту роль. Он был создан для неё)) Сильный момент. p/s уже столько времени прошло, а люди всё прибывают и пишут. Народ верит в доблесть и справедливость. И это радует.
josh omeara
josh omeara 8 meses atrás
@Minty Badger Productions breaking bad?
Daniel Popa
Daniel Popa 7 meses atrás
Ragnar became corrupt with the power, but Bjorn knew how to wield it, he raised above his father's expectations. Truly a masterpiece of a show
Ky 4 meses atrás
No he wasn’t, Ragnar knew power held responsibility & always listened to the people first. That’s why Bjorn always recalls his father telling him ‘Power is always dangerous. It attracts the worst. And corrupts the best’
TwistedLlama 4 meses atrás
Ragnar went down a route of addiction. He paved the way, united norway. He had no playbook to go by
Chidimma Nnanna
Chidimma Nnanna 3 meses atrás
This was my best scene in the movie...
andie1508 Mês atrás
Power corrupts everybody. I don't think it corrupted Ragnar any more than anyone else in the story .
Nomad Soldier
Nomad Soldier Mês atrás
@Chidimma Nnannathis is not a movie
TriggeredandHappy 8 meses atrás
This is so iconic. To think there was a real Bjorn ironside and people still speak his name over 1000 years later 🤯 a true warrior and leader ✊🏽
Kyleb 8 meses atrás
Is Valhalla worth watching and was there a famous bjorn Viking never heard of him before the show
David Cardenas
David Cardenas 8 meses atrás
@Kyleb yea he was real, so was Ragnar and Ivar, ubbe idk about sigurd & hvitserk
Gandalf 8 meses atrás
@David Cardenaseryone Was real alright. Fun fact: Ragnarr lodbrok actually lived to 94 years old so that means a 94 year old survived battles for like 70 years and still raided When he was almost a century old
David Cardenas
David Cardenas 8 meses atrás
@Gandalf there’s a reason we talk about him to this day
Limpan 7 meses atrás
@Gandalf he was around 50 when he died
Frank Juggalo Heathen
Ragnar went out with an epic speech. But somehow Bjorn not speaking a word is 10 times more badass. If anyone from this show truly earned his place in Valhalla, it's Bjorn.
Mellisa Jaye
Mellisa Jaye Anos atrás
Hello frank , how are you doing today??
Sooby Anos atrás
I agree Bjorn send off was better than Ragnar.
Clifford Davis
Clifford Davis Anos atrás
Don't forget he was raised by the greatest shield maiden to ever live, he left from Ragnar care he was still a child.
shinyori Anos atrás
And Jarl Borg :)
Ivan Skirchak
Ivan Skirchak Anos atrás
Skal 💪🏻
HY 8 meses atrás
After this Ivar knew Bjorn was indeed the chosen one. Been fearful and intelligent wasn't what made the chosen one. It was all honor and respect and Bjorn earned that and brought ALL his Northmen people together. Raganr would be extremely proud not to mention he got his people to get there settlements in England with Ubbe.
dannyboyincel 3 meses atrás
bjorn was cringe not smart nor worthy of a title like ivar is ruthless cunning those who are willing to sacrifice anything will make it to Valhalla; especially considering if they have characteristic like oden the allfather.
Tyler M
Tyler M 2 meses atrás
​@dannyboyincelhappy pride month
Prateek Dwivedi
Prateek Dwivedi 2 meses atrás
​@Tyler Mbruh
Arno🔌🐰 2 meses atrás
Bjorn was his true son but ivar was his reincarnation
Nicolas Leth
Nicolas Leth 11 meses atrás
I keep coming back watching this scene, just pure excellence. Storytelling, acting, scenery 10/10 What a moment
Nicholas Donley
Nicholas Donley 7 meses atrás
Same I keep coming back to rewatch it every other week
G&G WATCH☡ Mês atrás
same here !
Klaudia Anos atrás
He was an awful father but wow what a warrior! This episode made me cry so hard but it was such a fitting end for his character. He knew he was going down, I’m just glad he went down showing Ivar what a king really is.
Bunny 11 meses atrás
Which Season and Ep this ?
X 9 meses atrás
@Bunny Season 6 Episode 11
Sean Hammond
Sean Hammond 8 meses atrás
Get a grip..
King 7 meses atrás
Sorry but women can take care of the kids. Men have epic warrior stuff to do ;) haha
Klaudia 7 meses atrás
@King Oh no, a misogynist.
Daniel Farrell
Daniel Farrell 24 dias atrás
By far one of the best scenes in vikings... The music, the ensemble, the acting, the brothers realising their older bros an absolute unit, everything about this scene resonates with me
Krugnuggets Anos atrás
Fun fact: The real Bjorn Ironside likely died of old age but is still regarded as one of the greatest viking kings of all time.
Herb Thompson
Herb Thompson Anos atrás
this show took soooooo many liberties, thats the thing that kind of ruined it for me.
AverageGuy Anos atrás
His last raid was in the Mediterranean, they sacked a lot of places and once they had lost enough men he returned to Sweden with all the treasures they collected. He died old and rich.
Leon Tarmann
Leon Tarmann Anos atrás
Also he was one of Aslaugs sons.
AverageGuy Anos atrás
@Leon Tarmann actually it wasn’t confirmed if he was lagerthas or Aslaugs so that’s why they introduced lagertha in the series. One son for lagertha and the rest were Aslaugs.
A J Anos atrás
He was also King of sweden not norway
aaartsygal Anos atrás
I just watched this episode every time I replay this scene I am getting goosebumps and tears in my eyes Wow incredibly epic scene respect
Avraham Dishi
Avraham Dishi 9 meses atrás
same bro
Akhilesh Yadav
Akhilesh Yadav 8 meses atrás
Brother can you share the episode no. + at what time this scene appears
david beausoliel
david beausoliel 10 meses atrás
This show was one of the best shows that I have ever seen in my lifetime. I was saddened when it ended. I actually wanted to cry. This is an all-tim great series. A Freaking 10 out of 10. Pure Awesomeness.
WV1SWL 6 meses atrás
This scene was so much cinematic perfection. Can't imagine it'd ever be topped by any other in my opinion. Loved the whole series and all the actors, actresses. So much talent.
Amazon Prime Video UK
Amazon Prime Video UK 6 meses atrás
Check out some of the characters' first and last lines 🥹
francesco querin
francesco querin Mês atrás
​@Amazon Prime Video UKnane music
Richard Peyton
Richard Peyton 2 meses atrás
Bjorn deserves an oscar this performance of acting is stunning. When he says “it’s impossible” that moment gives me spine defining chills.
Gabe Moulton
Gabe Moulton Mês atrás
watching this scene hit way different to me cause we’ve seen Bjorn grow from just a young boy into a full fledged king since season 1. im glad they allowed him to go out on his own terms
FIVE ASTON Anos atrás
One man making a whole army tremble on the battlefield… What a legend!!
Usaid Moin
Usaid Moin Anos atrás
Luffytaro Anos atrás
What a Legend
Via Australia
Via Australia Anos atrás
You know it's just acting right?
Luffytaro Anos atrás
@Via Australia we know that akd we find this super baddass and amazing because of his acting
Gatherer of Magic
Gatherer of Magic Anos atrás
@Via Australia So can't people just really enjoy something these days? All this cookie cutter BS comes out constantly and it's forgotten in a week. VIKINGS will be remembered for along time.
aangel804 Anos atrás
Bjorn had the gods with him the whole time. He was always a badass. Valhalla welcomed him with open arms with a front row seat. Him and Ragnar both. This show was amazing. Bjorn king of Norway! Not to mention his wife was a badass herself and his mother
Johan 4 meses atrás
So yeah. 1. King Björn did never fought any ”Russians”, 2. King Björn were a king of Sweden were he lived in Birka. Björn’s grave is also located in Sweden… But nice story bro, still enjoyed it.
AR 3 meses atrás
⁠@Johanyour weird
☆XxStitchxX☆ 6 meses atrás
This scene gave me goosebumps all over and brought me to tears when I first watched it , truly the greatest series I have ever watched. Nothing will ever compare!
Jack Marshall McCombe
Jack Marshall McCombe 3 meses atrás
Bjorns perseverance was the staple of his character from the very beginning. Amazing scene and end to a character
Jack Panossian
Jack Panossian 3 meses atrás
I have rewatch this single scene a hundred times and it still gives me chills every time!
MaDDoG 7 meses atrás
When I saw Floki, all of Ragnar's sons, and ALL of Norway walk down that hill to claim his revenge, I never thought I would see a better scene in a modern TV series. Then I saw this. There is no equal. This is the best scene in cinematic history.
Lee DaHee
Lee DaHee 6 meses atrás
Huh floki? Isn't he in Iceland?
Josh Joker
Josh Joker 6 meses atrás
@Lee DaHee He’s talking about the scene in season 4 where the great army lands in England
Peterschuft Mês atrás
And Ragnar, Bjørn etc. Where danish.. Norway does have prettier landscapes though.. But, like in the "Valhalla" series, they take some creative freedom, which make people belive it's facts..
den inc
den inc 4 meses atrás
This is my favorite scene out of all series! I get tears in my eyes and goosebumps every time I watch it!
Avraham Dishi
Avraham Dishi Mês atrás
Kreatores Anos atrás
Easily one of the best scenes made for television. Bjorn's story throughout Vikings was the best, rivalling Ragnar's.
Tom W
Tom W 10 meses atrás
I wish there were more episodes of Bjorn's adventures in the Mediterranean etc, those were exciting episodes but not sure how accurate the history is behind them.
Maxime Beckerich
Maxime Beckerich 9 meses atrás
@Tom W true that the problem but like Spartacus historians can’t make Ragnar and Bjorn story … like Rollo
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown 9 meses atrás
It was all so mid dont lie
Matt Cubed
Matt Cubed 9 meses atrás
@Samuel Brown Your existence is mid, this show was not
Kyle Curcio
Kyle Curcio 7 meses atrás
I like your display picture
Positive Vibes
Positive Vibes Anos atrás
Has to be the most epic scene I've ever watched. Truly amazing series.
Who?Tao! Anos atrás
I still remember Bjorn in season one wanting to become a true man. Now he is a true legend. I wonder what would happen if Gyda saw her brother now.
Felps N
Felps N 7 meses atrás
Uma das cenas/EP mais espetaculares de todos os tempos, a trilha sonora misturada com as cenas em contraponto, e as falas dos personagens, surreal!!
Anirudh Bhat
Anirudh Bhat 10 meses atrás
Ragnar's dying scene gave me tears. But Bjorn's..... GOOSEBUMPS!!
y6 productions
y6 productions 7 meses atrás
One of the best cinematic and charismatic scenes of all the history of TV shows! Truly remarkable! ⚔🛡
Pie Anos atrás
The look of pure horror in Ivars face as he see's Bjorn unsheathe his sword is amazing, Andersen's acting in this show was nothing short of excellence
Jonathan Guga
Jonathan Guga Anos atrás
que brabo demaissss
Kodesh Anos atrás
I wonder what Bjorn would say now if he wasn’t wounded and he was in all health
cLue Anos atrás
It's not horror, it's pure disbelief!
Kordor Thabah
Kordor Thabah Anos atrás
@cLue I think it's both
cLue Anos atrás
@Kordor Thabah Fair enough, i can live with that ^^
Lola Whiteeagle
Lola Whiteeagle 11 meses atrás
I hyperventilate during this. I sobbed like a madman. It was beautiful. Exceptional when he lifted the sword.i couldn't breathe.
frank micheal
frank micheal 8 meses atrás
​@frank micheal Imagine trying to hit on women on a youtube comment section. Creepy
Cullen Anos atrás
I finished this legendary web series almost 2 years ago. Now BRvid suggested me this scene so I click on it and it's the same feeling and goosebumps as when I first time watched it.
alex lefeve
alex lefeve 2 meses atrás
Man this scene is amazing! This is vikings at its very best. The music, the acting, the atmosphere, its perfect.
Oi Zóia
Oi Zóia 11 meses atrás
Acho que eu não sou o único que se arrepiou ao ver essa cena.
Felipe S̷i̸l̶v̷e̷r̷ ඞ
Momento épico de verdade vejo sempre esse video
thomas christopher
thomas christopher 4 meses atrás
I freaking cried😂. What a amazing departure!!!!
Ma. Theresa Discutido
Bjorn character progression is epic..his final moments made him more than worthy of Valhalla..Vikings is more than a show, it's a masterpiece.
Tyson Anos atrás
Rome was a masterpiece. This is viking fantasy!
mtl menace
mtl menace Anos atrás
@Tyson nothing beat viking lol its master piece
Tyson Anos atrás
@mtl menace Watch Rome and tell me that.
Kordor Thabah
Kordor Thabah Anos atrás
@Tyson that's your opinion
Mtl menace
Mtl menace Anos atrás
@Tyson you trippin viking is a MASTERPIECE !
Daniel 10 meses atrás
I've watched the Bjorn sendoff so many times. Such an amazing scene.
JamieF250686 26 dias atrás
Still one of the greatest scene in television history for me
T.J. 9 dias atrás
This may be the single greatest moment in the entire series.
Karan Chandra
Karan Chandra 8 meses atrás
This scene made Bjorn a legend
Clinton Chukwubueze
Clinton Chukwubueze 5 meses atrás
This particular scene sends shivers down my spine, anytime I see it !
JayLax 2 anos atrás
This single scene is more epic than the whole 8th season of GoT
Gaby Trifu
Gaby Trifu 2 anos atrás
It s seems you don t know anything
Gambit771 2 anos atrás
Come on. The last series of got wasn't THAT bad.
Ridam Khadka
Ridam Khadka 2 anos atrás
I already finished season 6 but I never seen that scene in Netflix.
N N 2 anos atrás
Vikings show ist much better than got
Luke R.
Luke R. 2 anos atrás
@N N no it ain't
Ciaran Godman
Ciaran Godman 6 meses atrás
This show engaged me with these characters so much that there deaths made me feel like I lost someone close to me
Zify 8 meses atrás
One of the greatest shows ever to be made for me personally
Amazon Prime Video UK
Amazon Prime Video UK 8 meses atrás
Question... team Ivar or team Bjorn? 🤔
Sir Dillalot
Sir Dillalot 9 meses atrás
It's always the biggest honor to go out like boromir, taking 3 arrows and still standing.
CatsRevenge 2 meses atrás
And to this day, he's in Valhalla with his family by Odin's side. Sitting at his table in feast. What a legend.
Yaser Gooyandeh
Yaser Gooyandeh 3 meses atrás
A series better than what has ever been called a masterpiece til this moment
Giga Struggler
Giga Struggler 2 anos atrás
Took 3 arrows while being fatally wounded before them,Drew his sword and gathered the Vikings for a last battle...His enemies praying to their gods...What a MAN
Tinokas 2 anos atrás
Cavalier Skittles
Cavalier Skittles 2 anos atrás
Azazel-_xl i mean hes pretty badass here, and its not unrealistic that he would stay alive even after the arrows hit but considering biology he took multiple straight in the sternum, i hope they didnt hit behind it
CloudReaper_ 2 anos atrás
in my mind flashed the image of young bjorn, Im so proud 😭
De Van Man
De Van Man 10 meses atrás
Vikings is a weird one because when you're watching it, it doesnt seem like that much happens but when you go back to it you realise what a journey you were on. Honestly this series stuck with me so hard.
W M 6 meses atrás
Just watched this episode and basically cried my eyes out. That was tough😢
Scott daw
Scott daw 3 meses atrás
No matter how many times I've seen this part, it makes my hair stand on the back of my neck and makes me feel saddened that I wasnt around to have had the honor of fighting by his side.
Mike B.
Mike B. 10 meses atrás
Just binge watched Vikings (all 6 seasons in less than 2 weeks) after coming across a few BRvid shorts & absolutely loved it. As a history nut it was awesome seeing these iconic Vikings & getting a possible glimpse into what life might have been like almost 1200 years ago. Obviously when they were telling the Legendary story of Ragnar Lothbrok the series was at it's peak, but Björn Ironside & this sequence of events was pretty epic. I do wish we would have seen a bit more of the great heathen army but 🤷🏻‍♂️. Absolutely & wholeheartedly recommend watching Vikings if you haven't seen it yet.
JAVIER GARCIA 9 meses atrás
la mejor serie de la historia sobre un pueblo guerrero antiguo, larga vida a Ragnar y su estirpe!!!!
Dankest Leader43
Dankest Leader43 2 anos atrás
As the seer told Bjorn “no one will ever forget the name Bjorn Ironside, greater then Ragnar!” and he lived up to those words. A great end to a great character. Thank you Alexander Ludwig for your portrayal.
Micah Majestic
Micah Majestic 2 anos atrás
First time I saw him act was hunger games, he’s awesome
vjgjdtu vxjvxgu
vjgjdtu vxjvxgu 2 anos atrás
you look a bit like alex andersen
Ryan Leikness
Ryan Leikness 2 anos atrás
Floki was right about his eyes. He would be like his father, even better
Marco Rácz
Marco Rácz 2 anos atrás
also if you think about it the seer told Björn the cheat code how to beat the rus :D he told him to never betray his own gods
Gokul Nath
Gokul Nath 2 anos atrás
I think you forgot what Ragnar did.Bjorn can't even compare with Ragnar. All Bjorn did is saving them from Rus. But Ragnar ....
Lino Martinez
Lino Martinez 7 meses atrás
We should say that this scene is PERFECT! I don't know the name of the actor but he deservers respect to do this amazing scene! Ragnar and Bjron are the best!
Amazon Prime Video UK
Amazon Prime Video UK 7 meses atrás
Alexander Ludwig is a brilliant Bjorn! 🤩
Char 8 meses atrás
I have rewatched this scene so many times now and it’s probably my favorite one from the whole show.
Declan Steele
Declan Steele 9 meses atrás
Books have never stimulated me and this scene for me explains that. The details of their faces, the music, dialogue and visuals 🔥
Jeremy Allred
Jeremy Allred 10 meses atrás
This episode brings tears to my eyes and give me goosebumps every time I watch it.
Howard Marshall
Howard Marshall 28 dias atrás
I'm a punk I rewound it 3 times and teared all 3 times. This was magnificent sh**. All hail King Bjorn
Benny Isac Jimo
Benny Isac Jimo Anos atrás
Most emotional scene of the Vikings series. "I need you to help me put my armour on. One last time". Farewell Bjorn Ironside.
Amazon Prime Video UK
He was a true Viking right to the end!
Boaby George
Boaby George Anos atrás
just reading this brings a tear to this ogres eye
Lovely Pickles
Lovely Pickles Anos atrás
best of the best
TaEz Anos atrás
His father once said the same thing
Davey Jones
Davey Jones Anos atrás
There were people really like that back then. Like the unamed viking soldier who single handedly held York bridge for hours before he fell 🙏
stella marie betham
bjorn will forever hold a special place for me . he is the son of a great warrior !
Vipers Pit
Vipers Pit Anos atrás
This scene still gives me goosebumps to this day.
DaLordFoof 9 meses atrás
A legendary Finale to an awesome series! Although it was strange that it ended after just 1 episode of S6V2
The mad lad
The mad lad 14 dias atrás
I bet him and his father were so happy to see each other
PUMA Chomper
PUMA Chomper 7 meses atrás
Best casted, acted, and written show ever made absolutely stunningly emotional scenes, and this show is full of them. Lol, today's Hollywood can only dream to ever make anything remotely close to this. Also, there were literally no bad actors anywhere to be found. This gets a Valhalla out of 10
SudetenRider - Pili
SudetenRider - Pili 2 anos atrás
I still remember the little boy from season one. So epic
Giuliano il Filosofo
Giuliano il Filosofo 2 anos atrás
We have the same profile picture and I was going to write a similar comment😂
Mini 2 anos atrás
He was so tiny
Runner 2 anos atrás
is different actors
SudetenRider - Pili
SudetenRider - Pili 2 anos atrás
@Runner oh really, thank you! lol
SudetenRider - Pili
SudetenRider - Pili 2 anos atrás
@Giuliano il Filosofo so you like the emperor Julian?
Pradeep Singh
Pradeep Singh 8 meses atrás
This scene always gives me goosebumps, i uave watched it like thousand times. whenever i feel down i watch this. what an awesome tv series it was.
Nicholas six-finger
Nicholas six-finger 7 meses atrás
THIS WAS A LEGENDARY SERIES. there will probably never be such high-quality content again
SZXOL 4 meses atrás
this is the greatest scene in tv history for me, everything about it is basically perfect
isla1301 23 dias atrás
To be honest, i did watch like a 100+ different movies and tv shows, but never got so emotional like while was watching Vikings, also this scene touched me so deep and my eyes was a little bit wet... So strong
KingYetty 2 anos atrás
I ain’t gonna lie. I’m still crying. Bjorn died a true king and legend. 🙌🏽⚔️
JNP 2 anos atrás
Eu também amigo
kumau 2 anos atrás
let me go beinge this show, thank you
Bubu Anos atrás
It reminds me Askeladd from Vinland Saga anime. He died for Denmark and Walles' sake.
Jakob Wing
Jakob Wing Anos atrás
@Joshua Ball he didn’t drop his sword in his life he died then dropped it
Luffytaro Anos atrás
WD4X true but it is based on a true story kind of not entirely but still
BILAL M U 5 meses atrás
Series full of goosebumps..❤
Harun Doğan
Harun Doğan Anos atrás
Her izlediğim de tüylerimi diken diken eden o sahne..
Jonatan Carmi
Jonatan Carmi 8 meses atrás
The only one that could gather all the Vikings together at last.
Amazon Prime Video UK
Amazon Prime Video UK 8 meses atrás
The one and only Bjorn Ironside 👏
Крысапёс Болотный
Кто бы что ни говорил, но 6 сезон получился очень эпичным, от многих моментов муражки, отличное завершение саги, в конце очень грустно было, что всё закончилось
DS 2 anos atrás
I'm glad there so many vikings fans. This show needed more recognition.
Pedro H.
Pedro H. 2 anos atrás
I don’t know about the rest of the world, but over here in Brazil Vikings is almost as big as Game of Thrones.
Ubbe Ragnarson
Ubbe Ragnarson 2 anos atrás
Same in Greece. Dude is one of the top 20 popular TV series of the decade
Bell4tex Tu
Bell4tex Tu 2 anos atrás
The Vikings were the most honest and decent sivilization who has ever lived
Eru Iluvataår V.
Eru Iluvataår V. 2 anos atrás
@Ubbe Ragnarson Όσο και το got? Αμφιβάλλω...
Ubbe Ragnarson
Ubbe Ragnarson 2 anos atrás
@Eru Iluvataår V. Οκ σίγουρα όχι όσο το got. Αλλά είχε πολύ κοινό. Περισσότερο από peaky blinders, prison break, arrow, flash κλπ πάντως. Το got σε φανς είναι το κορυφαίο όλων των εποχών
Aflyingpepper 8 meses atrás
What a great show! I wish I could turn back the time and watch it again for the first time.
Amazon Prime Video UK
Amazon Prime Video UK 8 meses atrás
Perhaps time for a re-watch? 👀
Jay dee
Jay dee 8 meses atrás
Most powerful scene in vikings, no cap 🧢
Real 3D Stuff
Real 3D Stuff Mês atrás
Truly epic scene from the series!
samaira haque
samaira haque 11 meses atrás
Vikings is not just a series , it was history rechristened into a Legend
Moin Afridi
Moin Afridi 9 meses atrás
Tears in my eyes when i see this epic seen from bjorn 😢
Amazon Prime Video UK
Amazon Prime Video UK 9 meses atrás
You're not the only one *sniff* 😢
Xin Gaming
Xin Gaming Anos atrás
Bjorn always loves his brothers even though they have been betraying him multiple times. He is always protecting them
Ulfábloð Anos atrás
Only Ubbe never did.
yorumlayalım bakalım
Şehzade mustafa = bjorn
nice Anos atrás
@yorumlayalım bakalım Lol
matt hutchings
matt hutchings Anos atrás
As an older brother should
Oussama Anos atrás
@yorumlayalım bakalım nobody knows who that is
William Stewart
William Stewart Anos atrás
I don't even watch this show , but i'm literally feeling all the emotions through the screen. I'm not even exaggerating this, my eyes are fuc#ing watering and my body just got Chills. Legendary scene.
K 11 meses atrás
This scene still gives goosebumps
Squirrel 9 meses atrás
Wow.Absolutely beyond words. Sends shivers through me.
Godders123 Mês atrás
Never watched Vikings but this is quite moving.
Kamal Sidhu
Kamal Sidhu 9 meses atrás
Just have watched this scene and here I'm again to watch it Such a powerful scene it is
TB For You
TB For You Anos atrás
This scene is an absolute masterpiece, the way the whole thing is put together is so powerful and moving! It is the best scene from any show I have ever seen!
Profit Paradox
Profit Paradox Anos atrás
Straight up.
K. Taggart
K. Taggart Anos atrás
Where can I find this episode
RED D12 Anos atrás
@K. Taggart Amazon prime season 6 episode 11
Kris Steele
Kris Steele Anos atrás
Lol sure. Women and kids fighting men. The scene is a joke
George Sowerby
George Sowerby Anos atrás
It's watched again and again 👏👏👏
Adithya Anos atrás
This scene gives me goosebumps every single time
Sineide Silva
Sineide Silva 8 meses atrás
Maravilhosa está série
Robby Peak
Robby Peak 9 meses atrás
One of the most powerful scenes in cinematic history
vamvos13 4 meses atrás
This scene always gives me chills!
Betmaster`s Sportwetten
It's amazing what kind of guys they must have been like. Today there's almost nothing left of real idols in this world. Bjorn Eisenseite ✊
ManiYa 2 anos atrás
Goosebumps every time I watch this scene. Shows how music can make a scene EPIC!
Jaiden Edwards
Jaiden Edwards 2 anos atrás
I love this type of music
Caesar 2 anos atrás
@Jaiden Edwards Snake Pit Poetry
Caesar 2 anos atrás
Same that third arrow though man frfr. Bjorn is with the gods!! Even thought Vikings isn't 100% historical accurate lol
J Mac
J Mac 2 anos atrás
I've watched this part at least +100 times by now since it released. It's truly something special =) Wished the rest of the finale was this great
Jaiden Edwards
Jaiden Edwards 2 anos atrás
@Caesar I know I can't belive how strong he was no viking will ever be as strong as bjorn ironside
BeanieMan MG
BeanieMan MG Anos atrás
I love how Ivar and Hvitserk got so scared when Bjorn move, having the knowledge that he is dead.
Sweetie Pie
Sweetie Pie 20 horas atrás
The greatest of Ragnar Lothbrok's sons. This show absolutely wrecked me. I miss it sm 🥺❤️
Brainwashed Maniac
Brainwashed Maniac 2 meses atrás
This scene is epic! 👍
HEŁŁRaîser 5 meses atrás
I watched 100 time and every time i cried.....still i am crying 😭😭😭....❤️❤️
Amazon Prime Video UK
Amazon Prime Video UK 5 meses atrás
You aren't the only one 🤧 Let's take a look at some of the good times!
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