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In today's video we're taking a cheeseburger and attempting to make a perfect gummy replica.
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16 Abr 2019



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Comentários 2 814
The King of Random
The King of Random 4 meses atrás
Who else was distracted by Nate dancing at the end? 🕺
bull cool
bull cool 23 dias atrás
pls make a play button and pls send it to me love you goyz
heartbroken ninja
heartbroken ninja 25 dias atrás
@kozmik__WZRD I saw it too
Adam Benson
Adam Benson Mês atrás
ShadowQueen Skye
ShadowQueen Skye 23 horas atrás
Maybe try to cast a wax cheese burger from crayons?
LASER TAG 1400 Dia atrás
What was up with the numbers and letters cause I saw "86R"
Travis Owens
Travis Owens Dia atrás
I thought you were going to eat it until you said I’m gonna apply a clear coat
Lily-Jo Hilton
Lily-Jo Hilton Dia atrás
Me:eww you have gravy with ur burger Friend:yea I have loads. 2:13
Alex_Dk2 2 dias atrás
Lucas Gauffriau
Lucas Gauffriau 2 dias atrás
make a choklade chees burger
Toby 3 dias atrás
U should have done everything separate So u can have the bunn lime and the meat strawberry idk
jessica mackey
jessica mackey 3 dias atrás
You should try melting cheese and putting it in the cheeseburger to make it a literal cheeseburger
Gabriel Joseph
Gabriel Joseph 3 dias atrás
Make a gummy candy cheese burger with different layers of colors to make it more realistic
Emily-Rose Smith
Emily-Rose Smith 4 dias atrás
Try a cheese burger made just of cheese lol
Levi Jaeger
Levi Jaeger 4 dias atrás
Fully Cheese cheese burger please!!!!
John Brooks
John Brooks 4 dias atrás
Multi-color Krabby Patties!!! I want the one that glows in the dark please!
Elijah Alvarez
Elijah Alvarez 4 dias atrás
And only half the calories.
JeffLewis 5 dias atrás
A golden cheeseburger. So the amount of gold necessary would be quite expensive and probably way over budget so brass or copper should get a similar-looking result
Daniel Berry
Daniel Berry 7 dias atrás
That One Guy
That One Guy 7 dias atrás
Gummy burgers already exist, krabby patty gummies
Colleen Buvala
Colleen Buvala 7 dias atrás
Gummy taco anyone?
gennaro gerrard
gennaro gerrard 8 dias atrás
Gordon Ramsay: Rubbery, Chewy, too sweet, disgusting
Tee 9 dias atrás
A what?
Greg Scott
Greg Scott 10 dias atrás
Now that’s random
PewDiePie Soldier
PewDiePie Soldier 10 dias atrás
Madonald hanberger
Nicholas Reynolds The Gamer
Deep fried burger
Movie Mockers
Movie Mockers 12 dias atrás
skilarbabcock 12 dias atrás
Since the burger wasnt eaten, what i would have done was used a few coats of clear coat to make the burger a tad bit ridged
lunar wolf
lunar wolf 13 dias atrás
NeonX 14 dias atrás
a chocolate hamborger
Summer Jones
Summer Jones 14 dias atrás
That One Guy With The Face
What about a sugar glass casting of the burger?
Not content channel meme
McDonalds wants to know your location
Craig Penfold
Craig Penfold 16 dias atrás
Aphmau_ Is_hello
Aphmau_ Is_hello 16 dias atrás
Could you cast a gallium cheeseburger?
eaglefalcon 17 dias atrás
Copper cheese burger. Dew it!
Ernest Ells
Ernest Ells 19 dias atrás
I would like to see you make a cheeseburger and gummy not a red cheeseburger gummy who has ever eaten a red cheeseburger gummy I know it’s possible although I don’t think I could but I think with you and Callie ingenuity it’s possible
useless thumb
useless thumb 19 dias atrás
TKOR: Would You Eat A Gummy Burger? Vat19: Hold my Worlds Largest Gummy Worm
Laxmi Prasad Maharjan
Laxmi Prasad Maharjan 20 dias atrás
How about putting it in a thin plastic wrapper.....
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones 21 dia atrás
try wine glass please
Ashleigh Wigley
Ashleigh Wigley 21 dia atrás
You should blend a cheeseburger and then put it in the mold.😂😂
Splitty 11 dias atrás
So you wanna put liquid into liquid mold huh
Graham Young
Graham Young 21 dia atrás
CaN yOu MoLd WaTeR?
Athena Pacheco
Athena Pacheco 21 dia atrás
How about a chocolate cheese burger
maddy doge_lover
maddy doge_lover 22 dias atrás
Make a cheeseburger cake
Ashvin Dhaliwal
Ashvin Dhaliwal 22 dias atrás
Just freeze the burger?
Ash Mable
Ash Mable 22 dias atrás
they love duck tape a little bit too much -__-
Melie 23 dias atrás
BerylL 23 dias atrás
100% cheese cheeseburger.
Joshua Stokes
Joshua Stokes 23 dias atrás
RIP king of random
MagicatForest 12579
MagicatForest 12579 23 dias atrás
what you should really do is debunk McDonald's food. I heard their salad has more calories than their burger. I liked my own comment so they could see XD
Declan d Johnson
Declan d Johnson 21 dia atrás
@Yuri Morny i mean they uploaded today so theres a chance of that
Yuri Morny
Yuri Morny 23 dias atrás
I don't think they will be uploading for a while :(
Nathan Greger
Nathan Greger 23 dias atrás
R.I.P The King Of Random You will be missed 😔
Mikko Cabrera
Mikko Cabrera 24 dias atrás
try making a gallium burger
Lulu Music
Lulu Music 25 dias atrás
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 25 dias atrás
i always saw you guys as like, a family. Grant’s like Nate and Callie’s father, and they’re just like really competitive siblings. i don’t really know enough about the staff behind the camera to really see what relationship they have with everyone else and how they act. i only really know who Mark is (camera dude, right?), and not even too much. so yeah. weird, right?
外星人男子 25 dias atrás
Why can I taste it????????
heartbroken ninja
heartbroken ninja 25 dias atrás
:50i saw it,you can't trick me!!
Max Mc Gar
Max Mc Gar 25 dias atrás
aluminum cheeseburger
Grave Knight
Grave Knight 25 dias atrás
Shrunken Head Productions
i respect calli way more now with that spongebob reference
Tasty Tree
Tasty Tree 26 dias atrás
Can you cast something with Elmer’s glue and letting it sit for a few days.
Gavin Mcmarlin
Gavin Mcmarlin 26 dias atrás
Home made crabby patties 👍
Thomas Shilling
Thomas Shilling 26 dias atrás
Gold cheeseburger
Cristobal Rayas
Cristobal Rayas 26 dias atrás
Cast all the ingredients individually
amducias noob
amducias noob 26 dias atrás
What about a buttplug?
Cherpeh 27 dias atrás
Could of just frozen the burgur
Beckkrazy 27 dias atrás
cheese burger cheese 😂😂 edit : cheese burger chocolate cheese burger metal cheese burger meat
Gamers 14 dias atrás
cheese burger cheese and cheese burger meat would kind of fit
Tonie Stuff
Tonie Stuff 28 dias atrás
Golden cheeseburger
Bronco B
Bronco B 29 dias atrás
Cheese burger made of cheese
Alan Toy
Alan Toy 29 dias atrás
cast gummy sushi rolls and sashimi
Ashley Rodgers
Ashley Rodgers 29 dias atrás
You should make a frozen pickle juice burger
Thymo Visscher
Thymo Visscher 29 dias atrás
Mold ception
The_Gamer 11
The_Gamer 11 29 dias atrás
Why not make a wax sculpture
Hollie kayes
Hollie kayes Mês atrás
A cheeseburger made from cheese
Sailor W
Sailor W Mês atrás
@thekingofrandom could you make edible silicone and silver
Nova Legend
Nova Legend Mês atrás
8:55 they should have used cooking spray 😂
Adam Benson
Adam Benson Mês atrás
Adam Benson
Adam Benson Mês atrás
I want one of those so can I go to McDonalds to get one?
Shifty Mês atrás
Ethan Nelson
Ethan Nelson Mês atrás
cast a gallium cheese burger
DORM Playz
DORM Playz Mês atrás
Why is there always a tkor watermark throughout the recent videos?
Sand Angels
Sand Angels Mês atrás
Aluminum cheeseburger
Breanna Bednarik 16
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