The Immortal Burger

The King of Random
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In today's video we're taking a cheeseburger and attempting to make a perfect gummy replica.
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Comentários 100
The King of Random
The King of Random Mês atrás
Who else was distracted by Nate dancing at the end? 🕺
John Stevonson
John Stevonson 3 dias atrás
Was I supposed to notice?
mr. panda
mr. panda 6 dias atrás
can you pls try to blow bubbles that glow iv ben saying this sense 2017 pleasssssssss!!!!!!
John Vijayakumar
John Vijayakumar 12 dias atrás
Me I was distracted by the dancing
Rini8903 14 dias atrás
Chocolate gummy burger
Minceraft88 LifeAs_B.C
Minceraft88 LifeAs_B.C 4 horas atrás
Omg... America has such sexy McDonalds burgers!!! In the UK, we have that utter heart-break, after we see a super tasty perfect burger in an advert, then we got some sad little sloppy sack of disappointment... XD
sabastian palmer
sabastian palmer 6 horas atrás
sunggis 7 horas atrás
Cheeseburger made of cheese
Melody Shapman
Melody Shapman 12 horas atrás
Cheeseburger made entirely of cheese
Earth Worm ALLI OwO
Earth Worm ALLI OwO 18 horas atrás
:p hai
The CheeseN1P
The CheeseN1P 22 horas atrás
dehydrate all the diffrent parts of a cheese burger, blend them up, pack them in the mold in order of the layers. then re hydrate.
Nobody Anonymous
Nobody Anonymous Dia atrás
Typically people do not like mold on their cheeseburger. But you do you😂
Mahek Purandare
Mahek Purandare Dia atrás
You can try different colours of jello to make the hamburger look more realistic
ThunderBird Dia atrás
6:02 WHAT why is they snow in the background
ThunderBird Dia atrás
It’s still not summer
Shadow Wolf Rose
Shadow Wolf Rose Dia atrás
ThunderBird when this video came out it was just becoming summer, it’s not unusual for it to snow in certain places🙂
HmmmmmLemmeThinkNo 2 dias atrás
please cast cheese in the cheeseburger mold
Adamkickface 377
Adamkickface 377 2 dias atrás
make the cheeseburger metal
EdgarGarcia14 2 dias atrás
Do a salad next lol
ツHawkstersir 3 dias atrás
u should have freezed with the skewers in it and then put it in the mold
Matthew Bolton
Matthew Bolton 3 dias atrás
Gamerschmitt 3 dias atrás
I would want to see a metal cheeseburger (gallium?) but that seam would make me very sad.
Michael Smiechowski II
6 @ 8:28
EVTV 4 dias atrás
you should do a video called how strong is silicon
Vaping with JoeMazing
Vaping with JoeMazing 4 dias atrás
A galium cheeseburger! "Burger of the year award" lol
Vaping with JoeMazing
Vaping with JoeMazing 4 dias atrás
Even better best burger of science!
Amina Straughn
Amina Straughn 4 dias atrás
Can u make a pool of shaving foam
Eris Palmer
Eris Palmer 4 dias atrás
Can you cast a silicone cheeseburger in the silicone mold?
What's Up YT
What's Up YT 5 dias atrás
can you make a gallium Cheezburger
Shana Oharah
Shana Oharah 6 dias atrás
Could you make a hard candy burger and? Please
langdon 6 dias atrás
make a cheese burger made of only cheese
langdon 6 dias atrás
!!!!cast a gallium cheese burger!!!!
ViscoseComb 24
ViscoseComb 24 6 dias atrás
can you try to make a gallium cheese burger?
Lps sugar Gacha
Lps sugar Gacha 6 dias atrás
Does anyone else notice the random numbers and symbols in the video?
langdon 6 dias atrás
np glad i could help out
langdon 6 dias atrás
nicely spoken langdon
Tor Ånen Drange
Tor Ånen Drange 7 dias atrás
Have you ever asked for a cheeseburger, and they asked "With or without chees?" It has happend to me (Sorry if the English is wrong. I'm from Norway.)
Aisha Lawan
Aisha Lawan 6 horas atrás
Actually only one mistake in spelling Great job
Sanat indian hacker
Sanat indian hacker 7 dias atrás
Colour it
theruggs plays
theruggs plays 7 dias atrás
You should cast an egg
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 7 dias atrás
:50 king of random logo
Matthew Boyer
Matthew Boyer 8 dias atrás
TKOR logo at 0:50
Nico Jurado
Nico Jurado 8 dias atrás
A cake burger and a ice Burger
Eden Miller
Eden Miller 8 dias atrás
AwesomeMario 64
AwesomeMario 64 8 dias atrás
XxEmilyxX xNguyenxX
XxEmilyxX xNguyenxX 9 dias atrás
Does the cheeseburger come with cheese?
nononora 9 dias atrás
How's about a gummy Furby? Or a Furby on fire. Or building a Furby from the bones up like it's a model of a real animal and not electronic and possessed. Furby in a foundry. Furby bounce tests. Furbalicious.
Sierra Etheridge
Sierra Etheridge 9 dias atrás
do a chocolate cheese burger. Use a white chocolate with yellow food coloring
Rupesh Deorukhkar
Rupesh Deorukhkar 9 dias atrás
Try molding it with chocolates using different colours
Manju Abha
Manju Abha 9 dias atrás
What about gallium in the cheese burger mould?
Brodie Harms
Brodie Harms 9 dias atrás
ice burger
Something Something
Something Something 10 dias atrás
Chocolate cheeseburger
Brendan Derocher
Brendan Derocher 10 dias atrás
Can you plzzzzzz put gallium in the forge
cameron jewell
cameron jewell 10 dias atrás
There was a glitch at 0:50
Jackson Garrett
Jackson Garrett 10 dias atrás
A cheese, burger
Håkon Bergan
Håkon Bergan 11 dias atrás
you should maka a pizza mold!
Mushey Dabtato
Mushey Dabtato 11 dias atrás
Make a metal one please
CallMeMunchie 11 dias atrás
Why don't they put cornstarch on the mould before they put stuff in it?
S. Berry
S. Berry 11 dias atrás
make a gummy gauntlet
Lol 2 Always
Lol 2 Always 11 dias atrás
Use the plaster cheeseburger to cast a metal cheeseburger, preferably copper or bronze or golden looking
BugalooMcgoo 11 dias atrás
Cheeseburger made entirely OF CHEESE
Goggles 42
Goggles 42 11 dias atrás
Line X
Georgia Watts
Georgia Watts 11 dias atrás
Do a hat
Sciencetrain 11 dias atrás
Nice Project! I've an Idea. Since you can't use the vacuum chamber with so much meterial, try building and using a vibrating plate and/or stick. That schould work too. Not aswell but well enough.
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson 12 dias atrás
Make a giant cheeseburger shaped lollipop
Cynite 12 dias atrás
Here is a idea, cast a hamburger in chrome/metal.
diable silencieux
diable silencieux 12 dias atrás
How about a chocolate cheeseburger
My little farm blue
My little farm blue 12 dias atrás
Cast a watermelon
HotPup305 Games
HotPup305 Games 12 dias atrás
Warren Kemp
Warren Kemp 12 dias atrás
Use cheese
Tommy Adams
Tommy Adams 12 dias atrás
u should make a jolly rancher cheese burger but try to make each section color accurate
Laurel Bain
Laurel Bain 12 dias atrás
0:48 logo
Slashed Riv
Slashed Riv 12 dias atrás
Choalate for sure
Izzy Ward
Izzy Ward 12 dias atrás
Zak Srdanovich
Zak Srdanovich 12 dias atrás
Fast food expectations vs reality
Reese's Pieces
Reese's Pieces 12 dias atrás
Can you make a chocolate or cheese, cheese burger
Killer_D3X 12 dias atrás
Cast chocolate next
Master of the Universe
Master of the Universe 12 dias atrás
A gummy hotdog
Tina McLaren
Tina McLaren 12 dias atrás
i want to you guys to make a cheese burger into a hot dog
Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson 12 dias atrás
At the start u can see the running meme 😂😂😂
Yannai Schrire
Yannai Schrire 12 dias atrás
Make a gold cheeseburger please.
Birb2037 12 dias atrás
Ice burger
Pingis/Plingis 12 dias atrás
you should make the Pretty Patties
Frankel Grafix
Frankel Grafix 12 dias atrás
Okay now mold each piece of the bread, cheese, meat, tomato, and lettuce all separately. Cast each in a different color gummy. Re-assemble. :)
Aria Ferranew
Aria Ferranew 12 dias atrás
Gallium painted Gold. GOLDEN CHEESEBURGER!
Elytra Noble
Elytra Noble 12 dias atrás
gallium cheese burger?
coocoo squad
coocoo squad 13 dias atrás
Bouncy ball stuff
Sa-Niya Watson
Sa-Niya Watson 13 dias atrás
You should try melted legos or nail polish
derrick sonnybird
derrick sonnybird 13 dias atrás
chocolate hamburger
Mike Pahl
Mike Pahl 13 dias atrás
By the way, where's my cheeseburger in a vacuum chamber?
Mike Pahl
Mike Pahl 13 dias atrás
If you can't vacuum out the bubbles, you could try using a power sander w/o paper to vibrate the mold.
Luigi_125 13 dias atrás
Paint the plaster cheeseburger to the corresponding colors of stuff bun lettuce tomato cheese beef bun
FuzzySocks 14 dias atrás
GALLIUM, you could fill it with cake batter or something and make a cake that looks like a cheeseburger??
Andrew Linhart
Andrew Linhart 14 dias atrás
Cast a brass or aluminum cheese burger, or both?
Cabrera10Single YT
Cabrera10Single YT 14 dias atrás
DRuddful 15 dias atrás
You should cast the individual parts of the cheeseburger so you can make different colors and flavors to stack as a gummy burger.
Nerdy0Wolf 15 dias atrás
Can you make a gallium cheese burger?
Vallee Johnson
Vallee Johnson 15 dias atrás
Who else was eating a cheese burger while watching this.
MrCherryHeart 15 dias atrás
You should make a cheese-cheeseburger
Ellie Gacha 2
Ellie Gacha 2 16 dias atrás
The question of the day is, Is it still edible?
Lucas Van Laerhoven
Lucas Van Laerhoven 16 dias atrás
Milan Chaushev
Milan Chaushev 16 dias atrás
Mold of a cheeseburger and make a CHEESE cheeseburger
mAyOnAys 16 dias atrás
I love y’all as a team(I’m from Texas)
chris 17 dias atrás
how about casting your head and making a mold?
Cady Rose
Cady Rose 17 dias atrás
THERE'S A BURGER IN MY OVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🍔
xDeckapex 17 dias atrás
Cast a taco and make a solid chocolate taco!
Kylie D
Kylie D 17 dias atrás
You should cast a chocolate burger. It would be awesome!
ProperSet379711 17 dias atrás
Dr BarbequeSauce
Dr BarbequeSauce 17 dias atrás
Silver Shine
Silver Shine 17 dias atrás
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